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Welcome induction guide


Welcome to NHS Leeds South and East CCG Dear colleague, Congratulations on your recent appointment. It is with great pleasure we welcome you to NHS Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). NHS Leeds South and East CCG became a statutory public body on the 01 April 2013, and consists of 43 local GP practices, supporting a population of 257,000 across the South and East Leeds area. An innovative organisation, challenged with tackling local health inequalities, we remain passionate in our belief of ensuring and delivering local health services that meet the needs of our local people. In order to overcome the challenges we will face as one organisation, we recognise the need to employ the very best staff with the necessary expertise and the genuine energy and commitment required to create an information sharing and supportive CCG that works in collaboration with its partners. Your induction guide has been developed to provide you with an overview of the organisation, its structure and key policies that will help you get started in your new role, and will be a useful tool for you to refer to throughout your employment with NHS Leeds South and East CCG. We would encourage you to familiarise yourself with this document, and should you have any questions or require any further help, please do not hesitate to ask a colleague, your line manager, or a member of the senior team, including one of us, who will all be more than happy to help you. We look forward to working with you and wish you every success in your new role,

Dr Andy Harris Clinical Chief Officer


Philip Lewer Chair

NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

Contents Foreword




Section 1: Introduction


1.1 Getting started; a brief introduction to everything you need to know on your first day


Section 2: Understanding our vision and values


2.1 Our vision and values


2.2 Understanding the healthcare system


Section 3: Context


3.1 Your CCG


3.2 Our area


Section 4: NHS Leeds South and East CCG


4.1 Meet the team


4.2 Key contacts


Section 5: Top-tips for new recruits


Section 6: Be sustainable


Section 7: Induction checklist


Section 8: Policies and procedures


Section 1

Introduction Welcome to NHS Leeds South and East CCG. This section will help you get started on your first day.

1.1 Getting started

Our building Building access fob: To access the building at Thorpe Park you will require a fob that operates both the door into the reception area of the building, and the security door into the open-plan office area. You will be provided with a fob if your main base for work will be Thorpe Park. The fob will be your responsibility, and should you lose it, you will be charged for a replacement.

Car-park: The entrance to the car park at Thorpe Park is operated via a barrier. To open the barrier, type ‘2180’ into the keypad and make sure you press enter to activate. If you have been provided with a fob for the building, you can also use this to operate the barrier by touching the fob to the pad labelled with a ‘key’ symbol below the keypad. Please do not try to follow another car through the barrier. If you have guests meeting at Thorpe Park, they are able to contact a member of the Support Team via the intercom button on the keypad, who will in-turn open the barrier. There are limited spaces available for you to park, and please only use the spaces at the front right of the carpark as you look at the building.

Fire and evacuation procedure: Please follow this link for a labelled floor plan of the office site with all fire and emergency escapes signposted. The assembly point is in the car park. Please ensure that you familiarise yourself with the evacuation procedure for the building. The fire alarm will be routinely tested every Thursday morning.


NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

IT account: You will be issued with a NHS Leeds South and East CCG email address on your first day. Along with this, you will be given a login for the IT system at Thorpe Park. If you require any help along the way with setting up these accounts, or if you have any general IT issues, please contact the IT helpdesk on 0113 8433100 or

Human resources: The terms and conditions of your employment will be confirmed by the HR team, and they will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding this. For any general HR enquiries, please contact the HR team at or call them on 01274 237755. For specific queries on; maternity/paternity, health and safety, sickness and absence, and pensions, please visit the extranet.

First aid: There are a number of first aid trained colleagues on site to provide help for any accidents or injuries that may occur. Their details are displayed in the kitchen. The first aid box can be found in the kitchen, on top of the fridge.

Food and drink: Tea and coffee making facilities are available. If you do not bring your own lunch, there is a Greggs, Sainsburys and local cafe all within walking distance of the office. There is also a coffee van, and sandwich delivery service that visits the office every morning between 10.30am and 11.00am.

Pay: Staff will be paid on the 27th of each month. To ensure you are paid in full, please ensure you complete in full the bank details section of the SW1 form on your first day, and ensure any expense forms are completed and submitted to salary and wages.

Employee benefits: There are a number of benefits on offer to staff at NHS Leeds South and East CCG, from childcare vouchers, to the lease car scheme; flexible ways of working and an NHS pension. For more information on the benefits available to you, please see the extranet.

Induction checklist (including information governance): Please ensure that you read in full the information governance procedure, as well as the IT, internet and email policies, as well as other key documents relating to your induction. These can be found in Section 8 of this guide. Please ensure that you sign them accordingly, checking-off completed tasks on your induction checklist before handing the completed copies to your line manager for submission to HR.

Section 2

Understanding our vision and values Our role as a CCG is to ensure we commission the highest level of health services possible for our local population. We have worked with our member practices to develop a clear vision for the organisation, and a set of values that will drive the provision of healthcare for our population.

2.1 Our vision and values

Our vision: “To improve the health and wellbeing of our local population, reduce inequalities and commission high quality, safe, sustainable healthcare services for all.”

Our values: • Clinically led and professionally managed: Clinicians (GPs, nurses and other health professionals) will play a central role in leading our organisation, working alongside our staff and colleagues across Leeds. • Population health: We will use health promotion and prevention measures to help empower local people to achieve the best health and wellbeing. • Health equalities: We will be relentless in our efforts to reduce health inequalities across Leeds. • Safety: All providers we commission services from must demonstrate that patient safety is their key priority. • Quality: We will strive to continuously improve quality by promoting best practice and the use of evidence based guidelines. • Best use of public money: We will demonstrate strong patient, carer and public involvement, governance and accountability to ensure we are making the best use of public money. • Partnership working: We will work closely with other CCGs, the local authority, healthcare providers, local voluntary sector groups and other key stakeholders to ensure the best healthcare for all. • Transparency: We are committed to being as open as possible about the decisions we take, and the reasons behind them. • Innovation and improvement: We will explore new and better ways of developing and delivering health services, to continually improve care for local people.


NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

2.2 The health care system Understanding the role of NHS Leeds South and East CCG as part of the wider healthcare system will help you to gain a further understanding of the role the organisation has, and its relationships with other key statutory bodies and partners that make up the new healthcare system. The new system is designed to deliver better health, better care and better value for money. Changes will be led by doctors, nurses and other health and care professionals, working with local authorities and local service providers, in response to the needs of patients and the people using care services within their communities. The new system will also focus on empowering local communities to plan better services according to their local priorities. It will allow patients to have more say in the healthcare that they receive, allowing doctors and nurses more freedom in shaping services to meet the healthcare needs of their patient’s.

For more up to date information on the NHS healthcare system, please visit the Department of Health’s ‘Guide to the Healthcare System in England’ following this link.

Section 3

Context 3.1 Your CCG

NHS Leeds South and East CCG is made up of 43 local GP member practices across the South and East Leeds area, responsible for helping to plan and commission healthcare services in Leeds. The CCG, formerly known as Leodis Healthcare LLP, a Practice Based Commissioning (PBC) consortia, has always aimed to help reduce health inequalities for its population.

257,000 people live in the Leeds South and East CCG area which covers the following local council wards: • • • • •

Beeston and Holbeck Burmantofts and Richmond Hill City and Hunslet Cross Gates and Whinmoor Garforth and Swillington

• • • • •

Gipton and Harehills Kippax and Methley Middleton Park Rothwell Temple Newsam

The area covers some of Leeds’s most hard pressed communities, from inner city neighbourhoods to the more affluent rural areas on the outskirts of the city. Over 20% of our population are from ethnic minority communities, with a greater proportion of people within the CCG locality living in deprived communities. There are more people living in this area of Leeds with existing healthcare problems than the Leeds average. This means that in affluent areas of Leeds South and East, people can expect to live on average 10 years longer than in the some of the more deprived areas.

The 43 GP member practices in our CCG are as follows: • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Conway Medical Centre East Park Medical Centre Bellbrooke Surgery Shaftesbury Medical Centre Ashton View Medical Centre The Garden Surgery Srivastava Lincoln Green Harehills Corner Roundhay Road Surgery Shakespeare Community York Road Surgery York Street Health Practice Lingwell Croft Surgery Leeds City Medical Centre

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Arthington Medcial Centre The Whitfield Practice Beeston Village Hunslet Health Centre Oakley Medical Practice City View Medical Practice Shafton Lane Surgery Middleton Park Surgery Church Street Surgery Cottingley Community Centre Lofthouse Surgery New Cross Surgery Oulton Medical Centre Gibson Lane Practice Garforth Medical Centre

NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

• • • • • • • • • • • • •

Colton Mill Medical Centre Austhorpe View Ashfield Medical Centre Kippax Hall Surgery Manston Surgery Moorfield House Surgery Nova Scotia Medical Centre Whinmoor Surgery Windmill Health Centre Radshan Medical Centre Swillington Surgery Rookwood Avenue Park Edge Practice

3.2 Our area The city of Leeds is split up into 3 CCGs; NHS Leeds South and East CCG, NHS Leeds North CCG and NHS Leeds West CCG.

Lead commissioning areas for each CCG: • Leeds South and East: Community and Continuing Care, Safeguarding Children’s and Families, and Integrated Health and Social Care. • Leeds North: Mental Health, Learning Disabilities and Urgent Care. • Leeds West: Planned Care and Acute Urgent Care.

NHS Leeds North CCG covers the north of the city, with practices also based in the north-east and north-west areas. There are 32 GP member practices in this CCG locality that supports a practice population of 192,000 people. The wards they support are: • Adel and Wharfedale • Alwoodley • Chapel Allerton • Harewood • Killingbeck and Seacroft • Moortown • Otley and Yeadon • Roundhay • Wetherby

NHS Leeds West CCG is the largest in terms of population of the three CCGs that support Leeds, and covers the west of the city. There are 38 GP member practices in this CCG locality that supports a practice population of 355,000 people. The wards they support are: • Ardsley and Robin Hood • Armley • Bramley and Stanningley • Calverley and Farsley • Farnley and Wortley • Guiseley and Rawdon • Headingley • Hyde Park and Woodhouse • Kirkstall • Morley North • Morley South • Otley and Yeadon • Pudsey • Horsforth

Section 4

NHS Leeds South and East CCG 4.1 Meet the team The following teams listed below make-up the structure of NHS Leeds South and East CCG. The teams compromise of teams specific to NHS Leeds South and East CCG, and the collaborative city-wide posts. All structures and team summaries are correct as of May 2013 and are subject to change. For updates please see the extranet.

NHS Leeds South and East CCG teams: • • • • • • •

Chair Corporate Business and Improvement Executive Support Team Executive Team Finance (Corporate) Locality Team and Practice Nurse Medicines Management (NHS Leeds South and East area) • Public Health

City-wide, collaborative teams: • Children’s and Families • Community and Continuing Care Commissioning • Finance (Commissioning) • Governance • Informatics • Integrated Health and Social Care (IH&SC) • Quality • Medicines Management (city-wide) • Safeguarding

NHS West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw CSU: The NHS West and South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw Commissioning Support Unit (NHSWSYBCSU) is working in partnership with NHS Leeds South and East CCG in providing commissioning support in a number of different areas. To find out more about the CSU, please read here about who they are and what they do.

4.2 Key contacts Click on thumbnail to the left to download a full staff contact list.


NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

Section 5

Top-tips for new recruits Keep in the know:

Use the internet and extranet to stay on top of developments within the CCG and the Leeds South and East locality, and the internet to stay informed about the wider NHS, including the other two city CCGs and our collaborative ways of working.

Share it:

Share positive stories and experiences! Let the Corporate Executive Support team know your contact details so you’re included in key mail-outs. Spend time with colleagues to get a good understanding of roles and how you can work together.

Be organised:

Ask for help:

Do not hesitate to ask your manager or another team member for help. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

Goals and objectives:

Your line manager will work with you during your first few weeks and months to develop your objectives. We want everyone to understand the part they play in delivering the organisations aims and objectives.

Set personal deadlines:

Setting continuous personal deadlines will help you stay organised, motivated and on task during a piece of work or project.

Keep a separate file or folder saved in the shared drive for each project that you work in. It is then accessible to your team should you be away from the office. Review the progress of your work and projects on a regular basis, and keep your team and key stakeholders up to date on where you are with your work.

Organisational development:

Update your electronic calendar:

Acronyms and terminology:

Remember to update any appointments, annual leave and visits in your electronic Outlook calendar so other members of the team can see where you are, if you’re available or not and when you will be back in the office. make sure your calendar settings are amended so that everyone can see your calendar. If you’re unsure how to do this, ask a member of your team or give IT a call.

Be innovative and proactive:

Share new ways of working and any ideas with your team and the wider office. Don’t be afraid and wait for people to come to you; make a difference! New starters can have an outside perspective on already established projects that your team may not have thought of or even considered.

If there are any key projects or areas of work you are interested in and would like to be more involved with, speak-up and ask your line manager. We want to be known as a proactive organisation, and we are committed to developing staff. You might find some terms along the way that you don’t understand. The NHS Confederation have developed a glossary of terms that should explain any that you don’t understand.

Section 6

Be sustainable As a new NHS organisation, NHS Leeds South and East CCG has a real opportunity to impact and improve on the NHS’s Environmental Performance and Sustainability Plan. Sustainability expectations are high, and it is important that NHS Leeds South and East CCG employees work together in becoming a sustainable organisation, and lead the way for other CCGs and NHS organisations to follow. Upon authorisation, the Governing Body of NHS Leeds South and East CCG made a commitment to promote environmental and social sustainability within the organisation. It is important that as a new member of staff, that you support the Governing Body and the rest of the team in meeting the organisations sustainability objectives.

You can help NHS Leeds South and East CCG meet some of its basic sustainability objectives by incorporating the following into your everyday work culture: • Improve waste management; there are two bins in the kitchen area, one for general waste and one for recycling. Make sure you understand what waste should be disposed of and in which bin. • If you think the office is looking quite bright, turn off the lights! We are lucky that our walls are largely comprised by windows that are a great source of natural light. • Use the blinds effectively. When it gets too hot in the summer months, use the blinds to reflect the light and reduce solar heat. • Save paper! If you don’t need to, then don’t print it. • At the end of the day make sure you turn your computer off, especially your PC screens. • Reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible. Use public transport if you can, or take advantage of the Leeds City park and ride, and their bike to work schemes. You could even set up a mini car share scheme within your team and the wider-office. • Engage with colleagues in partner organisations in achieving our sustainability targets. • Make yourself familiar with the organisations Sustainable Management Development Plan and Communications Strategy. • Engage with your colleagues in supporting the sustainability agenda, helping to embed it within our organisation and its culture. As you can see, there are lots of ways you can help to reduce our carbon footprint. For more information and ideas on traveling to work sustainably, please see the Thorpe Park Parklife website for inspiration. If you have any ideas, or questions, on how we can reduce our carbon footprint and improve sustainable ways of working, please do not hesitate to contact Nerys Blake or Victoria Wester in the Corporate Business and Improvement Team. They are working closely alongside CO2Sense on behalf of the CCG in achieving its sustainable objectives as set out by the NHS Sustainable Development Units (SDU) strategy.


NHS Leeds South and East CCG - Welcome Induction Guide

Section 7

Induction checklist Now that you have read and signed the induction documents, please follow the link below to the induction checklist to complete as part of your induction to NHS Leeds South and East CCG. Please go through the checklist thoroughly, ensuring you have read and understood all of the information, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your line manager.

Induction Checklist

Section 8

Policies and procedures Now you have had a chance to familiarise yourself with the organisation, it is important that you keep a record of all the forms and policies you have signed. You now need to complete the following forms as part of your induction.

Notification of appointment form

New user set-up form

Email policy

Internet policy

There are a few more policies that you need to make yourself aware of in the first few weeks of your new job, including policies on annual leave and flexible working. These policies can be found on the extranet.

‘Out of office working’

Contact us Address: NHS Leeds South and East CCG 2180 Century Way Thorpe Park Leeds LS15 8ZB Tel: 0113 843 1600 Email: Website: Facebook: Twitter: @NHSLeedsSE

For any updates or ammendments please contact Vicky Wester at or call 0113 843 1653.

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Leeds South and East Clinical Commissioning Group Welcome induction guide 2013.