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INTRODUCTION Social-economic development of Indian society is prime factor of any Non-Government Organization (NGO) and they are too, religiously involved in their activities from metros to far-flung area of the country. There is no doubt that central and state governments are doing their best to boost-up health, education, social, cultural and women empowerment sector of our country, but their efforts need more concentration to get optimum output. In this way, the works of NGOs are commendable. According to existing statistics, there are more than 3.5 lakh NGOs working on different streams to boost national development. They are devoted to the cause of environmental awareness, health, education, women empowerment, child welfare, Aids and dozens of socio-cultural streams of the country in remote areas. As palpable strength of their own devotion and dedication still needs a big platform to share and discuss their developments and problems. To provide this important needs, NGOs Association of India (NAI) has been established in 2010. The need of single and strong Association is imperative because of the growth index of the country achieved through work of NGOs must be underlined gracefully.

OBJECTIVES NGO'S Association follows the guidelines and rules of the Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and its related works. Every Association works for certain objectives and thrust area to get desired results. So in the same way NAI has got prominent objectives as:n To provide a vast platform for working NGOs across the country. n To promote and work under State and Central Government Policies. n To make a strong relationship sharing by their developments & problems etc. n To protect their constitutional and legal rights through Association. n To give proper guidelines and directions in their respective streams through expertise panel. n To make a strong infrastructural development through their efforts and get them recognized in their respective

area. n To fulfill their basic administrative needs. n To address their technical and legal disputes through a strong panel of expertise. n To make them aware of the policies of state government and central government. n To do welfare activities for its members including award ceremonies, scholarship programmes and others. n To develop awareness of its members through seminars, workshops, symposiums and national/ international

conferences. n To conduct develop job-oriented Technical and Non-Technical Courses by Authorised Training Centre (ATC)

and Vocational Training Courses (VTP) for Students at Certificate and Diploma Level. n Apart from these, NAI will approve Technical and Non-Technical job-oriented courses through its course


MISSION The mission of NAI is to cater members' needs in smooth functioning through moral, administrative and legal protection.

VISION The vision of NAI is to work as philanthropic platform and spread the spirit of team work among its members in general and growth index in particular.


Sh. Rajeev Shukla Central Minister Govt. of India Patron

Justice V.S. Kokje Former Governor, H.P. Patron

Shri Bhaiyu Maharaj Rashtra Sant Patron

Justice Shambhu Singh M.P. High Court Patron

Sh. Kailash Vijayvargiya Minister Govt. of M.P. Patron


Pt. Vishnu Prasad Shukla

Smt. Shobha Oza

Sr. BJP Leader Chairman, NAI

Sr. Congress Leader Vice Chairman, NAI

Santosh Shukla Advocate High Court President, NAI

Dr. Suchita Shukla Vice President NAI

Dr. Dilip N Pandit Vice President NAI

Dr. Neena Jain

Ravikant Sharma

Dr. Monica Nagori

Dr. Rajeev Shrivastav

Sanjay Panjwani

Secretary NAI

Joint Secretary NAI

Joint Secretary NAI

Joint Secretary NAI

Sub Editor NGO News

NGO'S ASSOCIATION OF INDIA NGO Bhawan, 18/3, Pardeshipura, Near Electronic Complex, Indore - 452003, Madhya Pradesh, India Tel : 0731 - 4222242 | Fax : 0731 - 2573779 Email : | Web :

Exclusive Associate




Any working NGO could get NAI membership, provided it is registered under state/national level authorized agencies and should have working experience of at least one year. Any NGO could be member of NAI that follows rules and regulations and must get registered under its respective state. (a)






NAI offers international annual membership at US $500 and annual renewal fee US $50. NAI offers membership for Company / Companies Act under section 25 status / Corporation annually at Rs. 15,000/- and annual renewal fee at Rs. 2000/NAI offers membership for A u t h o r i s e d Tr a i n i n g Centre (ATC) for running NAI joboriented courses at Rs. 15,000/and annual renewal fee at Rs. 2000/NAI offers membership for Trust / Society and others annually at Rs. 7,500/- and annual renewal fee at Rs. 1000/-.

Every member would get an Identity Card (President & Secretary) and a Certificate of NAI membership. All members would be promoted on Association's website. Every NAI member would get performance Award yearly.

HOW TO BECOME NAI COORDINATORS It is a pleasurable moment to inform that NGOs Association of India (NAI) has planned to appoint coordinators at the district, division and the state level to workout more efficiently. The appointment of coordinators at different levels plan is as follows: Level



Rs. 50,000/-


Rs. 1,00,000/-


Rs. 2,00,000/- (All payments/fees are neither refundable nor transferable.)

Those who are interested in becoming the coordinators of NAI, they must have following documents as : 1. Documents of the registration of society / trust along with biodata of the president and the secretary. 2. A photocopy of bye-laws and a photocopy of Residential Proof of President and Secretary of the NGO. 3. A copy of audit report. The NAI would also allot some sort of work to be done in prominent places through coordinators and their NGOs circle. Benefits of being coordinators of NAI is a lot more. The appointed coordinators would be appreciated by the Honor Citation and awarded over their performances. Each coordinator working for the expansion of NAI activities and membership movement would be paid honorarium @ 10 percent per membership. Your good self is invited to be our coordinator strata and become a prominent activist of the NAI across the country.

Address Mobile E-mail Blood Group Police HQ Issued on

Member of PCI (Govt. of India) ID No. 1001

Shivani Kapoor


Reporter Mumbai (Maharashtra)

Santosh Shukla High Court, Advocate Chief Editor

: B-20/101, Cross Road, Mumbai (Maharashtra) : 09876543211 : : O+ve : Mumbai : 25 October 2012

1. Card holder has to follow rules of NGO News. 2. This card will be treated as cancelled if card holder found in illegal activities or against the law. 3. Renewal is must for every year. 4. Card holder has to send news items to the editor of NGO News. 5. If the card is lost, it is duty of card holder to inform the nearest Police Station.

18/3, “NGO House”, Pardeshipura, Nr. Electronic Complex, Indore (M.P.) INDIA E-mail : | Helpline: 0999 39 50000 NGOs ASSOCIATION OF INDIA


Certificate in Computer Financial Accounting

Master Diploma in Software Engineering

Certificate in Web Multimedia

Master Diploma in Information Technology

Certificate in Office Automation

Master Diploma in Multimedia

Certificate in Computer Aided Design

Advance Diploma in Computer Application & Programming

Certificate in Programming Foundation (C & C++)

Advance Diploma in Software Engineering

Certificate in Web Designing

Advance CAD for 2D+3D Visualization & Animation

Certificate in Compufunda for Kids

Advance Diploma in Information Technology

Certificate in Dot Net Framework & C++

Advance Certificate in Office Automation

Certificate in ASP.NET

Diploma in Computer Application

Certificate in Data Entry Operator

Diploma in Graphics & Web Designing

Certificate in Data Structure

Diploma in Information Technology

Certificate in Computer Basic

Diploma in Multimedia

Certificate in Visual Basic

Diploma in Digital Art

Certificate in PHP

Diploma in Internet Application & E-Commerce

Certificate in SEO

Diploma in RDBMS (VB/SQL/Oracle/D2K)

Certificate in Auto Cad

Diploma in Financial Accounting

Certificate in C# .Net Programming

Diploma in Office Automation & Accounting

Certificate in Java Programming

Diploma in Computer Science

Certificate in Ajax

Diploma in Office Management Programming

Certificate in Android

Diploma in Desktop Publishing (DTP) & Web Multimedia

Certificate in Data Communication & Networking

Diploma in Web Designing

Certificate in J2ME

Diploma in Computer Application & Programming

Certificate in Web Designing

Diploma in Information Technology

Certificate in Flash

Certificate in Desktop Publishing (DTP)

Certificate in J2EE

Certificate in VB.Net

Certificate in C Language

Certificate in Java Programming

Certificate in Data Base Management System

AUTHORIZED TRAINING CENTRE - COURSES Certificate in Software Testing

Certificate in Accounting Package

Certificate in Zend

Certificate in Computer Application

Certificate in Joomla

Certificate in Information Technology

Certificate in Oscommerce

Certificate in Advance CAD for 3D Visualization & Animation

Certificate in Magento

Certificate in Computer Hardware & Networking Engineer

Certificate in Cpanel

Certificate in Structure Analysis & Design

Certificate in Office Automation & Accounting

Certificate in Solution Developer

Certificate in Tally

Certificate in Software Engineer

Certificate in Computing

Certificate in Office Automation & DTP

Certificate in Office Management Programme

Certificate in VB-Oracle Or VB-SQL

VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROGRAMME Master Diploma in Computer Teacher's Training

Diploma in Auto Mobile Workshop

Advance Diploma in Automobile Workshop

Diploma in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

Advance Diploma In Beauty and Fashion Designing

Diploma in Interior Design

Professional Diploma in Beautician & Hair Dressing

Diploma in Fashion Designing

Diploma in Beauty and Fashion Designing

Diploma in Mobile Repairing

Diploma in Computer Teacher's Training

Diploma in Turner Fitter

Diploma in Teacher’s Training in Programming Application

Diploma in Telephone Servicing

Diploma in Teacher’s Training in Commercial Computing Application

Diploma in Tailoring & Embroidery

Diploma in Teacher’s Training Professional CMS Programming

Diploma in Electrician

Application Diploma in Corporate Teacher's Training Diploma in Beautician & Hair Dressing Diploma in Computer Hardware Diploma in Cd & Colour T.V. Servicing Diploma in Basic & Digital Electronics

Diploma in chip Repairing Diploma in Pump Operator Diploma in E-Commerce Diploma in Construction Management Certificate in Mobile Repairing & Maintenance Certificate in E-Commerce/Mobile Commerce


Certificate in Electrician

Certificate in Cordless Telephone

Certificate in E- Commerce

Certificate in Washing Machine Servicing

Certificate in Colour T. V. Servicing

Certificate in Textile Designing

Certificate in CD Player Servicing (audio/Video/MP3)

Certificate in Television Servicing

Certificate in Beautician

Certificate in Radio/ Audio Servicing

Certificate in Cooking

Certificate in Mobile Repairing

Certificate in Beautician & Hair Dressing

HARDWARE EDUCATION Master in Computer Hardware Technology

Diploma in Computer Networking

Master Diploma in Computer Ethical Hacker & Server

Certificate In Computer Hardware


Certificate in Computer Networking

Diploma in Computer Hardware Engineering & Networking

Certificate in PC Assembling & Hardware Maintenance

ORIENTATION OF JOB-ORIENTED COURSES Following Orientations of Job-oriented courses could be approved by our Academic Courses Committee Carpet


Material Management


Banking and Accounting

Medical and Nursing

Spa & Wellness

Automotive Repair

Plastic Processing

Handmade Paper and Paper Products

Fabrication Electronics


Industrial Electrical Textile- Cotton Ginning

Renewable Energy Fragrance, Flavour & Perfume Marine Engineering

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Textile- Cotton Spinning


Textile- Doubling

Toy Making

Textile- Winding


Textile- Reeling

Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing

Wood Work

Textile- Weaving Preparation


Textile- Weaving


Leather and Sports goods

Textile- Chemical Processing

Garment Making

Travel and Tourism

Textile- Quality Control

Jem and Jewellery

Courier and Logistics

Textile- Knitting


Jute Sector


Home Decor – Art Wood Handicraft

Information and Communication technology

Business and Commerce


Home Decor – Art Water Falls

Fashion Design Rain water Harvesting Brassware Clock and Watch Repair

Agriculture Soft Skills Home Decor – Art Bonsai Home Decor – Art Flower Home Decor – Art Jewellery Home Decor – Art Ceramic Craft Home Decor - Art Painting Home Decor – Art Mehendi


INTERNATIONAL INFORMATICS MAURITIUS LIMITED (IIML) In order to align Mauritius and India to International bench marking in IT literacy and expertise, to encourage the students to go for higher-level international certification and to make the same available to existing NAI Computer Education Centers throughout the country International Informatics Mauritius Limited (IIML) has tied-up with NAI. Under our joint ventures, we have made available the IIML International Certificate Courses to run at your institution. As an Authorised Training Centre, you’d be able to offer the following international certification courses:


International Certificate in Computer Ethical Hacker & Server Administration

International Certificate in Computer Hardware & Network Engineering

International Professional Certificate in Web Designing & Web Development

International Certificate in Computer Applications & Programming

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