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Drapery Rods And Curtain Rods If you're looking for something to hang your drapery on, then you've come to the right place! We know that selecting drapery hardware for your window treatment can be really confusing, especially if you're new to the window treatment scene. Our goal is to make choosing your drapery rods or curtain rods completely painless and totally fun.

Designer Drapery Hardware Is The Leading Provider Of Drapery Rods & Curtain Rods For decorative drapery hardware treatments, give our Virtual Designer a try. We'll ask you a few easy questions about your window, drapery style and what kind of curtain rod you want to use and then we'll assemble all of the parts you'll need instantly. Our App will even calculate how many rings and brackets your treatment requires so everything will be there for you when you're ready to hang your curtains.

Wood Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods & Window Treatment Accessories

Using wood drapery hardware is one of the most popular ways to hang curtains. No matter what drapery style you're using - pinch-pleat, flat panels, swags, tabs or rod pockets, there's always going to be a great option for you to use in a wood style collection. Wood drapery rods have the most options available for your window treatment. You'll find the widest assortment of sizes, finials and finishes when you select a wood collection. Metal Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods & Window Treatment Accessories

Metal drapery hardware is a great option if you're looking to create a smaller scale or modern style window treatment. The sleek, brilliant lines of a metal curtain rod work very well in contemporary settings. And, window treatments using brass or bronze metal drapery rods do great in a classic home decor. Most metal rods are made with smaller pole diameters. Unlike wood drapery hardware which is available in a wide assortment of sizes, metal curtain rods are typically under one and three-eighths in diameter. So, they may not be a good option for a really high or unusually long window.

Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods & Window Treatment Accessories

Wrought Iron Drapery Hardware is a very versatile window treatment. Depending on the style and finish you choose, wrought iron drapery rods can be either contemporary or classic. Ornate and rustic finial designs used with traditional blacks or bronzes will look great in any home decor. And, sleek, modern end caps or geometric finials combined with brilliant pewter or gold will compliment a contemporary room design.

Add More Style With Holdbacks & Medallions

You can add style and functionality to your window treatment by using holdback's, tiebacks and medallions. These dramatic pieces of drapery hardware are available in all shapes and sizes. Made from wood, resin, or metal - holdbacks are a great way to make a statement that's truly your own.

All Leading Drapery Hardware Brands Like Kirsch, Paris Texas and House Parts Are At Your Fingertips

All of the very best and most highly sought after brands of designer drapery hardware are available to you all in one spot. If you really want to make a statement with your window treatment, then a big-box-store rod just won't do. When you really want your draperies to stand out, selecting your drapery rods from a designer brand like Kirsch, Paris Texas or House Parts is the only way to go. You'll be surprised at just how affordable great quality, expertly finished, decorator influenced drapery hardware can be.

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Drapery rods and curtain rods  
Drapery rods and curtain rods  

Designer brands of Drapery Hardware, Curtain Rods and Drapery Rods. Kirsch curtain rods for decorative or traverse window treatments in woo...