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Artist Statement My current body of work deals with the effect language and repetition have on each other. Language can lose or change meaning overtime. In Jaques Derrida’s writings, he analyzes how the meaning of language flows in a specific context and as language is removed from the original context, the meaning changes. I am interested in what happens when text is removed from its original context and placed in a fine art realm. The text used in my work is found language that I overhear and text I am collecting from public places. Repetition, chance and visual alteration are used as metaphors for how spoken and remembered language can be manipulated over time. Recently my work has consisted of printed lists, paper shreddings, installations and sound.

Jennifer Rockage


Biography I received my BFA from Clarion University of Pennsylvania in Printmaking and Graphic Design. I am now in my second year of graduate school at West Virginia University studying Printmaking. Before coming to WVU, I volunteered at Artist Image Resource in Pittsburgh, PA. Since being at WVU, I have participated in a number of graduate exhibitions in Cleveland, Charleston, WV and Sewickley, PA. I was also included in a juried exhibition at Purdue University along with being accepted to talk to undergraduates at Georgia College and State University about the graduate experience.

Muddy Banks  

A catalog of printmakers from West Virginia University, both past and present.