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Welcome Young people very often get a bad press, but this month we show there are a lot of local youngsters getting involved in amazing activities and learning fantastic skills. There are so many opportunities in our local area for children and young people to engage with others of a similar age and get involved, whether it be in performing arts, music and media, or outdoor pursuits from orienteering to power boating, to name but a few, there really is something for everyone. So if you know of a child or young person sat at home bored and thinking that there’s nothing to do, then why not pull out the middle pages to show them all the great things that are out there for them to try. This month, too, we have even more competitions, following the phenomenal number of entries that we had last month to our competitions. There are lots more prizes to be won with an extended closing date to allow you more time to get your entries in. This issue is a combined December / January issue, but all winners will receive their prizes the week before Christmas. On that note, all that remains is for us to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Best Wishes,



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An Eggstraordinary Gift

An Eggstraordinary Gift A chance meeting with someone in hospital over twenty years ago led Beryl Stanton to an absorbing and all - consuming hobby which has literally taken over her life, not to mention that of her husband Brian, who sometimes gets roped into helping with Beryl’s hobby. Whilst chatting to Ivy in hospital, when they were both recovering, Ivy mentioned to Beryl that she enjoyed creating artistic pieces out of eggs and offered to show her the tools needed to do this. Despite protesting that she didn’t have an artistic bone in her body, Beryl did take Ivy up on her offer and when both were discharged from hospital Ivy set about showing Beryl how to cut eggs and decorate them. At first, Beryl practised on chicken eggs, to get used to cutting the fragile egg shell. Now, more than 22 years later, Beryl produces masterpieces from eggs from geese, rhea, ducks, ostriches , emus and quails. She has also used swan eggs bought abroad, with the certificate of authentication, since it is illegal to use swan eggs from this country. In her designs, Beryl pays great attention to detail and many of her creations have moving parts and working lights in them and any furniture inside the eggs is made by Beryl herself. Having always wanted a cartwheel gate in her own garden but never having managed to get one of these, Beryl contented herself with making one to go on the outside of one of her decorated eggs! Despite the number of eggs that she has already decorated, Beryl has lots of ideas in her head for new designs and always has a number of creations on the go at any one time. Her enthusiasm is infectious and you get the feeling that Beryl will be decorating eggs for many more years to come yet! 6


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Karen Webster

The Perfect Christmas Gift to Children



(there are loads of ideas online) and the beauty is that they come out year after year along with personal memories that no amount of money will buy Making a list and cutting pictures out of retail magazines to give Mummy and Daddy a nudge in the right direction Writing a letter to Santa and posting it in the special letter box that goes direct to Greenland Helping to make the mince pies, no matter how much mess is involved and making a snack for Santa and Rudolph I guess what I’m trying to say is let your children help in the run up to Christmas and let it be a time of shared preparation so that the fun starts long before Christmas Day and let the children take the stress out of the big day. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just happy. Don’t be like me, more concerned with the state of the house, than the love and happiness that emanates from enjoying your children at this very special time of the year. If you would like any creative craft ideas to do with your children feel free to email me at Karen Webster

Photograph: Monika Adamczyk/

If you’re reading this as a parent, like me, of adult offspring who’ve long since fled the nest, then I wonder how much of my thoughts are the same as yours? However, if you’re a parent of children still living at home, I hope this article will inspire you to embrace Christmas with your children. Of course, you may not need the inspiration, you may already be a great lover of Christmas who enjoys the preparation and involves your children every step of the way. If you are I take my Santa’s hat off to you. Let me explain, firstly, that I have never been a great lover of Christmas and as I write, I’ve tried to analyse why this is the case. Is it because my birthday falls on Christmas Eve and as such has always been overshadowed by Christmas? No please, put your tissues away, I know I’m one of many! I think back to when my three children were small and I’m sure I must have got excited on their behalf and done everything in my power to make their Christmases happy but I fear that was only in the material sense. Christmas for a parent is a busy time and it is so easy to lose sight of things that are important. I know if I had my time again I would do things very differently. I remember a friend of mine telling me she sprinkled glitter on the stairs on Christmas Eve and all I could think was, what a mess! For me, now, as the new Granny of precious little Pippa, I see things very differently and I now believe that the perfect Christmas for your little ones is as follows: Making cards to send to friends and family, not fancy computer ones but cards embellished by their grubby little mitts Making decorations to hang on the tree and on the walls

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Caring for your Puppy Dogs make enjoyable and affectionate pets and they very quickly build up a strong bond with humans. There are over 188 pedigree breeds recognised by the Kennel Club, of many varying sizes and types within each crossbreed. Whatever you choose, your new puppy should be at least 8 weeks old and be fully weaned and eating from his own dish. By this age your puppy should have a full set of milk teeth. Dogs are a long term commitment: (Remember this if buying someone a dog for a Christmas present) The average life span of a dog is 12-14 years. Choosing and buying your puppy When choosing a dog you must consider the adult size of the dog, the size of your home and garden, exercise and grooming requirements. You also need to consider the cost of feeding, health care, professional grooming, holiday care and day care if you are at work all day. You need to decide between a pedigree puppy and a crossbreed. When purchasing a pedigree puppy make sure you receive the Kennel Club registration papers and a copy of the pedigree. A healthy puppy should be: bright and alert and have no signs of discharge from eye, ears, mouth and nose. Your puppy should have a clean anal area, have a glossy coat with no bald patches and not have sores on the skin. Settling in When you take your puppy home he will need a lot of rest, but don’t leave him unattended for long periods of time. It is advisable to confine your puppy to an indoor kennel when left alone. Toilet training Each time he wakes up, after meals and at bedtime, take your puppy outside. Wait until he finishes and praise him. An indoor kennel can assist with toilet training. At first keep the bed to one half and place toilet training pads in the other half in case of accidents, especially at night. Exercise Your dog will require daily exercise. Always keep your dog on a lead in public, except in designated areas. Be prepared to clean up after your dog when necessary. Your dog must wear a collar with a fitted tag or disc when in public. The disc must bear the owner s name and address by law. Socialisation and training A well trained dog is a happy dog and is unlikely to cause a nuisance to others. A puppy should attend socialization classes as soon as he is old enough, which is usually after vaccination. There are weekly dog training clubs in most areas. Your puppy will also enjoy playing with toys. 10


Grooming & keeping your puppy healthy Groom regularly with specialist equipment suitable to the breed of dog and the coat type. Your puppy must be wormed regularly with a proprietary worming preparation, as well as have regular flea treatments to prevent fleas and other skin parasites. Your puppy must be vaccinated against the infectious canine diseases: distemper, parvovirus, leptospirosis, parainfluenza and infectious hepatitis. Regular boosters will be required. If you intend to take your pet abroad he will need a pet passport. This requires, amongst other things ,vaccination against rabies. If in doubt, consult your vet. And finally, it is a good idea to register your puppy with your vet and insure against unexpected veterinary costs. You could also consider having your puppy microchipped.

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Investment Opportunities via a Wrap (Platform). There are alternative ways of investing Pensions, ISA’s and Cash. A Wrap is an internet based investment account and financial services product which enables investors to view all their financial assets on one platform. Within a wrap the whole portfolio can be analysed and quantified according to money value, tax treatment, product type and asset allocation the genuine wealth management facility. Wraps allow investors to buy the funds of investment managers across the whole market. This means that, provided you choose a wrap that offers a personal pension, you can mix and match anything you like within that personal pension (subject to pension investment rules) rather than being limited to traditional pension products. For one fee, wrap accounts combine the costs of investment advice and counselling, portfolio management, and brokerage commissions as well as all the individual administration charges normally levied by stockbrokers. The actual charge you pay depends on the provider chosen. It is therefore likely that these accounts are set to become a major force in the UK investment market. Your risk characteristic is automatically matched to a recommended investment portfolio which is managed by Investment professionals who not only select the funds for your portfolio but also consistently monitor and automatically rebalance them to ensure they are performing as intended.

Importance of rebalancing Fund selection and monitoring are critical but so is ensuring your investment is still in line with your risk characteristics. On a quarterly basis the portfolio managers review the markets and adjust the risk parameters and the asset allocation of their model portfolios to ensure they continue to match their identified risk characteristic. If the asset allocation is changed the investment experts will adjust the neutral weightings of the portfolios accordingly. Benefits of active management Active fund managers can add value by selecting or avoiding companies that passive funds cannot, as passive funds are tied to tracking a stock market index. Active managers also have the flexibility to tilt their portfolios to focus on different sectors in light of prevailing market conditions. However, if the management team believe value cannot be added from active funds in certain areas, they will invest in lower cost passive funds. If you would like any further information on Wraps, please contact us.

Lomax Wealth Management is an appointed representative of Lighthouse Advisory Services Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority



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Crash repair costs slashed by quick dry technology AMAZING new paint drying technology has arrived in the UK and is slashing vehicle crash repair costs. The Italians invented Symach RoboDry triggers a new chemical chain reaction which reduces the paint process by six times. That means the paint and drying process of a complete vehicle front end – previously taking three and a half hours - can be completed in just 35 minutes! The Symach Robodry has been used widespread across Europe for a number of years and is now entering the UK market. Previous drying techniques include conduction whereby the metal is heated in order to conduct the heat through to the paint. The revolutionary system uses an exothermic chemical reaction which knits paint molecules together, spreading like a virus to adjoining molecules and even drying paint around corners. Because of the shortened painting and drying time, the cost of repairs is significantly reducing which is great news for the consumer, particularly for those hit by increasing insurance policy excess thresholds. Price comparison websites have led consumers to increase the first amount payable in any claim (‘the excess’) in order to reduce the overall policy cost. But when the unfortunate does happen many vehicle drivers face up to £750 excess to fund themselves compared to the average of £150 in 2009. But now those crash repair centres investing £60,000 in the rapid drying technology can often offer direct repair prices less than a hefty excess. Not only does the consumer then benefit from a reduced insurance, the car may be repaired less than the excess payable, furthermore eliminating an insurance claim, potential annual increases or loss of no claim bonuses. “It’s a win win situation for the consumer,” said James Dunn, manager of AW Repair Group’s Newark branch. “For companies such as AW,



who have invested in this fantastic equipment, can now offer a cost effective alternative to making an insurance claim. “We are so confident AW can save money for vehicle drivers we launched the AW Excess Challenge,” continued James. “If we can’t repair the vehicle for less than your excess we’ll give you up to £200 cashback* off your excess.” (*terms and conditions apply). AW Repair Group repairs more than 6,500 vehicles each year across its branches in Newark, Sleaford and near Doncaster. See

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Local Groups

Bridges Get Makeover by Local Artist Balderton Graffiti artist, James Mayle of Imageskool, is on a mission to improve the look of local bridges in the area, by painting murals on the underside of them.

Seen here, with artist Leigh Drummond, painting the London Road bridge between Newark and Balderton, James plans to paint a further two bridges on Bowbridge Road and Hawton Lane and aims to begin working on the Bowbridge Road bridge at the end of November. As a graffiti artist, James said that he ‘’enjoys the instant nature of spray paint’’ as well as


Young People / Education

‘’caring about the local community’’ and it was this that prompted him to seek permission from the council and Sustrans, who own the cycle track that extends between the bridges. James feels that the art work that he and fellow artists are creating on the walls will make the bridges more attractive and improve what would otherwise be a neglected area, making it more pleasant for people using the cycle track.

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Zoë’s Page

A revolution on the streets Street art and graffiti has always been a source of controversy – it divides people down the middle, people struggling with the idea that society says it’s morally wrong to vandalise, against the idea that it could still be art. Having said that, in recent years street art has been publicised – and received – better than ever. So, could street art really break into the mainstream? Street art divides people, and quite rightly. It is absurd that a type of, essentially, vandalism could be seen as art, yet I do consider it to be one of my favourite types. It’s a sort of, watered down moral dilemma – the people who love it know how ludicrous it sounds to call it art, no doubt still squirming at the idea of vandalising private property, cars and gardens, yet in their eyes it still is. And then there are the people who hate it. They cannot and will not be convinced that spray painting on public property could possibly be labelled under art. But, if the recent surge of exhibitions are anything to go on, they might have to learn to grin and bear it. Perhaps the most famous street artist in the UK is Banksy. His (or her, let’s not be sexist) striking satirical stencils are instantly recognisable, and have been displayed in numerous exhibitions around the world.


But hang on! Exhibitions. How do you exhibit the street? This leads me to argument two about street art – aside from the basic argument of whether it is art at all, there’s the argument about how to display it. It troubles many people, even those who count themselves amongst street art fans, that there should be street art exhibitions at all, because by virtue of the very fact it’s an exhibition all in one place, you are removing the original rawness provided by the location. Critics hammered Banksy for “selling out”, saying that he had become everything he once stood against and that the irony that capitalism had made him what he is today was impossible to ignore. His “one nation under CCTV” motifs stood in galleries full of just that – but was that unintentional irony, or pure intentional genius? Some said that to bring street art into the mainstream was impossible because street art to mainstream was the same as love to hate – the two could never meet. But can you really criticise an artist for grabbing hold of success? The thing I feel you always have to bear in mind is that art will always be art, regardless of where it is displayed or who has created it, or even public opinion. Art is personal and if it is art to the creator, that is enough. It makes no difference that Banksy is now enjoying wads of cash from his

Young People / Education

by Zoë Ashton exhibitions – the people who considered him to be art before should still now, because his work hasn’t changed. Ivan Smith, the contemporary artist from Derby who I interviewed for the magazine in the July/ August issue said something which I could not agree with more: “art doesn’t need money to validate its value to society”. And in some ways that’s why I personally love street art so much. With a few exceptions, Banksy being one of the notable, the graffiti artists aren’t making a killing from their work, yet their value is still so great. They have shaken up the art world – in the past artists used brighter colours, cubists rubbished traditional perspective ideas and today, they use the streets. Nothing ever stays the same, nor should it, and the very beauty of art is that nothing is ever boring.

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Homemade Microwave Baileys Fudge


Line a 9’’ square tin with greaseproof paper Mix the condensed milk, butter and sugars in a very large bowl Cook the mixture on full power for 9 minutes, removing the bowl for stirring every 3 minutes. If your microwave has a lower than 900 wattage you’ll need to cook the mixture for longer.  Add 1 minute of cooking time for every 50W less power. When it has finished cooking, add in the vanilla extract and Baileys and beat the mixture until it begins to look smooth and glossy. Transfer the fudge mixture into the tin to cool. Once the mixture has cooled to room temperature, put it into the fridge to allow it to firm up




Try this recipe for a special Christmas Treat 397g Tin Condensed Milk 125g Butter 250g Castor Sugar 250g Soft Brown Sugar 1 ½ tsp Vanilla Extract 2tbsp Baileys Irish Cream

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Food & Entertainment Holly Farm Village shop is a family business, established 13 years ago, but reopened 3 months ago with many new lines and more variety. The shop gets the majority of its produce from local suppliers and the family try to sell as many organic products as possible. Cakes, bread, eggs, milk, coal and logs are sourced locally and even the crisps are made by a Lincoln farmer. Everything sold in the shop is British. Fresh beef and pork which has been hung for a week is supplied from beasts in the local villages, and the shop sells freshly made burgers and flavoured sausages, including pork & honey, pork & tomato and tomato. Bacon is also supplied locally & a new addition to the meat available is local game meat such as grouse, partridge and pheasants. All turkeys sold are bred outdoors locally. In addition to the above, the brewery next door supplies the shop with its beer, part of which is the Reindeer Christmas beer and other specialist beers Orders are now being taken for turkeys and capons, as well as hampers and other produce for Christmas.


Great North Rd,

Cromwell, Newark,

Nottinghamshire, NG23 6JE Tel: 01636 822 321



Food & Entertainment





STRESS MANAGEMENT PROGRAMME With New Beginnings, Balderton

How are you feeling today? Uptight? Wound up? Are you coping?

Venue: Balderton Chiropractic Centre

How do you handle the stress levels in your life? Most of us have been made aware of the ideal way to balance our life, work and responsibilities, unfortunately this is not an ideal world and despite our very best efforts, things can simply pile up and get on top of us.

Member of National Council for Hypnotherapy

Stress is possibly the greatest cause of ill health in today’s frantic society effecting people from all walks of life. Up to 90% of illnesses are stress related

Email markiward34@hotmail.

Stress aggravates all medical conditions and causes many more problems, some of these being: Headaches, Stomach Ulcers, Mental Breakdown, Stomach pains, High Blood Pressure, Physical Breakdown, Insomnia, Heart Attacks, Depression, Anxiety, Exhaustion, Alcoholism

Mark Ward DipCAH, HPD, PNLP, PEFT Member of Register of Trauma Specialists Member of NHS Directory of Complementary Practitioners To book or for more information contact Mark Ward 07973847190 Web 10% off Stress Management Programme 10% off Stop Smoking when you mention “In Touch” magazine (valid until 14/1/2012)

This powerful Stress Management Programme consists of 4 personalised sessions incorporating Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Clinical Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and giving you the tools and techniques to : •

Recognise and change negative thought patterns

Empower you to manage your own reactions to stress

Relax and switch off

Put you in control of how you want to think, feel and act

You will also receive: •

2 free Hypnotherapy CDs

A Tool-box booklet



call 01636 674525

Physical Training Team T: 0796 9869 160 E:




Coffee Break

Prize Sudoku 2 prizes of £15 Vouchers to spend at the Thanal Restaurant in Newark Complete the grid so that every row, every column & every box contains the digits 1-9.

Please send completed Solutions to 98 Hawton Lane, New Balderton, Newark, Notts. NG24 3DN. Please include your name, address & telephone number


WIN a £15 to spend Voucher atTedLord in Solve the anagram to find Newark the name of a famous English playwright

The first correct answer drawn wins. One entry per person. Closing date is 18th Dec’ 2011.

I am a weakish speller

Competition winners from last month are:

Prize Word Search

WIN £50 worth of vouchers

to spend at Sainsbury’s at Balderton Look for the words listed in the puzzle, all associated with Sainsbury’s. Words can go across, down, diagonal, forwards and backwards.

Word Search Joe Clark of Clement Ave, Newark & Dilys Whitehead of Rowan Way, Balderton each win a £15 Voucher to spend at Thanal restaurant in Newark Sudoku John Holland of Kirklington Road, Bilsthorpe & D.Horton of Spring Lane, Balderton each win a £15 Voucher to spend at Lord Ted in Newark Last months Sudoku solution

Coffee Break

Last months Word Search solution

Last months Children’s Puzzle



Visit www. intouch-magazines. for a chance to win other prizes.

call 01636 674525

Guess the Celebrity Can you guess who the famous celebrity is? All correct answers go into a draw and the first one picked out wins a £10 voucher for Devon Croft Nursery in Newark. Post or email entries to

Winner of Guess the Celebrity Last Month: Alison Beedham of Browning Road, Balderton wins a free MOT at Chapples Autos Solution to September Guess the Celebrity: Colin Firth

Children’s Prize Word Search Puzzle Look for the words listed in the puzzle below, all associated with Christmas. Words can go across, down, diagonal, forwards and backwards.

The Prize Puzzle is open to children aged 16yrs and under.

The BIKE Shop WIN a set of lights & reflective tabard from The BIKE Shop in Newark Please send your completed answers to 98 Hawton lane, New Balderton, Newark, Notts. NG24 3DN with your name, age, address & telephone number Closing date is 18th December 2011 One entry per person

Children’s Word Search Competition was won by Jake Anstay, age 12, of Catking Way, Balderton who receives Trust Stereo Headphones from RD Computing


Coffee Break


Becki Cobb

A Stroke at Only 21 Years Old In February this year Becki Cobb woke up in hospital surrounded by her family and friends and the last thing she remembered was collapsing on her way to work. The doctors told Becki that the stroke had left her completely paralysed on the left side of her body. After coming to terms with her body post stroke Becki spent six weeks in hospital and rehabilitation centres while she re-learnt tasks that others take for granted, such as walking. Becki tackled these challenges with the support of her nurses & physiotherapists. Becki told me how her life has changed since that day in February. Becki has faced all this with a determined attitude and writes a recovery blog to chart her progress which has introduced her to other people who have suffered a stroke. This can be followed at http:// Becki described how, although she has experienced a few ‘bad’ days, she has mostly just got on with things. She comments that this ‘just happened to happen’ to her and that she needs to just carry on with her life, not let it obstruct her from doing anything. In such a short space of time Becki now walks mostly independently, without the use of her wheelchair and uses the bus to help her get around more easily. This is a massive improvement to her mobility although there are still movements and techniques she is working on. Her recovery is an on-going process which can be very up and down. Currently, a focus for Becki is working



on releasing objects that she can now grasp, like a pen, that her hand will not release. She has contemplated having Botox injections in her hand to relax her muscles . With her independence back, Becki has been able to go back to Brighton uni where she is currently studying media. When she isn’t studying, or in physio, she interns at Brighton radio station, Juice 107.2, which she also did before the stroke. Along with her physiotherapy, which includes swimming and hydrotherapy, Becki’s commitments alone might wear other people out but, for her, feeling tired happens frequently as her body heals itself from the stroke. After further improvements, she will soon return to work which will mean she will gain more normality back in her life. Above all, Becki has been supported by fantastic friends and family through difficult times and those times when others may have misunderstood her. There are times when Becki has faced ignorance, but with support has overcome this and remained the fun loving girl she has always been. This year she has had a tough beginning she couldn’t possibly have expected but she has made a fantastic dent in her recovery and can look back and think that just months after suffering the stroke she took on Glastonbury. She may have been in a wheelchair but didn’t let this stop her and even managed a dance through some of the anthems. Becki continues to attend gigs and was off to see one of her idols, Jessie J. who

suffered a stroke at the age of 18. After the gig, Becki wrote to me...“Thought I’d send you these pictures of me and Jessie. She asked me about my stroke and told me a bit about hers and she signed my splint “becki :) Just be true to who you are Jessie J” apparently as we were leaving my friend looked back and she was patting her eyes (though she could have been checking her make up) and before she played ‘who you are’ she was saying how she writes music for her fans and that she does everything she can for them and she can’t explain how happy it makes her that not only do fans say she is their inspiration but also that she has helped them heal. I’m not sure if it was aimed at me but it made me weep. It was amazing, she was so lovely ” I would like to thank Becki for chatting with me and reiterating the message that every moment should be cherished and not wasted. I wish her every success in the future and I’m sure she will succeed in whatever she chooses to do. For donations please see For the full version of this interview, please go to Kelly Smith

call 01636 674525

Paul Evans

The business of doing good... Social Enterprise Recently you will be aware of such protests as Occupy Wall Street, Occupy London, Nottingham etc. Mostly peaceful campaigners for social and economic justice, those angry at politicians and big businesses and the unequal distribution of wealth. Especially the concentration of wealth in just a few hands. People are tired of the exploitation of other people, natural resources, watching businesses prosper while people struggle.

But can doing business also mean doing good? Yes, and in many ways. I’m going to tell you a little a bit about Social Enterprise. Something that when I heard about it changed my career path, and what I believe about the role of businesses.

What is a Social Enterprise?

Social Enterprise’s are businesses / organisations which are driven by a social purpose. They compete, trade and operate like any other businesses, but the Social Purpose is at the heart of what they do. Rather than aim to make money for private gain or pay shareholders, any profits are put back into the business to address whatever need or problem the organisation is trying to address through its social mission.

There are many good local examples of this, Rumbles Catering Project for example who run a cafe / restaurant which invests the profits from its catering business back into providing training and education opportunities for disadvantaged young people and adults in Nottinghamshire. The Unique Coffee Bar, another Social Enterprise similarly provides educational placements to schools for young people who are struggling in a mainstream setting. Young people are given the opportunity to learn in a different environment and work towards accredited qualifications. Any profits are put right back into providing positive activities, support and advice for young people in the local area. There are National high profile examples of SE’s too like Jamie Oliver’s restaurants “15”, “Cafe Direct” “Divine Chocolate”, All effectively ran businesses which require all the usual skills of business including Strategic Planning, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Operations etc etc BUT all of them are driven by a sense of mission and social change.


Divine Chocolate for example is co-owned by the cocoa farmers cooperative Kuapa Kokoo    in Ghana, who not only  receive a fair price for their cocoa but also a large share in the company’s profit.

Real Impact. Social Enterprises are not just “do good” organisations. They contribute to the economy in a massive way, showing that positive, socially driven business have a positive impact on job creation, delivering public services, and operating in sectors from health and social care to education, housing and more, solving real social problems and tackling often unmet needs. In the current times of financial instability, crisis and a backlash against “Corporates”, Social Enterprise has never felt more important offering a real and viable alternative to traditional “for-profit” businesses. Social Enterprise has the power to turn the traditional “Capitalist” view of business in to a force for good with the power to affect real social change. I have worked for a charity and social enterprise for a number of years, and I can’t think of anything more rewarding. You can really use your business skills and acumen for good.



Age Concern

Forthcoming Events in


Forthcoming Events in

January 2012

Moonlight and Rosie, musical duo, will entertain members and guests of Arthritis Care at Newark RAFA Club 2-4pm Wed 4 Jan. For more details please ring Graham on 01623 883083; to enquire about a lift in the Age Concern bus, please ring Beryl on 01636 702146 Newark Air Museum and the histories of RAF Winthorpe and RAF Coddington are Howard Healey’s topics for Coddington History Group’s meeting in the village hall, 7.30pm Thurs 19 Jan. For more info please ring Isobel Turner on 01636 708781 ‘Look Ahead’ Visual Impairment support Group will share stories at their meeting in Newark Baptist Church 10am-noon Wed 25 Jan. Please contact Barbara on 01636 681299 or Christine on 01636 673422 Balderton & Newark OAP Association’s AGM, 2pm Tues 10 Jan in St Giles’ Church Exhibitions Hall. Please contact Christine Royal Photographic Fergusson 01636 626435 Society at the Gilstrap Centre Age Concern committee (01636 655730) 10am-3pm meeting 7.15pm Mon 16 throughout Dec; Hammer and Jan at Ghent House. Open Brush; Visual Impact and From to all residents of Newark, Balderton, Fernwood, Jetty to Jupiter at Millgate Farndon, Winthorpe & Museum (01636 655730) Coddington. 10.30am-4.30pm, Please bring ID. Ring 01636 Sat 4 Dec-Sun 29 Jan 611168 for agenda. Christmas Fair at Millbank Care Home, Millgate (01636 703625) 11am – 4pm Sat 3 Dec. Stalls , refreshments and a chance to look round and see its plans Newark Ramblers will be scaling the hills of Kelham on Sun 11 Dec. For info please ring 01636 708049 Small Objects of Desire are on display at the Spotlight Gallery (Admission free) in the Town Hall, 10.30am-3.30pm until Sat 17 Dec Tel: 01636 680333 ‘Look Ahead’ Visual Impairment Support Group will listen to the Palace Singers on Wed 21 Dec. Please contact Barbara 01636 681299 or Christine 01636 673422



Newark Age Concern invites you to a free Christmas Party at Newark RAFA Club 2-4pm Wed 7 Dec Sing-a-long with Sonia Townsend Nibble a mince pie Sip a Cuppa Handmade Christmas Card Contest For more info please ring 01636 702146 Lift in our lovely bus possible

Age Concern Phone Box

Helpline: Mon 01636 702146 Tues-Thurs 01636 613864 Fri-Sun 01636 611853 Home visiting Scheme: 01636 701888 Wheelchair, etc, loans: 01636 679343

Local Medical Appointments

Transport Service: 01636 701888 Newsletter subscriptions: 01636 611168 Bus Trips & Bus Hire: 01636 701888

call 01636 674525

Useful Telephone Numbers Grantham Police Station 01476 402222 Balderton Police - Lakeside 0300 300 9999 Newark Fire Brigade 01636 605777

DOCTOR’S SURGERIES Lombard Street 01636 702363 Fountain Medical 01636 704378 Barnbygate 01636 704225 Balderton Lowfield 01636 705826 Long Bennington 01400 281220 Foston 01400 281220 HOSPITALS Newark Hospital 01636 681681 Grantham Hospital 01476 565232 Kings Mill Hospital 01623 622515 Queens Medical Centre 0115 9249924 POLICE & FIRE STATIONS Newark Police Station 0300 300 9999

UTILITY SERVICES BT Faults Line 0800 800151 Severn Trent Water 0800 7834444 Emergency: Gas: 0800 111999 Electricity: 0800 0568090 LIBRARIES Newark Library 01636 703966 Balderton Library 01636 703930 LOCAL COUNCILS Newark & Sherwood District Council 01636 650000 South Kesteven District Council 01476 406080


OTHER RSPCA 0870 5555999 NSPCC 0808 8005000 Beaumond House 01636 610556 (24hrs) Citizen’s Advice Bureau 01636 704391 Childline 0800 11 11 NHS Direct 0845 46 47 Samaritans 0115 9411111 Train Enquiries 0845 484950 Al-Anon Number 020 7403 0888 Cruse Newark Branch 01636 706228 FOBS (Friends of Balderton Surgery) Gerald Smith 01636 705113



In Touch Dec 2011  
In Touch Dec 2011  

community a5 booklet for Newark and surrounding areas