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Spring Tune Up Time By: Dan Stark Tech Writer and Technical Service


ome of you may be noticing that the weather is changing and the flowers are waking up. Spring is almost here. The southern states get an early start on the good weather, but we in the northern states are still seeing snow. No matter where you live it is time to get ready for warmer weather. This can include preparing to take the storm windows out of your house and replacing them with screens, cleaning and fixing up your landscape, and most importantly, preparing your car for summer days. Here are a few spring tips that can help you get ready for your summer travels:

that your vehicle’s recommended tire pressure is it’s cold tire inflation pressure. Be sure to add 1 psi to compensate for each 10° Fahrenheit temperature difference between the temperature in the garage and outside. If you drive with your tires underinflated, you can use more gas, cause uneven tire wear, and on AWD systems you can promote wear on the gears.

2: Check when your last full tune up was-

Be sure that you have the proper time and mileage on your oil, air filter, spark plugs, belts, hoses, and anything else needed. You should check your cabin air filter, if equipped, and also your wiper blades. Now may be the time to replace your spark plug wires if you are changing the plugs. Keep in mind that if you have a problem area you should protect it verses prolonging an issue. Our Pro-

You should be checking your tire pressure and tread wear regularly but it is very important to check it once the weather becomes stable. It is also important to remember


T25/28, T3, T4, T6 • Reduces under hood temps for cooler air intake • Ultimate protection for underside of hoods, painted surfaces & engine components • Anchoring hooks incorporated to secure shield • Cool carbon fiber look help you out. We offer a flush treatment that will get rid of the buildup in the system. You should use this to clean out oils and mineral deposits. This will make your system run more efficiently. Once flushed, you can add our Radiator Relief to the system. This can help reduce the maximum operating temperature and save you from rising temperatures when stuck in traffic.

3: Time for a good clean-

It is time to give your car the full treatment. Get the winter buildup can block the heat that your headers of salt and debris out of the cab and can put out. add protection to the carpets, seats Also look into fluids. The cold and other interior materials. This weather can promote cracks in will give you a more enjoyable drive hoses causing leaks in your cooling and make your interior last. system. Also keep a watch on your Remember to get a good wash in power steering fluid and transmisalso. Be aware of the undercarriage. sion fluids. Some areas of the country use salt If it is time for a coolant change or sand to help with icy conditions. we offer our Radiator Relief line to Be sure to wash out all of the areas



esterday I had a new employee (fresh out of college) come to me ask about sales training. Since we are still a small family business we are not yet equipped with a sales training department. In fact most people come to our company with many years of sales and service experience so it has been more a company

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tect-a- Wires and Protect-a-Boots

1: Tune up your tires-

q u a r t e r


philosophy indoctrination rather than formal training. I personally have been through countless sales training programs through previous employers in the Fortune 500 world and I tried to reflect back on what was the most important thing I learned from that training and decades of sales experience. I offered this to the new employee; Look at the world

under the vehicle that can hold anything. The dirt and salt can eat away at your vehicle. Clean it out and make sure your vehicles structure and sheet metal will last.

4: Hot days ahead-

Be sure to test your air conditioning system now so you can be prepared for the hot days in traffic. The winter temperatures may promote this system to leak. Check to make sure that you will be protected before it gets too hot out there. Adding line and hose protection such as our Heat Shroud Shroud, Heat Sheath and Fire Sleeve to AC system lines can actually help the system. A lot of AC hoses go directly over exhausts and over the tops of motors. Covering them with our line and hose protection reflects the heat before it enters the system through the hoses.

from the customers eyes. What is important to you is irrelevant. Your quota, your car payment, your education are all insignificant in the sales process. What is important is the customer? What are their problems, their goals, their dreams and how can we help you solve, meet and fulfill them. My goal is to have every customer leave the interactive experience with us knowing that we truly cared about their particular situation

800.264.9472 • 604 MOORE RD. AVON LAKE, OH. 44012

and offered the best possible solution to meet their needs. Building a sales career is not a sprint, it is a marathon. I want my grandchildren to be doing business with my customer’s grandchildren. This will be accomplished by focusing on the customer first and always! I am always open to comments on how we are doing as a company and at focusing on the customer. Feel free to email me at




TITANIUM PIPE SHIELD Design Engineering, Inc. introduces our brand new Titanium Pipe Shield to protect transmissions, brake lines, hoses, electrical wiring, gas tanks, body panels, bumpers and more from extreme radiant heat. The evolutionary LR Technology fireproof fiber provides maximum heat protection up to 1350°F! 1350 Other glass fiber shields begin to fail and crack at only 850°F! 850 Riveted pipe stand-offs provides an air gap that

greatly improves heat dissipation and protection from the heat source such as exhaust pipes. The Titanium Pipe Shield is 6” wide and comes in three different lengths. A 12”x6”, 24”x6” and 36”x6”. All three offer the same extreme radiant heat protection and have a cool carbon fiber look that matches the rest of our Titanium line of products (Exhaust wrap, GEN-II Turbo Shields and ProtectA-Boots)

Our atmosphere helps us grow as a family and as a team. A fun family environment helps us stay enthused and excited inside DEI. With monthly team events and theme days, it’s not very difficult!

Riveted pipe stand-offs provides air gap for improved heat dissipation

New DEI Team Members Design Engineering would like to introduce you to our newer employees and team members. Our needs continue to expand and with the addition of new team members, our abilities expand as well.

Godfathe r

day! Tiki Tues

Available in 3 lengths 12” x 6” 24” x 6” 32” x 6”


St. Patrick’s Day

Tom Browning Operations Manager

Steve Garrett

Art Director Media Coordinator

800.264.9472 • 604 MOORE RD. AVON LAKE, OH. 44012

Amy Runyon

Administrative Sales Assistant

Brennan Hogan Motorcycle & Powersports



Building Expansion Update...

The Science of Noise

By: Tom Browning Operations Manager

Whats behind acoustic control By: Mike Zenone Boom Mat Brand Manager


very car, truck, hot rod or home built vehicle has a unique acoustic signature due to engine type, exhaust, tires, build quality as well as the effects caused by aftermarket accessories. There are some steps you can take to solve the specific issue for your vehicle. Sealing... Confirm all weather strip is intact and working properly as it applies to its sealing characteristics. Carefully search out any remaining openings in areas such as the dash, firewall, transmission tunnel, mechanical linkages etc. Holes, gaps, or leaks, once identified, can be treated with caulk, gasket material or removable materials such as Super Seal Foam, for those areas where anticipated service may at some time be required. Damping... Determine the need for damping. Lower frequency problems and issues can be the result of structure born noise. For example, if you rap your knuckle on the side of a metal file cabinet or washing machine, you’ll notice a distinct ring of sorts as a result. Damping products such as

Boom Mat or Boom Mat

Thick, are designed to remove that ring from the metal. Typically, damping materials are used in vehicle doors in order to acquire the welcome thud sound when a door is closed, imitating the sound of a refrigerator door. Absorbers… an effective noise control solution. In industrial and commercial noise control applications such as in heavy off-road construction equipment, effective noise absorbers that are tuned to peak frequency absorption is typically the most effective and lowest cost solution to noise control. Barriers… the most practical and effective noise control solution in most automotive applications. A barrier material such as Under Carpet, can be quite effective in controlling lower frequency noise issues. The additional mass of .5 - 1.0 lbs/sq.ft. is an ideal way to deflect unwanted noise from entering the automobile cabin. Considering the three major noise sources; engine, tires & exhaust, a barrier material can be applied to cover the entire floor pan inside, where by the mass of the barrier creates a blockage in the noise path.

Employee Profile

Mike Zenone Boom Mat Brand Manager

• DEI employee since 2007 • Hockey Coach • Enjoys antique picking • Restoration projects • Father of 4 Mike can be contacted at 800.264.9472


Our warehouse expansion is about 85% complete, with new packaging workstations arriving soon to complete the project! The additional space and new equipment have been a huge advantage as we continue to grow. We have already benefitted from increased efficiencies, and look forward to more as we finalize the transition.

With pallet racking being installed, the warehouse expansion will be complete and ready for shipments and deliveries


ike started in the car industry over 25 years ago riding his bike to the parts store and stocking shelves. He has turned that passion into a career working with various Hot Rod companies and performance businesses, (Stylin’ Concepts, Hot Rod Hardware, Summit Racing) gaining the knowledge and the expertise it takes to supply today’s enthusiasts with the best product knowledge and parts available. When Mike is not hard at work, he is coaching and supporting his 4 children with their hockey careers and sports inter-

800.264.9472 • 604 MOORE RD. AVON LAKE, OH. 44012

ests. He and his wife of 16 years (Sandy Zenone) have 3 boys and one girl who are all very active in youth hockey. With Mikes help, they are looking to advance as far as possible in their hockey careers. Restoration projects are also a passion for Mike. Dismantling a 1920’s diner in Kent, Ohio by hand, and moving it to his home, he plans on restoring it to its original condition for all to enjoy. Mike also has a 1972 Chevy truck that is going to get the full restoration treatment... As soon as hockey season is over.


Customer Vehicles Keith Biddlecombe’s 700HP 1965 Impala


Caption Contest!

Send us your funniest caption for this picture for a chance to win a DEI branded T-Shirt of your choice. Send your captions to to enter today!

DEI’s CryO2 system, exhaust wrap and Boom Mat helped Rod Nielson of Hot Rod’s Restos build Keith Biddlecombe’s 1965 Impala and made it reach epic status and 700hp! Arc Audio dreamt up the insane sound system. And with the help of Boom Mat acoustical and thermal protection, it sounds amazing and keeps the interior theatre-like and comfortable.

What people are saying... Cliff from California says about Floor & Tunnel Shield II....

“Looks pretty tough! About the right combo of strength and flexibility.”

Jim K. from Virginia says about Boom Mat Damping Material....

“Used to dampen sound from kitchen exhaust duct... Worked perfectly!”

Kim from Ohio says about Titanium Pipe Shield.....

“Blocked all the heat coming off my V-rod pipes and saved me from burning my leg too many times to count.”

Employee Down Time David Markley takes to the skies!

President of Design Engineering is taking to the skies and earning his pilots license. Dave has been training and flying for months now. He hopes to get his pilot’s license by the summer so he can take family and friends to exotic destinations all over Northeast Ohio.

800.264.9472 • 604 MOORE RD. AVON LAKE, OH. 44012

DEI Quarterly Newsletter: Q2 2013  

Design Engineering Inc 2nd Quarter 2013 Company Newsletter

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