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May 31 - June 6, 2012

Crimes Against Women

how safe are we?

Domestic violence and rape are the two most common crimes against women and both are widely unreported, according to recent statistics released by the FBI and the Department of Justice, and those statistics do not always jive. The FBI reports that 37 percent of rapes and attempted rapes get reported while the Department of Justice estimates that number at 26 percent Additionally, statistics show that 73 percent of rapes are committed by someone known by the victim with 38 percent by friends or acquaintances, 28 percent by an intimate partner and 7 percent by relatives. Suggestions to keep from falling victim to this horrible crime, as well as other crimes: • Don’t get drunk. • Don’t go home with someone you do not know. • Don’t accept drinks from anyone you do not know or trust, male or female. • Don’t pick up strangers. • Don’t open your door for someone you do not know.

• Keep your windows and doors locked, especially at night and when you are gone. • When using social media sites don’t give information about where you live, work or go to school. • When walking to your car or front door at night, keep your keys ready in your hand and have your cell phone handy as well. • Stay away from alleys and secluded areas if you are alone. • Be careful who you give your n umber to. • Unless unlisted, it is easy for someone to find your home address and cell phones can be located using its GPS. • Take a self-defense class, specifically fighting off an attacker. Today, some women carry firearms, pepper spray, tasers or other weapons.

Although these are good ideas, it’s a bad idea to use them without the proper training because they can be turned against you or harm an innocent person. Women must feel confident and be capable in the proper use of weapons for them to be effective. The drug GHB, known as a “date rape” drug is colorless, odorless and tasteless that acts as an anesthetic rendering a victim physically incapacitated. Its effects last three to six hours and stays in the blood only four hours and in urine for 12 hours. It can also lower the heart rate, respiration and blood pressure. More importantly, if you become a victim of an attack, report it right away. Most unreported crimes are due to fear or embarrassment. Don’t give an attacker another victory.

By charles bennett, Jr.

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Desert Star May 31, 2012  
Desert Star May 31, 2012  

Desert Star May 31, 2012