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Everything I do,

I do from the heart.

Jagz Kaur


Jagz Kaur INTRODUCING THE DIRECTOR OF DESIGNBYJAGZ LTD. Jagz Kaur has been a professional designer since 2002 after graduating with a Design Studies degree. She continued with an MA in Design & Branding Strategy at Brunel University, Surrey, for which she attained a Distinction in 2004, whist at the same time working through the ranks at Prontaprint in Stratford. Thereafter, she went onto building and managing a design team within a new Prontaprint centre based in Barking. This has helped Jagz to increase her own skillset whilst managing a team of designers across two franchised print centres. As the sole brand manager of the entire Prontaprint brand, she managed the requirements for both centres, implementing design structures for her team to follow when dealing with the company’s design and print clients.

After 16 years of design for print experience and a highlevel management position with Prontaprint, she has now chosen to channel her skills and knowledge into working alongside those who want to create, develop and sustain their brands to a much higher level. Her expertise allows Jagz to be able to offer a service that very few designers can, in an ever-competitive market for “cheap” design. Jagz has a traditional value mindset when it comes to delivering quality over quantity and she is a strong believer that the price you pay should always reflect the quality you receive. Therefore, she prides herself on the extremely high level of professionalism she offers her clients; which is evidenced by the great portfolio of work completed together with the testimonials received for the high level of service and products she creates. Jagz is passionate about the projects she undertakes and is mindfully creative in the way she envisions her clients’ requirements for their business. With the years of experience, together with her level of education, she is always able to offer a first class, professional and longstanding relationship in everything that she puts her creative hand and mind to.




Just think, everything that you hold in your hand has been ‘designed’... that’s my job. designbyJagz®

Logo design

Grace‘ s

Lashes& beauty

Logo & marketing material

Corporate marketing material

Corporate social media

Logo design


Corporate & style guidelines yO u R l O g O


2 COlOuR VERsiOn

CORPORATE BRAnd & sTyling guidElinEs


hOw TO usE yOuR lOgO yOu musT AlwAys EnsuRE ThAT whEn sCAling yOuR lOgO in Any dOCumEnT, iT is AlwAys kEPT in PROPORTiOn TO iTsElf. in ORdER TO dO This, whEn EnlARging OR REduCing, yOu musT AlwAys hOld ThE shifT kEy And ThEn EnlARgE. wiThOuT This ACTiOn, ThE lOgO will sTRETCh OuT Of PROPORTiOn And will BE VisiBly inCORRECT.

yOuR BRAnd idEnTiTy inVERTEd 1 COlOuR VERsiOn






Promotions & stationery

EstablishEd catEring & EvEnt planing profEssionals,

spEcialising in innovativE asian & indo-fusion mEnus with a solE vision of dElivEring our cliEnts an unforgEttablE ExpEriEncE through outstanding customEr sErvicE.

red crown understands the demands of a hectic lifestyle and prides itself with creative, convenient and bespoke solutions which don’t compromise on quality. respecting religious & dietary requirements, our personalised approach and experience allows us to offer an unprecedented level of service throughout your event, making us one of the key markets leaders in the industry. Red CRown events 271 grEEn lanE ilford E18 1an t | 020 8599 4181 m | 07508 571 875


| T: 020 8599 4181 | E:



Corporate styling & illustration

Corporate branding & exhibition displays Design & production Map Illustration

Restaurant design Menus & Marketing material

Photography Styling

PHOTOSHOOT PRODUCT STYLING PROMOTIONAL PHOTOS how they should look to your customer...

I love creating your brand in ‘visual form’... lets photograph it. designbyJagz®

Internal & External Styling


I can help you create ‘something memorable’... let us brainstorm together. designbyJagz®

Logo design

Corporate signage 19

Looking after you & your family...

020 8594 2148

Corporate signage & styling

Corporate signage Flat cut letters

1680mm wide

020 8517 5557

1080mm wide

Independant BMW Specialists 1680mm wide

210 mm high



Built-up letters All in a shiny chrome finish

720mm high


640mm high

Interior styling

ÂŽ hearing is believing...

w w w. t he w is

The proof what she does works

“One day I woke up, and decided the best way to test my own skills at branding, was to design one of my own


and make it a ... so now to tell you the story.” Jagz Kaur designbyJagz®

The story behind the collection

There was only one thing that inspired Jagz to create this beautiful collection, and that was from the wonderfully fond and inspiring memories she had with her Mother as a young girl. Jagz Kaur

The story behind the angels...

The true inspiration behind the brand and its collection of meaningful words and gifts comes from a real Angel. Our story, is one based on love, strength & positivity which combine all the values of this collection and stem from the determination of a young lady, who lost her mum as a young girl, but who promised to keep her angels memory alive through everything that she achieved in her life, to ensure that she made her proud as she watched over from the clouds above. She is the real Wisdom Angel


Rajinder Panesar was a dialysis patient at Barts Hospital for some 11 years, following kidney failure at the age of 27. During these years, she made numerous trips to Barts with her little girl, who was only 2 at the time of her life-changing condition... She waited 10 years for a kidney donor match, and had a successful kidney transplant carried out through the Renal department at Barts, but sadly her happy new life was only to last for an extra 11 months following her transplant. Due to all the years of dialysis, her heart had been through so much, that she sadly passed away in her sleep, at the young age of 38 due to a heart attack, leaving behind, her then 13 year old daughter. Following her grief and the years that followed, her daughter believed she wanted to do something positive and memorable to create a legacy for her Mum, whom she knew to be one of the strongest, and most positive people she had ever known... being a graphic designer she hoped this was going to be something quite special, after some time of inspiration and creativity, in 2012 she designed her first Angel of what was soon to become an entire collection called “The Wisdom Angels...

Lets just say the rest is history and we would love for you to help spread the word of positivity with us in her honour and in turn we would like to give back to an amazing hospital who helped an Angel through her hardest times...

So she called the new collection

“The Wisdom Angels�,

stronger in mind, happier at heart and never to give up on themselves

in order to inspire everyone with the Wisdom to be

no matter how hard life may seem.

It all began with a simple

hand drawn

idea in a sketch book...

The drawing was then re-drawn

digital illustration to create

as a

the signature “Angel of Positivity�

a team of 4

creating ONE energy... see • hear • believe


l.. .

the b

ab y a n g

Which then evolved into a of angels, each signifying the emotions our heart feels, through the different journeys we face.


POSITIVITY | LOVE | STRENGTH & A BABY ANGEL TOO. hearing is believing...

all rights reserved 2018 ©designbyJagz

The Angel was then transformed into a creative and inspiring product range, which can now be purchased on-line. @The_Wisdom_Angels

Every part of these brands have been designed, packaged, promoted & photographed by Jagz

Gifts for Grown-Ups

Gifts for the young ones

Hand-made Hand-made

Every part of the promotional aspect has been designed by Jagz

Designed with passion, executed with love

The story behind the collection

This brand was designed by the “Fun� side of Jagz, to promote culture as well as style. Promoting all the words used within the Punjabi culture, in a positive and entertaining way. Jagz Kaur

No detail is too small

Jagz knows how to brand, trademark & patent. She offers service to help her clients protect the ideas they create and the names that hold their business up high. designbyJagzÂŽ


&Special Occasions



If you want it to be ‘something special’... then that’s exactly what I can do. designbyJagz®

Hand finished wedding invites

****** ****** ******

Bespoke wedding invites

Bespoke occasion invitations

Wedding accessory collections

She can design everything to compliment your special occasion

Wedding accessory collections

The wonderful things her clients said when she decided to expand...

The final count-down. Jagz says Farewell. Nelson Vieira | Rubi <> To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Cc:, Sam Panesar <>

22 October 2018 at 11:40

Hello good morning Jagz!! Sorry to hear you are leaving Prontaprint very soon!! I can only say ''thank you'' for being there every time I/Rubi needed and I really wish you the best in the world! I'm sure your new challenge will prove to be very successful and big things will happen in you professional life (let me extend this to your personal life as well!!) GOOD LUCK - BON CHANCE - BUONA FORTUNA - BUENA SUERTE - BOA SORTE >>>>>>>> Kind regards

Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

Vieira The finalNelson count-down. Jagz says Farewell. Warehouse Manager


Germans Boada Group Tel. 44 (0) 1708528250 Fax. 44 (0) 1708553813 <> 19 October 2018 at 12:08 To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>, Jagz Panesar <>, Jaspal Singh <>, Sam Panesar <> Hi Jagz, [Quoted text hidden]

It was a pleasure dealing with you over the years.

7 attachments

image004.gif 3K

Iimage005.gif really wish you will on your new adventure and hope to do business with you again sometime soon. 2K

All the best. image001.gif 4K

Regards image006.gif 2K

James Cox image007.gif 3K

Service Manager image011.jpg 3K

Leisure Innovations Ltd Mob: 07546 275 602 image010.png

4K Visit us @

The final Count-down... Jagz officially says "Farewell". Tony Middleton <> To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

16 October 2018 at 11:00

Hey Jagz!!

Congrats on following your dream! It will be hard but much more worthwhile~~

Hope all is well x

Kind Regards Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

Tony Middleton Business and Senior Account Manager The finalDevelopment count-down. Jagz says Farewell. A.B.V Southeast Ltd <> 16 October 2018 at 10:53 To: | Prontaprint Barking <> T:Jagz 0203Panesar 856 9802 M: 07539 461734 Good morning I just wanted to wish you well in your new project, I have dealt with you for many years and have always been able E: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint to throw ideas at you and have had them fullfilled to the highest standard Barking <> Once again I wish you all the best and hope you have a long and successful career. Kind Regards, kellyfinal count-down. Jagz says Farewell. The A.B.V Southeast Ltd Talvinder Bhogal <> To:01375 Jagz 844713 PanesarOffice | Prontaprint Barking <>

16 October 2018 at 13:28

07738 922035 Kelly


Many congrats on continuing to move forward and progress!

Making the compliance process easier, more cost-effective and reliable [Quoted text hidden] Wishing you all the very best of luck and success T

! Please consider the environment before printing out this email.


TALVINDER BHOGAL This email and any attachments are sent in confidence and are not intended to be read by any person other than an intended recipient. The recipient is responsible for conducting the appropriate virus checks

Kallah, Balvinder <> To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

23 October 2018 at 10:50

Good morning Jagz,

Thank you so much for your kind message regarding the changes at Prontaprint.

Wow, 16 years at Prontaprint is a long time and agree change is a good thing. It has indeed been a pleasure working with you Jagz and would like to thank you for your swift-assistance always and cooperation during the last 11 years. Although you will be missed, I wish the very best for your dream job and am confident that you will do exceptionally well in the future. Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

I look forward to working with Laura.

The final count-down. Jagz says Farewell. Mikkin Patel <> 1 November 2018 at 17:38 Please keep in touch. To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>


With best regards

The final Jagz officially says Good luckCount-down... for what the future holds for you. Im sure"Farewell". you will do great things. Balvinder Take careKallah and all the best. <> 17 October 2018 at 15:23 - -Jagz - - Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>, Jagz Panesar <>, To: Hapag-Lloyd (UK) Ltd Mikkin Jaspal Singh <>, Sam Panesar <> Central Management Hapag-Lloyd House, 48a Cambridge Road Barking, Hi Jagz Essex IG11 8HH Great Britain Phone: (0)20 8507 4003 From: +44 Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Fax: +44 8507 4190 Sent: 16(0)20 October 2018 10:03 WhatJagz fantastic news,| wishing you all the bestJagz in your new venture from us allSam here Panesar at LIL. Can I take this To: Panesar Prontaprint Barking; Panesar; Jaspal Singh; opportunity to thank you for all your help over the past years.

Subject: The ďŹ nal count-down. Jagz says Farewell. [Quoted text hidden]

All the best and good luck Virus-free.

From: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Best wishes Sent: 16 October 2018 10:03 To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>; Jagz Panesar

The final Count-down... Jagz officially says "Farewell". Dj Tallest <> To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <>

16 October 2018 at 11:04

Awhttp://wwww..... change is good in fact very good but we are gonna miss you... Now nobody to help me with my templates...... Are we having a party or not???? Me and Dal like to drink lol. Goodluck with your new move and God bless. Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Best regards Uncle Tallest The final count-down. Jagz says Farewell. <> To: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone

16 October 2018 at 10:08

Wow Jagz that's fabulous news and exciting times for you !!

Panesar | Prontaprint Barking <> Onsure Tuesday, October 16, 2018, 10:58Jagz am,design Jagzdream Panesar Prontaprint Barking I'm you will be very successful in pursuing your and I |wish you the very best of luck

<> wrote:


Good Morning

The Chrisfinal Count-down... Jagz officially says "Farewell".

SBS Eclipse Limitedthis now reaches everyone in my address book, as things are getting busy here in the I am hoping Tel:Norden 0207 517 5557 Bob <> Octoberalong 2018 at 11:05 office and I wouldn't want to miss anyone out, so please excuse me if this has been 16 duplicated

To: Jagz Panesar the way. | Prontaprint Barking <>

I amOriginal writingMessage to let you----know that after 16 years of working within the Prontaprint team, I will be -----

Good From: luck in your new of business leaving the offices Prontaprint Barking at the end of October 2018. This is so that I can pursue my dream of creating and developing my own Design & Branding consultancy. I wanted to thank you for "Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking" <>

Regards Norden your bob business and loyalty to myself with all the great projects you have brought my way since I have To: been with the company, being based in both the Stratford and Barking offices. "Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking" <>, "Jagz Panesar" w.e.deane <>, "Jaspal Singh" <>, Panesar"is good for It is with a heavy heart that I say goodbye, but with a positive mind that I "Sam say "change <> the soul". Pastures new await me and I am only ever a "google search" away, my contact number Cc: going forward is 07930 914 514 for the larger corporate design projects you may have in the future.

From: Jagz Panesar | Prontaprint Barking [] Sent: Sent: 16 October 2018 10:59 Please be aware that all existing Prontaprint jobs (predominantly the repeat orders for print) will Tue, 16 Oct 2018 10:03:15 +0100 need to be re-directed to my Barking father Sominder on his email sales@prontaprintbarking .com as this To: Jagz Panesar |years Prontaprint <>; Jagz Panesar Subject: Over the last 16 of her career she is2018. honoured to have worked alongside some email willcount-down. not be functional after 31Singh October <>; Jaspal <>; Sam Panesar The final Jagz says Farewell. very big corporations and such lovely clients. The wishes she received were a beautiful [Quoted text hidden] <> We have now recruited 2 new members of staff, and Laura Mills will be looking after the repeat Subject: The to ďŹ nal Jagz ofďŹ cially says "Farewell". compliment herCount-down... years of dedication to her clients, which will continues to grow from orders that would usually be directed to me. She's a lovely girl, so please be nice to her, and do not

my shoes are too big for her to fill, I have spent time training her myself and have here onallow in.her toE |feel full faith in her capabilities in looking after your print requirements in my absence. :0)

Good Morning Going forward from this point, all of the large, main marketing and branding design projects will be filtered [Quoted text hidden]to myself through designbyJagz Ltd, which is how we have decided to separate my work going forward. The change has been welcomed by my father Sominder and my Uncle Jaspal, whom [Quoted text hidden] I began my journey with at the beginning of my career back in 2002 and they are more than happy

Why would you need to call anyone else? m | 07930 914 514

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