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Teaching + Learning in Art and Design


If you think about the goals I really appreciate the conversations we have in class. They are the kind of conversations that don’t happen in our department — where it’s more like pronouncement. There’s really not a lot of room for questioning. Or anyway, we’re not pushed to ask questions. In Design Agency, everyone seems to be bringing a mutual level of intelligence to the conversation. It’s gotten me thinking about ideas outside education and tying those into what I do. I think risd should offer several What is agency? To me, it’s staying of these each semester—an true to my interests and beliefs and interdisciplinary discussion about issues that everyone is how I want to distinguish myself as thinking about.

an educator. I’m not really interested in teaching, I’m interested in facilitating shared knowledge.

for the class, they’re lofty—

I didn’t think when coming to risd that I’d want to be working on architecture for social justice asking people to prioritize in a or environmental justice. It wasn’t way that you don’t see in school my initial intention and really, here. Even a nudge in that it still isn’t, but Design Agency is nice because it works on the direction is really good. periphery. You can look at a structure or a project and ask—is there an element of social justice that I can bring into this? So if we’re designing a kindergarden for a class, we can ask, is there a way that our design could encourage economic integration, or racial, or cultural integration? If you’re thinking about those questions at the same time, you can bring them in—but the professor is not necessarily going to challenge you to do that. So Design Agency works well as a support network to the studio work.

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To gear your ability to design with agency is incredibly powerful. If it’s truly successful, it might even force you out of your profession and into something you feel strongly about—so that your priority might be more about agency and less about architecture. It’s about your priorities—whatever form of justice you choose.


Design Agency, 2nd edition  
Design Agency, 2nd edition