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Mini-guide for Sagrada Familia neighborhood in Barcelona

Some interesting places at Sagrada Familia neighborhood:

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Sagrada Familia temple: Mallorca Street, 401. Subway station: Sagrada Familia, L5 (blue) y L2 (purple).Tickets Price 12,50 euros. Elevator prices not included, 2,50 euros. Hospital de Sant Pau: Sant Antoni Maria Claret Street, 167. Subway Station: Sant Pau/Dos de Maig, L5 (blue). Guided tours -5 euros. Guided tours Schedule: 10:15 and 12:15 in English, and 13:15 in Spanish. Avenida Gaudi: Connects Sagrada Familia Temple with Hospital de Sant Pau. Subway Stations: Sagrada Familia and Sant Pau/Dos de Maig Sagrada Familia Market: Padilla Street 255. Subway Station Sagrada Familia Bar Michael Collins: Sagrada Familia Square 4. Subway Station Sagrada Familia Seafood restaurant La Paradeta: Passatge Simón 18. Subway Station Sagrada Familia Pizzas La Piazzenza: Avenida Gaudi 27. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Mexican restaurant Chilam Balam: Industria Street 126. Subway Station Sant Pau/Dos de Maig. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) Gaudi Avenue 2. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Domino's Pizza: Marina Street 255. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Mc Donald's: Provença Street 427. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Starbucks: Sagrada Familia Square 19. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Subway: Sagrada Familia Square 17. Subway Station Sagrada Familia. Official FC Barcelona store: Provença Street 439. Subway Station Sagrada Familia.

Reservations for apartments in Barcelona and other Europeans cities. Teléfono: UK: +44 (0) 87 0099 0952 FR: +33 (0) 1 73 04 53 32 ES: +34 934 676 774

Mini Guide for Sagrada Familia neighborhood in Barcelona  

Some of the main spots in the nice Sagrada Familia neighborhood in Barcelona

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