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Students have challenges remembering their school assignments. To address this, we have created a reusable memo board. The memo board is located in the most prominent part of the bag, which can be easily viewed.

Research into different Interaction with hand held forms.

Our team created mood boards in order to get a better understanding of our target demographic.

Research An investigation of the artifacts our co-creators had hidden in their desks.

Co-Creation Kit

A disposable camera to take pictures of them and their surrounding and to document the process. of the working through the co-creation kit.

The co-creation kit consisted out of 5 activities with the goal to get to know the out co-creators and to learn about their needs. We also included a Video and a blank co-creation kit so they could create a kit for us. Our intention was to use this kit to break the ice on our first visit to Kenneth-Gordon Maplewood school.

Fabric swatches and magnets to create avatars and abstract patterns. Flashcards to identify their intrests and brand loyalty.

The final exercise was a audio file where we encouraged our design partners to draw their emotions which were getting triggered by the audio stimulation.

Prototyping In our prototyping we focused on the functionality of the bag , ways of creating a pattern that will allow a more sustainable transportation from the manufacturer to the retailer and to meet the needs of teenagers ergonomically and fashionably. To be cool and to use cool products is a major part in the daily life.

Our final prototype is a portable workstation. It has three “modes” which accommodate various needs in a given context. The first (left) mode is backpack, which functions as a tradition pack. The second is quick view mode, which offers the user a glance of their up coming schedule and to-do’s. The final mode is a flat working surface, suitable for everything from the school desk to the kitchen table.

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Our team created mood boards in order to get a better understanding of our target demographic. Research into different Interaction with hand...

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