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SS Peter & Paul Parish Pastoral Council Minutes Minutes of Meeting September 17, 2013 Present: Jerry Buch, Kerry Douglass, Paul Gallo, Noelle Gollinger, Brendan Heffron, Barb Hoyt, Steve Keeley, Tom Lupinacci, Dick Pugliese, Tobias Schlueter, Bob Wold, Fr. Thomas Milota, Fr. John Lovitsch, and Kristine Lewandowski Absent: Fr. Mark Rosenbaum I. Opening Prayer Tom Lupinacci called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and Fr. Milota led the opening prayer. II. Approval of Minutes The minutes of the August 20, 2013 meeting were approved with no corrections or additions on motion by Tobias Schlueter, seconded by Steve Keeley. III. Approval of Agenda The agenda for the meeting was approved on motion by Steve Keeley, seconded by Barb Hoyt. IV. Open Forum Noelle Gollinger talked about the importance of ordering pro-life merchandise from the parish website. V. Election of Secretary for the 2013-14 Council Brendan Heffron volunteered to be Council Secretary and was approved by the Council VI. Commission Reports A. Teen Update A Bible study for teens on Monday has been started and is being well attended. Preparation has started to organize a trip to Washington, D.C. for the March for Life event in January. Final preparation for Harvest Sunday has begun. B. New Evangelization Tom Lupinacci distributed report of completed summer events and plans for the fall. Fall events include: Bible Study – Book of Revelation, RCIA, The Main Event, Gift of Finest Wheat: Vatican II’s document on the Liturgy, Door of Faith Speakers: Fr. Cassian Folsom and George Weigel. C. Worship Brendan Heffron reported that Bishop Siegel’s visit to bless the Holy Water font, Confessionals, and statues of Mary and St. Joseph in the Holy Family Chapel went well. The new server training sessions brought in over 30 new servers. Additional training sessions are planned for the end of September.

D. Christian Service Dick Pugliese reported that there has been no meeting yet but an announcement in the weekly bulletin asking for recommendations for organizations to be supported by the Christian Service Commission brought 3 responses from the parish. These organizations will be vetted at the next commission meeting. E. Religious Education Bob Wold reported the commission met in early September with no update. F. Parish Life Noelle Gollinger reported on preliminary plans for the coming year. Committee would like to plan a major event such as a parish picnic or concert. Deb Wold has been nominated as Respect-Life Coordinator G. Administration Jerry Buch presented the financial review for the parish, school, and RE department. Highlights are: A. Sunday Collections were down $33,814 but had been improving in September. B. School enrollment was down 11 students but the percentage of non-parish students was higher leading to higher tuition. C. RE was down in revenue because of lower enrollment, however the numbers are still preliminary as parents continue to enroll their children. D. Motion to approve year-end budget was brought forth by Jerry Buch, seconded by Steve Keeley and approved unanimously.

H. SS Peter & Paul School A. Tobias Schlueter distributed two papers: the August 27, 2013 School Board Meeting Minutes and the 2013-14 Goals. B. Tobias highlighted two points regarding the Goals handout: 1. To implement the Trinity Pledge program to help Sunday liturgies to be more meaningful for students and their families. The goal of the program is to foster conversation regarding the previous Sunday’s Mass Readings and Homily in the classroom. There is no punishment for not participating in the program. 2. To implement common core standards in Language Arts Additionally, student standardized testing has been changed to the Iowa Basics Program

VIII. Old Business Neighborhood Gathering The Neighborhood Gathering at the home of Steve & Jennifer Keeley was attended by over 35 people. Steve Keeley said that the evening went well. Pictorial Directory Update Report by Margie Sznajder A. Due to an overwhelming response, it was decided to hold four additional days of photography. Dates are September 19, 21, 26 & 28. B. Page layouts for ministries have begun.

C. Current plans call for the directory to be submitted to the company by the end of October. IX. New Business No New Business X. President’s Report No President’s Report XI. Pastor’s Comments Fr. Milota’s comments centered around two topics: A. Trinity Pledge Was mandated by the Diocese and began at the beginning of the current school year. Joe Fednick said that participation was overall good. The goal of the program is to bring the Sunday mass more into the center of family life. There are two different handouts, one for K-1st and one for 2nd-8th grade. B. Stewardship Letter Fr. Milota sent out a parish-wide stewardship letter asking parishioners to review their Sunday gifts and increase it if possible. No letter has been sent out for 3 years due to the sluggish economy. There were 18 different form letters sent to parishioners based on a variety of factors such as level of completion of Pass It On contributions, whether children are in the parish school, and regularity of Mass attendance. Most were well received by the parish. Some parishioners were offended by the language of a few of the form letters. Fr. Milota read the form letters that were found offensive by some parishioners to the Council and no objections were made regarding the wording of the letters. XII. Closing Prayer Closing prayer was lead by Fr. Lovitsch. XIII. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 8:03 pm. Next meeting is scheduled for October 15, 2013 at 7:00 p.m.