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18  May 31 - June 6, 2012

astrologicalaffects By Guru Ren Yogamaya, M.A. E-RYT 500

Sun In Gemini Most Affected is Gemini and All Air Signs. The month is in the sign of Gemini. For Gemini: All Mercurial themes such as light, electrical impulses, mental agility, communication, will rule supreme until June 20.  A more heightened awareness of the lightness of being, sound and silence. The best side of Gemini is seen in their light attitude, dealing with their emotions easily, attraction to the genuine, thoughtfulness and their ability to learn and communicate quickly, to accept intuition, creative expression in speech, writing, also in the arts. The key is to know when to be silent, to be aware and considerate of how your changes can affect others and to leave justice in the hands of the Universe. For All Signs: The divine feminine and the divine masculine energies in all people, nature, in Life, come together as one in the 5th Chakra, the throat, that also represents Gemini. With Jupiter still in Taurus, expanded consciousness and simple ideas come forth now. Celebrate this month by exercising your vocal cords, doing breath techniques, breaking into a song or by trying Tantra or Partner Yoga. Best Sacred Geometry:  Oxhedron (Air) Best Yantra: The colors Light Blue or Turquoise.

Monthly Horoscope – June, 2012 The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th is a super Full Moon that will bring about some surprises and raise your emotions related to your career or business. Your best days may come from the 11th onward you may be traveling far, wide or close by. Make a request or propose before the 10th.Your best day for romance may be the 13th. Taurus – The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th has you dividing funds that you owe or share with someone else. Anything that needs to be prepared, planted or completed should be done before the 11th when Jupiter leaves your sign.  This month should see the inception of growth in your financial sector.  By the 19th, an anticipated financial or other types of reward should appear. Gemini – The recent Solar Eclipse has opened the door for many new opportunities. The Big News: Jupiter, the planet of luck, opportunity and expansion will enter your sign on June 11th that will bring you a plethora of greatness into your Life for a full year. Wait until after the 11th to sign contracts. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th brings change of an important business or personal relationship and it can be a highlighted celebratory event or the start of closure. Cancer – The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th is a Super Full Moon that will illuminate your health concerns. I may also affect someone close to you whom you may work with.  The first ten days of Aries –

the month will be your best. By the New Moon on the 19th, you’ll find many ways to examine, uncover the basis of your unease. Leo – The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th may set the stage for a wonderful atmosphere for romance with someone special. However, you will need to be more cautious with your spending on a creative project. This month will also be a good time to see break-throughs happen. The New Moon on the 19th may bring new contacts into your spotlight. Virgo – The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th will affect your home and family.  Prepare yourself for something or someone new in this arena.  Jupiter leaves Taurus on the 11th and you will feel a shift happen. Jupiter will then assist your Life by expanding the opportunities for travel, communications and your waistline. Libra – The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th sees you possibly high in the air with travel related to business, family or even romance. From the 1st of the month to the 11th will be the time to make decisions regarding your financial picture. The New Moon on the 19th may bring more travel when you may feel the desire for the intellectual. Go straight to the top person in power in your business negotiations. After the 27th, your popularity may return. Scorpio – Changes may be felt or seen with your income by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th.  Don’t sweat the social stuff; keep your wallet closed. After the 11th, other people’s money, resources may help out. Travel and a change of heart in romance may be in store for you by the end of this month. Be open to adventure. Sagittarius – The Lunar Eclipse on the 4th is in your sign and it is a Super Full Moon that will certainly bring changes. Expect to see yourself change for the better with your priorities. Reassess or honor your important partnerships. Ask VIPS to move your career forward. After the 11th, you can deepen your commitment to the next chapter in Love or something. Make a decision by the 13th. Pay attention on the 20th. Capricorn – An insightful bit of information or news may come to you by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th, it may involve someone who has been untruthful. You may also receive news regarding the welfare or health of a family member or yourself. After the 11th, improve yourself by new methods related to health and fitness. Yoga may figure importantly by the 19th; you can make it routine. Aquarius – Expect the unexpected with news related to a friend or your own dealings with social or business interactions near or on the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th. Costs or payment

could be higher than expected, do the right thing, honor your commitments but try not to lend it out. After the 11th, your heart’s desire for true love will be possible, for a full year. On the 24th to the end of the month stand your ground with someone in power. Pisces – Expect the unexpected related to your career that will be affected by the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius on the 4th. Something may end; it may give way to something better, new. There can be very good improvements with your property or home beginning on the 11th. From the 13th on, a cash windfall may appear and even more so by the 25th onward. Do your best to put your house and all things needing completion into order by the 27th when the social doorbell rings. Ren Yogamaya is a Yoga teacher registered at the highest level with the Yoga Alliance, a writer, the published author of the book, EAT BY COLOR: Foods, Colors and The Chakras, a syndicated columnist and she is a natural channel for Universal Light. She supports your community and teaches at Yoga Blue in Pasadena, at Dancing Shiva Yoga in L.A. and can be reached at

Desert Star May 31, 2012  
Desert Star May 31, 2012  

Desert Star May 31, 2012