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Stephen Goetschius

Jeana Antle

Industrial Design


Agency, for me, comes back to I'm naturally inclined to be a reflective person. Last year I kept asking and asking for white space, and there wasn’t any. It’s not planned into the curriculum at all. There was no reflection going on in our department. I see myself as a co-teacher and co-student in Design Agency. We talked about that when the class was introduced, and it felt that way. It was a chance It just resonates with me to say out loud a lot of the things the whole idea of constantly that I’ve been reading from other influences and share them and then questioning who you are, who get that from other people, whatyour audience is, and how ever their influences were. So that are you measuring whether was unique so far, in my experience here. It happens a lot outside of you're being effective or not, class but it doesn't happen as part and so I saw this class as an of the structure of classes themselves. Design Agency is a time when opportunity to keep doing that. we do that, which I think is great.

skills and values, bringing those

When I registered for the course, I was thinking about the other two things together. kinds of people that might sign up for a course like this. I hadn’t really found those people here at risd yet. I love coming to class. It’s a completely different conversation than the ones I have in my studio. We talk about things in a larger context. I was looking to talk with people who were doing things differently, who wanted to make a difference in other peoples’ lives. I feel like I have talent and opportunities that other people don’t. I feel like I have an obligation to use that to help other people out.


Design Agency, 2nd edition  
Design Agency, 2nd edition