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SS. Peter a nd Pa ul Pa rish Pa stora l Council Minutes of Meeting January 16, 2012

Present: Mary Beth Brummond, Jerry Buch, Paul Gallo, Tom Gavin, Noelle Gollinger, Kristine Gorecki, Brendon Heffron, Steve Keeley, Tom Lupinacci, Dolly McCarthy, Margie Sznajder, Ashley Wesolowski, Bob Wold, Fr. Milota, Jane Bowers


Opening Prayer Tom Gavin called the meeting to order at 7:04 p.m. and Fr. Milota led the opening prayer.


Welcome Guests There were no guests; but our Parish Life Commission is now represented by Noelle Gollinger who was welcomed and introduced.


Approval of Minutes The minutes of the November 21, 2011 meeting were approved on a motion by Kristine Gorecki, seconded by Bob Wold.


Approval of Agenda The agenda was approved.


Open Forum None


Commission Reports A. Teen Update Ashley Wesolowski said the teens had a good retreat; that the Washington, D.C. for the March for Life is coming up; February 2 there is a teen event at a trampoline place to try to get more teens involved; and on Mondays the teens are doing a Bible study on Matthew. B. New Evangelization Tom Lupinacci distributed their Commission’s 3-year plan. There are many exciting things coming the spring and summer such as the play “The Scrutiny Pass”; The Catholic Project; Ministry Fair/New Parishioner Orientation; Parish Mission; Bible Study covering 1 Corinthians; and Faith Nights. Their goal is to have an adult and youth Catechism in every home. Fisherman’s Net is still in the planning; there has been a soft launch with a formal launch in the planning process. C. Worship Brendon Heffron said the Commission had not met since our last meeting. He said the Mass with the Bishop went well; they have a Benedictine student who will be emceeing the 11am Mass; 4th graders are being added to those who can be alter

Ss. Peter and Paul Parish Pastoral Council January 16, 2012 Page 2 servers; our plans for Corpus Cristi are in good order and we have the permitting from the City. Fr. Milota talked about how the Mass is different from the world; you cannot get what the Mass offers without attending the Mass – there is both Divine and Transcendent happening at the Mass. D. Christian Service Tom Gavin said their Commission has decided what they will do with the Christmas donations. E. Religious Education Bob Wold said we have a 9% increase in enrollment from last year; First Communion will be May 5; and that more volunteers are needed for early childhood. Absenteeism is an issue with RE with no notification being given; they are working to see how they can get children to attend. General volunteers are also needed, including parents. F. Parish Life Noelle Gollinger said that they are having trouble finding space to have a Coffee and Donuts event as much of the space is being used for RE. They have been meeting with staff to see what they would like to see happen through this Commission; any suggestions from the Council members can be sent to Noelle. G. Administration Jerry Buch said that Sunday collections are a little short of goal; luckily expenses have also been down. He did not feel that we have felt any cannibalism from the Sunday collections due to Pass It On. We will soon be rolling out auto payment options. He suggested that Council members watch the collection reports in the bulletin; they seem to be increasing. The school had a higher than budgeted enrollment; and the after school extended day is bringing in additional income. Very few of the accounts are delinquent. He said there is nothing to be concerned with regarding RE’s budget. VII.

Capital Campaign Fr. Milota said that we are just short of the goal and expect to surpass it soon. Hopefully in the next couple weeks we can announce that it has been successful. This summer we will focus on the items that are the most serious with some of those projects being: exterior of elementary school building – roof and tuck pointing; sprinkler systems in the St. Paul Center and in areas of the Church. The next year we will work on the HVAC in the Junior High.

VIII. Old Business A. Update on Review of Constitution Tom Lupinacci reviewed the updates previously suggested and added the changes in section D suggested by Fr. Milota. The Council approved all the above changes to the Constitution on a motion by Bob Wold, seconded by Steve Keeley. Tom will update and send out the approved piece.

Ss. Peter and Paul Parish Pastoral Council January 16, 2012 Page 3 B. Neighborhood Meetings The next Neighborhood meeting is scheduled for Thursday, February 2, and will be held at Tom Gavin’s home. The 350 new parishioners, since our last event, were invited. IX.

New Business None


President’s Report None


Pastor’s Comments Fr. Milota said that Tom Wibbels had announced his retirement. Ted Gysan will also be retiring. We are receiving good applications and a committee has been formed.


Closing Prayer The closing prayer, Prayer of St. Bonaventure for Closer Union with Jesus, was distributed by Mary Beth Brummond and said by all.

XIII. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 7:55 p.m. Our next meeting is February 20 and will be held in a different room as the auction committee will be using this room to store items. Respectfully submitted, Jane Bowers, Recorder