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August 2013

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NAI honors Sr. Congress Leader Harshad Brahmbhatt of Gujarat INDORE: Success need your efforts in right direction through appropriate strategy. If you want to reach at the peak of the Himalaya then your direction must be in the north. That's how you will have success. These views were expressed by Shri Harshad Brahmbhatt (Senior Social Activist and philanthropist) from Gandhinagar of Gujarat. Shri Brahmbhatt along with his wife was at the tour of Madhya Pradesh and he visited NGO's Association of India (NAI) Head Office. He was welcomed by dignitaries of NAI. Shri and Smt. Brahmbhatt were felicitated by NAI family and they discussed present political scenario of the nation. On this occasion, the president of NAI Shri Santosh Shukla, Advocate briefed the expertise and experience of Shri Brahmbhatt social life and achievement at national level. On this occasion, Dr. Suchita Shukla, Dr. Priyanka Shukla, Shri Suresh Verma, Dr. Dilip N. Pandit, Dr. Pradeep Mishra, Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava, Dr. Monica Nagori, Dr. Neena Jain, Shri Ashish Mishra, Shri Sanjay Panjwani, Ms. Pallavi Tripathi, Ms. Sugandha Gaur, Ms. Chetna Nichania, Ms. Ankita Suri, Ms. Sneha Motlani, Ms. Akanksha, Ms. Loveleen Mehra, Ms. Piu Banerjee, Shri Rajesh Kamble and Shri Bhupendra Tiwari were present. The programme was conducted by Shri Rajesh Shukla and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Pradeep Mishra.

Santosh Shukla, Advocate

How Do You Motivate Yourself and Others? Imagine two small children learning to walk. One child's parent takes the child for a stroll, holds the child's hand, praises each success, and kisses the child's bruises better as some steps happen to be unsuccessful. The child knows that each next step will be celebrated. The second child's parent, stressed out from too much work, is impatient and, each time the child falls, the parent says "if you fall again, I won't pick you up. You can do better than this, you stupid!" Will both children learn to walk? Yes. They probably will. Will one child love to walk and the other hate it? I think so. I have worked with animals since I was about 11 years old and I have enjoyed observing people and their motivations since about the same time. One of the earliest "doggie training tricks" that I learned was when I was told that dogs learn by a combination of punishment and reward. However "sophisticated" we may be, we still respond to much of the same. Each of the motivating factors is a useful part of learning but we need to know when to use them. The "away from" motivation is a very powerful force because it makes us remember pain and how to avoid that pain. This motivation works very quickly and this is why it has been overused so much. Teaching children, wives, or dogs by hitting them is one awful example. The Pattison style of managing salespeople (ie. "Every month, the lowest-producing person is fired") is another. This motivation teaches very quickly but can leave deep, hard-to-repair scars. The "reward" motivation doesn't tend to be as immediate. In our society of "instant everything", it isn't as favoured because of the need for patience. The reward can be anything positive - praise, acknowledgment, a prize, money, time off, etc. It feels good. Good motivation is usually some combination of both. For example, it should hurt a little not to meet a deadline (but not have a threat of firing or such) and feel VERY good to meet the deadline. This conditions you to get good results and want more! I believe that a sense of humour has been given to us as a natural mood-enhancer.

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Restructure public health system: South Sudan: UN ready to work with new Cabinet to advance peace National Advisory Council N E W DELHI: The Sonia Gandhiled National Advisory Council has asked the government to move ahead with making universal healthcare a reality by restructuring the public health system. With elections barely nine months away, the Congress is looking to shore up its image as the party committed to improving the aam aadmi's lot. Following popular schemes on rural employment, right to education and right to food, the ruling party is now focusing on health, which is a major cause of impoverishment. India is among the countries with the lowest public spend on healthcare - about 1% of the GDP, compared with China's 2.9%

and Thailand's 3.1%. The council told the government in a note that the 12 {+t} {+h} Plan's allocation of 50,165 crore on healthcare "has not been encouraging". The government's 2004 promise of raising public spending on health to 2.5-3% of GDP still remains unfulfilled. The NAC has asked the government to "make every effort" to meet the target of increasing public expenditure on health to at least 1.87% as set out in the plan document. Public Health Foundation of India's senior health economist, Shaktivel Selvaraj, said providing the funds would be a challenge. "It is now for the finance ministry and Planning Commission to provide the funds, which is a major block. The absorptive capacity of our public health institution has improved. The government can start by providing free essential medicines at public health facilities. India is the largest producer of generics; so, if India can't do it, who can?" he said.

President Pranab Mukherjee adds school, library to Rashtrapati Bhavan

New Delhi: As he completed one year in office, President Pranab Mukherjee on Thursday said efforts should be made to increase the accessibility of the common man to Rashtrapati Bhavan. "The common citizens of our country always have the desire and curiosity to know more about the highest constitutional office in the land," he said. Mukherjee said he was happy to note that a substantial portion of Rashtrapati Bhavan has been opened for public viewing by giving reasonable access to visitors who want to explore its rich history and architectural heritage. To mark his first year in office, Pranab Mukherjee inaugurated a public library for residents of the President's Estate.

To mark his first year in office, Mukherjee inaugurated a public library for residents of the President's Estate. He distributed the first library membership cards to select families of the estate. He also distributed specially designed bookmarks. Addressing the gathering, the President said it was extremely essential to inculcate reading habits in children from an early age. He was happy to note that a dilapidated building in the President's Estate which was scheduled for demolition has been renovated and converted into a library with a rich collection of books, newspapers and magazines along with the facility of reading rooms. Mukherjee emphasised on the need to revive standards of education in the country to the days of old glory when Takshashila and Nalanda universities flourished as global centres of learning. He also opened the Rajendra Prasad Sarvodaya Vidyalaya within the President's Estate and planted a sapling.

The United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) said today it stands ready to work with the new Cabinet to tackle the host of challenges facing the world's youngest nation. South Sudan's President, Salva Kiir, yesterday announced a new smaller Cabinet after he dismissed the previous team. “The installation of the new, leaner and restructured Cabinet offers the Government a new opportunity to deliver on key priorities for the country,” UNMISS said in a press statement. It added that UNMISS stands ready to work closely with the new Cabinet, once it has been sworn in, to advance the country's reform agenda, including combating corruption, transforming the security

Sh. Rajeev Shukla

Justice V.S. Kokje

(Central Minister Govt. of India)

(Former Governor, H.P.)

sector and providing essential services to the people. “We look forward to working with the new Cabinet on protecting civilians, and strengthening core state institutions, as well as political milestones related to constitutional review and the holding of free and fair national elections.” In addition, the Mission urged the new Cabinet to do its utmost to forge national unity and solidarity and respect the rights of all citizens of South Sudan. UNMISS was established by the Security Council after the country gained independence from Sudan in July 2011. It is on the ground to consolidate peace and security and to help establish conditions for development.

Bhaiyyu Maharaj Justice Shambhu Singh (Rashtra Sant)

(M.P. High Court)

Heartily congratulations on the occasion of

Independance Day (15 August)

Santosh Shukla High Court, Advocate

NGO's Association of India


15 August 2013

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Legal knowledge must for better From sports to social causes, implementation of schemes Dharavi's girls make big strides 3-day training to women and children Better implementation of schemes can be ensured on the basis of knowledge of laws and rules. Those enforcing them must also be trained so that society can get better results of schemes. This was informed by

Principal Secretary Women & Child Development at the concluding function of 4-day training to officers of National Law Institute University (NLIU), members of NGOs and media persons regarding laws and rules framed in the interest

of women and children here. C o m m i s s i o n e r Wo m e n ' s Empowerment Smt. Kalpana Shrivastava held detailed discussions with trainees and got feedback from them. Executive Registrar Shri Ravi Pandey was also present on the occasion. Training programme's Coordinator Dr. Rakesh Arya and Joint Coordinator Dr. Veerpal Singh informed that training programme in convergence mode is being held for the first time by Directorate o f Wo m e n & C h i l d Development. It was also participated by officers of police, health, public prosecution and women's empowerment apart from members of NGOs associated with child protection scheme and media persons.

Memorable Snaps

Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla along with President Shri Santosh Shukla, Advocate.

MUMBAI: Every Sunday morning, 18-year-old Gulafsha Ansari dons her shoes, hurries down the steep ladder leading out from her Dharavi home, and heads to the local playground. In a few minutes, she is joined by a dozen girls from the area, and after warmup exercises, a football training session is kicked off. "Earlier,when I would persuade families to send girls to play,they'd say yes,but nobody would come," recalled Ansari, sitting cross-legged in her one room house, a rack of trophies Prof. Rajeev Sharma and Prof. Ramesh Mangal are being honored by Shri Santosh Shukla, Advocate and Dr. Dilip N. Pandit behind her, and proud parents looking on. "After a few months, 30 girls showed up." Some dropped out, and a few continue to skip sessions during festivals, but a group of a dozen regulars has emerged. They are aged 8to18. The weekend coaching has lasted over the two years since Ansari's return from a football camp at the Julie Foudy Sports Leadership Academy in San Francisco. She was part of 11 girls from Dharavi and Bombay Port Trust slums, chosen by NGO Magic Bus in 2011, who visited the US and trained with footballers there.

White House 'disappointed' with Russia granting temporary asylum to whistleblower Snowden JOHANNESBURG: The US government has expressed its ' e x t r e m e disappointment' soon after the Russian authorities granted NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden a temporary asylum for one year. The White House said that the step by Russia was not a positive development for the bilateral ties between the two nations and undermined Russia's record of law enforcement cooperation with the US, News 24 reports.

According to the report, the White House now re-evaluating whether President Barack Obama should attend an upcoming summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Spokesman Jay Carney said that the Russian government took this step and gave no advance notice to the US despite their lawful requests in public and private that Snowden be expelled and returned to them. Senator John McCain said that Russia's action is a disgrace and a deliberate effort to embarrass the US and it is high-time to rethink the relationship with the country. The report said that also Russia's move could strain USRussian relations over Syria, American criticism of Russia's human rights record and other disputes. Carney added that Snowden is not a whistleblower or a dissident but is accused of leaking classified information and he should be returned to the US as soon as possible, the report said.

Shri Harshad Brahmbhatt (Sr. Congress Leader) along with Shri Rajesh Shukla.

Smt. Shobha Oza along with NAI staff.

Smt. Uma Tiwari is being honored by Shri Ramnarayan Tiwari and President Shri Shukla.


15 August 2013

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David Beckham to release picture book in October LONDON: F o r m e r E n g l a n d soccer captain D a v i d Beckham will release a picture book in O c t o b e r featuring images from his playing career in a deal with a UK publishing unit of French media company Lagardere . The ex-Manchester United and Real Madrid midfielder, who retired from football in May after a brief spell with French club Paris St Germain, is expected to release the book on October 31 with Lagardere's UK-based Headline Publishing Group. Headline's non-fiction publishing director, Jonathan Taylor, bought the world rights in a deal with the 38-year-old's management company XIX Entertainment for a book the publisher said will be a personal celebration

of his playing days. "David Beckham is, without a doubt, the most universally recognised and popular sports person on the planet, and this gorgeous book will be a superb way for his millions of fans around the world to celebrate David's remarkable achievements within football," Taylor said in a statement. Beckham earned 115 caps for England, a record for an outfield player, and won the Champions League, six Premier League titles and two FA Cups with Manchester United. He also won league titles with Real Madrid in Spain, LA Galaxy in the United States and PSG in France. His new book is just one part of the postretirement plans for Britain's richest sportsman, whose easy charm and image as a family man should ensure the Beckham brand continues to prosper. Managed by the XIX Entertainment group which has British motor racing driver Lewis Hamilton and Wimbledon tennis champion Andy Murray on its books, Beckham has capitalised on his film-star looks and athlete's body to market underwear for Swedish fashion chain H&M and luxury watches for Swiss manufacturer Breitling.

Kiran Rao's SHIP OF THESEUS to release in 17 more cities

Role of Media is Crucial in Awareness of DV Act

INDORE: “Media of any sort plays vital role in espousing the cause and concerns of societal activities through many platforms in the fastest ways as possible. Awareness of Domestic Violence Act and its significance is crucial to address women violence issues. Media plays its social responsibility in ascertaining cases about domestic violence. Section 11 of DVA 2005 provides power to the central and state governments to promote awareness through media.” These views were expressed by Dr. Dilip N Pandit (Editor of Alma Times) at the two-days

w o r k s h o p organized by National Institute o f P u b l i c Cooperation and C h i l d Development (NIPCCD)at its regional centre. At the inaugural a d d r e s s , D r. Prathibha Rajgopal of Bhopal shed light over various angle of women distress being harassed by f a m i l y. S h e stressed the need to help them through constitutional framework. On this occasion, Shri T Dung Dung briefed the details and activities of NIPCCD and regional centre at Indore. In this workshop there were 50 participants from more than five states of the western region of the nation those holding key posts in NGOs , social works, voluntary organizations, social welfare department, police force, social justice department and other concerning wings. The workshop was conducted by the Assistant Director Shri S Gangur and vote of thanks was given by Dr. Choudhary.

SHIP OF THESEUS, a n independent film that opened with a l i m i t e d release, will n o w b e screened in seventeen additional c i t i e s following its impressive three-week run at the box office so far. The phenomenal but unexpected response to the film has spurred UTV Motion Pictures into including Surat, Goa, Rajkot, Mangalore, Mysore, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Bhopal, Indore, Nagpur, Raipur, Vizag, Coimbatore, Patna, Jaipur, Trivandrum and Calicut to the listings, effective this Friday, August 2. Initially, the film was slated for a July 19 release in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Pune. A week earlier the distribution team initiated a unique vote for the Film in Your City campaign, which empowered audiences to demand a release. A landslide response to the campaign soon saw

Hyderabad added to the release list. By the second week, Chennai, Ahmedabad and Kochi had voted themselves into the fray with the resulting surge encouraging UTV to increase the number of shows and include more cities than earlier planned. The film's director, Anand Gandhi was buoyant about its success, "Indian audience are not only ready for, but directly demanding insight, invention, beauty and meaning in their cinema. The need for a robust cultural environment has been vocalised at the box office. It's loud and clear, and has forced a valid response-an expansion of the film's release to more cities." Presenter Kiran Rao said, "The audience response to the film has been overwhelming and unprecedented, and we couldn't have asked for a better reception. It is so exciting and heartening to see the appreciation for the film continues to grow, and to find audiences in all parts of the country." Never before has a film placed such faith in the democratic power of its potential audience. That faith was soon repaid. The first Monday of its release saw a higher attendance than the Friday release date. Attendance and box office collections skyrocketed, with a consistent improvement in weekday figures as well.

FIPB decision in Aircel-Maxis deal under SC scanner NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court asked the Centre to inform it in a week about steps taken by it on Subramanian Swamy's letter to the prime minister raising concerns about national security in the alleged acquisition of shares by a Saudi Arabian company in the telecommunications firm Aircel-Maxis. A bench of Justices G S Singhvi and K S Radhakrishnan took objection to the Centre going unrepresented during the hearing on petitions by Swamy and NGO 'Centre for Public Interest Litigation', which questioned the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance to the Aircel-Maxis deal. Advocate Prashant Bhushan told the bench that Maxis had informed Singapore Stock Exchange that it held 99% economic interest in Indian firm Aircel, which was a clear breach of foreign direct investment rules permitting a foreign company of holding only 74% shares in an Indian firm. Bhushan said FIPB had been giving clearance to similar deals without verifying their share holding pattern. Swamy said the clearance given by FIPB was not on record. The bench sought attorney general G E Vahanvati's assistance in the matter and said, "It is not done in a case raising national

security concern for the Centre to go unrepresented. Somebody must appear for

the Centre as on security matters, we wait for the Centre's response." The court had during the last hearing sought the Centre's view on Swamy's July 1 letter to the PM raising security concern about acquisition of shares in Aircel-Maxis by Saudi Telecom. He had referred to a note prepared in this regard by the Joint Intelligence Committee of the government expressing serious reservations in allowing foreign investment from Saudi Arabia in the sensitive telecom sector. The court also directed CBI to place before it the minutes of the FIPB meeting of March 7, 2006, where the Aircel-Maxis deal was cleared.


15 August 2013

Swargate flyover needs rethink: NGOs PUNE: Several NGOs want the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) to reconsider the proposed Swargate flyover project even before the basic studies as mandated by the Indian Road Congress (IRC) as well as the Comprehensive Mobility Plan (CMP) of Pune are carried out. The massive project also has several unresolved design issues. In a letter to municipal commissioner Mahesh Pathak, NGOs including Parisar, Nagrik Chetna Manch, Pedestrians First, Save Pune Traffic Movement and PMP Pravasi Manch have said that the design does not adhere to the norms regarding pedestrian facilities and non-motorized transport as laid down by the IRC and advised by central urban development department. "Though a multi-modal terminal, metro and High Capacity Mass Transit Road are planned in the Swargate area, PMC has not prepared an integrated design for all these projects. This will create integration, compatibility and operational problems in future. While this project will take a minimum of three years to complete,

probably the flyover will get congested within three years, by 2018/19, The PMC has not conducted any costbenefit analysis to justify the very expensive project before taking a decision to implement it," the NGOs said in a letter. "We are in favour of a suitable cost-effective workable solution to effectively resolve traffic congestion problem and pedestrian safety issues in Swargate area. However, there a r e s e r i o u s apprehensions that the Swargate project as planned will not serve the desired purpose and also result in wastage of massive public funds," the NGOs stated. They have demanded that the project be put on hold and a review be done after scientific studies. According to NGO members the flyover has not been integrated with the proposed multi-modal terminal, which is still in design phase. The design of two such two mega projects at the same critical junction (multi-modal terminal and flyover) needs to be done in an integrated manner to ensure compatibility and also to determine the impact on each other.

Priority to preservation of Bhopal's archaeological buildings Mission In-charge of France Shri Galley meets Minister Shri Gaur U r b a n Administration & Development Minister Shri Babulal Gaur has said that every p o s s i b l e assistance will be given to preserve archaeologically important buildings of Bhopal city. Shri Gaur held discussions with France Association Nationale office-bearer Shri JeanMichel Galley, who called on him here. Shri Gaur informed that public awareness is being created to preserve Bhopal's archaeological buildings. He informed that works to preserve ancient

buildings Taj Mahal, Gauhar Mahal, Sadar Manzil and Golghar have been undertaken. Shri Galley informed that an agreement has been signed between France and Indian government for preservation of Bhopal's ancient buildings. Shri Galley informed that three lakes of Bhopal city Motia Talab, Siddique Hasan Khan Talab and Munshi Hussain Talab have been included in the first phase. France will provide technical guidance for this. He informed about conservation of buildings in French cities through public participation. Shri Galley informed that an agreement will be signed soon between French city Shenoy and Bhopal Municipal Corporation.

UCIL site contamination a threat B H O PA L : M a d h y a P r a d e s h government had asked Hyderabadbased Indian Institute of Chemical Technology (IICT) to focus on dismantling of abandoned Union Carbide plant in Bhopal, claimed Centre for Science and Environment ( C S E ) representative, here. "The terms of reference given by the state government to IICT asked the institute to focus on dismantling of Union Carbide plant, said CSE representatives here. In 2010, the IICT had recommended to detoxify, decommission and dismantle production units. For this, it had prepared a technical and tender document. "IICT has accepted that the factory can be made free of toxins. Dismantling would only be needed for potions in highly corroded condition," said CSE programme manager Amit Khurana during a media briefing. However, the CSE maintained that site should be preserved as a monument in remembrance of the world's worst industrial disaster. The centre presented a meta-study on contamination in and around the abandoned Union Carbide factory in a media briefing here on Thursday. It also released a report

'action plan environmental remediation in and around Union Carbide India Limited (UCIL), Bhopal' and proposed a plan for environmental remediation in and around UCIL. CSE representatives said they analyzed about 15 studies conducted over the last three decades to assess s o i l a n d groundwater contamination in and around the UCIL site. CSE had conducted one of the studies. The analysis was done during a two-day expert round table which was held in Delhi in April. CSE said the state government did not participate in the discussion. It had a representation from the Union ministry of health, ministry of environment and forests and member secretary and experts from Central Pollution Control Board (CPCB). "It was perhaps for the first time in three decades that nearly all groups and organizations, who have a stake in issues related to Bhopal gas tragedy came together to formulate a strategy for waste disposal and remediation plan," said CSE deputy director general Chandra Bhushan. However, CSE study did not ascertain the amount of toxic waste within UCIL and cost of clean-up, for which it presented a five-year plan to clean UCIL site.

IBP Congratulates BSNA Convention concludes in USA

HOUSTON: Once every year Brahman Samaj of North America hosts its multinational convention and this year, Houston had the distinction of hosting the event. The event was held at the Double Tree Hotel from July 4 to 6. The theme for each convention varies annually, with this year’s convention examining “the Significance of Brahmanic Values in Modernity and Youth.” BSNA was founded to promote Brahmanic and Vedic Culture by imparting knowledge to youth and uplifting different sections of the community, according to its wesbite. It continues that its vision in doing so is to steadily unite and improve society. The opening ceremony was conducted on Independence Day. Bhajans and introductions were notably accompanied with a speech given by Upendra Chivukula, Deputy Speaker for the New Jersey General Assembly. Chivukula, concluded that the

perpetuation of culture in further generations across the pond requires an educational effort in the Information Age, echoing the convention’s theme. The convention served as a forum for opinions and ideas, with many speakers presenting many views. Notable presentation topics included health, Indian-American representation in politics, Hindu and Brahmanic identity, and the role of science in religion, with presentations being followed by eager conversation. Meanwhile, workshops were also conducted to increase awareness of health care, law, and business, on the premise that many Indians might specialize in a field, while few might possess a working understand of the others. On this occasion, the president of International Brahmin Parliament Shri Santosh Shukla and members of International and National council congratulated BSNA team.

educating the young child with computer education

Let's Expose the Potential of Get-together For more Information Contact - Dr. Rajeev Shrivastava Tel: 0731 4055551 | Cell: 07828774672 Email: |

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