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JOURNAL SITE POSTING SYSTEM COMMANDS AND USAGE BASICS: All emails sent to the allocated account will be checked against the list of users registered within the system. If the sender is not registered the email is simply deleted, so there is no fear of spam being published.

STRUCTURES: All content of the email is captures (date sent, subject, body, sender address, attachments and embedded images) and are used when the email is converted to a post. With attachments, different file types have different effects. All images (JPG, PNG and GIF) are shown as a thumbnail based gallery, FLV and MP3 files are shown as a media player and all other files are shown as download links (except text files which are not handled at all).

COMMANDS: The subject line allows for sending additional commands to the system to override the defaults. These commands could be to update, delete add as an event and so on. The command is made up of two parts encapsulated in square brackets[ ] and separated by a barrel|. So if you wanted to have an email published on a specific date you would enter [date|21 Nov 2007] to have the post date set to 21 November 2007. In this example the word “date” is the command and “21 Nov 2007” is the value. Here is a list of current commands and their uses. [date|date] Overides the date sent. Date can be almost any format (11-12-2007, tomorrow, last week, Nov-21-2007, etc…) [tags|tags, separated, by, commas] places the allocated tags to the post. [update|post id] Overwrites the post specified. The “post id” can be found in the header when clicking on the post to be updated and checking in the address bar for “?art=postid”. [delete|post id] Deletes the post specified. The “post id” can be found in the header when clicking on the post to be deleted and checking in the address bar for “?art=postid”. [flash|url] / [youtube|url] / [video|url] embed video from a video sharing site. Use the embed code and use just the source. <object width="425" height="350"><param name="movie" value=""></param……

COMMANDS: CONTINUED… [event|date] Marks the post as an event. This will add the post as an event in the events calendar. [start|time] Sets the event start time. Time formats accepted: 2:30pm, 14:30:32, 2pm etc… [end|time] Sets the event end time. Same as start. [location|location] Sets the event location.

BODY COMMAND: Currently there is only one body command [[pagebreak]] which created “Read More” link and places the content below this line on the linked jump.

Journal Site Posting System Commands  

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