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Biography Patricia Villalobos Echeverría (USA/ Nicaragua) was born in Tennessee to Salvadoran parents, and grew up in Nicaragua. Her work concerns the body’s relationship to site/geography; the constant state of exposure and erasure of the body; and subsequently the changing notions of place/geography within an increasingly transnational era.

Artist Statement Increasingly, the self is less tied to locality and geography while geography and locale are being continuously redefined. Disembodied and de-centered, our sense of self and site is questioned. Engaging this condition within the context of transculturation is of particular interest. My works are as much a response to transcultural issues, as they are a response to the nature of identity in this age of transnationalism and global connectivity. I am particularly interested in how the questions posed by the discourse of (post) humanity and de(materialization) re-define both body and site. Via painting, photos, prints, sound/video and installations my work engages these concepts using personal texts and images parting from a shared experience of war and natural disasters. I attempt to give voice to the divergent transcultural body, as well as to its shifting definitions and relationship to “post” human discourse in culture.

Patricia Villalobos Echeverría Villalobos holds a BFA from Louisiana State University (1988); an MFA from West Virginia University (1990); notable grants include the Oregon Arts Council Fellowship, PA Council for the Arts Fellowship, Creative Heights Residency Fellowship from the Heinz Endowment and residencies at Artist Image Resource and the MacDowell Arts Colony. Her work is exhibited internationally; she lives in Pittsburgh, PA and is a Professor of Art at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.


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