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Fashion dolls are


durable & discarded

VancouverGirl is


made over & reusable

Girls want new Girls want glamour Girls want local »» positive making experiences empower girls to create »» girls connect to local identity and products »» glamour and newness is an essential element to attract consumers »» there is a enough local post consumer material to create an entire up cycled doll line

Doll Shop

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Where is the best place to buy dolls? Which store room do you like best? What is the best colour for a doll store? Which walls are best in a doll store? What label do you think is on the best toy? What is the best outfit for a doll store employee? Which is the best way to show parts used to fix a doll? Which of these is the best green word? How old is the best doll to play with? Which doll would you rather have? Which doll house do you like best? Which brand do you like best?


Brand makes sustainability desirable »» We will create a joyful experience between parents and daughters »» We believe in positive change through creativity »» We will make glamour guilt-free »» We will make waste valuable by reviving toys with imagination »» We will tell new stories with old dolls

Dolls are saved from disposal to be used again and again ric yuenn local fashion designer

west cordova dream local fashion store


a urr


VGirl spa salvation army granvillle island west 4th

cycle legend granville


intial purchase of factory new doll disposal of doll

home toys r us

finished vancouver girls


upcycled flow of raw material


Cradle to Cradle toys »» local production »» made from waste stream materials »» guilt-free glamour

Target Audience

Fashion Doll Consumers »» buys many types of fashion dolls »» likes to buy gifts »» casual interest in sustainabilty

Dolls are transformed from garbage to glamour





»» doll are collected from waste facilities and thrift stores

»» dolls are cleaned and sanitized to prepare for resale

»» doll fashions are made by volunteers from fashion indsutry scraps

»» dolls are packaged and sold as new in retail outlets


Makeover experience »» guided craft session »» bring your own doll »» making as play

Target Audience

Makers and activists »» most open to sustainable products »» want hands-on experience »» joint experience between parent and child

Girls learn to fabricate fabulous fashions!





»» girl brings her own doll to the store for a makeover

»» doll’s har is washed and body is cleaned and painted

»» clothes are made for the doll with help from Vgirl stylist

»» dolls are packaged to take home with girl’s signature


Designer product »» aspirational line used to inspire »» unique designs »» irreplaceable

Target Audience

Vancouver Fashionistas »» local fashion fans »» least likely to engage with sustainable message »» collectors

Designer dolls are the ultimate elevation of garbage





»» cleaned dolls are delivered to local fashion designers

»» unique designs are created that reflect designer’s own lines

»» dolls are displayed in high fashion locations to promote brand

»» dolls are auctioned off to raise money for charity

Vancouver Girl - 3rd Year Toy Challenge  

3rd Year Industrial Design challenge presentation by the Vancouver Girl team - James Hallam, Jacqueline Quenneville and Janice Wu

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