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Artist Statement My studio practice begins in fascination and curiosity. It proceeds on the conviction that extended exploration and manipulation of selected materials will lead first to unanticipated forms and then to new connotations that swell with surprising meaning. In one moment, I make deliberate, informed decisions about color, scale, and texture; in the next, I simply try to perceive where the work is headed and follow- this behavior is a continual oscillation between reason and intuition.

Grant Johnson Biography Grant teaches at Alderson-Broaddus College, in Philippi, WV. His MFA in printmaking is from WVU, and his BFA in printmaking from the University of Minnesota. Grant compulsively collects, saves, hoards, and catalogues all manners of stuff, corporeal and digital. His engagement with this pile yields artworks in print, sculpture, painting, drawing, and video.


In its most basic aspects, my studio practice is rhizomic and various. I do create series of works that cohere, but I am not interested in prosecuting my case as an artist within constraints. In this respect, my work as a teacher is central to my own creative endeavors since I continually participate in communities of learners, and thereby feed my fascination and curiosity.

Muddy Banks  

A catalog of printmakers from West Virginia University, both past and present.