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“Since our inception,

Tial has been at the forefront of technical and service innovation.



About Us

Mission Statement

Tial Technologies (Pty) Ltd focuses on developing and delivering software solutions for the insurance industry throughout the African continent.

To be the leading provider of insurance software solutions throughout the African continent, bringing innovation and support to each and every one of our clients.

The software development organisation was founded in 1999 by the current shareholders and directors of the company, comprising of Alan Hayward, Thomas Kieck, Tony Jacobsen and Gareth Whitlock. The shareholders and directors are backed up by a strong innovative management team and staff compliment with a proven track record and capabilities; focusing on core responsibilities relating to Support, Reporting, Development, Training and Human Resources. Tial is committed to ensuring that our clients have made the right choice by listening to them and developing the partnerships we have with each and every one of those clients.

Vision To bring a digitally revolutionised system to the insurance industry.




We anticipate transformation and create ethical, forward thinking solutions to overcome obstacles, delivering unique solutions to our clients.





We perform our roles with purpose, pride, a positive attitude and are committed to delivering high quality products and services.

Through collaboration we multiply our contribution. We engage, collaborate and partner with our clients and employees to achieve shared goals.



Underpinning all our work, we think and act with integrity. We uphold our ethics and principles with every action and decision we make.


Service Excellence

We are dedicated to satisfying customer needs and honoring commitments that we have made to them.


Reinsurance SystemA is a complete insurance software solution. It’s versatile, slick and custom designed for individual insurance intermediary requirements. In addition, SystemA is also: • Astute Short-Term Switch • ACORD compliant • Insurer approved • Scalable   And with upgrades every 8-10 weeks, SystemA will keep you ahead of the game. SystemA, the company’s flagship insurance management system has been around since 2001 and has continually evolved to keep up to date with technology, legislation and the ever changing insurance landscape. Our comprehensive solution portfolio integrates the entire insurance value chain, from collection of premiums, to claims intimation, through to payment of claims. Supporting data transparency, integrity, and powerful analytics; giving you the timely, accurate information required for tactical and strategic decision-making and reporting. Easily apply appropriate standards to relevant processes, addressing the increasing need for transparency across the board.


Reinsurance is one of the system’s strongest points and we cater for all treaty types as well as proportional, non-proportional and variable quota share treaties. All reinsurance placements are calculated in real-time and are automatically allocated to the default reinsurance structure supported by full detailed reporting.

Lines of Business SystemA is a totally integrated offering, currently supporting the following lines of business: • • • • • • •

Crop Asset Marine Funeral Medical Aviation Credit life

• • • • • • •

Agricultural Commercial Motor (only) Personal lines Contract works Engineering risks Various niche products

Fully integrated policy administration including premium calculation, policy schedule, premium administration, ACB collection via third parties, premium bordereaux, broker statements, debit notes and commission bordereaux.

Black Box SystemA successfully integrates with a number of insurer black-box rating.


Automatic Communication

Customer Relationship Management • Email/SMS, Client centric view, Diary and Full interaction history • Business rule engine

Financial Management • Premium calculation, Premium collection, Disbursements (Risk premium, VAP, Commission and Fees)

Reinsurance • Full proportional and Non-proportional capability for Premium and Claims

Claim Process • Intimation, Validation, Estimate, Revising, Payments, Recoveries, Claim float and Service provider management

Full Policy Lifecycle • Quote, New business, Endorsements and Renewal Reporting • Standard financial, Premium, Claims, MIS and Dashboards

Full Timeline Management • User role definition and control • Access control • Full audit trail

Business Rule Engine • • • • • •

Customise field input Required fields Business requirement enforcement Defaulting of values Hide/show/disable of fields based on business rules Hide/show message boxes based on rules

With SystemA your SMS and email correspondence to clients, service providers and other stakeholders can be automated based on client specification. Through the strategic configuration and application of what is known as a trigger, submission of the relevant correspondence automatically executes when a predefined event occurs. An example of this could be an automated SMS to a client on an unpaid premium or a notification to an assessor when appointed on a claim. Triggers include, but are not limited to: • SMS – various • Email – insurer, clients and brokers • Schedules – insurer, clients and brokers

Claims Workflow Automation Our aim with SystemA’s configurable workflow is to assist our clients with business process modelling through streamlining human intervened manual processes and structuring unstructured tasks electronically. It’s about improving processes – from the everyday to the elaborate. Our claims workflow involves the specification and resulting configuration of a series of validations and automated actions for the steps involved in the claims intimation and payment process. The primary benefit of our claims workflow is the elimination of user mistakes and the prevention of “tasks falling through the cracks.” Second to this would be the benefit of a reduced need for micro management; and ultimately, increased efficiencies.



Client and Broker Zone We provide HTML5 responsive design Client and Broker Zones.

Client Zone With SystemA’s client centric approach users have the ability to easily navigate between the various sections of the policy and even claims. Consistency in layout and the adoption of industry standards and best practices in terms of user interface ensure ease of use.

Broker Zone From a UMA perspective, brokers are able to log in via the web and access their client policies, download schedules, request changes and even track claims. From a broker perspective policyholders can access their own policies and request changes and track claims.

Tial Rating System (TRS) Since our inception, Tial has been at the forefront of technical and service innovation.

Cloud Powered TRS runs on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Using the power of the cloud, TRS automatically scales out to keep ahead of the performance curve.

Web API TRS enables integration with third-party systems via an easy to use web API. Send and receive quotes using XML or JSON on the platform of your choice.


Tial has adopted a “train the trainer” approach with regards to training. This methodology ensures that your people apply your business processes in their day to day usage of SystemA. Hands on training consists of short walkthroughs followed by practical examples of all aspects of SystemA, ideally groups of three to four ensures more interaction from your staff. We provide online content and training manuals that are offered at no charge as well as walk around training upon go live, thereafter it is charged for on a time and materials basis.

Participants will also be able to optionally obtain insurance credits (Certificate) if they enroll, submit their portfolio of evidence and are assessed competent.

Latest Technology

General Support

Since our inception, Tial has been at the forefront of technical and service innovation.

With the advent of high end technology such as the software solutions by Tial Technologies, comes the requirement for a specific skill set and the ability to operate and understand the system.

Implementation A product and organisational planning session precedes any implementation. This ensures that we at Tial have a clear view of your organisation’s requirements and the products you will be administering.

Development Development coincides with the upgrade of SystemA to the latest development environments offered by Microsoft ensuring not only the longevity of the product but also to ensure that the system utilises the best technology to the benefit of the user.

Tial Training supports our users by dealing with general functionality and specific queries on a daily basis. Apart from the implementation of various training interventions we also facilitate workshops, provide remote assistance and coaching to New Business clients.

New Releases, Modifications and/or Enhancements SystemA is continually being enhanced either as a result of new technology and/or additional functionality. New releases, changes and/or new report requests are planned for every quarter.

Deployment We provide the option of shared cloud computing, private cloud or onsite deployment.


Insurance Commissions Management

Claims Management

For many administrators, commission management is a challenge. They struggle to support multiple systems, integrate data across multiple platforms, and manage activities across multiple channels.

Many insurance organisations can’t leverage information across the organisation, and legacy systems can’t keep pace with new products and industry developments. As a result, organisations can’t optimise processes, effectively identify and prevent fraud, or deliver the high levels of customer service the market demands.

SystemA’s Insurance Commissions Management simplifies and improves your commission structure by centralising commission management. The application handles all aspects of commission management across multiple products and classes of business. You have the functionality you need to support multiple channels, including call centres, outside brokerages, agency management interfaces, branch offices and more. You can also coordinate crosschannel activities to promote synergy and minimise conflicts. All within a single integrated system! SystemA’s Insurance Commissions Management offers comprehensive functionality for planning sales activities, promoting new business, and adapting your business in response to changing market conditions. It allows you to create commission structures to map local or regional changes, or to introduce new products. You can also configure special commission structures for supporting sales groups such as broker consultants, recruiters etc. Role- and activity-based security provides excellent controls for managing user access, with a full audit trail of activities performed. While improved data quality and reporting capabilities lower the cost of maintenance and reduce your total cost of ownership.


SystemA’s Claim Management enables you to automate and manage the entire claims process - from first notification of loss and the capture of claims data to EFT claim payments and financial reporting. You have the functionally you need to maximise cash flow, optimise reserves, and ensure the efficient processing that results in lower operational and claims costs. With SystemA’s Claims Management, you gain visibility into the information you need for strategic and tactical decision-making and for reporting to regulatory bodies, analysts, and other external stakeholders. Advanced analytics and workflow processing enable you to proactively reduce fraud by identifying suspect claims and routing them to your special investigative unit. We can even customise SystemA allowing you to link to industry services dedicated to identifying fraudulent claims. SystemA’s Claims Management provides employees with multiple points of access to the claims system. It even supports the integration of third parties such as appraisers and service providers. So you can leverage your internal and external resources to minimise claims costs, accelerate the processing cycle, and optimise customer service.

Premium Collection and Disbursements

Reinsurance Management

SystemA enables you to manage premium billing and receipting. All policy endorsements resulting in a “premium movement” are recorded at the insured item level across all classes of insurance. Traditional monthly statements and age analysis assist in managing large annual policies.

Reinsurance is an important part of your insurance business, with a potentially significant impact on your financials. Effective management of reinsurance is key to your competitive advantage and profitable growth.

SystemA supports all the major third party premium collectors. Full financial accounting ensures all monies collected are correctly disbursed. With SystemA’s Premium Collections and Disbursements, you have closer control of all areas related to financials. Executive decision making is supported via real-time analysis allowing you to reduce leakage, improve controls, and centrally manage and improve cash flow. SystemA supports broker, agent and sub-agent commission structures. In addition branches, recruiters, broker consultants and appointee assignments allow you to measure these critical aspects of your business.

SystemA’s Reinsurance gives you the functionality you need to manage all aspects of reinsurance. The application provides endto-end reinsurance processing, from ceding to recovery for both treaties and facultative reinsurance. That includes the ability to cede business internally to a central holding company, if desired, before ceding externally outside the organisation. SystemA’s Reinsurance covers facultative, facultative-obligatory, and obligatory treaty types such as quota share, surplus and excess of loss. Policy movements and their corresponding reinsurance premiums are tracked alongside treaty periods aligned to policy inception and underwriting years. Treaty management encompasses all data for controlling settlements. Reinsurance premium bordereaux can incorporate claims recoveries ensuring the nett reinsurance premium is paid over to the reinsurers. With SystemA’s Reinsurance, flexible condition management enables the definition of reinsurance conditions for the entire treaty, for components of the treaty, or for the share for each partner participating in the treaty.


Financial Management


When it comes to managing financial assets, insurers face numerous challenges: multiple disconnected systems, lack of data transparency, outmoded closing processes, and the need to comply with a growing number of statutory regulations.

SystemA’s Reporting component illustrates the true value of the system. With the ability to slice, dice and drill down the end-user has the ability to “explore” the vast data repository.

SystemA’s Financial Management provides a solution. This powerful application provides a keyless accounting structure and real-time access to data. So you can manage not only individual accounts and processes, but also your overall business structure and organisation. In the case of cell captives SystemA provides full functionality required to manage funds, determine inner excesses and report on approaching “burn” limits. SystemA’s Financial Management allows you to close books quickly and access the information you need for regulatory compliance and for strategic and tactical decision-making. All transactions are user-, date-, and time-stamped, giving your CFO, internal auditors, and other stakeholders a powerful tool for monitoring transactions and business flow. SystemA’s Financial Management enables you to perform sophisticated risk analysis, monitor and manage the performance of your portfolio.


Standard reports ( 130) shipped with all SystemA installations are available to all clients. Need a new report? No problem call your Tial support staff and they’re on it! Using Microsoft reporting services, designing custom reports is quick and simple. From creating dashboard and rich graphical reporting content (pie charts etc), premium and claims bordereaux, loss ratios, cresta zones, reinsurance premium bordereaux (nett of claims), claim triangulations, earned and unearned premiums, are all measured and reported on.

“SystemA’s Financial Management

enables you to perform sophisticated risk analysis, monitor and manage the performance of your portfolio.


The Executive Team

Chairman, Alan Hayward, who had previous experience at a company that supplied short-term insurance software, felt that a more streamlined product should be developed; he then wrote a solution called Adsure. After marketing and starting his own business, Alan subsequently partnered with Cliff Hutchison and Thomas Kieck, and together they formed Tial Technologies. Alan is most passionate about innovation within the industry and remaining at the cutting edge of technology. He looks forward to further Tial’s expansion into Africa and continues to ensure delivery of the insurance software solution.

Alan Hayward Chairman

Business Development Director, Thomas Kieck, is one of the founding members of Tial Technologies, he has a technical background with formal programming and IT qualifications to match. From having worked in insurance all his professional life, he saw a gap in the market and aspired to become an industry leader. Accompanied by his entrepreneurial spirit, intimate knowledge of all aspects of insurance and passion for IT solutions to business problems, Thomas started his own company which evolved into Tial Technologies in 1999. Thomas constantly looks for IT innovations to increase all of Tial’s partners’ efficiency within the insurance industry to improve customer and broker experience.

Thomas Kieck Business Development Director


The Executive Team

Managing Director, Tony Jacobsen, left the thriving metropolis of Richards Bay for the bright lights of Johannesburg in 1997, after spending his first 18 months in Johannesburg working for a small IT company whist studying Programming, he was employed by Tial Technologies as a junior programmer in October 1999. Having initially written the SystemA application with Thomas Kieck, he then got exposed to every aspect of the business, through training and support to report writing and database administration. As the company grew he advanced through middle management where he played an integral role in setting up internal structures and processes, thereafter moving into the role of Director of Operations which oversaw the day to day running of the company and ensured it stayed aligned with Industry changes and legislation. He has subsequently been appointed as Managing Director to free him up to focus on more strategic initiatives in this ever changing insurance software landscape.

Tony Jacobsen Managing Director Director of Operations, Gareth Whitlock, with a background in infrastructure and system engineering, joined Tial in 2002. He started at the bottom working closely with Tials clients implementing systems, supporting systems, building infrastructure including hardware, software, networking and end-to-end solutions for both Tial and its client base. Gareth has also been involved in database administration, reporting development, programming and has had many senior roles from supervisory to management until he was promoted to senior management. Gareth enjoys finding solutions, delivering projects, implementing processes and doing his part to make Tial Technologies the best insurance solution on the market.

Gareth Whitlock Director of Operations


“The biggest benefit is having

the instant onsite support and knowledge on-hand, guaranteeing that all issues be resolved in a timely manner.



Our Departments Development

Product Development

Tial’s development department is the core of the business; it is where innovative solutions and alternatives are created, along with the maintenance and vast majority of back-end functionality.

An essential part of the organisation is our Products department, they create standard and new insurer products, make changes and enhancements to existing insurer products as well as offer support.

Development addresses and finds issues by performing checks/ profiling/source execution against issues to obtain the exact nature and cause; once investigated and resolved locally, fixes are pushed to a test instance and sent to clients once passed.

New products can be designed and created to every client requirements and by making changes to existing products, clients are able to load policies onto the system and collect premiums.

Our dedicated efficient team of Silver Titans get many development projects and enhancements completed, the biggest of course is the back-office insurance solution.

Development Operations Our Development Operations department offers day-to-day support for code related errors, rating errors, mapping issues and small development tasks. Working closely with the Development and Transactions departments, they assist by running source and finding where in the code the error is coming from and correct it going forward in the newer versions. This highly skilled team of Avengers are problem solvers, specialising in system engineering in the Microsoft .Net framework.

These punctual and efficient Charlies Angels work closely with Crystal Reports, Transactions and Development; they have very specific insurance knowledge and excellent SQL skills.

Reports Management The Reports department deals with all standard reports/extracts for the Reinsurer, Insurer, Underwriting Manager and Broker. Customising the reports to specified requirements, we can successfully enable the client to extract their own reports by giving them the tools to run their own business at their convenience. They implement changes made by the developers and report back on any glitches that they have fixed, providing critical customer support. This Data Squad of deadline driven workaholics are meticulous and assist in any clients reporting queries.


Our Departments Crystal Reports

Project Managemet

The Crystal Reports department uses Crystal Reports to generate and create documentation from SQL data in order to present it to the client in a manner where it actually makes sense.

The Project Department runs with all projects between the organisation and clients, ensuring that the project is running smoothly and efficiently, and that all deadlines are met and feedback is given.

Their tasks involve maintaining and creating these reports and documents, making sure that the latest technologies within the scope of the system are in use. The documentation generated by the Crystal Reports department is the only representation of what the client at the end of the line sees. The Crystal Raccoons are motivated problem-solvers that listen to all advice and work with many other departments.

Transactions Our Transactions department creates renewals with predetermined rules for clients along with triggers which are used to automate manual correspondence. This department manages the most important part of our system, the financial section, from pro-rata raises to month-end completion. They work with all departments since they deal with system run time errors that need to be resolved and especially the Reports department as the bordereaux depends on financial integrity. This team of Tinkers are very competent and reliable, always offering general support for the system, internally and externally.


This department has a personal relationship with the client, they make sure all the clients’ requirements and expectations are understood and are met in a timely manner. These deadline-driven Road Runners are always on the road, meeting with clients and guarantee the seamless transition from one system to another is done without hassle.

Business Analyst Our specialised department of Business Analysts contribute towards the operation of the company as a whole by improving the efficiency of the development cycle and ensure that the developed solutions meet the clients needs and expectations. This departments’ roles and responsibilities can only be executed by working closely with all internal departments as well as with our clients, they bridge the communication gap between business and IT. This team of Dynamic Dudes have a very dynamic approach in designing our solution specifications so as to ensure that the solutions which are specified are feasible to our clients.

Our Departments Process and Change Control Management

Reinsurance Management

Another specialised department within the organisation is our Process and Change Control department, who identify, analyse and improve business processes within the organisation.

A big part of our system is our Reinsurance Management, specialising and configuring all treaty arrangements as well as the development on SystemA for new requirements.

This departments’ functions integrate and support the functionality of SystemA by increasing the awareness and understanding of proposed changes across the organisation.

With this department we can take part in the market of insurers using SystemA, even UMA’s can do their treaty/RI/FAC on the system.

The greatest benefit is having a centralised custodian continually looking at improving business process efficiencies with the support of all departments. Our team of Transformers are transforming Tial, one department at a time, from the inside-out!

The Reinsurance department works closely with the Products, Transactions and Reports departments. Our team of The Incredibles are structured, focused, supportive and reliable when it comes to Reinsurance matters.

Infrastructure As the backbone of Tial, our IT department ensures the smooth operation of all the systems running in the background that most people aren’t even aware of, they are always willing to go the extra mile for our clients and handle all the SystemA deployments and upgrades. The biggest benefit is having the instant onsite support and knowledge on-hand, guaranteeing that all issues are resolved in a timely manner. Rest assured that with our dedicated team of extreme Bob the Builder technicians, you are in good hands!


Our Departments Training

Account Management

The brains of our organisation is our Training department, educating our clients and internal departments to ensure knowledge and communication of new and altered functionality of the system.

As part of our support, each client is assigned an Account Manager who deals directly with the client, they then work with the necessary department within the organisation to make sure your requests are all being attended to.

We keep our clients and staff up-to-date with the latest technology developments and changes within the insurance industry that affects the system by providing training through the implementation of programmes and materials.

The main purpose of this department is having a main point of contact to assist our clients with all service and support related queries via email, telephonically and CRS.

Anyone seeking to obtain a faisit insurance accreditation can enroll to do several courses through Tial Training.

Our energetic and social team of Care Bears love dealing with people and are on stand-by to be the problem-solvers you need!

This A Team is prepared and are experts in their field, ensuring that whoever needs to know SystemA always gets an A.

Human Resources and Administration

Marketing The helping hand that assists our organisation as a whole is none other than our Marketing department who handle all Marketing related matters as well as Public Relations in-house. Promoting our brand awareness and getting our name out-there, we are now recognised in the industry as a leader and innovator throughout Africa. This perfectionist team of Dependables work in the background with all suppliers and publishers making sure you get top quality, accurate information and enjoy all Tial associated events.


At the heart of our organisation is our Human Resources and Administration team, primarily focusing on general Administration, Finances and Human Resources. By maintaining the company culture and morale through Employee Development, Training and Performance Management, they look after all of our staff. This team of Miracle Workers work closely with all the other departments as well as playing a role behind the scenes for the submission of month-end data for clients.

“At the heart of our

organisation is our Human Resources and Administration team.


Giving your customers the value they deserve! With Tial’s SystemA, you can integrate your entire enterprise and; at the same time, offer customers competitive, cost-cutting packages, getting the edge necessary in today’s razor-thin markets. You can also adapt successfully to electronic markets by evolving into a service-oriented architecture that gives customers what they want, when they want it. As your needs change, we will be happy to help you evaluate those needs and offer you the services that will help you achieve your new business goals. We look forward to working with you and thank you for choosing Tial Technologies.

Phone: +27 (0)11 807 1030 • Email: 67 Wessel Road, Rivonia, Bentley Office Park, Block 4, Gauteng, 2128 20

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Tial Technologies (Pty) Ltd focuses on developing and delivering software solutions for the short-term insurance industry throughout the Afr...

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