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In bread we trust The magazine

A few months ago I made a magazine for our friend Lin. I remember a conversation where Jan told me that he was jealous of it and that made me think. Why not make one for him as well? So here I am, making a magazine for Jan. But then what? What do I write? What do I show? Of course I know a little of this and a little of that about Jan, but since Lin is more ‘cute’ and Jan is absolutely not cute it was quite the challenge to sync that with my style of work. But fear not, I have put a lot of thought into this and came up with a nice theme: food! It’s basically what we talk about every day so why not make that the main subject of this magazine? Then I figured, I need to be more specific. Because y’know, food is A LOT and Jan likes A LOT of food. But what does he love? Of course! Jan loves bread! And there you have it, a magazine with a hint of bread. This immediately triggered another idea. During my preperations for this magazine we were joking around about Game of Thrones houses and their mottos and Jan came up with “In bread we trust”. I did not hesitate a second and used that line to make his own house banner and added it to this magazine. I hope you’ll like this doughy magazine because it wasn’t easy coming up with what I have. Just think of it like one of my pies: they may not be perfect but they are made with love! - Desirée.

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Content Jan Azeez van Duin


A little story about pie


Bread spread


Beard styles






The basics




Editing DesirĂŠe Suoth Proofreading & special thanks Lin Setzekorn & Sergio Babel Layout & Design DesirĂŠe Suoth


Jan Azeez van Duin - “Djie”

This guy right here is Jan van Duin. Some also call him “Azeez”. He may strike you as your average cool guy with awesome glasses, but you are mistaken. First off, this man has several faces. The manly face, the funny face, hell even the cute face.

Another thing that makes Jan “Jan”, are his witty comments. Got something to say? He’ll try to top it. Want a discussion? He’ll help you. He’s just that much of a smartass.


That being said. He always thinks he’s right. That may be true most of the time, but not all the time. He’ll definitely deny it, but I know this for a fact. How do I know this? Let’s not get into details, but one of my experiences involved

But there is one face you won’t ever forget. And just when you think you did, he’ll throw it at you again just so you won’t. Obviously, I’m talking about the retarded faces.

euro’s and dollar’s. And me laughing. While reading this he’ll probably say: Neuh. Which he says a lot. Did I say a lot? Because I mean A LOT. Much more explanation isn’t needed on this subject!


When someone thinks of Jan, we automatically see hair. Facial hair, of course. He’s pretty much famous for it. I don’t know if anyone else ever tried, but getting this man to clean shave is like winning a fight from Ippo. Not impossible, but quite the task. Did I mention Hajime no Ippo? Maybe I should throw these in as well (all thrown in at random): 300, Marvel, Terry Pratchett, Blastoise, Hulk, Game of Thrones, YouTube, Regular Show, DotA, bears and oh so many more.

Since we’re on the ‘likes’ topic. Jan likes food. Oh scratch that, he loves it. Potatoes, meatloaves, curry, pizza. You name it. But most of all: bread. He even told me, and I quote:

“Kben volgens mij echt addicted aan brood xD Hele bord macaroni op, niet eens beetje vol en crave heel erg brood. 6 broodjes later, satisfied xD” Well I can’t blame him, love me some bread as well (with tuna!!). Although, some food related things he does NOT like (I know, didn’t think it was possible either) are coconuty things, too chocolatey things or candy (and probably some other stuff as well). Another very important thing that has to be noted is of course American football. I don’t really know that much about it, but sometimes Jan fills me in on what is going on and that’s really awesome!

Jan also quite loves his horror. Exorcism? Check. Haunted house? Sure! Even real life horror is okay. But need to pee at 3 AM? Neuh...


About a year ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Since I am a big sucker for pies and such I asked my guests which cakes/pies they wanted present. Highly active in that discussion was Jan. He was set on getting apple pie and tried to recruit others to join him in his battle. Eventually he won. This was the first step to a little story about pies. “I mostly just eat apple pie.” Something Jan told me around that time. That being said, he didn’t need to make a choice between the chocolate cake, cheesecake and apple pie. Obviously he was very happy about apple pie being there that day. With a “THIS IS SO GOOD!” face he quickly ate his piece. At that time we didn’t really talk a lot, so there was no recap on the pies that day. However “my only regret was not eating more” was said. To which I replied: “there will be more pies in the future!” When we gradually started our pie-talks (or food-talks), cake and pie options were summed up. Discussing which pies I should make, which pies looked awesome or seemed horrible. Eventually, during parties certain cakes and/or pies were made. The cherry cheesecake turned out to be quite the favorite. It didn’t take long before we built a mutually beneficial Pie/Cake-lationship. I love making them, he loves eating them. “Feedee” and “foodee” terms were jokingly brought to the table and we laughed because of them. During this period several cakes and pies were made. Apple pie, cherry, rainbow, chocolate and kiwi cheesecakes, chocolate cake and even nutella cake. Because this became a regular thing, other people got a little jealous. “You always make pie for Jan!”, “Ohh Jan is special huh!” to which both of us would respond with “Well yeah, he appreciates those pies”. And no one can really top that appreciation! Today we’re here at a dual-birthday where there is obviously cheesecake and apple pie present. I fulfilled my promise that there would be more pies in the future and It’s probably only a step towards more new and very yummy cakes and pies, because this story is long from over!


A little story about pie


Bread Spread What to spread on your bread?

Bread on its own is a good thing, but to make it even better you should add certain things to it! Here are a few Jan and I always talk about or some random ones you should definitely try!


When we were at Edwin’s no parents party we randomly grabbed tuna for our bread. While eating it both of us responded surprised “whoa, this isn’t half that bad” and a few days after the party one of us said “You know what? I actually crave that tuna from a few days ago.” And it’s been a regular ever since.

Peanut butter

Well duh! Dip it in your tea, put some banana slices or smear that jelly on top of it. Peanutbutter is awesome!


You can’t ever go wrong with a tosti. Use just plain old cheese, use ham, use salami. De-li-cious!


Fried or boiled, it doesn’t even matter for me. Add some mayonnaise or ketchup and it gets even better. Eggs are awesome because they can go so many different ways and with so many different other ingredients.



Well obviously cheese should be on this list. I don’t even need to explain, cheese explains itself. What can you not do with cheese? You can do EVERYTHING.


Alright, I think we’re ready for something bigger. How about this: cheese, ham, salami, cucumber and tomato slices, onion rings, a fried egg, some mayonnaise and ketchup. I can imagine a few people saying “that’s too much” right now. But no. It’s not too much, trust me.


Last but not least, let’s go deeper into the bread spread world. This is a trick Jan used on me once and it works perfectly when you really don’t know what to eat. So if you have no idea what to put on your sandwich, then there is no problem! Think of as many possible things you can put on your bread (what’s available in your house right now). When you’re done, well, you’re done! Put all those things on your sandwich and it’ll be a guaranteed success. ;)

Different beard styles

For when you need some inspiration.



Memories As I was prepping this magazine I thought: what the hell do I put in a birthday magazine for Jan. I kept going back to “memories” because that’s quite a ‘birthday’ thing. Simultaneously the thought “don’t get cheesy” popped up. Unfortunately for you (I imagine you saying neuh out loud right now. Do it.) I am still going through with the topic ‘memories’. It’ll probably still be a little cheesy, but let’s face it. Ya like dat cheeze on yo breadz. I wasn’t really sure how to do this, since there are a lot of memories stuffed in 22 years of your life and I have not witnessed enough to write about all of it. Thus I decided to stick with what I do know.


On march 12th 2012 Oscar posted a status on facebook about kids, screams and murder. Tragic. That particular status reminded me of females, alcohol and rape and thus I shared my thoughts. Not expecting much of it people I didn’t know ‘liked’ it and some people even responded to it. One of them was you. You probably really liked it, because after that you added me on facebook.

A few months later on july 2nd 2012 was the first time we met. I remember talking about your hipster glasses, a mighty roar and other awesome stuff. Not long after that together with Ti, Mounir and Lin we had a lot of fun at Abunai!. Where, as I recall correct, we already had fun about food at the maid café. This fun continued at my 22nd birthday party on Oct 7th. The day after that we actually started talking regularly btw! Remember Moosie? Yeah he got beat up pretty badly by you. Good thing I was there to soothe him when you left to party though. You were also pretty annoying with my phone. It was, however, a really fun weekend! I had so much fun that I decided to travel a lot more often than before, thus we got to see each other more due to more parties!

Parties, parties. Sinterklaas was an awesome one as well. Oh, those photoshopped faces were fun to make. Especially yours. I still can’t look at that particular picture with a straight face.


When Sinterklaas is over, we get Christmas. Days filled with FOOD, gifts, gifts we didn’t want (damn your scented candles!), movies and pretty snow. Although most people don’t like snow, you do! (Just like me!)

Oh which reminds me. A lot of suit talk during that period. When am I going to witness the suit? HMM?


At some point I was persuaded to get my ass on TeamSpeak and basically never left. Why? Because those guys are hella fun to talk to, of course! You

think so too, don’t you? …Ah don’t say neuh. Just look at them! The group is not even complete and already so much fun!

Remember her? Hehehe, of course you do!

Damn you.

Birthdays, picnic and a welcome back party. These days were cool too, don’t you think? In between these days I even made a pitstop at your place so I could drive home safely! I also fulfilled

my promise to visit you by car with that one. But driving to your place for this birthday party fulfills it even better if you ask me.

Right! Food! Just look at these yummy pizza’s. They make me hungry! We also decided to make our own pizza because of this picture. It was de-li-cious my friend. We should do that again! Speaking of food...


Oh sweet summer days… and Ti’s birthday. It was a hot day that day, huh. I remember you hogging my sunglasses and the nerf-gun fights. Oh, and the bbq, of course! I think this picture sums up what that day felt like.

Summer means vacation! Together with Chibi you came all the way to Groningen to visit me. Hmm kind of a one-day holiday trip. I still think that it was really awesome for you guys to visit me!

A few days after I already traveled back to Lelystad and we all attended Oscar’s birthday party which was without a doubt awesome as well. Soon after not only Dennis’ birthday came up, but we also went to Walibi where you laughed at a puking man, I faced my fear of rollercoasters and where we found Mounir’s nose.

Last but certainly not least imagine a picture of this day right here. Because obviously we’re only getting started with making memories!



“Sometimes you gotta show your love for the basics to appreciate the advanced.� - Jan van Duin


The Walking Bread

House Dune "In bread we trust" - Birthday magazine  

I made another birthday magazine for a friend in september 2013. It has a bread theme with a hint of Game of Thrones. I made the logo myself...

House Dune "In bread we trust" - Birthday magazine  

I made another birthday magazine for a friend in september 2013. It has a bread theme with a hint of Game of Thrones. I made the logo myself...