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World Compilation The Training for Future Criminals Prof.Annina, Program Strategist StealingPrivacy Ph.D.Antonia, CreativeAnalyst OntheProblematic M.D.Andre, F.Tacticts Specialist DesigningFuture Sascha, National Group Executive HuntingViruses Dipl. Ing. Katharina HowtogetRich? Florian, Chief Facilitator ColourCrime Pharm.D.Tereza + prof. Ing.Antina HowtoStealCountries? Sandra, DynamicTactics analyst VirtualDead Aner, Future Response Manager BananaLand Elisa, Product Res. Supervisor. InformationCrime DLitt. Nils HowtobeaOtaku Max, Identity Coordinator HowtobeaSupervillain

Projektill Bauhaus 09.05. Day 01 2014. Strategy Congress

World Compilation The Training for Future Criminals

09.05. 2014.

Projektill Bauhaus Day 01 Strategy Congress

Prof. Annina, Program Strategist Ph.D. Antonia, Creative Analyst M.D. Andre, F.Tacticts Specialist Sascha, National Group Executive Dipl. Ing. Katharina Florian, Chief Facilitator Pharm.D.Tereza + prof. Ing. Antina Sandra, DynamicTactics analyst Aner, Future Response Manager Elisa, Product Res. Supervisor DLitt. Nils Max, Identity Coordinator

Strategy Congress



World Compilation

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Google Glass & Privacy On the Problematic Designing Future Hunting Viruses How to get Rich? Colour Crime How to Steal Countries? Virtual Dead Banana Land Information Crime How to be a Otaku How to be a Supervillain

Stealing Privacy

Prof.Annina, Program Strategist

On the Problematic

Ph.D. Antonia, Creative Analyst


Designing Future

M.D.Andre, F.Tacticts Specialist

Hunting & DesigningViruses

Sascha, National Group Executive


How to get Rich?

Dipl. Ing. Katharina

Colour Crime

Florian, Chief Facilitator


How to Steal Countries

Pharm.D. Tereza + prof. Ing. Antina

Banana Land

Aner, Future Response Manager


Information Crime

Elisa, Product Res. Supervisor

How to be Otaku

DLitt. Nils


How to be a Supervillain

Max, Identity Coordinator

Virtual Dead

Sandra, Dynamic Tactics analyst


The Rodina

World Compilation Strategy Congress  

World Compilation Strategy Congress The Training for Future Criminals Projektill Bauhaus 09.05.2014 Day 01

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