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Artist Statement My paintings deal with bridging the gap between the human mind and the natural world. The abstract images used are the essential components within a landscape and the concepts within the work allude to the seasons. Robert Bridges walks a formal tightrope between obsessive recording of the natural world and abstract transformations of it. While the organic textures that are the source of his imagery are palpable, the spatial tensions he creates between depth and flatness are the elusive cornerstones of his pieces.

Robert Bridges

Biography Robert Bridges is an associate professor at West Virginia University. Professor Bridges has an MFA from West Virginia University in Printmaking and a BFA from Illinois Wesleyan University. He is curator of the West Virginia University Art Collection, which houses more than 2,500 art objects. In addition he serves as Curator of the Mesaros Galleries where he has curated historical as well as contemporary exhibitions. He is currently represented by Roy Boyd Gallery in Chicago.


Muddy Banks  

A catalog of printmakers from West Virginia University, both past and present.