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Our Hood - NV

Welcome to our hood


by Rikke Schradieck

This is our part of town and we are proud of it. North west. This is the name of a Copenhagen district that has had a very changeable life over the years. Once it was the home of factories, auto services and other workshops, but when larger scale factories took over, this area was associated with a social downturn where the streets were dilapidated with ghostly old factories, small houses and worn out residential buildings in one strange confusion. In just 15 years this hood has experienced a great turn around. This unique neighborhood is now in high demand. The streets that once were the home of the hardworking men and women, then petty criminals, who found their way to this abandoned neighborhood so close to Copenhagen are now used by all kinds of people – from royalties to rookies and rockstars. Now, the factories are occupied by smart businesses, galleries, designers and cafes. But the history can still be felt and has given both the neighborhood and the architecture a touch of something special. The potency is great. The mix of the old industrial expressions and the potential new architectural gems create a Copenhagen pendulum for districts such as Soho in London and Tribeca in New York. There is no doubt about it, this is “The place to be”- and of course we are.



When coffeemaking becomes a superior craftmanship

“ We want good coffee to be for everyone, but if you only had really bad coffee your whole life the question is – do you then know good coffee. We are here to educate and enlighten you about coffee. You shall never get used to the bad taste.”

Enjoy a state-of-the art caffeine fix in this otherwise anonymous industrial building. Inside you find a café and a coffee roastery of the finest quality. The first thing that hits you is the amazing scent of freshly roasted coffee and when you see the large coffee roaster and a desk filled with coffeemaking machines of all sorts, you are not in doubt – this place is serious about their coffeemaking. The owners of the best coffeehouse in North West are the coffee connoisseurs Simon & Said. Their love for and knowledge about coffee is almost infinite. The two friends have each more that 20 years of experience roasting and grinding coffee. As Simon puts it, “It’s okay, you can call me a coffee nerd”.

“We have the will to do better and our goal is to live better, eat better and serving our coffee loving guests the best bean in town”

They have combined their passion with their professional life and the idea to open Kaffedepartementet in 2016 was the sincere feeling of doing something that makes sense to oneself. Their raison de être is to develop the culture around coffee from just being a current commodity to an experience of superior craftmanship. And they have succeeded.

“We want good coffee to be for everyone, but if you only had really bad coffee your whole life, the question is – do you then know good coffee. We are here to educate and enlighten you about coffee. You shall never get used to the bad taste.”


Always use freshly roasted beans Grind the beans yourself.

The water temperature should always be between 88-90c

Be aware of a dark roasts – it often covers a bad bean.

“Coffee, as we know it, has only been cultivated for about 100 years and the potential of the coffee bean has probably not even been revealed yet.” Simon points out.


A metropol for the food cultures of Nordvest This newly opened eatery is located almost next door to Design By Us. And the two companies are related as Tekno is owned by Rasmus Larssons’ son Sylvester Larsson and brother in law, Frederik Møller.

These two enthusiastic guys are living their dream and have opened a restaurant based on three very comprehensible principles: Local is Hero, Independency and Social dining “We want to support our local community – we buy our raw materials from local manufacturers. We do not want to be subject to large commercial companies, our identity is based on our independence and our suppliers are curated by us” Says Sylvester and Frederik continues ”We want to bring people together by challenging the way we use restaurants today.

That is also why we named our place “Eatery”. We want our customers to gather around a meal prepared by our great chefs – it is as simple as that.”

We will be serving specialities from our neighborhood. And since Nordvest is also the home of many different nationalities, we experience a great diversity in food and culture. This gives us countless opportunities to surprise and enlighten our guests about all the exciting things that are going on when all sorts of food cultures come together.

Our tips to experience authentic food & drinks in Nordvest

· Eco wine from Vinbonden – a local guy from North West, who makes his own wine in Bordeaux

· Turkish flatbread freshly baked in the near by Bazaar.

· Beer from a small gipsy brewery named Flying Couch

· Also try a good local shawarma.


Design by Us is located in the unpolished district of Copenhagen, Nordvest. As an entirely new initiative, the district is included in the great Danish design event ‘3daysofdesign’, which exhibits Danish design through a 3 days design celebration in Copenhagen. The new district will go by the name of ‘North West Side Stories’ where Design by Us will attend with a spectacular exhibition.

North West Side Stories (NWSS) is a creative and vibrant concept that ties the Nordvest district together with the rest of the design event ‘3daysofdesign’ and creates a unifying concept around the new, upcoming area. NWSS is established in close collaboration with 3daysofdesign. Behind the initiative are Malene Marie Møller and Camilla Høeg, owners of the visual content agency HØEG+MØLLER. With NWSS, Malene and Camilla will create a design event in the Nordvest that will seriously place the area on Copenhagen’s design map, and as a must see when the aesthetic senses must be challenged and inspiration must be found. NWSS combines local brands in the Nordvest with curated exhibitions with other design brands and craftsmen from all over Denmark. NWSS will offer beautiful, quirky and innovative exhibitions - small and large. Here, new relationships and possible collaborations will arise as HØEG+MØLLER unites brands across cultures, products and design expressions.

3daysofdesign and NWSS will take place from the 14th -16th of May 2020