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MY WORLD Exhibit NCTA Industry Exhibit at THE CABLE SHOW 2010

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With the challenge clearly laid out, and with the added challenge of doing more for less and doing better than just the year before, the team met in NCTA's DC offices for an all day design charette. And advance briefing had laid the germ of the idea - Create a HOLLYWOOD BACK LOT and MY WORLD Cable Studio to serve as the showcase in 2010. It combined all the excitement of CABLE TV; Hollywood movies; Emmy Winning new shows and put it in a format that allowed the creation of a variety of homes, offices, schools, apartments, hotels, and parks any location where cable can reach the consumer.

P11: Misc_select

Event Concept What creative solution can be found to put a cohesive look and feel to an exhibit that features over 100 real time technical demonstrations of next generation technology and services offered up by the cable industry in every corner of the United States? That is challenge put to THE FREEMAN COMPANIES by the National Cable Television Association. With a schedule and design scope that would challenge any design department, the Account team turned to the Freeman internal creative group and asked "where would you go - out there to find someone to design something we can plan, visualize, draw, build and install in less than 4 months? Design Contact.



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Event Experience Map All these design influences were then organized into a floor layout that helped support the NCTA message that Cable was no longer tethered to the set top box in the living room or den - that it could be found anywhere and everywhere a cable could be laid, or a wi-fi or wi-MAX signal could reach. The flow was laid out to start with the "control room" and revolve around the single family home, the traditional core of the customer base.


Multiple Living rooms had to be created to

P1: Groundplan

showcase the many offerings of regional suppliers; even a kitchen figured into the equation. So too did a movie theater to talk about the advent of 3D in the home, a park for train station and a park for the mobility story, and a hotel sports bar and spa to showcase out of home solutions.

Event Concept Design influence came from all aspects of the concepts foundation and constituencies. The design research team dug out hundreds of reference visuals from back lots, studios, and movie sets as well as real life locations from parks, theaters, hotels, sports bars, game rooms and even a health spa. These locations where then fitted into the plan. The movie studio conceit provided flexibility in location and also allowed for builidng the exhibt as "sets' helping to control build costs as well.



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P2: Birdseye

Birds Eye View It all came together in this ground plan - a sweeping overhead view of the 27,000 square foot installation. The map shown here was incorporated into a smart phone based interactive program that helped guide visitors through 2 dozen lcoations with over 100 product demonstrations. Using the concrete floors of the LACC back lot streets and even Hollywood Blvd's Walk of Fame were part of the scene.

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P11: Misc_select

My World Studios Control Room The front door of the exhibit was a studio entrance that lead up to a deck overlooking the show floor. Stucco walls adorned with movie style posters drew in the crowds. From the studio deck visitors viewed a multi screen orientation presenation, looked at maps and had a great view of three key areas. The Single Family home, Hotel (both on following pages) and the Community Center, highlighted here, demonstrating the industry commitment to making broadband broadly accessible to all Americans.



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P12: Misc_main

In this reverse shot you can see the sweeping hand rail with way finding maps and some of the 12 video screens overhead. Below in the foreground are dozens of "Walk of Fame" stars featuring the names of the foremost regional and national cable stations. This location served as a jumping off point for studio tours and executive briefings.

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P9: House_select

The Single Family Home The centerpiece of the exhibit was the single family home. This fully appointed house featured a fully digital kitchen, living room, home office and boys bedroom - loaded with video games of course. Contemporary styling with some traditional overtones made the home warm and welcoming.

Note the thickness of the door way arches - all cables and power ran through fully accessible double walls carefully concealed with mouldings and other decorative details.



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P10: House_main

Part of the success of the program was giving each location a clear identity through its facade, while maintaining a strong sense of an inner life. The use of windows and doorways carefully placed to offer a glimpse of what was going on inside was a key part of the design approach. You will find this technique used in virtually every location in the exhibit.

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P7: Loft Townhouse_select

Loft And Townhouse To express the variety of residential markets cable reaches into, and the different ways these customer use cable, we elected to create an urban loft and a semi-urban town house setting to showcase services directed at these demographics. Again the facades helped set the scene, with a SoHo cast iron inspired loft building, and a brick faced condominium town home helping us define the demographics. Inside the appointments were more contemporary, rich and upscale to match the target customer.



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P8: Loft Townhouse_main

While staying carefully within the bounds of the "sound stage" conceit, we sought to capture the real life atmosphere of loft style living. The space featured weathered painted brick, oak beams and arched windows. There was even a mock second level duplex floor. Furnishings straight out of the West Elm catalogue set the tone for the room along with carfully placed accents. And yes- the TV image is a real HD picture.

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P15: Theater_select

The Mabel 3D Theater Cable began with retransmission and commercial free theatrical release movies - but has since gone on to create awarding winning television programming of all types. The MABEL theater was created to celebrate these award winning shows, and the inside was built as a full 7.1 surround sound 3D movie theater to demonstrate the future in entertainment.


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P16: Theater_main

This art Deco edifice (named for one of an early pair of Cable spokesmen, (Able and Mabel Cable) celebrated the past while looking to the future. This back lit edifice was visible throughout the MY WORLD studios and the booming base notes emanating from it only adding to the attraction.

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P13: Outdoor_select

Park And Cafe A big part of Cable's future is the ability to deliver customers content to them while on the move. Our solution to providing a framework for that story was to create a transit platform within a local park environment. Park benches, a train platform, bus stop and even a cafe all helped to establish the locale and make a compelling case for mobility. Every detail was tended to, including contemporary industry stories on the covers of the local newspapers.


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P14: Outdoor_main

Each of the areas of the MY WORLD exhibit flowed one into the other. Any visitor traversing main street had a chance to fully appreciate the breadth of cables offerings. The sound stage conceit helped maintain context as the visitor traveled from disparate location to location.

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P5: Hotel Spa_select

My Hotel Another big part of the out of home experience was told in the MY HOTEL and SPA locations. A fully appointed hotel room with cable powered internet, phones, television and even window shades helped tell the story of the complete cable solution for the hospitality industry. In the spa not only did cable entertain, but the system also allowed guests to track their performance on the equipment and record it for later use.


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P6: Hotel Spa_main

The hotel was created to cover many bases, and besides the hotel room overlooking the main street, a trip inside took us to a Concierge center for travel information, a self check in kiosk, and a fully equipped guest internet lounge. There was also an adjacent game room and sports bar. (seen on the next pages)

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P3: Bar_select

My Hotel, Lobby & Sports Bar A classic ESPN style club lay beyond this consumer internet access point. Of course, many types of relevant applications were demonstrated here, including the support of in room paid programming and on demand content. The atmosphere was completely different from either the residential space or the out of home park areas. This only reinforced the breadth of the cable franchise.


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P4: Bar_main

A classic ESPN style sports bar lay beyond the lobby and was the climax of the story. Walls of 3D televisions demonstrated the power of the medium in sports programing and several 3D equipment makers demonstrated their solutions. The atmosphere was pure excitiment with intense lighting, lots of screens, gleaming chrome and aluminum, with the familiar and comfortable leather booths making everyone feel right at home.

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Credit where credit is due. We were pleased to have been retained by THE FREEMAN COMPANIES to design this project with their team. Equally we were appreciative of the trust they put in us as we enjoyed a direct working relationship with their clients - NCTA and DOBSON & ASSOCIATES - allowing an open, productive and rewarding work process. We believe the results, illustrated in only a small part in this book, are a testament to the success of these relationships. CLIENT: NCTA - The National Cable Television Association Barbara York Senior Vice President, Industry Affairs Mark Bell Vice President, Industry Affairs CLIENT'S EVENT AGENCY: Dobson and Associates Our Clients - FREEMAN: Joyce Rosinski Mac Mackenzie Marion Miljevic John Dreyfuss FREEMAN FABRICATION - Grand Prairie Stuart Stapp - General manager The principal photography in this book is by Jim Douglass with additional photography by Mac Mackenzie.


Tony Castrigno – Senior Partner /CEO


John Moyik Jr. – Managing Partner – VP


The Design Contact Team for this project included many contributors:

115 W 27TH ST NEW YORK, NY 10001

Tony Castrigno Creative Director and Designer John Moyik Production Team Management Elke Schnitker - Designer and Design Manager Melissa Shakun - Designer and Drawings Manager Melinda Lee - Graphics and Rendering Krista Gall - Art Direction and Properties coordination Ben Krall - 3D Modeling, Rendering and Drawing

Jason Courson -3D Modeling, and Rendering Ryan Palmer -3D Modeling, and Rendering Timothy Overstreet -3D Modeling, and Rendering Moe Attia - Drafting Kimberly Parkin - Documentation Ramzi Khalil - Documentation


For further information about DESIGNCONTACT our services, and our sister company DC CONNECT, visit our web site at or contact:

John Moyik, Jr., Managing Partner | Vice President

Tony Castrigno, Senior Partner | CEO +1.212.924.3151 x 2942

or +1.212.924.3151 x 2944.

The images and photos are © THE FREEMAN COMPANIES. The content is © 2010 DESIGNCONTACT . They may not be reproduced or distributed, nor used to promote any services or offering other than that of Design Contact, Inc.


NCTA Industry Booth at CABLE 2010  

27,000 Square Foot environment established to demonstrate advances in Cable TV technologies and program offerings.

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