Ajji's simple guide to coronavirus

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Ajji !! Hi Imli !

We’re home !

* A jji m e an s g r an d m ot h e r

We do not have to go to school

from tomorrow ! And you know what? Even the teacher

does not know for how long !

Now I can listen to ajji’s storie s all day long and play hide and seek with Meenu and Appu.

Imli ! Now I can draw you and we can go play with the cute puppies in the park. Oh oh!


I will also

Both of you first go wash your hands and feet.

Do you know why your

summer vacation came Yes! Yes! The

early this year?

teacher said there

But ajji isn’t a

is catching people.

and fever?

is some ‘virus’ that

virus just cold

Yes you are right it is a virus.

But, coronavirus *

is more dangerous

It makes people

than just fever

cough, feel tired

you see.

and have a fever. But it can also

make some people very sick.


It i s c alle d c or on av i r us be c ause

“ co r o n a” m e an s “ c r ow n ” i n Lat i n .

A n d t he v i r us look s li k e i t i s w e ar i n g a s pi k y c r ow n .

But ajji what is a virus?

Viruses are a type of germ.

They’re very tiny,

and when they get inside your body,

they can make you sick.

Ohhh! But what if we fall sick?

How do we know if we have

c oronavirus?

If you have any of these

signs you should immediately go to a doctor.

Finding it Fever


hard to


Muscle Aches


tired all

the time

But how do we protect ourselves from coronavirus?

Don’t be afraid, we just have to follow few simple things like....

Remembering to always wash our hands.

Not just when they are dirty. But....

After using

the bathroom.

Before and

after eating.

After coming home from outside.

Maintaining distance from each other.

We can see our friends but,

not hug them or

shake hands with them.

Our teacher also told us to wear masks.

Yes, it is important, especially when you notice any of the

signs or whenever it

is necessary to step out of the house.

So we can’t go out at all?

What about the puppies we play with everyday?

You can still feed the puppies while wearing masks and

maintaining a safe distance.

Ajji, let us stay

inside our houses and help fight coronavirus !

So, it is time to

make a new list of things we can do indoors !!

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