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WELCOME TO THE WORLD OF LEGGYBUDDY leggybuddy® is a Swiss brand of luxury toys and home accessories founded by graphic and fashion designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld. Each leggybuddy is a unique handmade product which is fun for a child and a unique contemporary home decoration. They are equally loved by children and adults for their charm, timeless design and impeccable craftsmanship. Our slogan “Feels like family“ is a reminder of the warmth of home, close family relationships and grandmas knitting for their grandchildren. In a world shaped by mass consumption and digitalisation, we strive to create timeless, sustainable products and to emphasise craftsmanship and the lasting quality of handmade work. leggybuddy dolls come in small and large sizes, most of them wearing adorable crocheted or knitted outfits so they can be dressed and undressed. We also encourage kids and their parents to create and make outfits for leggybuddies themselves because handmade and selfmade is fun. Quality leggybuddy® products are designed and first samples crocheted by the designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld in her Zürich based studio. Afterwards, small series are manufactured by highly skilled crocheters in Europe. Every single product is completely handmade and slightly different than the other but in consistently perfect quality. When developing our products we always keep children safety in focus. All used materials and finished toys were tested by an independent laboratory and are compliant with the European EN71 toy safety standard.

Product information:


• leggybuddy toys are tested and comply with the CE EN71

• Hand wash or machine wash at 40º C (wool program)

(the E.U. toys safety standard) • Material: 100 % high quality cotton

protected in a mesh delicates wash bag • Wash with same colours

(the small embellishments in metallic look are made from

• Don’t iron

yarn consisting of 65% viscose and only 35% metalized

• Don’t tumble

polyester) • Filling: Washable polyester toy filling, ÖKO TEX certified Origin: DESIGNED IN SWITZERLAND by Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld for leggybuddy®

100% handmade in the EU


leggybuddy® is a registered trademark. The leggybuddy brand is owned by Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld, DESIGNEERS GmbH ©DESIGNEERS GmbH 2014–2015. All rights reserved.

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

s e i gg o r F l a y o R

These leggy froggies are the King and the Queen of every party. Sometimes they are a bit clumsy, though. Long limbed and with eyes like coffee cups, Royal Froggies are not just ordinary beauties - you are going to have some serious fun with

them. Best buddies forever.

KING FROGGY Petrol Grey - L Art. No. 0001-L-K-PG EAN 4260441440001

KING FROGGY Petrol Grey - S Art. No. 0001-S-K-PG EAN 4260441440018

KING FROGGY Silver White - L Art. No. 0001-L-K-SW EAN 4260441440063

KING FROGGY Silver White -S Art. No. 0001-S-K-SW EAN 4260441440070

QUEEN FROGGY Pink Gold - L Art. No. 0001-L-Q-PG EAN 4260441440049

QUEEN FROGGY Pink Gold - S Art. No. 0001-S-Q-PG EAN 4260441440056

QUEEN FROGGY Rose Gold - L Art. No. 0001-L-Q-RG EAN 4260441440025

QUEEN FROGGY Rose Gold - S Art. No. 0001-S-Q-RG EAN 4260441440032


Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake”

DEBUSSY “Claire de Lune”

MOZART “Glockenspiel”

r a t S c si u M C lassic

ful s and beauti s le e m ti a s gStar play parkle of ma ® Classic Music s a tr x e t a y d th rsery ybud Every legg give your nu to g in o g is lody which classical me

SIZE 20 x 20 cm (7.9 in)

DEBUSSY “Claire de Lune”

Tchaikovsky “Swan Lake”

Art. No. 0015-P EAN 4260441440384

Art. No. 0015-W EAN 4260441440407

MOZART “Glockenspiel” Art. No. 0015-M EAN 4260441440391

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

e t i h W Alba Alba White doesn’t talk much, but she will love you sooo much. Alba is very shy and delicate so please treat her right and keep her by your side. Please, don’t feed her ketchup or spaghetti bolognese!

ALBA WHITE - S Art. No. 0002-S-W-PP EAN 4260441440254

ALBA WHITE - L Art. No. 0002-L-W-PP EAN 4260441440247

ALBA WHITE - S Art. No. 0002-S-W-BW EAN 4260441440292

ALBA WHITE - L Art. No. 0002-L-W-BW EAN 4260441440285

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

e t i h Mr. W Mr. White is a minimalist - always elegant wearing black. You may undress Mr. White, but only if you have a stylish new outfit for him. Otherwise, he is not going to be amused.

Mr. White - S Art. No. 0002-S-W-BB EAN 4260441440278

Mr. White - L Art. No. 0002-L-W-BB EAN 4260441440261

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

& n a i r o D y e r G Dora

Dorian and Dora have long arms for hugging and they hug a lot. They love to be carried around your home or wherever you want to take them. With Dorian and Dora, everyday is an adventure!

DORIAN GREY - S Art. No. 0002-S-G-BB EAN 4260441440230

DORIAN GREY - L Art. No. 0002-L-G-BB EAN 4260441440223

DORA GREY - S Art. No. 0002-S-G-PW EAN 4260441440216

DORA GREY - L Art. No. 0002-L-G-PW EAN 4260441440209

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

a l l e B a Fion l l e B . r &M Meet Fiona, the most elegant cow in town. Her home is in Swiss mountains, but she would love to travel the world with you. Mr. Bell is her best leggybuddy friend.

Mr. Bell - S Art. No. 0004-S-BB EAN 4260441440193

Mr. BELL - L Art. No. 0004-L-BB EAN 4260441440186

FIONA BELLA - S Art. No. 0004-S-BP EAN 4260441440179

FIONA BELLA - L Art. No. 0004-L-BP EAN 4260441440162

L LARGE / 60 cm (23.5 in)

S SMALL / 45 cm (17.5 in)

y g g o r F Groggy Groggy Froggy loves nature and enjoys nature. He is riding everywhere on his red bicycle and is always trying to make people smile. Groggy Froggy will always have an eye on you so don’t try to steal his fruits!

GROGGY FROGGY CLASSIC - S Art. No. 0001-S-GG EAN 4260441440117

GROGGY FROGGY CLASSIC - L Art. No. 0001-L-GG EAN 4260441440100

L LARGE / 45 cm (17.5 in)

S SMALL / 20 cm (7.9 in)

& e k i M c i l o h a Milk

What are the babies’ favourite things? Exactly. It is milk, milk and more milk. MILKAHOLIC crochet rattle and MILKAHOLIC JUMBO crochet pillow are extraordinary and fun birth and baby shower gift ideas. And if the baby is going to a party you shouldn’t forget MIKE - the microphone crochet rattle for real little stars.

MIKE - Crochet rattle Art. No. 1011-B EAN 4260441440377

MILKAHOLIC - rattle Art. No. 0009-P EAN 4260441440353

MILKAHOLIC JUMBO - pillow Art. No. 0012-L-P EAN 4260441440308

MILKAHOLIC - rattle Art. No. 0009-B EAN 4260441440360

MILKAHOLIC JUMBO - pillow Art. No. 0012-L-B EAN 4260441440315



OK - The Astronaut - L Art. No. 2001-L-OK EAN 4260441440421

OK - The Astronaut - S Art. No. 2001-S-OK EAN 4260441440438

UP - The Astronaut - L Art. No. 2001-L-UP EAN 4260441440384

UP - The Astronaut - S Art. No. 2001-S-UP EAN 4260441440391

O G & OK, UP

1 9 .7 / 50 cm ( E G R A L-L

in ) S -

/ 3 5 c m (1 SMALL

UPOLLO The Rocket Boy and his crew - astronauts UP, OK & GO - are up to all kinds of adventures. Grown-ups may say these dolls don’t have a face, but kids know they do have a face under their space helmet and they also know when UP, GO or OK are feeling good or bad, happy or sad. This is how kids are. Just get UP and GO, everything is going to be more than O.K. Inspired by the movie Gravity, UPOLLO CREW is a modern and minimalistic crochet toys collection created as a contemporary interpretation of a traditional craft. These little spacemen were born out of the wish to create a perfect and seamless crochet doll.

3 .8 in )

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GO - The Astronaut - L Art. No. 2001-L-GO EAN 4260441440407

GO - The Astronaut - S Art. No. 2001-S-GO EAN 4260441440414


R e h T O L L O UP GE L - LAR

/ 40 cm

(1 L / 30 cm L A M S S(1 5 .8 in )

UPOLLO - The Rocket Boy - L Art. No. 2002-L-UP EAN 4260441440445


1 .8 in )

UPOLLO - The Rocket Boy - S Art. No. 2002-S-UP EAN 4260441440452

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General information: Wholesale contact: leggybuddy® FEELS LIKE FAMILY HEAD OFFICE Designeers GmbH Alpenstrasse 11 I 6300 Zug I Switzerland TEL: +41 (0)41 711 68 30 FAX: +41 (0)41 711 51 82


Catalogue design: DESIGNEERS Design Agency SPECIAL THANKS TO: Amy Shalfoon & model baby Rose Miki Lim & model baby Kingston Andrea & little spacemen Teo Ebony O'Connor Chloe Thurston Nadine Enders

leggybuddy® is a registered trademark. ©DESIGNEERS GmbH 2014–2015. All rights reserved.

leggybuddy® 2015/16 Catalogue  

leggybuddy® is a Swiss brand of luxury toys and home accessories founded by graphic and fashion designer Suzana Pezo Sommerfeld. Each leggyb...

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