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Press Packet September 2015


Rebecca Rudolph (323) 855-6866

Catherine Johnson (323) 717-3536

Design, Bitches

3218 Atwater Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90039

Press Inquiries

Meara Daly

Design, Bitches

CALIFORNIA STYLE MAGAZINE April 2015 Office profiled in Japanese magazine, California Style “Their concept is “a place where one wants to return to”, achieved through unexpected combinations of scale and colors. They say in unison: ‘inspiration comes from the everyday life.’ “ (Translated)

LOS ANGELES TIMES IMAGE MAGAZINE March 2015 Interview with Design, Bitches “Rudolph and Johnson are redefining SoCal dining style and, in doing so, showing us what it truly is — a mash-up of carefree beach vibe, cozy suburbia, taco stand culture and hipster cred, with a thoughtful nod to neighborhood traditions.”

THE NEW YORK TIMES SUNDAY STYLES March 2015 The Springs featured in the Scene Stealers column, as “Making It on the Great Raw Way” “‘A crisp, bright pause amidst the industrial exhaust’ is how Design, Bitches, an architectural firm, describes the look it greated for the Springs: raw and blue-stained plywood, cement floors, roll-up garage doors and globular paper lanterns. There are also cinder-block planters filled with fig trees and palms.”

Design, Bitches

THE GUARDIAN ONLINE March 2015 British news service The Guardian includes The Springs on it’s list of “10 of the World’s Coolest Restaurants”

LET’S GO OUT AGAIN! March 2015 The Springs is published in Gestalten’s Let’s Go Out Again!, featuring fantastic dining establishments around the world. “As the studio name suggests, and under the influence of LA’s cultural fusions and undersung architectural experimentation, Catherine Johnson and Rebecca Rudolph, who are Design, Bitches, think design should be expressive and pop.”

LA CANVAS January 2015 The Springs is written up in “Sustainable Development” “Design, Bitches spearheaded The Springs’ minimalist design, citing a combination of Palm Springs and Wes Anderson films by way of inspiration. The result? Clean lines and sophisticated architectural elements--all imbued with a playful touch.”

Design, Bitches

ANGELENO January 2015 The Springs arrival in Downtown LA praised in Angeleno Magazine in “Springs Forward” “Here, refinement can be found in an uncompromising attention to quality and detail, from the water filtration system to the rigorous guidelines for the organic ingredients to its owners source.”

FASTCOMPANY CO.DESIGN September 2014 Company profile in “Design, Bitches: Meet the Architects Shaping LA’s Sprawling Food Scene” “What sets Design, Bitches apart is the way they use the whole of L.A. culture as their palette—movies, everyday materials, art, food, fashion. Their approach reflects the casual mixing-and-matching of cultures that has helped transform L.A. from a “culinary backwater,” to quote the Daily Beast’s Andrew Romano, into one of the most exciting restaurant scenes in the U.S.”

NEW YORK TIMES October 2014 The Springs featured on the T Magazine online blog and New York Times Arena column “In Downtown Los Angeles, a Vast, New Healing Center and Cafe is a Harbinger of change”

Design, Bitches

ARCHITECT’S NEWSPAPER June 2014 The Oinkster hollywood featured in “Open > Restaurant”

LA WEEKLY February 2014 Firm featured in “It’s Not Derogatory” in the Arts section “They earned an honorable mention, and although it was never intended as a name, Design, Bitches stuck. It has turned out to be a mission statement in two words. It encompasses Rudolph and Johnson’s honest, no-fuss approach to work. It punctuates their brushing off of the architecture world’s old-school patriarchy. And, most significantly, it hints at the pop sensibility and realness that inhabits their spaces.”

DOMUS March 2013 Firm profiled in “@DomusWeb: Design, Bitches Studio Visit #Catherine Johnson #Rebecca Rudolph” “Design, Bitches’ work is rich with references, but it’s not postmodern in a sense that hinges on historic or symbolic tropes, instead their output is closer to what Charles Jencks calls an “ersatz eclecticism.” They willfully sample across time and culture.”

Design, Bitches

ARCHITECTURAL RECORD June 2013 Firm profile in perspective news column, as “Newsmakers: Design, Bitches”

PLOT October 2013 Design, Bitches office profile featured in this Spanish-language magazine “Their projects, which cover a broad spectrum such as interiors, performance, temporary installations or commercial spaces, reveal their universae as full of color, details, and ooze with pop culture references from every pore.” (Translated)

HOSPITALITY DESIGN MAGAZINE October 2012 Superba Snack bar featured in “Pespective Sketchbook” column “Their design directive translated to an ecelectic mash-up of materials all successfully co-existing in the restaurant’s tight quarters.”

Design, Bitches

FORM November/December 2013 Design, Bitches office profile in article entitled “Dynamic Duo” “Their collaboration continues to explore alternative approaches to design while also using the communities around them as a source of inspiration.”

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