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Where Can I Buy Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2? The only business that you should be buying Dragon® Medical Practice Edition 2 from is one that is certified by the manufacturer to sell the software. There are currently over 200 certified resellers that are qualified to sell Dragon Medical technology and are also prepared to offer an extraordinary level of customer service that includes installation, custom configuration of features and expert instruction on how to use the technology with your EHR system. Nuance certified resellers are often called value-added resellers because they are able to provide a much higher level of technical service and support to their customers, which is measured against the manufacturer’s standards. The expectations set forth by Nuance are a way to ensure a positive first experience for physicians using Dragon Medical Practice Edition. Dragon Medical Practice Edition value added resellers will typically offer an initial consultation that includes an analysis of the workflow in your practice followed by recommendations on how to create a complete speech recognition solution that will maximize the time and money you can save. Certified Dragon Medical Practice Edition resellers don’t just sell you a box and walk away. You will have access to professional installation services and expert configuration tailored to your workflow. Customization, however, is useless if you don’t know how to operate the software and use it efficiently. Value added resellers will also be able to offer you one-on-one or group training sessions either online or in your office at a time that is convenient for you. With the proper installation, customization and training, you can ensure your success with Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 and even enjoy using it. When you conquer the obstacles associated with adopting your EHR and start achieving the meaningful use criteria without frustration, the rewards are two-fold. You will reduce or eliminate transcription costs and simultaneously increase your reimbursement levels. That’s what you call a real ROI.

Where can i buy dragon medical practice edition 2