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SS. Peter a nd Pa ul Pa rish Pa stora l Council Minutes of Meeting March 18, 2013

Present: Mary Beth Brummond, Jerry Buch, Tom Gavin, Paul Gallo, Noelle Gollinger, Steve Keeley, Kristine Lewandowski, Tom Lupinacci, Margie Sznajder, Bob Wold, Fr. Milota, Fr. Rosenbaum, Jane Bowers Absent: Brendon Heffron, Dolly McCarthy, Tessa Pociask


Opening Prayer Tom Gavin called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and Fr. Milota led an opening prayer.


Approval of Minutes The minutes of the February 18, 2013 meeting were approved by the Council on a motion by Margie Sznajder, seconded by Kristine Lewandowski.


Approval of Agenda The agenda was approved as presented on a motion by Tom Lupinacci, seconded by Bob Wold.


Open Forum No items.


Commission Reports A. Teen Update In Tessa Pociask’s absence, Kristine Lewandowski said the teens are getting ready for their Mission trip and working on their spring retreat. B. New Evangelization Tom Lupinacci distributed their Commission report and talked about some of the upcoming events: Adult Confirmation class, Parish Mission, Gifts of Finest Wheat, Young Adult group “into the Heart” study, Summer Bible Study and Nights of Faith. He shared the expanding list of categories on the Fisherman’s Net; each have a content editor to keep them updated and fresh. Mary Beth Brummond is heading an Infertility Support Group; eight attended the first meeting. C. Worship In Brendon Heffron’s absence, Fr. Milota said the Adoration Chapel is celebrating its 10th anniversary; on Mercy Sunday we will have guest speakers at the Masses; and there will be a Novena and Mass on Corpus Christi. D. Christian Service No update, they will have a meeting in late April.

Ss. Peter and Paul Parish Pastoral Council March 18, 2013 Page 2 E. Religious Education Bob Wold said they are looking at security procedures. They need three more people on their Commission board. F. Parish Life Noelle Gollinger said there will be an Easter Egg hunt on Palm Sunday; the next Donut Sunday is being planned for April 14 or 21; Trivia Night was rescheduled for April 20. G. Administration Jerry Buch reported that the Church Sunday collections are still down although total revenues are ahead. The School is doing well; expect them to end the year about $173,000 ahead of budget. RE is on budget. VI.

Old Business A. Neighborhood Meetings The next Neighborhood meeting may be scheduled as part of one of the Pictorial Directory nights. B. Pictorial Directory The committee will be meeting next month with information going out around the end of May. This will not be as labor intensive as the last directory since we will be using robocalls. C. Election for new Council Member The first call for candidates was in last Sunday’s bulletin and will also appear again next in next Sunday’s. Once the Council has some names they will review and put out for election. The new Council member will be a guest of the Council at its May meeting and be seated at the August meeting.


New Business A. Proposed Changes to the By-laws On a motion by Tom Lupinacci, seconded by Jerry Buch, the board approved a change to the By-laws deleting the specifics on the meeting date. Beginning in August 2013 the Council will meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, by making generic in the Bylaws it will allow for a majority of the Council vote to change the date as needed. On a motion by Jerry Buch, seconded by Tom Lupinacci, the board approved the addition of a representative from the School board to be added to the Council. This action is pending approval by the School board. Tom Gavin will update the By-laws.

Ss. Peter and Paul Parish Pastoral Council March 18, 2013 Page 3 VIII. Pastor’s Comments Fr. Milota gave an overview of the Holy week schedule; Palm Sunday begins the holiest week of the year. Next year, with Easter being later, an outdoor Mass is being considered. Fr. Milota said one of the big issues is security. Over the next few months there will be physical and policy changes. They are getting input from various organizations to do it right. The complete plan could take a few years. He said the school is working on a strategic plan using a consultant through the University of St. Francis. It will take about eight months to complete the plan. IX.

Closing Prayer The closing prayer was given by Fr. Rosenbaum.


Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 7:50 p.m. Our next meeting is April 15.

Respectfully submitted, Jane Bowers, Recorder