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Partner: GRAND and LOCAL WISDOM research networks Place: British Columbia, Canada Themes: Clothing, Sustainability, Technologies

cloTHING(s) as conversation provoking discussions about persistent habits of making, distribution and exchange connected to the garments we wear.


What is is about the cloTHING(s) we wear and their link to the way we connect? Can we reframe the understanding of clothing from a unidirectional entity (the fashion statement) to one of multidirectional interchanges and dialogue . . .


Moving towards a conversational model - 13 conversations about clothing and conversation in Vancouver coffee shops.

+++= ?

Systematically exploring zero waste cutting and a clothing derivatives based on the “ + “ sign .


Moving 1/8 scale models to full scale realrole life context Insert from here a short caption explaining the and design what is 200 the insight to be found in wearing what we have (max characters) redesigned ?


Tapping into craft and legacy based expertise to drive, inspire and question the implications and use of the digital technologies.


rethinking the ways we connect and the role of clothing plays in our everyday life looking to explore and propose: alternate means of thinking about the role of clothing (from statement to conversation) alternate means of communication alternate means of production and use

cloTHING(s) as conversation  

Research project lead: Hélène Day Fraser