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(Empa&c) design  as  everyday  theatre   Thomas  Binder,    Royal  Danish  Academy  of  Fine  Arts,  School  of  Design  

(Co-­‐) design:     mutual  engagements  with  the  possible  

Who are  ’the  elderly’  to  be  ’empowered’     and  why  they  are  so  reluctant  to  be  called  forward   without  a    name  

Empa&c engagement   or  the  happening  of  the  social  

The mundane  as  precious  yet   invisible  –  or  why  Margrethe  will  not   dance  

Codesign: Things  in  the  making   Prototyping  the  possible:   From  workers  to  users  to  ci&zens  

Design Labs:    rehearsing  the  future  

Staging collabora&ve  ’encounters’    

What is  fact  as  municipal  officers,   waste  collectors  and  designers  meet?  

Evoking inhabitable  landscapes    

Transforming glitches    and  ’soP  spots’  into  opening   ques&ons  like:  what  if  waste   collectors  were  the  heroes    of  recycling?  

What if…..    

Enac&ng the  possible  as  actuality    

Rehearsing possible  futures  on  site   enacts  agency  collabora&vely   without  ’brace&ng’  commitments  

Making it  real…    


Codesign)outcomes)as) things)experien&ally) made)public)rather)than) as)’problems)solved’.)


Senior Interaction: Seniors re-discovering playfulness in public parks

IMPACT: Seniors meeting in a public park every second week for common play: ‘we do not call it work-out but we are tired afterwards’

SCALING UP: The municipality educates ambassadors and extends support for playfull communities among seniors to the whole city.

From)design)space) to)landscapes)within)reach)

The)possible)as)agency) becoming)within)reach.) )–)or)how)KeVy)joined)in)as) she)could)see)how)’it)is)all) already)here’)

From)prototyping)to)) things)of)concern)

A)set)of)crocket)clubs)give)shape) and)materiality)to)the)playfulness) of)a)community),)not)as) technology)but)as)invita&on)for) improvisa&on.)

From)design)par&cipa&on) to)experimental)collabora&on) The)lived)everyday)as)(playful)) enactment)of)places)already) scripted)with)meaning.)

Design)as)everyday)theatre) rehearsals)A)performances)A)reAenactments)

(Empathetic) design as everyday theatre  
(Empathetic) design as everyday theatre