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Luxury Desert Camp in moroCo

about Desert Luxury Camp provide luxury camps in Merzouga of Morocco desert. Our camps are very comfortable and luxuriant to stay. Don’t think about the price, our service is budget friendly in cost with other benefits. It is surrounded by sand dunes and provides a mix of traditional Berber design with the highest comfort and luxury.

Life of Desert Luxury Camp

Book a desert camp with a reputed guide in Morocco, you can expect for the best travel experience. From your transportation to your accommodation and food, everything will be taken care of. There will be rental cars, private helicopters and commercial flights facility to make your commutation easy and hassle free.

Contact us: Desert Luxury Camp Merzouga, Morocco

Luxury Desert Camp in Moroco  
Luxury Desert Camp in Moroco  

The finest Desert camp is situated in Merzouga from Morocco.You can choose a private camp experience or elect to stay at our main camp with...