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Bad weather in the sunny state

California- As a ferocious, multiday winter storm begins to subside after delivering heavy snow and ice, Millions of people in California are looking outside these days. Instead of blue skies, they only see snow and rain.

The warning is valid for this weekend: snowstorms, floods, avalanches, and freezing temperatures. A severe winter storm is looming in the sun-drenched west coast state!

More than 100,000 electricity customers in California were already without electricity on Saturday night, according to the website “”

The National Weather Service temporarily issued a flood warning for Los Angeles and other cities. Downtown Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, and Santa Barbara were affected.

The CNN broadcaster reported on Friday and during the night that the streets in and around Los Angeles were flooded.

In its first-ever blizzard warning warnings in Southern California. Snow-capped mountains could already be seen in pictures from California on Friday. Meteorologists expected more snow at higher altitudes and thunderstorms at lower altitudes for Saturday. This storm system will be freezing, and snow levels will be shallow. In fact, areas very close to the Pacific Coast and also into the interior valleys that are not accustomed to seeing snow may see some

snowfall,” the National Weather Service said

The National Weather Service in San Diego said the San Bernardino County mountains could see 3 to 5 feet of snow through Saturday morning. Blizzard warnings were also issued for Los Angeles and

Ventura counties through Saturday afternoon. Up to 5 feet of snow is possible, with some isolated areas seeing between 7 and 8 feet.

Snow has fallen in unusual places: snow or sleet is said to have been sighted near the famous “Hollywood” sign on Friday, the weather service reported on Twitter.

A violent winter storm caused chaos not only in California. In the US state of Michigan, around 465,000 customers were still without electricity on Saturday night, as “” reported. Previously, the number of affected households was even higher there.

2 March 1, 2023


US President Joe Biden (80) is cracking down on China spying!

All federal agency employees must delete the Tiktok app from their work phones within 30 days, the White House decided on Monday evening.

Because: The Chinese parent company ByteDance only admitted

in December that it had spied on three journalists in the USA using the platform. A little later, the US Congress also voted in favor of the Tiktok ban.

Almost a week ago, the EU Commission banned its employees from using Tiktok on company cell phones or laptops.

The espionage scandal is particularly explosive because one of the reporters revealed in her research in the summer that Chinese ByteDance employees had accessed data from American users.

The US business magazine “Forbes” first reported on the espionage campaign in October. At the time, ByteDance denied everything, but launched an internal investigation. A team leader was fired. Chinese manager Song Ye, to whom the man reported, resigned.

“The misconduct of certain individuals who no longer work at ByteDance was an egregious abuse of power to obtain user data. This misconduct is unacceptable and does not reflect TikTok’s efforts to earn the trust of our users,” said TikTok spokeswoman Hilary McQuaide.

The social network has around a billion users worldwide who can share videos with each other. But a lot of content falls victim to China’s censorship if the regime in Beijing doesn’t like it. The range of clips that address the Tiananmen Square massacre or the persecution of the Uyghurs was restricted.

But videos that talk about disabilities or homosexuality are also repeatedly withheld from users.

3 March 1, 2023

Fun Easter ‘Egg-turnatives’ 4 creative alternatives to decorating eggs this Easter


While decorating eggs for Easter is a tradition that dates back centuries, the high cost of eggs may make it more difficult for some families this year. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t find creative ways to keep the season special and create memories with loved ones.

With more than 140 years of experience, the Easter egg decorating experts at PAAS® are sharing some ideas and inspiration on fun things to do with your Easter decorating kit. These “egg­citing” alternatives to using traditional eggs can help keep those simple moments of connection and creativity alive:

Pretty in Plastic

Dyeing plastic eggs is an activity perfect for all ages with less stress and less mess since they don’t crack or break when dropped. Dyeable plastic eggs also typically come in packages of more than a traditional dozen, offering more opportunities for creativity. Another added bonus: You can decorate your home every year with the finished product since they don’t go bad. They are also perfect for DIY projects, such as making them into garland, hanging ornaments, place settings or gifts that can be used for years to come.


Easter Decor

Instead of buying eggs, you can make your own baking soda dough eggs using 1/2 cup corn starch, 1 cup baking soda and 3/4 cup water. Combine the ingredients, roll into egg shapes and bake in the oven for 1 hour at 175 F then simply dye them as you would real eggs using your favorite PAAS egg decorating kit. Fun for all ages, these eggs can be turned into a variety of decor and mementos with kids taking the lead on mixing the dough batter and shaping the eggs before an adult helps with the baking.


Kitchen Canvases

Coffee filters are good for more than just making coffee; they make perfect canvases for Easter decorating and naturally take dye. With 100-250 coffee filters per package, they’re a costeffective way to maximize crafting opportunities and let creativity run wild. Once dyed and dried, you can turn the filters into flower centerpieces, papier mache eggs, artwork to frame and more.


Treasure from Nature

Kids often love to hunt for fun­shaped and colorful rocks when exploring outdoors or collect seashells while on vacation or taking a walk on the beach. Now, rather than storing them in a “treasure box” or throwing them back outside, they can be creatively decorated for Easter using paint, stickers, glitter, accessories and other add­ons. Some seashells can even be dyed. Using rocks and shells of all shapes and sizes is a cost-effective, low-waste alternative that allows children to use their imaginations for creative play once they’re done decorating.

For more tips and ideas to make Easter “eggstra” special this year, visit

Sustainable Tips to Avoid Egg Waste

If you plan to keep the tradition of dyeing eggs alive this year, you can take steps to avoid food waste once you’re done decorating. Consider these sustainable tips from the experts at PAAS:

n Make Deviled Eggs: As long as you refrigerate the eggs shortly after dyeing them, you can use them to make deviled eggs – an Easter brunch staple – for your family meal.

n Create Centerpieces: Dyed eggs can be used to make a beautiful centerpiece for your family dinner. Simply spread them over your table runner around other decor, fill a glass bowl or jar with the eggs or place them within a floral arrangement to add pops of color to the table.

n Serve a Salad: Eating the eggs saves you from food waste, and eggs can be used in a variety of salads, including egg salad, potato salad or chef’s salad, to add a boost of protein and flavor.

n Start a Compost Pile: If you don’t plan to eat the eggs once you’re done decorating, you can create a compost pile near your garden. Hard­boiled eggshells are a rich source of calcium and other essential nutrients plants need.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images

To kick off the night, Acrisure Arena will open the parking lot at 10 am Jimmy Buffett for those wishing to hang out at the tailgate zone before the performance. Margaritaville Tailgating and Oversized Vehicle passes are now for sale here and include (1) vehicle plus four parking spaces per pass.

Buffett is one of the most prolific touring artists in the industry. A renowned singer/songwriter, actor, best-selling author, and businessman, he’s been producing a tour almost every year since 1976. Beginning as a busker and bar performer in the 60s, Buffett gained notoriety for his unique beach bum persona. After a few years of living in Nashville and New Orleans, Buffett moved to Key West, Florida, and started to focus on

his music career. His big break came when he released his album Changes in Latitudes, Changes in Attitudes in 1977, which featured the breakout anthem “Margaritaville.” This song and sound profile would define the rest of his career and even serve as the inspiration for the name of his restaurant chain, Margaritaville. The famous Gulf and Western singersongwriter continues to tour the world with his unique island sound. For the past fifty years, this CMA Award winner has spent decades perfecting his tropical country sound. With the help of the Coral Reefer Band, Buffett has become one of the most beloved country artists in history. So get your Jimmy Buffett tickets soon to catch this incredible performer as he tours the world playing “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” “Son Of Son Of A Sailor,” and “It’s Five O’clock Somewhere,” among other chart-topping hits.

Acrisure Arena

in Greater Palm Springs Kickoff


With Pre-Concert Parking Lot Tailgate Zone at Venue



WHAT: Join Acrisure Arena, the newest world-class venue in Southern California’s Greatest Concert Destination, and Live Nation in welcoming legendary Jimmy Buffett & The Coral Reefer Band live on March 7.

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Rob Schneider

Brings Laughs to Morongo Casino Resort & Spa


Comedy superstar, actor and screenwriter Rob Schneider will bring his popular standup tour to the Morongo Grand Ballroom on Friday, May 26.

With a career spanning over three decades, Rob Schneider has established himself as one of the most recognizable comedians in the world. From his early beginnings in Hollywood to his successful film and television career, Schneider is at the forefront of comedy and entertainment.

Beginning his career as a standup comedian in

the late 1970s and early 1980s, Schneider rose to prominence after joining the iconic sketch comedy television show “Saturday Night Live” cast in 1990. Schneider then followed his SNL run by launching a successful career in movies and television and is best known for his starring roles in films such as “The Benchwarmers,” “The Hot Chick” and “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo,” as well as costarring roles in iconic comedies “The Waterboy” and “50 First Dates.”

“We are beyond excited to welcome Rob Schneider to the Morongo Grand Ballroom for an unforgettable night of hilarious comedy and commentary,” said Simon

Farmer, Morongo’s Executive Director of Marketing. “His unique brand of humor and talent will have our guests rolling in their seats and laughing out loud.”

A gifted comedian, Schneider continues to tour the country and perform his hilarious live standup act. In addition to his ongoing comedy tour, his most recent film work includes acting gigs such as “Hubie Halloween” and “Daddy Daughter Trip,” for which he also served as a director and producer. Tickets can be purchased through Ticketmaster for $39, $59 or $69. Doors open at 8 p.m., and the show begins at 9 p.m.

6 March 1, 2023
7 March 1, 2023

China-Russia Alliance Would Lead To “World War 3

U.S. President Joe Biden, 80, made a surprise visit to Kyiv on Monday. The U.S. has become essential to the Ukrainian resistance against Russian aggressors.

Biden had a secret deal with Putin! On Monday morning, it became known that U.S. President Joe Biden (80) is visiting the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. While the sirens were wailing throughout the country - air alert!the most powerful man in the world walked through Kyiv with Ukraine President Volodymyr Selenskyj (45).

The big question: had the U.S. president put himself in mortal danger to send a message of solidarity? Now highly explosive details come to light: Biden had a secret deal with Putin!

Another country, however, seems to

be playing a false game: China.

On Saturday, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, 69, announced his country’s peace initiative in the Ukraine war at the Munich Security Conference. “We want to facilitate peace talks; we reject nuclear escalation,” Yi said verbatim.

A day later, however, it came out: China is secretly siding with warmonger Vladimir Putin (70)! So far, with non-lethal military equipment

think it’s possible.”

Selenskyj warns, “If China allies with Russia, there will be a world war.” He thinks, however, “that China is aware of this.”

Selenskyj recalled that in 1994 China made a clear commitment “to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine. We had these guarantees. And I ask you to abide by our 10-point peace formula.”

This is not only a “security

for Russia’s campaign of destruction in Ukraine. But the U.S. government fears China is considering sending lethal aid in the future.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Selenskyj (45) clarifies in an interview with WELT(belongs, like BILD, to Axel Springer SE): “For us, China mustn’t support the Russian Federation in this war. In fact, I would like it to be on our side. At the moment, however, I don’t

guarantee for Ukraine, but for the whole world,” Selenskyj told WORLD.

For the moment, however, Ukraine’s president - unlike the U.S. - is giving the all-clear: He cannot see any signs of Chinese military support for Russia.

February 24 marks the anniversary of the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Russia currently shows no signs of ending its sustained shelling of the neighboring country.

8 March 1, 2023
Volodymyr Selenskyj warns against a military alliance between China and Russia.


Upgrading your home design is an opportunity to tap into new color schemes. Knowing what shades are trendy and how different hues can work together for a cohesive design is an important step in creating an attractive design aesthetic.

While you might turn to family or friends for inspiration for your next DIY project, another resource for collecting concepts and options to upgrade your space is the internet. Consider the Valspar Color­verse, which allows visitors to explore colors in a unique way and offers paint color inspiration and decor trends they can envision within their own homes.

The interactive virtual home showcases the latest paint and design trends so you can get creative for your next project. After experiencing the Valspar 2023 Colors of the Year firsthand by painting walls and art from the collection to see the 3D virtual house come to life, you can find the perfect paint shade for your space.

“Through the Color­verse, visitors can experience the 12 Colors of the Year in a realistic virtual home,” said Gus Morales, vice president of brand marketing for CBG Sherwin­Williams. “Aside from exploring the Colors of the Year, the home is an engaging space for visitors to create art, play games and order paint chips to see how their top color picks look and feel in their homes.”

Color Trends to Consider

Many of this year’s popular nature­inspired designs are all about finding comfort, embracing a flexible lifestyle, rediscovering joy and leaning into the growing DIY movement. The most trend­worthy, forward­thinking and livable colors reflect specific facets or emotions of life so you can update your well­used spaces with thoughtful colors that evoke positive energy and lasting change.

Comfort and Contentment: If your goal is to create a space that envelopes you in a sense of comfort,

consider a white with a yellow undertone that makes a space cozy like a soft blanket, like Cozy White from Valspar. Complement the softness with a muted clay that brings in brown undertones that suggest gentle contentment.

Calming Restoration: Tap into the calming tones of nature with a hazy green that has duality, which brings in both the calm and liveliness of the great outdoors. Another option is a deep midnight blue used as an elegant calming shade to restore mind, body and home.

Healthful, Mindful Living: Create an uplifting space where your wellness is a priority. Evoke a greater sense of health consciousness with a light blue that has a dose of softness used as a fresh neutral with uplifting qualities of a modern pastel, like Valspar’s Rising Tide. Reinforce the benefits of mindful living with a cool gray that is balanced by the warmth of the yellow undertone, a natural hue like a cotton muslin cloth.

Connections and Joy: Establish spaces where you can celebrate relationships with others, the world around you and happiness in your being. Consider hues like a white softened by a violet undertone, a harmonious shade promoted by digital connectivity. Evoke joy with a dependable classic tan that features a yellow undertone suggesting new life with uplifting qualities.

Natural Balance: Bringing hints of the outdoors into a well­loved living space creates a soothing ambiance. Consider a warm neutral brown tone inspired by the shades found in nature or a cooled down blue that strikes a beautiful balance between cool and warm shades in your design.

Inspirational Thought: A work­from­home or crafting space needs color to inspire great thinking. Try a faded natural terracotta that sparks individuality and warmth or a deep blackened olive, an on­trend neutral that embodies charm and sophistication.

Explore the tool and find more colorful ideas at

Navigate New Colors

Exploring color options before you apply them to a home improvement or design project gives you the chance to experience and visualize different styles before you fully commit. Using a tool like Valspar’s Color­verse, a 3D virtual home, you can experience on­trend color palettes that inspire your next big project through resources like:

Drone Flyers Academy Receives Grant for Workforce Development

industries and seeing my students achieve successful careers, I created Drone Flyers Academy specifically targeted at delivering these skills to underserved and socioeconomically challenged individuals and communities,” said Skip Fredricks, Founder and CEO of DFA. “It’s so rewarding to know that graduates of this program are tripling their earning potential, sometimes even more, by having an FAA Certified Drone Pilot’s License.”

drone flying careers has been very interesting,” said Catharine Reed, Vice President of Charitable Programs for the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation. “It’s wonderful that Skip decided to base this nonprofit in the Coachella Valley where many people here can benefit.”

Palm Desert, Calif. – Drone Flyers Academy (DFA) is the latest nonprofit organization to benefit from a $25,000 Coachella Valley Spotlight

Before creating DFA, Fredricks worked for more than 25 years as a videographer in film and television, producing award-winning content for various media and entertainment companies. Fredricks transferred these skills into the field of drone cinematography, where he continued

The Coachella Valley Spotlight grant will expand DFA’s fleet of training drones and provide practice drones, safety helmets and vests for each participant, allowing students to continue training at home once the course is complete. Funds will also help DFA establish live stream flight lessons from the field to the computers and tablets, expanding training options. In addition, Fredricks plans to train more instructors and expand the DFA courses to more Coachella Valley Cities.

“Drone video and photos are in demand more and more. This program is giving people a jumpstart to an exciting career,” said Jerry Upham, General Manager of Gulf California Broadcast Company, which owns and operates KESQ News Channel 3 and KPSP CBS Local 2.

grant presented by the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation. The grant will provide equipment that will expand and enhance the growing workforce development the nonprofit organization provides.

“After witnessing the growing demand for drone operators in multiple

working in the private sector and quickly discovered a need for more certified drone operators and trainers. In 2016, he began serving as an instructor at the LATTC (Los Angeles Trade Technical College), Unmanned Vehicle University and Grossmont College.

“Learning about the potential of

Throughout February, Drone Flyers Academy was featured on News Channel 3’s “Eye on the Desert” in public service announcements and on To learn more about DFA, visit www.

Source: Cara Van Dijk

10 March 1, 2023
11 March 1, 2023
12 March 1, 2023 BIRD PROOFING ROOF CLEANING DRIVEWAY CLEANING EXTERIOR HOME WASH SOLAR PANEL CLEANING EXTERIOR WINDOW CLEANING X T R E M E C L E A N HELLO, SERVICES WE OFFER CONTACT US We offer the right solution for your home cleaning needs. (760)898-8505 Raymond Gonzalez P O W E R W A S H I N G S E R V I C E S PROFESSIONAL SERVICE Give us a call today to set up an appointment 10% off any service and 25% off on 2 or more services bundled together! GRAFFITI REMOVAL RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL

The number of people killed by the earthquake in Turkey and Syria has risen to more than 50,000.

Turkey alone recorded 44 218 dead,

the Turkish disaster agency Afad announced on Friday. From Syria, 5900 dead were reported last. Only on Thursday, a magnitude

5 shook the southeastern Turkish province of Hatay. The Kandilli earthquake monitoring center reported this. The report said the quake’s epicenter was in the Defne district. Initially, no casualties or damage were reported. The province was already scarred by the devastating doublehorror earthquake two and a half weeks ago.

The tremors of magnitude 7.7 and 7.6 on February 6 have been followed by 8550 aftershocks, according to the Turkish disaster agency Afad. According to the report, several of them had a magnitude of more than 6. As a result, more than 164,000 buildings have either been severely damaged or collapsed and urgently need to be demolished, according to the Turkish government.


A new book by a University of Washington professor on the death penalty finds support for executions may be motivated by people’s own fear of death.

Philip Hansten, professor emeritus of pharmacology at the University of Washington and author of “Death Penalty Bulls---,” argues against the practice.

Hansten draws on work by Ernest Becker, an anthropologist who said reminding people of their own mortality made them cling tighter to their cultural views and even increased people’s punitive urges to defend their culture.

Hansten suggested hearing about murder could cause somebody to think more about death, especially if it happens in their community.

“The murderers are an out-group in general; I mean, most of us aren’t murderers,” Hansten pointed out. “So the murderer is automatically an out-

group, somebody who we would tend to protect our culture from anyway.”

Hansten argued it could make people more likely to support the death penalty. However, he also noted the fear of death can inspire xenophobia and racism in people who feel they need to protect their culture.

Becker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning book The Denial of Death led to the creation of a study known as Terror Management Theory.

Hansten contended Becker’s theory puts death row in a new light.

“If the terror of death has such a huge influence on all of us, putting people on death row for decades, it would be hard for me to imagine something crueler than that,” Hansten stated.

Hansten added Terror Management Theory also makes it clear people do not necessarily create their views on issues like the death penalty with their rational minds.

“You give them all this data and all the rational arguments and show how it’s totally arbitrary, etc., etc., and it just falls on deaf ears because this death terror is preventing them from hearing it,” Hansten emphasized.

Seventy percent of the royalties for Hansten’s book go to the group Death Penalty Focus.

13 March 1, 2023

The Eagles at the Acrisure Arena

The Acrisure Arena hosted the iconic Eagles Band on two special nights. Friday and Saturday, Feb. 24th and 25th, to a sold-out crowd. The Arena ice rink was covered with seats, and the whole Arena was filled

to hear this iconic band. The Eagles had several original band members. Renowned artist Vince Gill has joined the group for this tour.

The band started the night with the well-known song, Hotel California. They continued the night with more of

their famous songs. The crowd loved that. Some pieces were New Kid in Town, Life On The Fast Lane, and Wasted Time. They continued with some of their most famous hits. Take it Easy, Peaceful Easy Feeling, Lying Eyes, Witchy Woman, and more.

14 March 1, 2023
Story and Photos by Pat Krause Timothy B Schmit and Don Henley - Photo by Pat Krause The Eagles band with Joe Walsh - Photo by Pat Krause

I heard they played for 3 hours, so all guests got their money’s worth. I read that Deacon Frye, son of deceased member Glen Frye of the Eagles, played with the band and sang; Vince Gill did a duet with Joe Walsh. I also read that the band did a number with the Desert Symphony. High-tech videos were shown on the screen.

What a night for Eagles fans, as the band played most of the Eagle’s Top Hit songs. Fans sometimes joined in the music as many knew the words. Members Don Henley, Joe Walsh, and Timothy B. Schmit gave the fans all the thrills singing their hit songs. Iconic Vince Gill has joined them for this tour. Gill played guitar and sang along. This Arena is a super venue for these highprofile concerts.

Jimmy Buffett is coming up on March 7th, March 18th brings Grupo Arriesgado, and on March 24th, there will be big names in the Free Style Explosion concert. This is a super venue for these high-profile concerts; everyone has a good seat. Videos are shown of the band too.

15 March 1, 2023
Vince Gill and Timothy B Schmit - Photo by Pat Krause Vince Gill - Photo by Pat Krause

Lady Gaga! Dog Thief Wants A $1.5 Million Finder’s Fee

It was the horror in Hollywood: two years ago, several men attacked the dog sitter of pop great Lady Gaga (36) and stole her French bulldogs. Now one crook even wants money from the singer and sues for 1.5 million dollars!

Dog sitter Ryan Fischer was on February 21, 2021, with Lady Gaga’s dogs dark in a residential area. Suddenly, a car stopped.

Out jumped several men. Fischer was pinned down with gunfire and left lying on the sidewalk pleading for help. He survived the near-fatal attack and was seriously injured in the hospital.

But the singer’s French bulldogs, Koji and Gustav, were stolen in the attack. The perfidious trick: The gangsters wanted to collect the finder’s fee. At that time, 500 000 dollars.

And that’s precisely what happened. Accomplice Jennifer McBride handed the dogs over to the police on February 26 - only two days after they were stolen - hoping the cash would ring.

Stupid: During the investigation, it came out that she had known the dog thieves for years, TMZ reports. Later she was found guilty of receiving stolen goods - at least McBride only got a suspended sentence of 2 years. She was not found to be an accessory to robbery.

According to the deputy district attorney, McBride had known full well that the puppies had been stolen. She had believed, as did her gang, that she would not be found out because she was a white woman.

James Howard Jackson, who police believe was the shooter, pleaded guilty to attempted murder and was

sentenced to 21 years. But how did McBride come up with the claimed 1.5 million in the first place? After all, the finder’s fee was “only” $500,000.

16 March 1, 2023
Lady Gaga with her French bulldogs Koji and Gustav Ryan Fischer in hospital after a nearfatal attack He pleaded guilty to shooting the dog sitter: James Howard Jackson
17 March 1, 2023


The Coachella Valley Firebirds, proud affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Seattle Kraken, defeated the San Jose Barracuda in overtime by the score 4-3 on Monday night at Acrisure Arena (attendance: 6,359). Kole Lind netted the game-winning goal in overtime, while Chris Driedger stopped 30 of 33 shots in his first game with the Firebirds.

San Jose hit the back of the net at the 4:33 mark of the first period as Kyle Criscuolo scored on the powerplay. The goal marked the seventh game the Coachella Valley surrendered the first tally.

The Firebirds pulled even in the second period after a hard-working play behind the net resulted in Carsen Twarynski’s 10th goal. Austin Poganski and Luke Henman teamed up to feed Twarynski the puck in front of the net to beat Aaron Dell, making it 1-1 at 10:11 of the second period.

Coachella Valley took their first game lead just 1:35 into the third

period. Matt Tennyson took a shot from the blue line that Dell stopped, but the rebound came right to Luke Henman. Henman buried it for his fifth of the season. The secondary assist belonged to Poganski, his second of the game.

San Jose fought back with two goals to regain the lead, 3-2. Thomas Bordeleau (3:11) and Jeffrey Viel (5:52) hit the back of the net to put the Barracuda on top.

Firebirds’ forward Alexander True was called for boarding at 8:07 of the third period, but Barracuda defenseman Nick Cicek dropped his gloves and tried to fight True. Both players were sent to the penalty box, creating a 4-on-4 that Coachella Valley used to their advantage. Tye Kartye worked in the corner to free the puck up for Cameron Hughes in the slot. Hughes made no mistake in tying the game at 8:59 of the third period.

For the second time this season, the Firebirds and Barracuda went overtime. It took 1:46 to find a winner as Kole Lind skated into the offensive zone on a 2-on-1, kept the puck, and wristed a shot past Dell to secure the extra point for Coachella Valley. The goal was Lind’s 20th of the season,

and Tye Kartye and Jimmy Schuldt earned the assists.

Chris Driedger made 30 saves and earned his first win as a Firebird. The victory moves Coachella Valley to 349-4-2. The Firebirds’ powerplay went 0-for-2, and the penalty kill finished 2-for-3. The win also puts Coachella Valley one point behind the Calgary Wranglers for the first-place spot in the Pacific Division and the Western Conference. The Firebirds have four games in hand over the Wranglers leading into their matchup on Wednesday night.

In the victory, the Firebirds set a franchise record for shots on goal in a game with 44.

Partial plans and individual and group tickets are on sale for the Firebirds’ inaugural season.

For more information and to purchase your ticket plan, please visit or call 760-835-8778. Also, view the team’s entire game and promotional schedule, including theme night events, at schedule.

18 March 1, 2023



A jury on Friday recommended

Jose Vladimir Larin Garcia of Cathedral City Math be sentenced to death for four Palm Springs murders. The verdict came after the trial’s penalty phase that began last Monday morning.

Prosecutors have argued that LarinGarcia murdered Yuliana Garcia, 17; Jacob Montgomery, 19; Juan Duarte Raya, 18; and Carlos Campos Rivera, 25, on February 3, 2019. They also say Larin-Garcia acted with intent to kill, acting with deliberation and premeditation.

The prosecution has alleged that Larin-Garcia killed the victims while sitting in a stopped car with

the three inside the car to eliminate witnesses and jump from the moving vehicle before it crashed into a parked Jeep at Sunny Dunes and El Placer roads.

Witness testimonies gave jurors details of how the murders happened, including text message evidence and eyewitness testimony from the victims’ relatives. They also heard from a forensic toxicologist and a fingerprint examiner. They also heard about the blood spatter and other evidence at the scene.

Deputy District Attorney Samantha Paixao questioned jurors about the defendant’s history of violent crime, presenting slides of instances where he hit or resisted officers. She told them that he also put a gun to the head of a 14-year-old girl in 2016 and was involved in an armed robbery.

his head and beard to change his appearance, Grissom testified.

The victim’s parents and a woman who worked at the bus station where Larin-Garcia was arrested were also on the stand. They told jurors how they were affected by the murders and pleaded for the defendant to be given a chance to pay for his crimes.

Defense lawyer John Dolan urged the jurors to look at the case again, calling it a “horror story” and asking them to reconsider the evidence in the guilty phase of the trial. He pointed to the forensic experts who found blood spatter on Larin-Garcia’s clothing as not sufficient to prove murder and asked them also to consider the search for a gun that the prosecution claims he used in the crime.

Montgomery, Raya, and Garcia on the night of the shootings. They said he first fatally shot Rivera, who was leaning against the car. The driver then sped away, but prosecutors say LarinGarcia -- who was in the back seat of the Toyota Corolla - then fatally shot

On the stand in the trial’s penalty phase, a former partner of LarinGarcia stepped forward to explain how Larin-Garcia treated him throughout their seven-month relationship. She said he abused her, raised his voice, and turned physically aggressive throughout the relationship.

Prosecutors in the trial phase called a witness who bought Larin-Garcia a bus ticket to Florida under a fake name. He was caught after shaving

Dolan also cited the failure of law enforcement to investigate the suspect’s social media posts about the crimes. He argued that Larin-Garcia’s alleged comments were not absolute statements from an actual person but simply a recording of rapper Young Boy singing “Candy Crush.”

“Horrible verdict, the worst I’ve ever seen in 45 years of practice,” Dolan said. “Jury came back in 30 minutes and never reviewed 1,000 exhibits and didn’t have much discussion on four counts of murder.”

19 March 1, 2023

Energy is a great sector to investment

Energy affects our daily life in almost every way. When the energy price is high, it shows up in the grocery store prices. It shows up in the gas you pay for to drive to the grocery store. This super-cycle might decide if you buy an electric vehicle or a car with better gas mileage. It may determine if you fly somewhere far away for vacation or stay closer to home. The energy was the bestperforming asset we’ve seen recently...

The fate of an entire continent lies in the balance thanks to this crisis, which could topple governments. This facility is built from 89,000 tons of structural steel.

It uses 400 miles of pipe to stretch from New York City to Cleveland, Ohio.

Every day, a liquid form of natural gas is loaded up on huge tanker ships at places like these... shipped to locations like Germany, France, and China.

As you can see, there’s lots of heavy machinery all around. The temperature of the liquefied natural gas in these pipes is negative 260 degrees. Shipping liquefied natural gas, a significant new energy source, to nations worldwide, including Germany, France, and China.

If you haven’t guessed by now, this “1,000% Windfall” opportunity has to do with the energy markets...

That’s 20 times more returns than conglomerates, the second-best sector...and 40 times more than the

third-best sector, retail.

Meanwhile, every other sector in the stock market LOST money, with technology stocks losing more than 20%... So it’s no wonder the world’s top investors and Wall Street “insiders” have been piling into this sector... Billionaires like Stan Druckenmiller loaded up on energy stocks last year, and David Tepper has invested $338 million into energy. Carl Icahn – one of the 50 wealthiest men in the world – put $661 million into power. And Warren Buffett, the world’s most significant investor, invested a mindblowing $38 billion in energy last year...

The immediate problem is simple: There is not enough fuel and, therefore, not enough electricity, so prices have skyrocketed for both. To a large extent, this is a result of decreased Russian exports of oil, natural gas, and coal, which have been hit by western sanctions and other policy efforts to curb Russian revenues...”Natural gas is a significant new energy source for nations worldwide, including Germany, France, and China. This problem isn’t going away anytime soon. And the CEO of Saudi Aramco, the largest oil producer in the world, recently issued a dire warning about oil prices, saying they could quickly spike. According to this CEO, one of the most influential men in the energy market...

“The world should be worried. The fate of an entire continent lies in the balance. There’s an energy crisis in Europe due to sanctions against Russia and its retaliation. This is a big problem, of course. While Europe has had some success in quickly finding other energy sources, and it’s fortunately been a mild winter so far, this still may be the most significant economic problem in the world right now. The energy problem is more important than inflation because high energy prices are a big culprit

in the higher prices we’ve seen at the grocery store lately. And energy is a significant source of the political problems we see with Russia and China.

Every person on earth needs energy. Energy is as essential as food and water for every human. There is a limited supply of energy sources, from fossil fuels... to nuclear... to renewables. And these resources often exist in a limited number of places but not others. These energy sources are spread all over the planet. Somehow we must get these energy sources into the power plants and gas tanks to power the global Economy. It comes down to supply and demand and getting the energy where it needs to be. If this supply and demand dynamic gets screwed up, energy prices rise because supply is not meeting demand.

Consider the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. This is an emergency stockpile of crude oil maintained by the United States Department of Energy. It is the largest publicly known emergency supply in the world. Unfortunately, because of this energy crisis, the Biden Administration has sucked out this strategic reserve to its lowest levels since 1984. Over the past year, the account has been down 36%. It’s now going to have to be filled back up!

The total capacity of the underground facilities is 714 million barrels. Thus, if they wanted to fill it up, we’d need about 324 million more barrels of oil. If we assume $80 a barrel... and if we filled it, that’s $25 billion. This should give you a sense of the scale of the shortages we’re dealing with here. If oil goes up to $160 a barrel, it’ll cost double that: $50 billion...

Energy isn’t being produced to scale globally, and energy needs to be supplied to where it needs to go.

20 March 1, 2023

S i n c e 1 9 7 8 G o u g h I n s u r a n c e & F i n a n c i a l S e r v i c e s h a s h e l p e d m a n y c l i e n t s w i t h S o l u t i o n s i n a l l c a t e g o r i e s o f I n s u r a n c e R e t i r e m e n t a n d E s t a t e P l a n n i n g & L o n g T e r m C a r e P l a n n i n g E x p e r i e n c e d a n d K n o w l e



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This applies to oil, gas, green energy, and this energy, liquefied natural gas, or LNG. The exciting thing for investors is that LNG remains a “secret corner” of the energy markets. Consider that 25% of the EU’s energy consumption comes from natural gas. Most Americans are clueless about what a goldmine this LNG could be for investors right now! Due to the Russian invasion, their natural gas is almost running out. The U.S. has more LNG than all other countries, Literally in our backyard. Natural gas can also power the electrical grid, power plants, and factories. Now keep in mind that the U.S. is overflowing with natural gas.

We have nearly 3 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. EU has None! EU’s energy consumption comes from

natural gas. Right now, Liquifying the natural gas we have in America makes it possible to put it on ships and send it to Europe. As a result, America is positioned to transport cheap American shale gas worldwide through LNG. America became the single largest exporter of LNG, displacing long-time front-runner Qatar. If European countries don’t get this energy from our LNG, their economies could crash and burn. There is also massive demand from China, and this energy demand is making Americans much money. We are also building a fully integrated LNG business, which means it will be the first integrated LNG business in America when it’s entirely up and running.

That means it’ll control every aspect of the business. It will drill for natural

gas, funnel it through a pipeline to its LNG facility, then ship it to places like Europe. Liquefied natural gas is a game changer for the world. It has already paid off with ten times returns for many investors who got in early. And I’m forecasting the same kinds of gains from the energy markets very shortly.

Janice Gough is a Financial consultant located at 1111 E. Tahquitz Cyn. Way, Palm Springs, Bldg.#120. For a complimentary review, call on us at or phone at (760) 251-7724 or (650) 200-8291(mobile)

21 March 1, 2023
D O N ' T K N O W W H A T T H E F U T U R E H O L D S ? L E T ' S W O R K T O G E T H E R !
u r p r i m a r y g o a l i s t o h e l p y o u g r o w m o n e y w i t h a p e a c e o f m i n d .
d g e q u a l i f i e s m e t o b e Y o u r F i n a n c i a l A d v i s o r . S a f e S o u n d S o l u t i o n s f o r t h i s e v e r c h a n g i n g f u t u r e ! Gough Insurance & Financial Services ( 6 5 0 ) 2 0 0 - 8 2 9 1 & ( 7 6 0 ) 2 5 1 - 7 7 2 4 j a n i c e @ g o u g h f i n a n c i a l s v c s . c o m CA License # 0561021 Don't pay attorney fees! w w w . g o u g h f i n a n c i a l s v c s . c o m We will give you a great price!

Women in Aviation Gala by the Palm Springs Air Museum

The Palm Springs Air Museum held its annual gala on Saturday, February 18th. Over 800 guests came to honor Women in Aviation. These women have broken the glass ceiling and taken it into the stratosphere. Women in aviation have accomplished much, including becoming generals, flying into space, creating new planes by becoming test pilots, and training future aviation recruits.

Guests arrived, service members lined the red carpet, and younger cadets were inside the Museum. Cocktail hour was held in the giant hangar where drinks and appetizers were served, as pizzas and tacos by Lulu’s Catering and events. Guests got their photos taken in front of a plane, while others took iPhone photos of the aircraft on the runway in front of

the hangar. Artist Stan Stokes had his paintings for each of the honorees on display.

There was an awe-inspiring display of uniforms worn by famous people. Celebrities like actors Steve Martin

uniforms. Uniforms by women Arlene Duerk and Carol Mutter and more, to name just a few. The many uniforms were from all wars. They were on loan just for this gala. Each uniform came with an explanation of who wore it and when. So many different ones were exciting.

Actor Joe Mantegna was the Master of Ceremonies again this year. He wore his favorite jacket. His friend Colonel Bob Friend, a famous Tuskegee Airman, gave him the coat. The friend lived to age 99, and his plane is at the Air Museum; named Bunny, his wife’s name. A video was shown of each honoree and their accomplishments, which was very impressive. They also acquired the Walt Disney Plane, another famous plane to add to the collection. The Museum is a Flying Museum where some aircraft have flown.

and Carl Reiner, Sports figures like Jack Dempsey and Stan Musial, and Astronauts like Pete Conrad wear

22 March 1, 2023
and Photos by Pat Krause Speakers Fred Bell, Fred Noble, and Dick Shalhoub spoke and told Fred and Lisa Bell with actor Joe Mantegna-Photo Pat Krause Lisa Lindley, Sharon Miller, Rhonda Smith, Dina Martin, Sherrie Auen, Kathy Pager, and Val Larue. Photo Pat Krause

of the history of the Air Museum and how it has grown. The Museum is more than just planes from the wars. It shows so much history of our country and our brave heroes who kept us free. There is much to see with all the programs they host. They are now the proud owners of an EMMY for a movie on their 25th anniversary.

The Air Museum is now Number 1 in all of California. They are a teaching facility that brings students in for a first flight and pays for bussing and lunch for school children. They also allow children 12 and under free admittance. There was a color guard appearance with the Mountain Fifes and Drum group and the Desert Hot Springs High School U.S. Marine Corps Youth ROTC. Presentation of Colors by Edwards AFB Color Guard and a solo by Staff Sergeant Horace Miller. Such Pageantry was so fun to watch.

Fred Bell hosted the raise the paddle to raise funds to keep the pro CW5 Laurie Deboer, Artist Stan Stokes, and Capt Elizabeth Sommerville. grams alive. Thousands of monies were raised. Bell announced the new children’s learning center to honor Ronald M. Auen. He made a surprise announcement of $500,000 by the Huston Auen and one Million by the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundations to help build the new center. He said that there is a grave

shortage of pilots. Airlines are paying big money to pilots. He said he heard some are making over a million dollars a year. Guests were treated to

music by the Cathedral High School Chorus. The Elite Show Band played before and after the program. Dancing followed.

23 March 1, 2023
2 scholarship winners, Honorees Vicki Benzing, Elizabeth Sommerville, Sarah Abbott, Eileen Collins, Tammy Jo Shultz, Laurie Deboer, Erin Miller, and Ellen Ochoa. Photo Pat Krause CW5 Laurie Deboer, Artist Stan Stokes, and Capt Elizabeth Sommerville. Photo Pat Krause Cathedral City Chorus- Photo Pat Krause

NFL Legend Emmett Smith at the 2023 Rancho Mirage Speakers Series

National football legend Emmett Smith became the second celebrity in the 2023 Rancho Mirage Speakers Series, Legends of Sports. This event was held at the Agua Caliente Resort Casino Spa on Tuesday, February 21st. Chairs were set up on the floor in front of the stage. Everyone had a close view of Emmett and his interviewer.

Sibley Scoles did an excellent job as an interviewer. She questioned Emmett Smith about his life and career. He talked about his records as a runner. He noted that records are meant to be broken. His records stand today. He said his dream as a young boy was to be a Cowboy football player. He could not have envisioned then what his life would be like as a man.

Smith said he wanted to thank everyone for being here and asking to be a part of this series. He said he felt blessed to be asked. He mentioned his father passed away last week, and the funeral would be Friday, only a few days after he was here. He was very thankful for all his father’s help before and during his career—words of wisdom he imparts to his kids.

He said no one makes it alone to be on top of their chosen field. It takes the grace of God and the help of family, friends, and a village of other people. He said it was the help of many for a kid from humble beginnings to achieve all he did. He discovered that his dad was also a good running back but needed to have the opportunities he had. His dad’s teachings make him the player and the man he is today. He said he had a dream, and it took lots of hard work to make it come true. He said it was a dream come true when

the Cowboys recruited him. He was intimidated by all the great players and wondered why he was chosen. At 5 foot 9, he was considered too small for the sport. He had to prove them wrong. Courage, determination, and God’s grace allowed him to do what he loved and excel.

They talked about his time on Dancing with the Stars. Once he figured out the steps, he said it was easy. You have to understand whatever you do to know how to do it. He learned that when he had to learn the football playbooks. He spoke about his son, who he says has great potential as a football player. He always encouraged his kids to do the things they love and are good at. His son was born on his birthday, so birthdays are for him, and he doesn’t celebrate his own anymore.

Smith spoke about his retirement

24 March 1, 2023
Story and Photos by Pat Krause Haley and Jon Tice with Crosby and Grady Tice with Emmett Smith -Photo Pat Krause

and how he knew it was time. He said he cried once in the locker room when he saw the jerseys. He said he was offered 3 million dollars to return to Football and play for a different team. He turned it down, and that’s when he knew it was time to quit; besides, Buffalo is too cold. He loves retirement and plays miniature golf in his downtime. He enjoys the time with his family now. The questions and answers kept everything lively. Emmett has a great sense of humor and kept the audience laughing throughout the event. Finally, he left

the stage with these words. Love yourself, be confident in who you are, and run your way. Don’t let others limit you, and have faith. His words make him a great mentor to all. The winner of three super bowls, MVP awards, and honored by the Hall of Fame in 2010. His next step should be to be a motivational speaker. He spoke with such knowledge about life, the ups and downs people experience, and how to deal with them.

25 March 1, 2023
Shadow Hills HS football team with Emmett Smith-Photo Pat Krause John and Patty Sweeney with Emmett Smith-Photo Pat Krause Interviewer, Sibley Scoles with Emmett Smith-Photo Pat Krause Emmett Smith with Mayor Richard Kite-Photo Pat Krause Tony Nuntasrir with Emmett Smith- Photo Pat Krause
26 March 1, 2023