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September 20, 2015 ♦ Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Canonization of Junípero Serra September 23 Pray For Us!

Pope Francis’ Apostolic Journey to the United States: September 22-27 Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia 36 North Ellsworth Street Naperville, Illinois 60540-4619


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September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Parish Staff Directory SAINTS PETER AND PAUL CHURCH 36 N. Ellsworth St., Naperville, IL 60540 (PHONE) 630-355-1081 (FAX) 630-355-1179 Office Hours: Mon-Thurs 7:30 AM-5 PM; Fri 7:30 AM-1 PM Website: Facebook: SS Peter and Paul New Evangelization PRIESTS Father Thomas Milota, Pastor .......................................... 630-718-2106 Father Raj Kocherla, Parochial Vicar ............................... 630-718-2105 Father Sebastian Gargol, Parochial Vicar ......................... 630-718-2104 PERMANENT DEACONS Deacon Ron Brown ............................................................ 630-718-2153 Deacon Michael Crowell .................................................... 630-718-2197 Deacon Will Marrero .......................................................... 630-718-2217 Deacon Kevin Neis ............................................................. 630-718-2216 Deacon Roger Novak ......................................................... 630-718-2258 Deacon Thomas Rehak ....................................................... 630-718-2158 Deacon Joe Verdico............................................................ 630-718-2155 PARISH OFFICE Pastor’s Administrative Asst: Jessica Payne ....................... 630-718-2108 Office Manager: Gloria Villaseñor ..................................... 630-718-2101 Bulletin Editor: Elizabeth Simeo ....................................... 630-718-2110 BUSINESS OFFICE Finance Manager: Tom Boler ............................................. 630-718-2100 Accountant: Christine LaMourie ........................................ 630-718-2102 Accounting Assistant: Rhonda Mucerino ........................... 630-718-2109 Facilities Manager: Frank Partipilo .................................... 630-718-2163 SCHOOL OFFICE……………………... (PHONE) 630-355-0113 Principal: Karen Meskill………………………….(FAX) 630-355-9803 NEW EVANGELIZATION Director: Sr. Sandra Zorko, OSF ........................................ 630-718-2154 Administrative Asst/Webmaster: Denise Stephen .............. 630-718-2156 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE .........................630-357-2436 (FAX)630-357-2458 ATTENDANCE ......................................................... 630-355-1139 Director of Religious Education & Children’s Ministry: Theresa Pratt ................................. 630-718-2133 Office Manager: Peggy Partipilo ........................................ 630-718-2138 SACRED WORSHIP Director of Sacred Music: Matthew S. Sprinkle .............. .630-718-2119 Liturgical Ministries Coordinator: Deacon Michael Crowell ... 630-718-2197 SERVICE MINISTRY Director: Deacon Joe Verdico ............................................ 630-718-2155 PARISH NURSE / PASTORAL MINISTRY Paulette Shea ...................................................................... 630-718-2127 SENIOR SERVICES Deacon Joe Verdico, Communion Call Coordinator .......... 630-718-2155 Paulette Shea, Parish Nurse ................................................ 630-718-2127 Sr. Sandra Zorko, OSF, Young at Heart Director ............... 630-718-2154 NURSERY COORDINATOR Donna Widmann................................................................. 630-718-2165 PERPETUAL ADORATION VOICEMAIL ................630-355-1014 ext 2442 PARISH COUNCIL MEMBERS Thomas Lupinacci, President/ New Evangelization Commission Brendan Heffron, Vice-President/ Worship Commission Stewart Mattson, Secretary / Member at Large Jerry Buch, Administration Commission Cheri Obendorf, Religious Education Commission Saskhya Roache, Parish Life Representative Dick Pugliese, Christian Service Commission Tobias Schlueter, School Board Representative Stewart Mattson, Member at Large

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John Moravecek, Member at Large Kristine Lewandowski, Member at Large Barb Hoyt, Member at Large Steve Keeley, Member at Large Scott Jenkins, Member at Large

WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE Church: Saturdays; 5:00 & 6:30 PM Sundays; 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00AM, 12:30, 5:30 (Tridentine) & 8:00 PM Holy Family Chapel Masses Sundays; 9:30 & 11:00 AM (Childcare offered during 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM Masses. Call 355-1081 for info.) WEEKDAY MASS SCHEDULE Mondays — Saturdays; 6:45 & 8:00 AM Mondays — Thursdays; 5:15 PM First Friday — 12:00 NOON in the Adoration Chapel HOLY DAY MASS SCHEDULE: Consult the parish bulletin or website or call the parish office at 630-355-1081. RECITATION OF THE ROSARY: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP NOVENA: Wednesdays at 7:45 AM RESPECT LIFE ROSARY: Wednesdays following 8:00 AM Mass VESPERS & BENEDICTION: Thursdays at 6:00 PM (Adoration Chapel)

SACRAMENTS RECONCILIATION SCHEDULE Tuesdays: 11:00 AM (Holy Family Chapel) and 7:00 PM (Church) (No 11:00AM Confessions on 2nd Tuesday of the month) Thursdays: 7:15 AM & 4:30 PM (Church) Saturdays: 4:00 PM (Holy Family Chapel) Sundays: 7:00 PM (Church) (Confessions are also heard at 10:30AM on the 4th Saturday of the Month in the Holy Family Chapel.)

WEDDINGS At least one of the engaged persons (or their parents) must be a registered parishioner for a minimum of three months before the parish will check the calendar for a wedding date. The parish will also permit any individual who has been confirmed in the parish or graduated from our parish school or graduated from North Central College to be married at Saints Peter & Paul Catholic Church following all other requirements and given the permission of their proper pastor. To schedule a wedding date, one of the engaged persons should phone the Parish Office at 630-355-1081 or stop by the Parish Office during regular office hours. Please review the complete wedding policy at

BAPTISMS We baptize at SSPP each Sunday of the month at 2 PM. Please review the complete baptismal policy at

FOR CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM 1. Your family should be registered with the parish in order to have your child baptized. 2. If this is your first child, you must attend a baptism preparation class before receiving a date for your baby’s baptism. Call the Parish Office to sign up for the class. Classes are held on the 1st Monday of the month. 3. Call the Parish Office to schedule a date for your child’s baptism. For information on scheduling baptisms, weddings, sick calls, hospital calls, home communion visitation, adult instructions in the Catholic faith, or to register as a new parishioner, please call the Parish Office at 630-355-1081.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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A Message from our Pastor Dear Parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul, World Meeting of Families and Visit of Pope Francis Pope Francis will make his first visit to the United States this week (September 22-27). Although this is no ordinary pastoral visit, he is coming for the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia, for the canonization of Blessed Junipero Serra in Washington, D.C. and to offer Mass in New York City as well as address the United Nations. The motto of the Pope's Visit and the World Meeting of Families is "Love is our Mission!" How appropriate for the Holy Father and what an accurate assessment of the purpose of the family. The ultimate act of love is the gift of life and eternal life. Let us pray for our nation during this truly blessed time. There is tons of information online both for the Pope's Visit (, the World Meeting of Families (http:// and Blessed Junipero Serra ( Please log on and eat up these wonderful resources. The parish will have papal holy cards and Saint Junipero Serra holy cards available at the back of church and the chapel next weekend. Please feel free to help yourself (one per person please). Two Letters to Parishioners in the next month Within the next several weeks, our parishioners will be receiving two letters. The first is a letter of thank you to all those whose gave so generously to "Pass It On" and asking some information from you so that we can give proper recognition to you. The second letter is both a letter of thanks for the increased giving Saints Peter and Paul experienced in the last year, an expression of on-going needs in the parish, and an invitation to make an increase consistent with the increase in the cost of living we all experience. I appreciate you taking the time to read these letters and respond to our Lord's invitation to give generously. Work on the Church Roof Repairs to the church roof will be executed over the next several weeks. Please pardon our dust. Although the slate roof of our parish church still has a lot of life in it, some repairs were necessary to ensure that long life. I hope this does not cause anyone discomfort. Value Proposition Meeting for our Parish School Our parish school will be holding a Values Proposition Meeting to help us provide direction for our marketing efforts in the coming years. All school families and members of the parish are welcome to attend. The meetings will be held at 8:00 am and 6:30 pm on September 23rd. 360 Interactive Video Church Tour Please log on and ask your friends to log onto our 360 Degree Interactive Video Church Tour. You may find the link on our webpage in two places: in the "About" drop down on the main page under "Church Tours" and also on the main banner page for the next several months. Please notice the small blinking circles in the 360 page. If you click on these buttons, you will see a "blowup" image of our main altar, side altars and some of the windows of our beautiful church. Webpage: Priests Convocation: October 6-8 From October 6-8 all the priests of the Diocese of Joliet are required to attend the Priests Convocation. Thanks be to God Saints Peter and Paul will still be offering Masses at 6:45 am and 5:15 pm during this period and our deacons will be offering communion services at 8 am each of these days. There will, however, be no confessions heard on those three days. Please notice there will still be confessions heard on Saturday and Sunday that week. May Almighty God bless you and keep you. In Christ, Â

Fr. Thomas A. Milota

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Crises in the Middle East Syrian Refugees Civil war has been raging across Syria for several years, with the terrorists of ISIS adding to the violence there. Christian churches have been burned. Christian villages attacked. Christian children, women and elderly have been abducted, and many more have been forced to flee. Recently a picture of a dead little boy on a beach shocked the world. That 3-year-old boy, Aylan Kurdi, has become the image of the refugee crisis in Europe and the Middle East. Aylan, his 5-year-old brother, and his mother were refugees who fled their wartorn home of Syria to seek sanctuary on the Greek island of Kos. They were killed when their small, overloaded boat capsized. More than 360,000 people have arrived in Europe this year. In July alone, countries in Europe received 107,000 refugees. More than 80% of new arrivals are refugees from Syria, with another 17% from Iraq and Afghanistan. More than 59 million people were displaced in 2014. Most were from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia and Eritrea. The United Nations has declared this the worst refugee crisis since World War II. Pope Francis has asked parishes in Europe to house refugees. “The Gospel calls us, asks us to be ‘neighbors’ of the smallest and most abandoned.” Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, President of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops as also urged “all Catholics in the United States and others of good will to express openness and welcome to these refugees, who are escaping desperate situations in order to survive. Regardless of their religious affiliation or national origin, these refugees are all human persons—made in the image of God, bearing inherent dignity, and deserving our respect and care and protection by law from persecution.” While taking in refugees may not be an option for many of us here in the United States, there are things we can do. Consider visiting the web site of Catholic Relief Services to learn more about what you can do: european-refugee-crisis-7-things-you-can-do-help The Crisis in Iraq The crisis in the Middle East extends beyond this most recent news headline. Iraq, home to some of the oldest Christian communities in the world, has become a battleground of competing forces, and the country remains volatile while the lives of innocent people are victim to brutality. Approximately one million Assyrian Christians have been forced to become refugees inside and outside of Iraq. This crisis was exacerbated when, in the summer of 2014, ISIS terrorists broke through the borders of Iraq. Persecution through Religious and Ethnic Cleansing Assyrian Christians in Iraq have lost their freedom. Since 2003, orders to either convert to Islam, pay a protection tax, exit Iraq without their personal belongings, or be killed have been in place. Countless Christians have been crucified and thousands of parents have buried their children following murders. Families have been ripped apart and suffered unspeakable atrocities at the hands of ISIS. Since 2008, many priests have been kidnapped and beheaded. Ancient Christian churches and monasteries have been bombed and many churches have been converted into mosques. These events can seem like stories from the distant past or in places far separated from us. These stories, however, involved people today, our brothers and sisters in Christ, and other people created in the image and likeness of God. What can you do to help? Several excellent organizations exist to provide aide. Any of these organizations are worth donating to.

• Catholic Relief Services (CRS) was founded in 1943 by the Catholic Bishops of the United States to serve World War II survivors in Europe. They are present now in the midst of the crisis in the Middle East. Visit

• The Catholic Near East Welfare Association (CNEWA) offers humanitarian and pastoral aide throughout the region. Visit • Iraqi Christian Relief exists to support and protect persecuted Assyrians Christians in Iraq and other countries in the Middle East by providing emergency humanitarian aid, prayer support, and advocacy. Visit

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Mass Intentions Saturday, September 19—Saint Januarius 6:45 AM Dennis M. Habbley (A) 8:00 AM Elizabeth Nicholls Vigil Masses for The Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 5:00 PM John & Nan Deacon 6:30 PM Lisa Carducci (A) Sunday, September 20 -The Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time 6:30 AM Tom Egan House 8:00 AM Patrick McKenna 9:30 AM Al Ruppert 11:00 AM John McDonald 12:30 PM Janina Tomczyk 5:30 PM Alyce Kurzawa (LATIN MASS) 8:00 PM Deceased Members of the Dennison Family

Holy Family Chapel 9:30 AM 11:00 AM

Saints Peter and Paul Parishioners Deceased Members of the Saints Peter and Paul St. Vincent de Paul Society

Monday, September 21—Saint Matthew 6:45 AM Charles Peters 8:00 AM Dick and Dorothy Wolsfeld 5:15 PM Anna Giannelli Tuesday, September 22 6:45 AM Thomas O’Grady (A) 8:00 AM Thomas O’Grady (A) 5:15 PM Charles Kasper Wednesday, September 23—Saint Pius of Pietrelcina 6:45 AM Laura Palma 8:00 AM Mary Ellen Feldman 5:15 PM Robert Moravecek Thursday, September 24 6:45 AM Purgatorial Society 8:00 AM Alberto Rodriguez 5:15 PM George Olinger Friday, September 25 6:45 AM Enrico D. Hines 8:00 AM Intentions of Clare Nelson Saturday, September 26—Saints Cosmas and Damian 6:45 AM Julie D’Agostino 8:00 AM Intentions of Carol and Jim Baker (50th anniversary) Vigil Masses for The Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 5:00 PM Dorothy O’Reilly 6:30 PM Matt Skowronski Sunday, September 27 -The Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time 6:30 AM Joan Marie Ruble (A) 8:00 AM Melanie Kaplan (A) 9:30 AM Elfie Christiansen 11:00 AM Intentions of Jim and Joan Snyder (50th anniversary) 12:30 PM Jean Colletti 5:30 PM Intentions of Eugene Connolly (LATIN MASS) 8:00 PM Mrs. Theresa Kucharczyk

Holy Family Chapel 9:30 AM 11:00 AM

Veronica Nalezny (A) Saints Peter and Paul Parishioners

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Please Note The Parish Office will only be open from 9am to 5pm, beginning September 23 to October 3. An All-School Mass will be held Monday, Sept 21 at 8am, and School Masses will be held Tues., Sept 29th and Thurs., Oct 1 at 8am. Opus Dei Confessions are now held from to 11am-1pm on Tuesdays. On October 6,7, and 8th, the 8am weekday Mass will be replaced by a Communion service due to the Priests’ Convocation. No confessions will be heard those days. PARISH SACRIFICIAL GIVING We sincerely thank everyone for their generosity! For the new fiscal year beginning July 1, 2015, the weekly Sunday collection goal is $46,035 (including online and mail-in offerings).

Fiscal Year-to-Date Information (as of 9-14-2015) Fiscal Year-to-Date Goal:



Actual Year-to-Date Collections Including Credit Cards:



Amount Below Goal:



Weekly Sunday Goal (based on 51 Sundays):



Sept 13, 2015 Regular Collection:



Sept 2015 Credit Card (monthly budget $30,000):



Sept 2015 ACH (monthly budget $10,000):



Sept 13, 2015 Capital Reserve Gifts:



Year-to-Date Capital Reserve Gifts:



Please note the next parish sacrificial giving update will appear in the October 11th bulletin. Note: The parish will receive donations, usually by mail, with the request for the donation to be applied to Sunday offerings. Also, from time to time the parish will receive stock donations also designated to Sunday offerings. These donations would not be included in a specific Sunday offering collection total but are included in total year-to-date collections.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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OUTDOOR LUMINARY MASS The 21st annual “Light of My Life” outdoor Mass will be held at Sts. Peter & Paul Cemetery, (Columbia and North Ave.) on Sunday, October 11, 2015 at 6:15 PM. The intention of this evening is to dedicate a luminaria as a silent tribute to any person(s) who may have touched your life in a special way, deceased or living, past or present. Bring your own chairs or a blanket to sit on. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: Help us by printing bags at home, or with setup on Sunday Oct 11 at 9:30 A.M., lighting bags and assisting with parking at 5:00 P.M., or on Oct. 12 , 9:00 am for clean up. WE ALSO NEED 4 PICK UP TRUCKS; SUV’S OR VANS, FOR A COUPLE OF HOURS FOR SET UP SUN. A.M. – AND MONDAY MORNING FOR CLEANUP. For more information: Contact Cheryl at 630-505-0276. Parking: If possible, use street parking to reserve cemetery space for elderly and handicapped. Return the forms no later than Oct. 7th.

LIGHT OF MY LIFE You do not have to be present to participate. Each luminaria will have the individual’s name on it and it will be placed within the cemetery and remain lit well into the evening. If you cannot attend the Mass you may wish to drive thru the cemetery later and enjoy the effect. Enter the name of each person you wish to remember with a luminaria. Place $2.00 in an envelope for each luminaria requested, along with the form. Please fill out the form below, clip and return it either in the Sunday collection basket, in a separate envelope marked “Luminaria”, OR take to the Ministry office and drop in the drop box, outside on the wall, to the right of the entry door, 36 N. Ellsworth by Oct. 7th. Make checks payable to Saints Peter & Paul – Luminaria.

1. _____________________________________

9. ______________________________________

2. _____________________________________

10. _____________________________________

3. _____________________________________

11. _____________________________________

4. _____________________________________

12. _____________________________________

5. _____________________________________

13. _____________________________________

6. _____________________________________

14. _____________________________________

7. _____________________________________

15. _____________________________________

8. _____________________________________

16. _____________________________________

Please provide us with your E-Mail address for future Luminary event notification. This information will solely be used by the Luminary Committee. E-Mail address: ______________________________________

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Mark’s Gospel Corner In today’s Gospel from Mark 9:30-37, Jesus foretells for the second time that “The Son of Man will be turned over to the hands of men, to be killed.” Isaiah 53:6 forms the background for this prophecy where the Suffering Servant “will be handed over” to his enemies. The Book of Daniel also speaks of how “the holy ones of the Most High” with “one like a son of man” will be “turned over to the hands” of their enemies at the end time. The same phrase is used numerous times in the Old Testament when Jerusalem was handed over to its enemies by an angry God because of Israel’s unfaithfulness to the covenant: “I have set my face against this city, for evil and not for good. It shall be given into the power of the king of Babylon who shall set it on fire.” (Jer. 21:10) Ezekiel, the prophet, also uses this phrase to describe what God will do to Israel, as required by the covenant, for those who have been unfaithful: “I will hand them over as spoils to foreigners, as plunder to the wicked of the earth, so that they may defile them.” (Ez 7:21) Look what happens instead. Though punished, God does not abandon the Israelites to death for their unfaithfulness; rather, He hands over His only begotten Son in their stead. Jesus tells His apostles that it is necessary that He go up to Jerusalem. He became one of us so that as one of us, He could pay the price for our unfaithfulness to God. Through the incarnation of Jesus, God the Father fulfills the old covenant requirement by flipping it on its head so that God Himself could stand in the place of sinners. God’s justice is fulfilled by His mercy. How do the apostles respond? “But they did not understand the saying, and they were afraid to ask him.” Mark contrasts the mercy of God with the obstinacy and dullness of the apostles. Their failure to understand is tied to their unwillingness to accept that they are called to follow in Jesus’ footsteps to the cross. Their negligence in not asking Jesus to explain is tied to their wish to remain ignorant – don’t teach me the truth, Lord, I’d rather hide behind my ignorance! Like in the first and third passion predictions, the second prediction is followed by an illustration of what the cross means in the life of a Christian. On the way to Capernaum, the disciples are discussing among themselves which of them is the greatest. When Jesus asks them what they are discussing, they are instantly silenced. Jesus does not rebuke them for the desire for greatness, for we are called to greatness; rather, He corrects their misguided understanding of how greatness is achieved. Unlike the world’s notion of how to achieve it, Jesus says that those who wish to become great must become the least. Those who wish to be first among you must become the servants of others. In contrast to the disciples arguing over who is the greatest, Jesus instructs them in the very house that Peter’s mother-in-law, cured of her fever, rose up and served their needs in Mark 1:31, implicitly inferring that it is the mother-in-law that is more perfectly modeling what it is to be a true disciple. Jesus turns the path to greatness on its head and instructs us that it is the servant, the slave of all, who is greatest in the Kingdom of God. Jesus shows us in His death that the path to greatness, the path to glory, and the path to the resurrection is through humble selfsacrifice in the service of others, especially the least among us. He embraces the little child not simply to tell us that we must become childlike, but more importantly, to tell us that as Christians we are called to serve in very concrete ways the most vulnerable in society. Jesus’ action in lifting up and embracing the child mirrors the ceremony of adoption in the ancient world. Mark recounts this scene for the early Christian Church because of a particular need in their society outside the Church and within. Specifically, He tells them that they must take in the abandoned infant found in an alley (as abandonment was widely practiced in the pagan world) or the orphaned child of a fellow Christian. In a like manner, we are called to take in those in our society who are most in need. Jesus illustrates in a very concrete way what service to others means for those who wish to follow Him on The Way.

40 DAYS FOR LIFE Aurora: Sept. 23 through Nov. 1 Join 40 Days for Life and Christians around the world in a massive effort to end abortion. We encourage you and your family to: -Pray and fast for an end to abortion -Pray for at least 1 hour in the field across the street from Planned Parenthood (3051 E New York St, Aurora, IL). Our peaceful prayer vigil will run from 7am-7pm every day. Even if you signed up at church, please sign up officially at -Invite at least one person to come with you to pray at Planned Parenthood.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

New Evangelization Two Great Bible Studies Starting this Fall! Contact Denise to register,

God Is Calling You to a Deeper Relationship with Him If we consider that God is the Divine Bridegroom and the Church is his Bride, then the prophets can be seen as “spiritual marriage counselors.” They afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, calling us to return to our covenant relationship with God. They urge us to repentance, warn us of the dangers of sin, and announce the blessings of faithfulness. Their prophetic words speak to us even today, as they draw us closer to our heavenly Bridegroom. 10 Weeks Starting September 21st/22nd Monday Evenings 7-9 PM or Tuesday Mornings - 9-11 AM Material Cost: $25.00

Back by Popular Demand! Past Participants Welcome! Reading the Bible should bring us closer to Christ, but understanding it is often difficult. The good news is that you can understand the Bible, and The Bible Timeline makes it easy. The Bible Timeline is a Catholic Bible study that can help anyone to make sense of the Bible and experience the life-changing power of God’s Word. The study takes you on a journey through the entire Bible and brings you deep into each period of salvation history, so that you can discover the amazing story woven throughout all of Scripture. Starting September 24th, Thursday Mornings - 9-11 AM Material Cost: $35.00 12 weeks Fall & 12 Weeks Spring No Cost if already have materials

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Featured Lighthouse Media CD this week: “Proofs for the Existence of God” Today, it is more important than ever to understand how the voice of science and our ordered universe clearly testify to the existence of an all-powerful God.. In this informative talk, Fr. Robert Spitzer – an expert in physics, philosophy, and theology – explains how modern scientific findings and recent medical studies support what is clearly understood through Christian Faith. We have CD kiosks located in the vestibule of the Church, as well as in the adoration chapel. Please leave a donation, as this allows us to restock our supply. CDs can also be ordered directly from

News from the Knights Knights of Columbus Council No. 1369 615 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville, IL 60563

10-06 – Tuesday – Business Meeting – 7:30 PM 10-17 – Saturday – Rosary at Planned Parenthood Clinic – 9:00 AM (John Zabinski) – PRAYERS NEEDED 10-21 – Wednesday – Officers and Directors Meeting – 7:00 PM (Larry Pociask) 10-24 – Saturday – Darrell Hutton Memorial Blood Drive – 7:00 to 12:30 PM (Michael Van Bree) 10-25 – Sunday – Priesthood Sunday (Joe Hlava) The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Men’s Fraternal Service Organization founded by Father McGivney. All of the good works we do are informed by our four core principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. The Knights also have an insurance program that has a top notch rating. For more information, please contact our Grand Knight, John Moravecek at 983-9209 or our Membership Director, Nick Thompson at 815-871-4218. The KC Hall is available for parties and meetings. Contact Al Knoeck at 630-369-2992 for more information. Our aluminum can collection has been a great success. It has provided us the funding we need to support our priests and seminarians. Please continue to drop off your aluminum cans next to the trailer behind the KC Hall.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Back to Basics Liturgically Speaking: Entering into the Life and Love of the Trinity The word “liturgy” comes from two Greek words meaning “people” and “work.” Due to these roots, it has been popular in the last fifty years or more to describe the liturgy as “the work of the people.” But is the liturgy our work? Is the liturgy something we do? Who is it that acts in the liturgy? In reality, the liturgy is primarily the work of God the Holy Trinity. God the Father is the source and the goal of the liturgy. Through the liturgy the Father fills us with his blessings in Christ and pours the Holy Spirit into our hearts. At the same time, the Church blesses the Father by worship, praise, and thanksgiving, and implores him for the gift of his Son and the Holy Spirit. Christ also works in the liturgy. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit the Church makes present Christ’s work of salvation through the Eucharist and the other sacraments, in which Christ himself acts to communicate his grace to us. The Second Vatican Council reminds us of this: "To accomplish so great a work Christ is always present in his Church, especially in her liturgical celebrations. He is present in the Sacrifice of the Mass not only in the person of his minister, 'the same now offering, through the ministry of priests, who formerly offered himself on the cross,' but especially in the Eucharistic species. By his power he is present in the sacraments so that when anybody baptizes, it is really Christ himself who baptizes. He is present in his word since it is he himself who speaks when the holy Scriptures are read in the Church. Lastly, he is present when the Church prays and sings, for he has promised 'where two or three are gathered together in my name there am I in the midst of them’" (SC 7). The Holy Spirit acts in the very closest cooperation with the Church in the liturgy. The Holy Spirit prepares the Church to encounter her Lord. He recalls and manifests Christ to the assembly. He makes the mystery of Christ really present. He unites the Church to the life and mission of Christ. At Mass, the Epiclesis ("invocation upon") is the intercession in which the priest asks God the Father to send the Holy Spirit so that the bread and wine may become the body and blood of Christ, and that we ourselves may become a living offering to God. You can recognize the epiclesis at Mass because Father extends his hands over the gifts, and often at Ss. Peter and Paul, the bells are rung to alert us to this moment. In every liturgical action the Holy Spirit is sent in order to bring us into communion with Christ and to form his Body. The liturgy is also our participation in Christ's own prayer addressed to the Father in the Holy Spirit. How can we understand this participation? Think of a toddler “helping” his dad shovel snow with a little toy shovel. The toddler is participating in his father’s work, but is only doing so by the will and the work of the father. The participation is a true work, but relies totally on the father’s initiative, and only in union with him. In the liturgy, all Christian prayer finds its source and goal: “The excellence of Christian prayer lies in its sharing in the reverent love of the only-begotten Son for the Father and in the prayer that the Son put into words in his earthly life and that still continues without ceasing in the name of the whole human race and for its salvation, throughout the universal Church and in all its members.” (General Instruction to the Liturgy of the Hours, 7) Have a question about the Liturgy? Email MONKS OF NORCIA – “BENEDICTA” CHANT CD Back by Popular Demand! Some of you may be familiar with the Benedictine Monks of Norcia in that their founder and prior, Fr. Cassian Folsom, OSB, has visited and given several presentations on the liturgy here at Saints Peter & Paul in the last few years. The monks have recently recorded a CD of Marian chant, recorded on location at their monastery in Norcia. This recording can currently be heard in the church and Holy Family chapel during confessions. If you are interested in purchasing a copy, we have a limited number of the CD’s available in the parish office for $15.00 each. The proceeds go to support the Monks of Norcia.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Monday: Eph 4:1-7, 11-13; Ps 19:2-5; Mt 9:9-13 Tuesday: Ezr 6:7-8, 12b, 14-20; Ps 122:1-5; Lk 8:19-21 Wednesday: Ezr 9:5-9; Tb:13:2, 3-4abefghn, 7-8; Lk 9:1-6 Thursday: Hg 1:1-8; Ps 149:1b-6a, 9b; Lk 9:7-9 Friday: Hg 2:1-9; Ps 43:1-4; Lk 9:18-22 Saturday: Zec 2:5-9, 14-15a; Jer 31:10-12ab, 13; Lk 9:43b-45 Sunday: Nm 11:25-29; Ps 19:8, 10, 12-14; Jas 5:1-6; Mk 9:38-43, 45, 47-48

ROSARY Come pray with us each Tuesday evening in the Church beginning at 7:30 PM. With our Rosaries, we will ask Our Lady to intercede for our Holy Father’s special intention of the month, as well as for our own intentions and for world peace without the threat of terrorism. If there is a special intention that you would like to have remembered during the weekly Rosary, please email or come to the Tuesday Rosary to add your intention.

St. Francis Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration Flame of Faith Candles Six candles burn perpetually around the Blessed Sacrament in our St. Francis Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. The burning candles serve as a constant prayer before the Lord, present in the Blessed Sacrament. Envelopes for you to have your intention remembered with one of these candles and prayed for ONE WEEK (Sunday to Sunday) are available in the Adoration Chapel. The intentions will be published in the bulletin.

Flame of Faith intentions for the week of September 20: The seven-day Devotional Candles, at the altar of our Lord, in the Saint Francis Adoration Chapel, are being offered for the following intentions: 1. For protection of all police officers. 2. For the repose of the soul of Sharon Longorini. FLAME OF FAITH 3. For the Holy Souls in Purgatory. 4. For a successful school year. 5. For the protection of the unborn. 6. For an increased zeal to adoring our Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

Please consider spending an hour with our Lord. MENS’ EVENING OF RECOLLECTION “Whoever follows after Christ, the perfect man, becomes himself more of a man” (Gaudium et Spes 41)

We will host a Men’s Evening of Recollection Monday, September 28th, from 7:30 to 9:15 PM in the Church. The evening includes two meditations and time for quiet prayer followed by Benediction. We conclude with a practical talk and get together. A priest of Opus Dei will offer the meditations and be available for Confession. All men from the area are invited to attend. For more information, please call the Parish Office at 630-3551081. Saint Josemaria is on Facebook! Follow the official “Saint Josemaria” page today, get daily inspirational quotes and testimonies, and share with your family and friends at

Adorers are needed for the following hours:

Monday 1am Tuesday 2am Tuesday 8am Thursday 1pm Thursday 11pm Friday 1am Saturday 2am Saturday 4pm Please consider visiting with our Lord at this time. Call Barb at 630-885-1726 or

PRAYER NETWORK If prayers are needed, please call Jay Albarran at 630-961-3835 or Connie Wanberg at 630-355-3056.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Prayer Intentions PRAY FOR THE SICK


Please remember in your prayers, the following people who are seriously ill and others who are suffering with long-term or terminal illnesses:

Please note that if you wish to have a family member or friend’s name included with the petition for the sick which is read at weekend Masses, you must call the parish office by 9 AM on Friday. Your loved one’s name will automatically be added into the sick list in the bulletin the following weekend. If you add a loved one’s name to the petition when you come to Mass, please follow up with a phone call to the parish office on Monday so the name may be included with the sick list in the bulletin. In the interest of keeping our sick list current, the first weekend in October we will remove names put on prior to September 1st, unless we hear from you or a family member that you wish a name to remain on the list. Call the Office, 630-355-1081, to add, remove or keep a name on the sick list. Any names received after 9 AM on Friday will be included in the following weekend’s prayers. Deceased loved ones who are buried from Saints Peter and Paul Parish are automatically named in the bulletin and in the petition read at weekend Masses. Other recently deceased loved ones may be added to the petitions by calling the parish office by 9 AM on Friday.

Mary Lou Ackerman, Marcia Adams, Kelsey Allen, Maria C. Alonzo, Don Anderson, Cheryl Augspurger, Lorraine Babyar, David Bakke, Alli Bayer, Mike Bayer, Steven Bermes, Matt Bloodgood, Donna Booth, Rose Briceno, Evelyn Brown, Charles Bruce, Mary Bruce, Rachel Bryan, Alina Cardenas, Natalia Carlos, Don Cassa, Colette Cerulla, Mary Beth Cesare, Kirstin Chernawsky, Baby Franco Colasante, Baby Santino Colasante, Tracy Condon, Mike Considine, Toni Cooper, Patricia Cory, Fortunato Cruz, Victoria Cruz, Scott Dawson, Matt Dericco, Diane Dobbs, Mary Dorn, Karen Eggen, Charles Farrell, Thomas Farrell, Charles Faso III, Marilyn Feder, Betsy Feliciano, Julie Flick, Richard Flick, Robert Flick, Nancy Flory, Fran Ford, George Franicevic, Mary Ann Freitag, Randi Gatz, Mary Ginnan-Renzas, Edward Goerling, Joe Gorman, Emmerence Greenberg, Rose Grimes, Nikki Gudall, Don Haas, Mary Beth Harmon, Eileen Hawell, Jim Heffron, Sami Henderson, Constance Hennessy, Jacqualyne Hill, Penny Holtz, Bernie Hurd, Bishop Joseph Imesch, Jan Janczak, Mark Jenkins, Michael Joyce, Marion Kenny, Winifred Kolar, Mary Kouri, Maddie Kowalski, Nancy Kratville, Thomas Krauss, Kathleen Krutak, Ben Kujawa, George and Nora Kullick, Edmund Kurzawa, Jeanine LaBelle, Samantha Lent, Michael Lietz, Vi Livernash, Maria Macedo, Monica Macedo, Joan Marchaterre, Rose Marks, Tom Mathern, Babies Maria & Ben Mauloff, David McCarthy, Margaret McDonnell, Patricia McEttrick, Marlene Mikolajczyk, Tom Mlyniec, Barb Moceri, Ed Mohler, Diane Mrizek, Roger Mumper, Wendell K. Myles, Cesar Naguit, Zeny Naguit, Kim Nemeth, Dennis Nielsen, Frank Nitti, Eugene and Mercedes Niziloek, Ann Nowak, Fr. James Nowak, Tommy O’Grady, Matthew Ousterout, Jean Oxenreiter, Daniel Parker, Ben Parrilli, Dave Paulsen, John Pfeuffer, Patty Piekarczyk, Eva Prochorow, Jeanette Prochorow, Walter Prochorow, Tom Quinn, Lisa Rakowski, Katie Rommel, Sharon Ruff, Peter Ruocco, Harrison Ruzicka, Patricia Rynne, Maria San Juan, Catherine Sawner, Charles Schenk, Rita Schmidt, Roger Schmith, Betty Scholp, Bob Scholp, Virginia Schultz, Estelle Schuman, James Sheppard, Ysabelle Simbol, Sr. Aniceta Skube O.P., Irene Slowik, Edward Slowik, Ethan Soto, John Stewart, Tom Stone, Jim Streu, Allison Surin, George Svec, Mary Switt, Mark Szachnitowski, Eileen Szarek, Frances Tavernaro, Sheila Thornley, Jeannie Thorpe, Bernice Tokarski, Rebecca Tomsik, Bernard Toussaint, Akiko Toyohara, Sharon Tworek, Christopher Vacek, Laine VanHoutan, Noah VanHoutan, Diane Varner, Carmen Vasquez, Charles Villaseñor, Judy Vissepo, Betty Vose, James Walsh, Stephanie Watts, Marie Williams, Douglas Wilson, Janice Wilson, Audrey Witnik, Sylvia Wolfe, Beverly Wyatt, Rena Yarshen, Stephanie Young-Hayes, Bill Yudchitz, Ruth Ann Yunker, Deacon Kevin Zeeb, Jayne Zenker, Helen Zgoda, Mary Elizabeth Zink.

Newly added this week: Josephine Stanislao, Michael Kumorek, Michael Marren, David Wayne, Drew Birdsall, and Therese Miller May they and their families be comforted by our prayers and Our Lord’s compassion.

We wish to offer our sympathy and a promise of our prayers to family and friends on the death of Juanita Sanchez, Elizabeth Obradovich, and Clarence Gentzen

Please Remember in Prayer our Men and Women Serving in the Military U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Joseph Burns Daniel Caddigan Major Frank Girdwain Sgt. Mike McDonnell Sr. Airman Steve McDonnell Sgt. Zachary McKenty Captain Scott Paeth Major Tamara Prasse Sr. Airman Daniel Shea Senior Airman Amanda Shea Sgt. Dan Steenstra Sgt. Nicole Finnigan Underwood U.S. Army Captain Michael Caddigan Captain John J. Case Major Mary Cassidy Lt. Col. Richard Collage Captain Tom Crane Major Thomas E. Goerling Sgt. Anthony Gorup Spc. Jon Gurnik Lt. Col. Sean Hermick Sgt. Kellen Jones 1 Lt. Josh Laz Captain Stephen Laz Captain Aimee Laz Park PFC Steven Powell Major Michael Predny 1st Lt. Andrew J. Prunty Captain Daniel Rickert 1st Lt. David Rickert Harrison Ruzicka, SPEC. 4 Sgt. 1st Class Pamela Schmecht Sgt. Jeremy See Captain Stephen Stoll

U.S. Army (cont’d) SPC Robert Surran Sgt. Craig Vladika Captain Eileen White U.S. Navy LCDR Thomas Bock Captain Anthony Giglio Lt. Tom Kuhrt Commander Chris Kurgan Ensign Patrick Marsh Lt. Kaleb Moore Captain Debra Scheel Lt. Kasey Scheel Lt. Matthew Scheel Ensign Michael Schmitz U.S. Marine Corps Captain Kevin Bowler Captain Donald J. Carlsen CWO2 John Crites Sgt. Richard DiBiaso PFC Jonathon Dragovan Sgt. Luke Focer LCPL Daniel P. Hodgman 2nd Lt. Eric Hovey Sgt. Ivan Karamysev Major Pete Keough Gy Sgt. Conor Mahoney Sgt. Steven Oleksy II LCPL Matthew Prasse Corporal Joseph Taylor Staff Sgt. Marcin Tutaj U.S. Coast Guard P.D. John McNellis

If you would like to have a serviceman or woman included in the military remembrance list in the bulletin, please call the parish office at 630-355-1081. To arrange a welcome home for your soldier or marine, contact Donna Morsovillo of Operation Welcome You Home at 630-302-2638 or

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Christian Service Happenings Transitional Housing Ministry: Mentors Needed

Thank You Saints Peter and Paul Parishioners

Volunteer mentors are the “heart” of the Transitional Housing Ministry. Trained mentors meet on an ongoing, regular basis with the families in the program and help them develop the life skills to achieve and maintain their selfsufficiency. At this time, there is a great need for an experienced mentor to work with a current family. Call Jack Flowers at 630-355-4886 if you can help. There is also an ongoing need for mentors – training is provided! A mentor training class will be held on Sept. 26. To sign up, visit and click on Support Us.

During the month of September, the Vincentians of the Society of St Vincent de Paul of the Saints Peter and Paul Conference will remember those Vincentians who have passed this past year, along with our decease Benefactors and those friends we assisted who lost their lives to infirmities and illness.

Legion of Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Praesidium… We welcome you to join us in praying the rosary and devotional prayers in the spirit of faith and in union with our Blessed Virgin Mother, as we fulfill the spiritual needs of our parish community. The Legion of Mary is the largest worldwide apostolic association of lay people in the Catholic Church who are devoted to our most Blessed Virgin Mother. Meetings are held every Monday evening from 6:30-8:00pm in the Ministry Center, Room 227, upper level. Contact Paulette Shea at 630-7182127 if you have any questions.

SS Peter and Paul Troop IL0908 American Heritage Girls Troop IL0908 at SS Peter and Paul Parish is currently registering new and continuing members for the fall. Our troop will meet in September every second and fourth Monday of the month from 4:30-6:00PM. New members are always welcome. American Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. The organization offers badge programs, service projects, girl leadership opportunities and outdoor experiences to its members. Home school, Public school and SS Peter and Paul students are welcome to join as well as girls from surrounding parishes. For more information, please contact Mary Beth Zabinski or Lisa Walton for more details.

We wish to express our thanks to Saints Peter and Paul’s Christian Commission for its support; Light My Way; and especially you the parishioners of Saints Peter and Paul who have contributed your resources of time, talent and fiancés which has enabled the Conference to provide a bridge of hope for those who are challenged in these economic times. Your support has allowed us to pay medical bills, provide housing for the families challenged with evictions and/ or shelter less within our parish boundaries without regard to their religious convictions. We have been able to keep families together while facing these challenges. In addition the Conference has provided food for families and individuals to prepare a traditional holiday meals. Your continued support of our mission by your contributions directly to the Conference and/ or via the Green St Vincent de Paul envelopes located both in the Church and Chapel is greatly appreciated. These contributions allow us Vincentians to continue our ministry of service. As a contributing member to the Society, you are especially remembered in our prayers. The Vincentians put their faith in action giving generously of their time and talents assisting and advising those who are most in need. The Vincentian vocation is the intimate desire to participate personally and directly in helping the needy by person to person contact and by the gift of one’s heart and friendship, doing so with the Conference , a community of faith, of lay persons each inspired by the same vocation. Have you felt that being a Vincentian is a “vocation” – that you have been “called” by God to serve the poor? If you do, please contact us at 630-355-1081.

September 20, 2015

Twenty-Fifth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Do you want to be an Altar Server? Altar servers enhance the quality of liturgical celebrations by serving the priest at Mass and other liturgies. This is great way for young people to learn more about the Mass and to take an active role in the Church family. Boys and girls, 4th grade and older are invited to join the altar serving ministry. Training begins on Thursday, September 24th at 3:30pm for those students in our Religious Education program who wish to become new altar servers. Ss Peter and Paul school students will have their first training session on Friday, September 25th after school at 2:30pm. All training sessions will be in the church. We will also have two evening sessions – on Wednesdays, September 30th and October 7th, both at 6:30pm in the church. New servers are required to attend two training sessions before they can begin the “shadowing” portion of the training process. Parents, please accompany your child to one of the meetings for a short informational session. Contact Deacon Michael Crowell at

First Graders Participate in Marian Retreat Principal Karen Meskill has asked each grade to create a retreat opportunity for their students this school year. The first grade retreat took place on September 8, the birthday of our Blessed Mother. Students started the day with Mass. Father Milota’s homily focused on Mary and her role as the Mother of Jesus and the Mother of Our Church. Rosary cards were created by the students. Through this hands-on activity the children were able to see the exact number of prayers that are prayed while reciting the Rosary. Students received instructions on saying the Rosary and will be saying the Rosary with their seventh grade big buddies in October—the month of the Rosary. Sr. Marjorie led a Marian prayer service that honored Mary and retold her life story. The students listened carefully as they viewed a PowerPoint presentation showing some of the visions, icons, and shrines of Mary around the world. The students fulfilled prayer commitments and each student selected their own special intention. This retreat was designed to include continuing Marian education, praise, and reflection throughout the school year. The day concluded with singing and the suggestion was made to the students that they create a prayer corner or quiet spot in their homes where they can pray. One parent sent a note of thanks for instilling a love of Mary in her daughter. The thank you note included a picture of the prayer corner created by her daughter.

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NORTH CENTRAL COLLEGE CATHOLIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION This student organization is for all Catholic students who are looking for a faith community on campus. It is also open to those interested in learning more about Catholic tradition, spirituality, and theology. We have weekly meetings, occasional events, and opportunities to volunteer. Sunday Dinner: Every Sunday at 6:30pm in the Gathering Room of Kiekhofer Hall. Have a homemade meal and read/discuss the Sunday Scriptures. Great food + great conversations. You must RSVP by Saturday noon (if you plan to eat!) to Leslie at or to Audrey at We will go to the 8:00pm Mass at Saints Peter & Paul afterwards. Tuesday Meetings: Every Tuesday at 7:00pm in the Gathering Room of Kiekhofer Hall. Learn about service opportunities, participate in spiritual activities, and build friendships with other Catholics. Guest speakers may sometimes be invited for special topics. Refreshments are provided! Advisor: Leslie Stopka ( President: Audrey Kopecky (

Swing Dance for Wakiso All proceeds go to support St. Paul’s School and Orphanage in Wakiso Uganda. Wednesday, Sept 23 at 7:30pm Ashyana Banquets 1620 75th St., Downers Grove Swing music by the Flat Cats Tickets can be purchased in advance for a discount: General Admission:$20 Student: $15 At the Door: $25 For more information, contact us at or 312-834-1623

November 10, September 20, 2013 2015

Thirty-Second Twenty-Fifth Sunday SundayininOrdinary OrdinaryTime Time

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Playing for Miracles

You are cordially invited to the SOUNDS OF SACRED MUSIC on Tuesday, September 29 at Sacred Heart Monastery, 1920 Maple Ave, Lisle. The FREE concert will begin at 7:15 pm and last one hour featuring the talent of our school children: the Chorale Chamber of St. Francis High School and Student Choir of St. Scholastica School. Call the Catholic Education Foundation (CEF) office today at 815-221-6127 to reserve your seats.

Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet presents “Playing for Miracles,” a fun and lively fundraiser on Friday, October 23 at The Carlisle (435 E. Butterfield Rd.) in Lombard. The event features open bar, gourmet dining stations, charitable gaming, and extraordinary prizes! It’s sure to be a great time! Tickets are $100 each (or $200 for access to the VIP poker tournament) and are available online at or by calling 815-724-1140. All funds raised will be directed to Catholic Charities, Diocese of Joliet.

PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Waterleaf Women's Center National Birthright National Pregnancy Hotline National Adoption Hotline Rachel’s Vineyard Natural Family Planning The Nurturing Network Crisis Pregnancy Woman’s Choice Services Project Gabriel

630-701-6270 1-800-848-LOVE 1-800-535-9947 1-202-463-7563 1-866-99-4-GIVE 1-815-221-6251 1-800-TNN-4MOM 1-800-67-BABY-6 1-800-NO-ABORT 630-261-9221 1-877-734-2444