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April 6, 2014 ♦ Fifth Sunday of Lent

36 North Ellsworth Street Naperville, Illinois 60540-4619


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April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent Parish Staff Directory

SS. PETER AND PAUL PARISH 36 N. Ellsworth St., Naperville, IL 60540 (PHONE) 630-355-1081 (FAX) 630-355-1179 Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9 AM-5 PM Website: Facebook: SS Peter and Paul New Evangelization PRIESTS Father Thomas Milota, Pastor .......................................... 630-718-2106 Father Mark Rosenbaum, Parochial Vicar ........................ 630-718-2105 Father John Lovitsch, Parochial Vicar .............................. 630-718-2104 PERMANENT DEACONS Deacon Ron Brown ............................................................ 630-718-2153 Deacon Michael Crowell .................................................... 630-718-2197 Deacon Will Marrero .......................................................... 630-718-2217 Deacon Kevin Neis ............................................................. 630-718-2216 Deacon Roger Novak ......................................................... 630-718-2258 Deacon Tom Rehak ............................................................ 630-718-2158 Deacon Joe Verdico............................................................ 630-718-2155 PARISH OFFICE Pastor’s Administrative Asst: Jessica Payne ....................... 630-718-2108 Office Manager: Gloria Villaseñor ..................................... 630-718-2101 Bulletin Editor: Mary Kerner............................................. 630-718-2110 BUSINESS OFFICE Finance Manager: Tom Boler ............................................. 630-718-2100 Accountant: Shannon Findley............................................. 630-718-2102 Accounting Assistant: Rhonda Mucerino ........................... 630-718-2109 Facilities Manager: Frank Partipilo .................................... 630-718-2163 SCHOOL OFFICE……………………... (PHONE) 630-355-0113 Principal: Frank Glowaty…………………………(FAX) 630-355-9803 NEW EVANGELIZATION Director: Michael Brummond............................................. 630-718-2154 Coordinator for New Evangelization for Youth: Michael Lewandowski ............................. 630-718-2131 RELIGIOUS EDUCATION OFFICE .........................630-357-2436 (FAX)630-357-2458 ATTENDANCE ..................................................... 630-355-1139 Director of Religious Education & Children’s Ministry: Theresa Pratt ................................. 630-718-2133 Assistant Director: Michael Lewandowski ......................... 630-718-2131 Office Manager: Peggy Partipilo ........................................ 630-718-2138 SACRED WORSHIP Director of Sacred Music: Matthew S. Sprinkle .............. .630-718-2119 Liturgical Ministries Coordinator: Deacon Michael Crowell ... 630-718-2197 Sacristy Coordinator: Pam Adamski................................... 630-355-0222 SERVICE MINISTRY Director: Deacon Joe Verdico ............................................ 630-718-2155 PARISH NURSE / PASTORAL MINISTRY Paulette Shea ...................................................................... 630-718-2127 SENIOR SERVICES Deacon Joe Verdico, Communion Call Coordinator .......... 630-718-2155 Paulette Shea, Parish Nurse ................................................ 630-718-2127 Deacon Michael Crowell, Young at Heart Director ............ 630-718-2197 NURSERY COORDINATOR Donna Widmann................................................................. 630-718-2165 PERPETUAL ADORATION VOICEMAIL ................630-355-1014 ext 2442

PARISH COUNCIL MEMBERS Thomas Lupinacci, President/ New Evangelization Commission Brendan Heffron, Vice-President & Secretary / Worship Commission Jerry Buch, Administration Commission Bob Wold, Christian Education Commission Noelle Gollinger, Parish Life Commission Dick Pugliese, Christian Service Commission Tobias Schlueter, Saints Peter and Paul School

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Kerry Douglass, Member at Large Paul Gallo, Member at Large Kristine Lewandowski, Member at Large Barb Hoyt, Member at Large Steve Keeley, Member at Large Margie Sznajder, Member at Large

WEEKEND MASS SCHEDULE Church: Saturdays; 5:00 & 6:30 PM Sundays; 6:30, 8:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM, 12:30, 5:30 (Tridentine) & 8:00 PM Holy Family Chapel: Sundays; 9:30 & 11:00 AM (Childcare offered during 9:30 AM and 11:00 AM Masses. Call 355-1081 for info.) WEEKDAY MASS SCHEDULE Mondays — Saturdays; 6:45 & 8:00 AM Mondays — Thursdays; 5:15 PM First Friday — 12:00 NOON in the Adoration Chapel HOLY DAY MASS SCHEDULE 6:45, 8:00 AM, 12:00 NOON, 5:15 & 7:00 PM (Obligation may usually be fulfilled at the 5:15 PM Mass on the Eve of the Holy Day. Schedule does not apply on 12-25, 1-1 or if Holy Day falls on a Saturday or Monday.) RECITATION OF THE ROSARY: Tuesdays at 7:30 PM MOTHER OF PERPETUAL HELP NOVENA: Wednesdays at 7:45 AM RESPECT LIFE ROSARY: Wednesdays following 8:00 AM Mass VESPERS & BENEDICTION: Thursdays at 6:00 PM (Adoration Chapel)

SACRAMENTS RECONCILIATION SCHEDULE Tuesdays: 10:00 AM (Holy Family Chapel) and 7:00 PM (Church) (No 10:00AM Confessions on 2nd Tuesday of the month) Thursdays: 7:15 AM & 4:30 PM (Church) Saturdays: 4:00 PM (Holy Family Chapel) Sundays: 7:00 PM (Church) (Confessions are also heard at 10:30AM on the 4th Saturday of the Month in the Holy Family Chapel.)

WEDDINGS At least one of the engaged persons (or their parents) must be a registered parishioner for a minimum of three months before the parish will check the calendar for a wedding date. To schedule a wedding date, one of the engaged persons should phone the Parish Office at 630-355-1081 or stop by the Parish Office during regular office hours. Please review the complete wedding policy at

BAPTISMS We baptize at SSPP each Sunday of the month at 2 PM. Please review the complete baptismal policy at

FOR CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM 1. Your family should be registered with the parish in order to have your child baptized. 2. If this is your first child, you must attend a baptism preparation class before receiving a date for your baby’s baptism. Call the Parish Office to sign up for the class. Classes are held on the 1st Monday of the month. 3. Call the Parish Office to schedule a date for your child’s baptism. For information on scheduling baptisms, weddings, sick calls, hospital calls, home communion visitation, adult instructions in the Catholic faith, or to register as a new parishioner, please call the Parish Office at 630-355-1081.

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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A Message from our Pastor Dear Parishioners of SS. Peter and Paul, Please remember that next Sunday is Palm (Passion) Sunday! Parish Mission Don't forget our parish mission this week. There will be presentations by the Fathers of Mercy with confessions after each morning session (9 am) and before and after each evening session ( 7 pm). Please notice that the evening presentation repeats the morning presentation. North Central College Students Welcome to the North Central College Campus Ministry Students attending the 11 am Mass in the Church! Although we have many students from North Central College who count this as their parish, we are glad to recognize them in a special way this Sunday. Fifth Sunday of Lent You will notice that beginning on the First Sunday of Lent, the crosses and images of saints other than those in the Stations of the Cross are covered through the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday. Why is this? Ryan Erlenbush gives a wonderful explanation: The Mystical Interpretation Abbot Gueranger enlightens us with a mystical interpretation of the Gospel which, in former times, was read on this Sunday: As Christ hid himself from the rage of the Jewish authorities (John 8:59), so now he is hidden from the world in preparation for the mysteries of his passion. “The presentiment of that awful hour [of our Savior’s passion] leads the afflicted mother [the Church] to veil the image of her Jesus: the cross is hidden from the eyes of the faithful. The statues of the saints, too, are covered; for it is but just that, if the glory of the Master be eclipsed, the servant should not appear. “The interpreters of the liturgy tell us that this ceremony of veiling the crucifix during Passiontide, expresses the humiliation to which our Savior subjected Himself, of hiding Himself when the Jews threatened to stone Him, as is related in the Gospel of Passion Sunday [John 8:46-59, They took up stones therefore to cast at him. But Jesus hid himself, and went out of the temple (John 8:59)]. The Church begins this solemn rite with the Vespers of the Saturday before Passion Sunday.” The Spiritual Interpretation Dom Gueranger continues and directs us to acts of devotion for the Cross: “Twice during the course of the year, that is, on the feasts of its Invention and Exaltation, this sacred Wood will be offered to us that we may honour it as the trophy of our Jesus’ victory; but now, it speaks to us but of His sufferings, it brings with it no other idea but that of His humiliation.” Considering that, in the season of our Lord’s passion, all the strength of our devotion should be directed to the Cross of Christ, we may be surprised that the images of the Cross are to be covered in these days. However, when we recognize that we now venerate the Cross not so much as an emblem of victory (as in the Triumph of the Cross) but as an instrument of humiliation and suffering, we will soon understand the spiritual realities which are conveyed through the covering of the crosses. In his passion, our Savior’s divinity was almost totally eclipsed, so great was his suffering. Likewise, even his humanity was obscured – so much so that he could say through his prophet: I am a worm and no man (Psalm 21:7). His face and whole body were so disfigured by the blows and scourges that our Jesus was scarcely recognizable! Thus, the wounds he endured hid both is divinity and his humanity. For this reason we veil the crosses in these final days of Lent – hiding our Savior under the sad purple cloth. May Almighty God bless you and keep you. In Christ,

Fr. Thomas A. Milota

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Schedule for Holy Week 2014 GOOD FRIDAY, APRIL 18 Morning Prayer 8:00 AM

SATURDAY, APRIL 12 Regular weekend Mass Schedule Confessions 3:30 PM

Stations of the Cross 12:00 Noon PASSION (PALM) SUNDAY, APRIL 13

Veneration of the Cross and Liturgy 3:00 PM

Blessed Palms available at all Masses Regular weekend Mass Schedule

Confessions 5:00 PM (Holy Family Chapel)

* Please note the 12:30 PM Mass will be celebrated in the Holy Family Chapel.

Stations of the Cross 7:00 PM HOLY SATURDAY, APRIL 19 Morning Prayer 8:00 AM

Confessions 7:00 PM NO 5:15 PM MASS ON MONDAY, APRIL 14.

Confessions 9:00 AM (Holy Family Chapel) Blessing of Food Baskets 10:00 AM in Church

TUESDAY, APRIL 15 Confessions 7:00 PM

Easter Vigil 8:00 PM

(Celebrant Bishop Joseph Siegel)

No 4:00 PM Confessions on Holy Saturday

HOLY THURSDAY, APRIL 17 Confessions 7:00 AM & 4:00 PM

EASTER SUNDAY, APRIL 20 Regular weekend Mass Schedule

Morning Prayer 8:00 AM

* An additional 12:30 PM Mass will be celebrated in the Holy Family Chapel

Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7:00 PM (Adoration following Mass until midnight)

No 7:00 PM Confessions on Easter Sunday

Tenebrae 11:30 PM

Saints Peter and Paul School News

SAVE THE DATE Please join us for a Celebration of Catholic Education as we honor our 2014 Hall of Honor recipients Maureen McDonagh and Bernie Fagan Faculty & Staff Milestones, and outgoing Leadership Board Members of Saints Peter and Paul School will also be recognized at the Annual Saints Peter and Paul School A.L.L.I.A.N.C.E. for Tomorrow 26th Annual Dinner Dance Friday, April 25, 2014 Naperville Country Club

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Saints Peter and Paul School News 6th and 7th Grade Spotlight, Play Highlights Too! 6th Grade Reports: Students are reading the novel Crash that has underlying themes about the damaging effects and consequences of verbal, physical, and emotional bullying after studying the six different types of conflict. They have uncovered real-world examples where conflict comes into play in their lives and appropriate ways to handle different types of conflict. The next novel we will be reading is called Last Shot that centers around two eighth grade student journalists uncovering who is behind a blackmailing scandal to throw the championship game during March Madness! In Language Arts, students are learning how to diagram and enjoy challenging each other to identify the function of words within some pretty lengthy and comical sentences. Math Students are busy working on 1-step and 2-step equations. While over in Science, the Chemistry unit has covered the following topics: what is a chemical, what is the difference between a chemical and a physical change, atoms and molecules, chemical equations and acids and bases. 7st Grade Reports: In the Literature Plus course the students are just finishing their unit on The Hobbit and wrapped it up with our life size character posters where students create themselves as a character type from the book: hobbit, elf, spider, wizard, dragon, etc. They also just began their preparation for the Naperville Cross-town Challenge. This is a literary debate between SSPP, St. Raphael, and All Saints Academy. We host the debate and this is our fourth year. Good Luck Trojans! In addition, Mr. Puc’s class just finished their research papers on Native American Tribes and even made speeches supported by posters they created. Spring Play: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory: Saints Peter and Paul School is proud to present Roald Dahl's Willy Wonka, Jr. Dahl’s timeless story of the world-famous candy man and his quest to find an heir comes to life in this stage adaptation of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which features the songs from the classic family film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Roald Dahl's WILLY WONKA JR. follows enigmatic candy manufacturer Willy Wonka as he stages a contest by hiding five golden tickets in five of his scrumptious candy bars. Whoever comes up with these tickets will win a free tour of the Wonka factory, as well as a lifetime supply of candy. Four of the five winning children are insufferable brats: the fifth is a likeable young lad named Charlie Bucket who takes the tour in the company of his equally amiable grandfather. The children must learn to follow Mr. Wonka's rules in the factory--or suffer the consequences. Before our Main Stage show, Saints Peter and Paul is also proud to present our K-4th Grade students performing the "Opening Act", a musical review of candy inspired songs. Grades K-1 will perform during the 5:30pm show and Grades 2-4 will perform during the 8:00pm. This scrumdidilyumptious musical is guaranteed to delight everyone's sweet tooth! Showtimes are on Friday, April 11, 2014 at 5:30pm and 8:00pm at Pfeiffer Hall; 310 E. Benton Ave on the North Central College Campus. Tickets can be purchased at the box office on April 11 for $10/ticket. This is one night of entertainment not to be missed! Our cast features the talents of members of the Saints Peter and Paul Junior High and Elementary students. Our cast includes: Quinn Radeke as Mr. Salt Alex Reed as Phineous Trout Grace Reid as Mrs. Bucket Sydney Relihan as Mrs. Teavee Michael Trubshaw as Mike Teavee Seven Acosta as Willy Wonka Olivia Callahan as Mrs. Beauregarde Nina Cassano as Violet Beauregarde

Joseph Dockery as Mr. Bucket Duncan Fox as Charlie Bucket Liam Johnson as Augustus Gloop Ryan Knapp as Grandpa Joe Maddie Koch as Mrs. Gloop Alexa Lembach as Grandma Josephina RJ McGaw as Candy Man Mary Cate Mihalik as Veruca Salt Joe Wozniak as Grandpa George

Saints Peter and Paul School 2014-2015 Registration Saints Peter and Paul School is currently accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year from Kindergarten – 8th Grade. For more information and/or to schedule a tour please contact our Office at (630) 355-0113. Paying us a visit is the best way to find out what we are all about and to get a great feel for our welcoming school environment! We hope to see you soon! Did you know that Saints Peter and Paul was among the pioneers in the Naperville area to begin Full Day Kindergarten classes? The School Day begins at 7:53 and ends at 2:10 and there are Extended Day options available for all grades. Did you know that over 80% of our 8th Graders attend area Catholic High Schools including: Benet, St. Francis, Montini, Marmion, Joliet Catholic and Rosary? Among those, 78% of those are currently on the Honor Roll at their school.

Saints Peter and Paul School…..An opportunity to get a Blue Ribbon and a Faith Based Education all in one!

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent Mass Intentions

Saturday, April 5 6:45 AM Jerry Dusek 8:00 AM For Reparation Vigil Masses for the Fifth Sunday of Lent 5:00 PM Ronald Mayor 6:30 PM Dorothy Hoy Sunday, April 6—Fifth Sunday of Lent 6:30 AM Abbot Thomas Havlik, O.S.B. (B) 8:00 AM Ss Peter and Paul Parishioners 9:30 AM Helen Madziarczyk 11:00 AM Frances Szurgot 12:30 PM Pat Danzico 5:30 PM Philip S. Reynertson (LATIN MASS) 8:00 PM For the Victims and Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide– 20th Anniversary

Candidates for Parish Council It is almost time for elections to the parish council again. There is one opening on the council this year and so we are asking all those who might be interested in filling that vacancy to contact the parish by phone (630-718-2108) or by email ( Candidates must be current members of the parish wanting to serve the parish in a constructive way. The Parish Council is not a governing board but an advisory board to the pastor. Those seeking candidacy should contact the parish within the next two weeks.

Holy Family Chapel 9:30 AM 11:00 AM Monday, April 7 6:45 AM 8:00 AM 5:15 PM

Agnes Arvin Ted Leija Intention of Darlene Pehlke Poskonka Family For the Victims and Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide– 20th Anniversary

Tuesday, April 8 6:45 AM Eileen Tepler 8:00 AM Jeannette Corrigan 5:15 PM Margaret Renk (B) Wednesday, April 9 6:45 AM For the Victims and Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide– 20th Anniversary 8:00 AM Edward LeRoux (B) 5:15 PM Richard Nelson Thursday, April 10 6:45 AM For the Victims and Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide– 20th Anniversary 8:00 AM John Locher (B) and Lucille Locher 5:15 PM Ramona Bell (A) Friday, April 11 6:45 AM Purgatorial Society 8:00 AM Ruby Morrow LeClair Saturday, April 12 6:45 AM For the Protection of the Unborn 8:00 AM For the Victims and Survivors of the Rwandan Genocide– 20th Anniversary Vigil Masses for Palm Sunday 5:00 PM Robert Koretke (A) 6:30 PM Clarence Landorf Sunday, April 13—Palm Sunday 6:30 AM Joseph Inorio (B) 8:00 AM Frank and Hilda (B) Johannville and Family 9:30 AM Ss Peter and Paul Parishioners 11:00 AM Margaret Smego 5:30 PM Heather Wurtsbaugh (LATIN MASS) 8:00 PM Philip S. Reynertson

Holy Family Chapel 9:30 AM 11:00 AM 12:30 PM

Darrell Hutton Svec and Kadlec Families Debra Guidi

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e Pleas e t No


Please note there will be no Vespers on Thursday, April 10th.


The 12:30pm Mass on Palm Sunday, April 13th will be celebrated in the Holy Family Chapel.

DECORATING FOR EASTER We will be decorating our beautiful Church and Holy Family Chapel after the 7pm Stations of the Cross on Good Friday. If you are interested in joining us or would like more information please contact Pam Adamski at 630-336-6593 or email her at After such a long winter the chance to work with flowers is a true blessing.

March Baptisms Children of God and new members of our Parish Family: Zachary Joseph Adeszko Eva Mae Bernas Griffin William Brodeur Elias Gabriel Skrzynecki Carlos Taze Oakley Daniels Lucy Elemae Hughes Lucy Rose Kaminski Logan James Kuhrt Ella Marie Lalko Quincy Norah Maloto Erin Marie Manning Annabelle Marie Michaud Eleanor Donna-Marie Tranor Robert Philip Tranor

School Masses The next school Masses will be celebrated at 8am on Tuesday, April 8th and Thursday, April 10.

We wish these families God’s blessings as they cherish and nurture His precious gift of life!

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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The New Evangelization Parish Lenten Mission – Saturday April 5th – Thursday April 10, 2014 Our annual parish mission will be held Sunday, April 6th through Thursday, April 10th in the Church. We welcome again the Fathers of Mercy. Fr. Wade Menezes and Fr. Joseph Aytona will be preaching mission sessions in both the morning (9:00-10:00) and the evening (7:00-8:00). Please note that the Thursday session will be within the context of Holy Mass. Confessions will be held along with each session, and all are invited to a social with light refreshments after each session. Sunday, April 6th  5:30-6:30 – Confessions  7:00pm –Mission Talk – “Be Faithful to Daily Duty” – Fr. Wade  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk

Wednesday, April 9th  9:00 am Mission Talk – “God’s Infinite Mercy” – Fr. Joseph  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk  5:45-6:30 – Confessions  7:00 pm Mission Talk – “God’s Infinite Mercy” – Fr. Joseph  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk

Monday, April 7th  9:00 am Mission Talk – “The Holy Eucharist” – Fr. Joseph  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk  5:45-6:30 – Confessions  7:00 pm Mission Talk – “The Holy Eucharist” – Fr. Joseph  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk

Thursday, April 10th (Talks within the context of Holy Mass)  9:00 am Mass/Mission Talk – “Understanding the Reality of Vice and Virtue” – Fr. Wade  10:15 – Confessions  Social to Follow Mission Talk. 5:45-6:30 – Confessions – Fathers of Mercy  7:00 pm Mass/Mission talk – “Understanding the Reality of Vice and Virtue” – Fr. Wade  8:15 – Confessions  Social to Follow Mission Talk

Tuesday, April 8th  9:00 am Mission Talk – “Be Other-Centered” – Fr. Wade  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk  5:45-6:30 – Confessions  7:00 pm Mission Talk - “Be Other-Centered” – Fr. Wade  Confessions offered during and after mission talk  Social to Follow Mission Talk

Speaker Event April 25th, 2014 will mark the sixty-eighth anniversary of the worst disaster in Burlington Railroad history, the Naperville train wreck that took the lives of 45 people. On Saturday, April 26th, at 10am in the social hall, author Chuck Spinner will give a presentation about his book, The Tragedy at the Loomis Street Crossing. Spinner spent five years researching the life stories of all 45 people whose lives were lost in the crash. He also interviewed the only two surviving eye witnesses to the collision and talked with rescue workers and several of the injured passengers. (Three SSPP priests gave last rites at the crash site.) Chuck's book prompted the forming of a committee, headed by Paul Hinterlong, that worked with the Century Walk organization toward the creation of a sculpture by Paul Kuhn that will be dedicated at 1pm on that same Saturday at the Naperville Railroad Station. A good number of friends and family of the crash victims should be in attendance for the presentation. Chuck was a long time member of our parish. He now lives with his wife Patrice in Ashville, New York. Autographed copies of Mr. Spinner's book will be available at his Saturday morning presentation.

RCIA Do you know anyone who might be ready to become Catholic?? Perhaps you yourself have been coming to the mass for years and haven’t yet come fully into the Church. Beginning in late April, and running until Christmas, a new “round” of RCIA will be held in our parish on Wednesday evenings. RCIA is the process that prepares and welcomes people into the Catholic Church. If you know of anyone interested in learning more about becoming Catholic, please have them contact Mike at for more information.

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent The New Evangelization

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News from the Knights

An Invitation to all interested parties to join Chuck Spinner as he delivers a fascinating talk about the victims and the heroic rescuers involved in the Naperville train wreck of April 25th, 1946. Chuck's fascinating book will be available with an opportunity for a personal signing.

Saturday, April 26th, 10am SS Peter and Paul Ministry Center Social Hall (36 N. Ellsworth Street) Free admission – Everyone is welcome Knights of Columbus Council No. 1369 615 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville, IL 60563 04-07 – Monday – Columbian Squires Meeting – 7:00 PM 04-11 – Friday – Fish Fry – WORKERS NEEDED (Tom Rogers) 04-12 – Saturday – SSPP Blood Drive – 7:00 AM to 12:30 PM (Alex R.) 04-13 – Sunday – Easter Egg Hunt – 1:30 PM – SSPP Grounds – with M.O.M.S. Group (Nick Thompson) 04-19 – Saturday – Pro-Life Rosary at Planned Parenthood – 9:00 AM (John Zabinski) – PRAYERS NEEDED 04-22 – Tuesday – Officers and Directors Planning Meeting – 7:00 PM (Larry Pociask) Create Nominating Committee 04-27 – Sunday – Special Olympics at North Central College – 8 to 5:30 (John Moran) – WORKERS NEEDED 04-27 – Sunday – World Day of Vocations The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic Men’s Fraternal Service Organization founded by Father McGivney. All of the good works we do are informed by our four core principles: Charity, Unity, Fraternity and Patriotism. The Knights also have an insurance program that has a top notch rating. For more information, please contact our Grand Knight, John Moran at 630-548-9590 or our Membership Director, Nick Thompson at 815-871-4218. The KC Hall is available for parties and meetings. Contact Al Knoeck at 630-369-2992 for more information. Our aluminum can collection has been a great success. It has provided us the funding we need to support our priests and seminarians. Please continue to drop off your aluminum cans next to the trailer behind the KC Hall.

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Prayer Intentions PRAY FOR THE SICK


Please remember in your prayers, the following people who are seriously ill and others who are suffering with long-term or terminal illnesses:

Please note that if you wish to have a family member or friend’s name included with the petition for the sick which is read at weekend Masses, you must call the parish office by 2 PM on Friday. Your loved one’s name will automatically be added into the sick list in the bulletin the following weekend. If you add a loved one’s name to the petition when you come to Mass, please follow up with a phone call to the parish office on Monday so the name may be included with the sick list in the bulletin. In the interest of keeping our sick list current, the first weekend in May we will remove names put on prior to April 1st, unless we hear from you or a family member that you wish a name to remain on the list. Call the Office, 630-355-1081, to add, remove or keep a name on the sick list. Any names received after 2 PM on Friday will be included in the following weekend’s prayers. Deceased loved ones who are buried from SS. Peter and Paul Parish are automatically named in the bulletin and in the petition read at weekend Masses. Other recently deceased loved ones may be added to the petitions by calling the parish office by 2 PM on Friday.

Marcia Adams, Kelsey Allen, Don Anderson, Baby Leia Annerino, Lorraine Babyar, Helen Badri, Aldo Balzarini, Audrey Bermes, Steven Bermes, Kathy Bohenek, Donna Booth, Rose Briceno, Evelyn Brown, Bryce, Natalia Carlos, Alice Carr, Emma Carroll, Colette Cerulla, Mary Beth Cesare, Baby Franco Colasante, Baby Santino Colasante, Mike Considine, Edith Coolahan, William Coolahan, Fortunato Cruz, Victoria Cruz, Scott Dawson, Baby Daley, Megan Daley, Natalie De Nova, William Dieter, Sr., Warren Dixon, Jr., Diane Dobbs, William Dobbs, Mary Dorn, George Dreas, Brian Dubsky, Alice Durma, Karen Eggen, Charles Farrell, Thomas Farrell, Charles Faso, III, Marilyn Feder, Betsy Feliciano, Julie Flick, Richard Flick, Robert Flick, Fran Ford, George Franicevic, Mary Ann Freitag, Matt Fuhrman, Pat Geary, Cardinal Francis George, Mary Ginnan-Renzas, Ron Gleason, Brian Goebel, Edward Goerling, Joe Gorman, Cathy Goshorn, Ricardo Gratela, Rosita Gratela, Emmerence Greenberg, Nikki Gudall, Ted Gysan, Don Haas, Mary Beth Harmon, Eileen Hawell, Sami Henderson, Constance Hennessy, Jacqualyne Hill, Penny Holtz, Bernie Hurd, Jan Janczak, Mark Jenkins, John Keenan, Laura Keistler, Jim King, Ron Kinsley, Father George Klepec, Marie Kohoutek, Winifred Kolar, Noreen Koppers, Irene Korczyk, Maddie Kowalski, Nancy Kratville, Thomas Krauss, Kathleen Krutak, Ben Kujawa, Edmund Kurzawa, Mark Landiak, Maureen Lange, Pierre Lebeau, Bob Lein, Samantha Lent, Baby Michael Lietz, Ann Lindberg, Vi Livernash, Manuel Llanes, Dick Locher, Maria Macedo, Monica Macedo, Rosemary Magnar, Ann Malone, Joan Marchaterre, Rose Marks, Jeanette Prochorow McCann, David McCarthy, Ian Patrick McDonagh, Patrick McDonagh, Margaret McDonnell, Patricia McEttrick, Patrick Michel, Tom Mlyniec, Eileen Mondi, Roger Mumper, Barbara Myers, Cesar Naguit, Zeny Naguit, Bob Neis, Ray Nemec, Quang Nguyen, Dennis Nielsen, Frank Nitti, Ann Nowak, Thomas Martin O’Grady, Tommy O’Grady, Matthew Ousterout, Jean Oxenreiter, Martha Pappadopoli, Donna Paroski, Dr. Jim Paul, Carolynn Pavini, Patty Piekarczyk, Jerri Powell, Pat Pradel, Beatrice A. Pratt, Walter Prochorow, Dabney Rehak, Mary Rehak, Archabbot Lambert Reilly, Elizabeth Ritscherle, Katie Rommel, Sharon Ruff, Peter Ruocco, Harrison Ruzicka, Donna Ryan, Michael Sage, Julie Sanchez, Maria San Juan, Catherine Sawner, Charles Schenk, Betty Scholp, Virginia Schultz, Gerald Scott, Bernice Shanahan, Ysabell Simbol, Sr. Aniceta Skube, O.P., Catherine Squire, Fr. Christopher Steinle, John Stewart, Tom Stone, Jim Streu, Rudy Struchil, Allison Surin, George Svec, Eileen Szarek, Sheila Thornley, Jeannie Thorpe, Bernice Tokarski, Bernard Toussaint, Akiko Toyohara, Christopher Vacek, Ethan Joseph Van Gessel, Laine VanHoutan, Noah VanHoutan, Carmen Vazquez, Charles Villaseñor, Judy Vissepo, James Walsh, Stephanie Watts, Marie Williams, Douglas Wilson, Janice Wilson, Audrey Witnik, Sylvia Wolfe, Marcie Woytus, Rund Yaqoob, Rena Yarshen, Stephanie Young-Hayes, Bill Yudchitz, Deacon Kevin Zeeb, Jayne Zenker, Phyllis Zenzola, Helen Zgoda, Karisa Zielinski.

Newly added this week: Dominic Diesing, William Diesing, Maria Amparo Encarnado, Aaron Erickson, Angelita de Leon and Jillian Smith. May they and their families be comforted by our prayers and Our Lord’s compassion.

We wish to offer our sympathy and a promise of our prayers to family and friends on the death of Jeanne Ambrose, Rita Atkinson, Rita Hutton Antony Jiminez Jr and Josephine Papa.

Please Remember in Prayer our Men and Women Serving in the Military U.S. Air Force Airman 1st Class Joseph Burns Daniel Caddigan Captain Frank Girdwain Sgt. Mike McDonnell Airman Steve McDonnell Airman 1st Class Zachary McKenty Captain Scott Paeth Major Tamara Prasse Sr. Airman Daniel Shea Senior Airman Amanda Shea Sgt. Dan Steenstra Sgt. Nicole Finnigan Underwood U.S. Army 2nd Lt. Michael Caddigan Captain John J. Case Major Mary Cassidy Lt. Col. Richard Collage Captain Tom Crane Major Thomas E. Goerling Sgt. Anthony Gorup Sgt. Kellen Jones 1 Lt. Josh Laz Captain Stephen Laz Captain Aimee Laz Park PFC Christopher Pavini PFC Steven Powell Captain Michael Predny 1st Lt. Andrew J. Prunty Captain Daniel Rickert 1st Lt. David Rickert Harrison Ruzicka, SPEC. 4 Sgt. 1st Class Pamela Schmecht PFC Jeremy See Captain Stephen Stoll SPC Robert Surran Sgt. Shaun Toney Sgt. Craig Vladika

U.S. Army (cont’d) Captain Christopher White 1st Lt. Eileen White U.S. Navy Lt. Ellen Bock Lt. Thomas Bock Ben Craig, AFW2 Captain Anthony Giglio Commander Michael Jelinek Lt. Tom Kuhrt Commander Chris Kurgan Lt. Commander Paul Lucia Captain Stephen Lucia Patrick Marsh, PO1 Lt. Kaleb Moore Captain Debra Scheel Lt. Kasey Scheel Lt. Matthew Scheel U.S. Marine Corps LCPL Jonathan Bonus Captain Kevin Bowler Captain Donald J. Carlsen CWO2 John Crites Sgt. Richard DiBiaso Sgt. Luke Focer LCPL Daniel P. Hodgman 2nd Lt. Eric Hovey Sgt. Ivan Karamysev Major Pete Keough Gy Sgt. Conor Mahoney Sgt. Steven Oleksy II LCPL Matthew Prasse Corporal Joseph Taylor Staff Sgt. Marcin Tutaj U.S. Coast Guard P.D. John McNellis

If you would like to have a serviceman or woman included in the military remembrance list in the bulletin, please call the parish office at 630-355-1081. To arrange a welcome home for your soldier or marine, contact Donna Morsovillo of Operation Welcome You Home at 630-302-2638 or

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Pray With Us ROSARY

coming April 27th

Divine Mercy Sunday

*Please note that the Tuesday, April 8th rosary has been cancelled. We encourage all to attend the Parish Mission. The rosary will resume on Tuesday, April 15th in the Holy Family Chapel.

STATIONS OF THE CROSS‌ ...with Benediction will be offered each Friday during Lent at 7:00 pm in the Church. Please make a special effort to come and pray this beautiful Lenten devotion.

12:30pm Mass + 1:30pm Confessions 3:00pm Chaplet + Benediction follows Visit the St. Francis of Assisi Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel open 24 hours 7 days a week

Take the journey to the heart of Jesus Finally, I can flee no more—I yielded to Your open door The prize You sought for so long is finally Yours Your dark and gloom have hounded me For so long now that I can't see I surrender all those things You've taken from me Came back a voice that did not take the heart I only wanted You to seek them in my all The dark and gloom you said you could no longer stand Was after all the shadow of My loving hand How little worthy of My love could anyone be Who else could ever love you, save only Me... -The Hound of Heaven by Francis Thompson

St. Francis Chapel of Eucharistic Adoration Flame of Faith Candles Six candles burn perpetually around the Blessed Sacrament in our St. Francis Eucharistic Adoration Chapel. The burning candles serve as a constant prayer before the Lord, present in the Blessed Sacrament. Envelopes for you to have your intention remembered with one of these candles and prayed for ONE WEEK (Sunday to Sunday) are available in the Adoration Chapel. The intentions will be published in the bulletin.

St. Francis Perpetual Eucharistic Adoration Chapel

Flame of Faith intentions for the week of April 6:

(Located just east of the church- enter off alleyway)

The seven Day Devotional Candles, at the altar of our Lord, in the Saint Francis Adoration Chapel, are being offered for the following intentions:

Barb Hoyt 630-369-0931; Barb Landiak Permanent Adorers are needed for the following hours:

1. 2. 3. 4.

Friday 12am - 1am Saturday 5pm


Please consider visiting with our Lord at this time. Call Barb at 630-885-1726 or


For the repose of the soul of Dorothy Hoy. For all the Holy souls in purgatory. For the protection of the unborn. For an increase in vocations to the priesthood and religious life. For a successful and spiritual Parish Mission at SSPP. For wisdom and guidance for Pope Francis.


April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Pray With Us READINGS FOR THE WEEK Monday: Tuesday: Wednesday: Thursday: Friday: Saturday: Sunday:

Dn 13:1-9, 15-17, 19-30, 33-62 [41c-62]; Ps 23:1-6; Jn 8:1-11 Nm 21:4-9; Ps 102:2-3, 16-21; Jn 8:21-30 Dn 3:14-20, 91-92, 95; Dn 3:52-56; Jn 8:31-42 Gn 17:3-9; Ps 105:4-9: Jn 8:51-59 Jer 20:10-13; Ps 18:2-7; Jn 10:31-42 Ez 37:21-28; Jer 31:10, 11-13; Jn 11:45-56 Mt 21:1-11 (procession); Is 50:4-7; Ps 22:8-9, 17-20, 23-24; Phil 2:6-11; Mt 26:14 -- 27:66 [27:11-54]

Eucharistic Adoration Chapel Triduum Schedule CHAPEL CLOSES on April 16: 8:30 am Wednesday CHAPEL OPENS on April 19: 11:00 pm Holy Saturday

(After the Easter Vigil Liturgy)

Christian Service Happenings Legion of Mary Our Lady of Sorrows Praesidium…

Ss. Peter & Paul Church & Optum Health are pleased to offer

We welcome you to join us in praying the rosary and devotional prayers in the spirit of faith and in union with our Blessed Virgin Mother, as we fulfill the spiritual needs of our parish community. The Legion of Mary is the largest worldwide apostolic association of lay people in the Catholic Church who are devoted to our most Blessed Virgin Mother. Meetings are held every Monday evening from 7-8:30pm in the Ministry Center, Room 227, upper level. Contact Paulette Shea at 630-718-2127 if you have any questions.

The Wellness Screening Program

The Lenten season is a time of reflection about the way we live our lives and our service to others and to our community. Halfway through this year's journey, how

have your Lenten reflections inspired you to connect to your neighbors through service? Loaves & Fishes offers ways to become involved during Lent and beyond to share your time, talent, and treasure assisting the friends and neighbors whose circumstances lead them to Loaves & Fishes. You may even know of a family or neighbor who needs our help, or who has already been helped by Loaves & Fishes.

Lend your time and talent as a volunteer. Whether you help behind the scenes to sort and stock the food made available during shopping hours, or prefer to interact directly with families receiving food and services, we can arrange the opportunity that moves your heart. If time is scarce but you want to participate in good works, consider making an online donation. You'll receive personal satisfaction, knowing that Loaves & Fishes uses 97 cents of every gift to fund programs that end hunger and help clients to become selfsufficient. Thank you for considering feeding and empowering Naperville and DuPage County families during your Lenten journey. Please accept our best wishes for a reflective, inspirational Lenten season.

The Screening Program Includes: Panel C Blood Test - A comprehensive chemistry profile of 36 different tests, including CBC (complete blood count) and cholesterol analysis. This panel is designed to identify early warning signs of heart disease, diabetes, liver abnormalities, nutritional disorders, kidney disease, thyroid disease, anemia, and cancer. $75.00 Blood Pressure Evaluation (BP) - Your blood pressure results will be recorded and explained to you. Popular Discounted Self-Pay Test Options: PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) - A blood screening to aid in the detection of benign and cancerous growth of the prostate. Recommended annually for men age 50 and over. $39.50 ColoCARE®- A take home, self-test to detect hidden blood in the stool. This test can aid in the early detection of gastrointestinal disorders and colon cancer. Recommended for men and women age 50 and over. $7.50 Thyroid Screen - A blood test to determine thyroid function, including TSH and free T4. Thyroid dysfunction can cause unexplained weight loss or gain, fatigue, insomnia, and various other symptoms. $39.50 Other Tests Include: Cardiac CRP, Allergy, Inflammatory Joint Disease, Hemoglobin A1C, Anemia, Blood Type, Vitamin D and others. Friday, May 2, 2014 6:30AM - 10:30AM Ministry Center Upper Level Rooms 217 & 218 Sign Up Online at: Enter Registration Key: Ss‐102336‐4 or Call the Wellness Hotline at: 866.935.5462 If you would like more information, call Paulette at 630-718-2127

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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Christian Service Happenings “MEET THE AUTHOR” Saints Peter and Paul Parishioner Patti Karwatowicz has written a faith based children’s book about Easter entitled “Real Mysterious Easter Eggs.”We will be hosting a “Meet and Greet with the Author” on Friday, April 11th at 10am in room L23 of the Ministry Center. Patti will share her book with you and take you through the journey from being a grandmother to an author. Copies her book will be available for purchase. Coffee and pastries will be served. Please come join us!

The Mother’s Day Project was a huge success. We collected over 1,000 notes and cards for prisoners, as well as many pens, stamps, and Ziploc bags. Our heartfelt thanks!

Troop #0908

Knitters & Crocheters In place of our April meeting, please attend our Parish Lenten Mission Presentations, given by the Father’s of Mercy. Morning sessions are from 9:00-10:00 AM in the Main Church (MondayThursday). After each session, there will be a reception in the Ministry Center. The topic on Wednesday, April 9th is “God’s Infinite Mercy”. For more information, call Paulette at 630-718-2127.

ST. VINCENT DE PAUL SOCIETY The Gospel today challenges us to see and believe the signs of grace in our lives: joy, peace, forgiveness, mercy and kindness. Each week we receive calls from the needy in our parish for assistance with paying bills, utilities, rent, medicine, etc. and only though the generous support of our parish are we able to respond. Please consider, during the remaining weeks of Lent, placing a donation in a green envelope found at the side and rear entrances of the church and chapel. Our annual clothing drive is this weekend after all Masses. Please bring your donations to the truck parked across the street from the church. If we may be of assistance, please contact us by calling 630-3551081.

YOUNG AT HEART & FRIENDS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30TH. Please join us as we go to Drury Lane Theater to see Les Miserables. We’ll meet at the parking lot at the southwest corner of Benton & Ellsworth at 10:45am and carpool from there. The luncheon starts at 11:30 and the show starts at 1:30. Cost is $44 per person - Please make checks to Ss Peter and Paul Church and send them to Deacon Michael in the parish office by Monday April 21st. (please put your phone number on the check) Indicate your choice of entrée: Tilapia or Roast Turkey. Also indicate whether or not you will be needing transportation to and from Drury Lane. Questions? – Call Deacon Michael at (630) 718-2197 or email:

American Heritage Girls Troop #0908 at SS Peter and Paul Parish meets every second and fourth Monday of the month from 4:005:30PM. We are planning some exciting camping trips starting in the spring to Shabbona Lake State Park, Wayne Forest Preserve, Cantigny, Rock Cut State Park, Hoover Forest Preserve and a high adventure trip to Door County which includes kayaking and zip-line. Registration for fall will be on May 19 at 7:00PM in the Social Hall. Watch for our flyer in the bulletin. American Heritage Girls is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the mission of building women of integrity through service to God, family, community and country. The organization offers badge programs, service projects, girl leadership opportunities and outdoor experiences to its members. Home school, Public school and SS Peter and Paul students are welcome to join as well as girls from surrounding parishes. For more information, please contact Teresa Shoup or Mary Beth Zabinski for more details.

ELIZABETH MINISTRY As Mary went in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth who was with a child to help and comfort her, so does our Elizabeth Ministry for all those who are in need. If you have experienced infertility, loss of a pregnancy, an infant or child death, you are not alone, many of our parish families have experienced the same and the Elizabeth Ministry would like to help you through it. On the other hand, if you are expecting for the first time, or you are new parents who just had a baby or adopted a child, the Elizabeth Ministry would like to celebrate with you and offer our services to you. Through prayers, adoration hours, and sharing personal experiences, our ministers will try to bring you some peace and comfort no matter what your situation is. Contact Sarah at: 630809-5925 or at:

TRANSITIONAL HOUSING MINISTRY We sincerely thank anyone who is choosing to give Lenten alms and help shelter the homeless by contributing to the Saints Peter and Paul Transitional Housing Ministry. Any financial donation you make goes directly to pay for rent and utilities for an apartment for each of the 4 families currently in our parish program. Thank you for using the pink donation envelopes and helping us to continue to assist these needy families. For more information about THM, call Jack Flowers at 630-355-4886.

April 6, 2014

Fifth Sunday of Lent

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November April 6, 2014 10, 2013

Thirty-Second Fifth Sunday in of Ordinary Lent Time

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DONATE YOUR USED CAR Call Naperville CARES to donate your old car. Naperville CARES will take your car, repair it, and give it to a person in need. High priority is given to those clients who need a car to drive to a job or medical appointments. While many organizations requesting car donations sell your car, Naperville CARES actually gives your car to a worthy recipient. Enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you have helped someone remain independent. To donate, call 630-369-0200.

PREGNANT? NEED HELP? Waterleaf Women's Center National Birthright National Pregnancy Hotline National Adoption Hotline Rachel’s Vineyard Natural Family Planning The Nurturing Network Crisis Pregnancy Woman’s Choice Services Project Gabriel

630-701-6270 1-800-848-LOVE 1-800-535-9947 1-202-463-7563 1-866-99-4-GIVE 1-815-221-6251 1-800-TNN-4MOM 1-800-67-BABY-6 1-800-NO-ABORT 630-261-9221 1-877-734-2444

Join St. Joseph’s in Downers Grove to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in La Crosse WI. The overnight pilgrimage will begin at 4:00 PM on Friday, May 16 and return on Saturday, May 17. The pilgrimage includes participation in Relevant Radio’s Marian Day of Reflection with the theme “Mary, Mother of Life” with Rev. Francis Hoffman (Fr. Rocky) from 9:30 – 3:30 PM on Saturday. The Day of Reflection begins with prayer, procession and the May Crowning of Our Blessed Mother. The morning session will include meditations, Holy Mass, Rosary and time for Confessions and reflection. Following lunch in the crypt below the church, the Day of Reflection will continue with Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament, the final mediation and the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Fr. will be signing his book Marriage Insurance following the conclusion of Benediction in the Visitor Center. The cost of the pilgrimage is $225.00 (double occupancy) or $275.00 (single occupancy) which includes: Round trip via deluxe motor coach, overnight stay at the Radisson Hotel La Crosse, punch and cookies upon hotel arrival, breakfast voucher, hot buffet lunch at the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, boxed meal of ham, turkey or vegetarian sandwich with fruit, chips, cookie and bottle of water, hotel cleaning, bus driver tip and prayer guide package sponsored by the St. Josemaria Institute, For more information and to register please call Barb Labotka at 630272-4335 by April 30. A plenary indulgence can be gained by participating in this pilgrimage.