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A Multifaceted Approach to Teacher Induction By Dana Bickmore and Steven Bickmore A Multifaceted Approach to Teacher Induction was a dissertation study into two middle school induction programs. The district which these school belonged to cut the resources to pay for induction programs so the two schools applied for a grant to provide a multifaceted approach to teacher induction. The research questioned if the stated components of the induction programs were implemented were perceptions between groups different in regards to the elements of the program, did the elements meet the needs of the new teachers and finally did the participant’s view the induction program as effective. The major components of the induction programs included administrative support, one-to-one mentoring, and collegial support through collaborative work on teams, and professional development as well as a focus on the personal needs of new teachers. The researchers found positive evidence that the two induction programs were implemented as planned. They discovered that the two schools’ induction programs met their criteria for effectiveness which was a systematic process imbedded in a healthy school climate working to meet the personal and professional needs of new teachers (Bickman & Bickman, 2010). I found this study extremely helpful in beginning to delve into the literature around teacher induction. I felt validated in their findings because they confirmed collaboration and collegiality with teams is one of the key components in providing the support new teachers desire. The study contains a rich variety of sources that I can use as well. The researchers’ criteria for an effective induction program has me thinking about how to best communicate that with everyone who needs the information and how to communicate it clearly so more effective induction programs can begin to happen thereby diminishing teacher attrition.


Summary and reflection to article titled A Multifaceted Approach to Teacher Induction