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New Server information sheet and initial scheduling

Name__________________________________________________________________________ Mother_______________________ Father_______________________ Phone________________ Grade_______


Email address for communications___________________________________________________ Address________________________________City_______________________Zip____________

I am available to serve at mass on the days and times noted below (ONLY CHECK THOSE MASSES THAT YOU CAN SERVE). I can serve at these weekend masses: Sat 5:00PM___ Sat 6:30PM___ Sun 6:30AM___ Sun 8:00AM___ Sun 9:30AM church___ Sun 9:30AM chapel___ Sun 11:00AM church___ Sun 11:00AM chapel___ Sun 12:30PM___ Sun 8:00PM___

Weekdays Masses – all servers must be available for weekday masses! Weekday masses will be assigned by the scheduler. Servers who attend public school will not be assigned to 8:00AM daily mass during the school year, but will be assigned to either the 6:45AM or 5:15PM daily mass. SSPP school servers will be assigned to serve the 8:00AM mass during the week as well as the 6:45AM or 5:15PM mass. Please schdule me with these servers ________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________

Please schedule me with these lectors or extraordinary ministers_____________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ Specific dates I am unable to serve during the upcoming quarter:

Email completed form to and