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Jerry Keller was honored with the Palm Springs Walk of Stars.

Palm Springs honored Jerry Keller with the Palm Springs Walk of Stars with his star on his 88th birthday. The star dedication was held in front of LULUs Restaurant at 200 S. Palm Canyon Drive next to his late wife, Barbara’s, star. Keller is the owner of LULU. So it is only fitting that their Stars be next to each other. A line of orange-covered chairs was placed in the outdoor area of LULU for some people attending. So many came that there was standing room only on the sidewalk.

Several hundred people filled the

street before the Restaurant to show their love for this man. Nona Watson, CEO of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, introduced all the speakers who spoke about Jerry’s life and his impact on Palm Springs and the whole of Coachella Valley. The first speaker was Jeffrey Bernstein, mayor pro-tem of Palm Springs. He read the proclamation stating Jerry Keller Day, May 23rd. Other speakers spoke about Jerry’s love of people and his family. Each speaker talked about how Jerry contributed to improving Palm Springs and other cities because of his business sense. They said he was an entrepreneur, Visionary, statesman, community leader, optimist, a philanthropist who had mutual respect for all people, and more. Those glowing remarks were made by friends, business associates, and


Rancho Mirage Councilman Ted Weill brought humor to the podium before adding that his city was better because of Keller. Fred Bell said the Palm Springs Air Museum also benefitted from aid from Keller. CEO of DAP, David Brinkman, spoke about how Barbara and Jerry brought so much help and love to the AIDS community. The Keller children also got stories of Keller as they grew up and what he is like today.

Jerry Keller took to the podium to thank everyone for attending. He said all his friends, business leaders, and family had helped him through his ups and downs in life. Jerry was so grateful for this Star honor. Keller spoke of his love for his wife, Barbara, and how he missed her. Watching her work her magic made him the man

2 June 15, 2023
Story and Photos by Pat Krause Jerry Keller gets a Star replica for his home with his daughters behind him-Photo Pat Krause

he was. Keller started his retirement by opening LULU’s Restaurant and another in Rancho Mirage. He is a great cook. He has never really retired. Keller is still very involved with the business in his beloved city, Palm Springs. Keller has gotten many local awards. He got a standing ovation

before and after his speech.

The Star Dedication came about in front of the Restaurant. The unveiling arrived, and Keller was given a miniature Star replica for his home and a Star pin to wear. People came to get photos with their friends. Guests were then sent inside to tasty appetizers of

shrimp, salads, meatballs, lamb chops, and more. Flavored waters, lemonade, and tea were the chosen refreshments. Mod Girl provided up-tempo music for the occasion. An event that had a Keller signature to it.

3 June 15, 2023
Jerry Keller gets his star with his family behind him- Photo Pat Krause Jerry Keller with Nona Watson -Photo Pat Krause Rancho Mirage councilman Ted Weill and wife Jennie Weill with Jerry Keller-center-Photo Pat Krause


A healthy drink with the son, who has also become an actual guy in the meantime: Arnold Schwarzenegger and Joseph

4 June 15, 2023

Have you ever wondered why the “Terminator” character sometimes displays emotions on-screen? He appears to be invulnerable. But, in reality, the actor behind this iconic role, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is not emotionless and has been known to show his feelings in private.

Mark your calendars for June 7, as the highly anticipated Netflix documentary “Arnold” will finally be released. The film features the life of the legendary Arnold Schwarzenegger, from his early days as a bodybuilding champion to his later career as a Hollywood icon and governor of California (2003 to 2011). In the documentary, Arnold reflects on his successes and regrets, acknowledging the impact of his mistakes on his family. He takes full responsibility for his actions and admits he’ll have to live with the cnsequences for the rest of his life.

This refers to the cheating scandal that caused the divorce of Arnie and John F. Kennedy’s niece, Maria Shriver (67), in 2011 after 25 years of marriage. The actor had a child named Joseph (now 25) with a housekeeper. Despite this, Schwarzenegger, his ex-wife Maria, their four legitimate children, and his illegitimate son have a relatively good relationship.

Schwarzenegger Junior follows in his father’s footsteps in sports and has built an impressive muscular physique. It appears likely that he will also secure significant roles in Hollywood soon. The “Arnold” Netflix series will feature three episodes that depict the life of the renowned ex-Mister Olympia, from his beginnings in Graz to his success in Hollywood through hard work, determination, and athletic dedication. Additionally, the

series will showcase his transition to politics, where he became one of the most beloved Democrats in the United States. The movie star has resumed acting and

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After 25 years of marriage, it came out that Schwarzenegger had cheated on his wife Maria Shriver with the housekeeper and fathered a son.
Where he is, is out in front. Except in his private life.

Mike Thompson is back at the LGBTQ of the Desert

Great news, everyone! We wanted to share that Mike Thompson is back as the CEO of the LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert. He was the CEO from 2014 to 2021 and did a fantastic job. He’s wellknown in the Coachella Valley, and we’re excited to have him back.

During his time at The Center, Mike was pivotal in achieving the organization’s most prosperous and productive phase and overseeing the transition from The Sun Center to our present location. This resulted in increased services for the eastern Coachella Valley and successful navigation through the pandemic. Mike is a proud citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a graduate of the University of Oklahoma. He has also served on the national boards of GLAAD and the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation. Before his current role,

Mike was the Chief Impact Officer for CenterLink, a global network of LGBTQ centers.

During his last six years of leadership, Mike has crafted a diverse and well-trained staff that he now returns to lead. He is a strategic thinker who understands how to transform policy into actionable, quantitative campaigns. He is an expert at mentoring and coaching people, resulting in seven who worked for him becoming executive directors. He is also an expert in nonprofit organizational development and fundraising.

The Center is ecstatic to have

Mike on board, as he possesses the necessary skills and drive to lead us into a new era. His leadership style involves recognizing and nurturing each employee’s strengths, enabling them to reach their full potential. Mike firmly believes that success can be achieved by harnessing one’s inner tenacity, ability to connect with others, and passion. His return to The Center and Coachella Valley has brought boundless joy to everyone involved. Mike is a highly valued community member, and we eagerly anticipate embarking on this exciting journey with him.

Palm Springs is considered one of the most LGBTQ-friendly places in the world. But, despite its fame as a destination where LGBT people travel, vacation, and retire, some of the city’s most vulnerable residents do not have access to the programs and services that The Center offers.

The LGBTQ Community Center of the Desert 1301 N Palm Canyon Dr #301, Palm Springs, CA 92262 760-416-7790


6 June 15, 2023

Zoo Visitors are torturing Kiwi

In New Zealand, there is outrage about the treatment of their national bird in a zoo in the U.S.: At the zoo in Miami, visitors are allowed to pet a kiwi named Paora in bright light and take selfies with the bird for a fee of about 20 dollars, as can be seen in videos that the zoo posted on the Internet.

less bird native only to New Zealand. Most importantly - it is nocturnal!

Upset New Zealanders launched Tuesday’s online petition titled “Save this mistreated Kiwi.”

Paora had been sent to the Miami Zoo as an egg in 2019 as part of a loan agreement between the Smithsonian National Zoo and the New Zealand government.

Organizers say they hope an investigation will be launched into the bird’s treatment and will ultimately be relocated to a more appropriate place. “Kiwis are our precious treasures, not America’s toys,” they said.


“He has been tamed and is exposed to bright fluorescent lights four days a week, touched by dozens of strangers, stroked on his sensitive whiskers, laughed at and displayed like a toy,” the petition states.

Distinctive features of kiwis include their furry, delicate feathers, strong legs with large feet and sharp claws, stunted wings, and long beaks.

New Zealanders are very proud of this oddball, which they consider their emblem. On the World Conservation Union (IUCN) Red List, kiwis are classified as “vulnerable.”

7 June 15, 2023
The kiwi (snipe ostrich) is a flight

Palm Springs Air Museum Memorial Day Flower Drop 2023

The Palm Springs Air Museum held its 27th Memorial Day event. They honor all war veterans who have died to keep America Free. Thousands of people, including small children, veterans, and their families, came to honor their loved ones and all who died in the war.

The day was full of memorable events as veterans were warmly welcomed with handshakes and expressions of gratitude for their service. It was unfortunate to see many of them in wheelchairs due to age or disability, but some had brought their chairs, anticipating an extended stay. Tables and chairs were arranged in various hangars, adorned with flags, leis, fans,

and candy for everyone’s enjoyment. Visitors also got to view 75 planes from the museum’s collection.

In front of the Heat Wave Band were benches for the audience to sit and enjoy the entertainment. The food vendors had a busy day due to the long lines. However, the weather was pleasant this year, with warm temperatures and a refreshing breeze. During the event, Director Fred Bell spoke to the crowd about the significance of Memorial Day beyond just being a holiday. He emphasized that it was a day to honor the brave men and women who wore uniforms, pledged to keep our country safe, and tragically never returned home. Additionally, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the return of our Vietnam POW veterans. During the ceremony to honor fallen soldiers from WWII, Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, more than 30 Gold Star Family members were presented with white roses. Each family mem-

ber’s lost loved one was mentioned by name. Father Johnson conducted a prayer, and the national anthem was sung. Gregg Miller and others respectfully carried red and white roses to the plane. The event culminated in a Missing Man formation executed by four jets flying over the Air Museum.

Today’s event was great except for one little hiccup: the flowers were delayed! The airport had necessary flights that needed to take off and land first. Fred Bell felt terrible about the delay, but it wasn’t his fault. Despite the wait, many people stuck around and patiently waited for the flower drop. In the end, the flowers were dropped at the Air Museum hangars instead, and people gathered there to pick them up and show their appreciation for our brave servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives for our country’s freedom.

8 June 15, 2023
Gold Star Families with their White Roses. Diane Fesler, George Holcum, Kitty Kieley Hayes, Patti Patane, Rick Bryant, Photo Pat Krause
9 June 15, 2023
Desert Hot Springs Color Guard Photo by Pat Krause Indio’s Gregg Miller helps bring Yellow roses to the plane. Pat Krause Tony Parish, Bob Heggie, Harold Butchart, Scott Keeran, Joel M. Daniel, Joe Branstone Air Museum Pipe Band. Pat Krause The Pilot of the B-25 plane waves to the crowd as they prepare to fly. Photo Pat Krause Beck, Winslow, and Thurston Harms get Flags and flowers from Lisa Luisi, Am Legion Post 519, Photo Pat Krause


THERMAL, Calif. — Hidden behind 18-foot noise-canceling walls, the rich folks of The Thermal Club drive their Ferraris and Porsches around a private track that might shape the future of a desert town. A temple to motorsports crossed with a ritzy country club, the personal property is about 45 minutes southeast of Palm Springs, and its residents – who

have paid up to a $175,000 initiation fee if they want to live here – have their private airport for private jets.

For the first time, the NTT IndyCar Series made a practice run last week at The Thermal Club, which is not your average racetrack. Choosing the desert oasis to host America’s premier open-wheel racing series for its two days of preseason practice was a bold move that has generated rave reviews

and introduced IndyCar to an audience of wealthy automotive enthusiasts with decent capital and some good taste.

The 17-turn, 3.067-mile circuit –known as the North and South Palm Circuits – is a tight and tricky layout, with some turns so narrow that drivers have to use their mirrors to see if they are clear before accelerating in. Each team was allowed eight sets of Firestone Firehawk tires for the two-day test, and rookies received an extra set.

The series’ top drivers had plenty to work on. “The track is pretty technical

10 June 15, 2023
Josef Newgarden said his No. 2 team (which has a new lead engineer) used The Thermal Club test as an opportunity for building cohesion.

With members’ houses in the background, Romain Grosjean navigates the turns of The Thermal Club in his No. 28 Dallara-Honda

and tough,” said Ed Carpenter Racing driver Conor Daly, who ran four laps. “Many corners are very close together, and the esses are tight. So the track is very demanding, and I think it will be a great challenge for us.”

Attending a racetrack in person is a thrilling experience, but don’t worry if you can’t make it - watching the race on TV can be just as exciting! Plus, you can see an aerial perspective of the drivers’ experience.

IndyCar drivers turn laps on the second day of testing at The Thermal Club, which is nestled in the Coachella Valley that is ringed by mountains in Southern California

11 June 15, 2023


lived together like brother and sister.”

Reese Witherspoon (47) and Jim Toth (52) filed for divorce two weeks ago. So finally, after twelve years, it’s over ...

For many in Hollywood, it was a surprise, but insiders believe it was a separation with an announcement. The reason: too little sex!

Witherspoon is one of the most successful actresses and producers in Hollywood. Her workload regularly amounts to 70 to 80 hours per week. According to people close to her, that

doesn’t leave much time for romance.

The couple has always touchingly cared for their son Tennessee (10), but “Reese and Jim have lived together more like brother and sister in recent years,” according to a friend of the two.

Initially, the couple still had a regular weekly date night” on the calendar. But with Witherspoon’s growing popularity as a power producer in Hollywood, these romantic dates increasingly fell victim to business lunches.

What’s exciting is how finances will be divided after the failed marriage. Because without a doubt, REESE is the big earner in the relationship.

Since the wedding, the 47-yearold is said to have expanded her fortune to almost a billion dollars. Especially the sale of her production company “Hello Sunshine” (“Big Little Lies,” “The Morning Show”) flushed hundreds of millions of dollars into the account.

Toth, once her agent and in the marriage instead, adviser and child

father than money earner, is supposed to be entitled under California divorce law to almost half of the assets accumulated during the marriage. If there is no prenuptial agreement ...

12 June 15, 2023


13 June 15, 2023
successful, and hardly ever at home. Reese Witherspoon is said to work up to 80 hours a week regularly

‘Stars on Ice’

The Acrisure Arena, located in the heart of the Desert, recently hosted a highly anticipated event showcasing the awe-inspiring talents of Professional Olympic Champion Medalists, US medalists, and dance champions.

The event was an unforgettable experience for Coachella Valley residents and anyone keen on witnessing Olympic skaters perform live. The show was thrilling, with the skaters effortlessly twirling at incredible speeds while the dancing skaters were mesmerizing to watch. The event drew in over 3,000 attendees, including children, who were amazed by the skaters’ abilities

and grace. This unforgettable performance was all part of the 2023 Stars On Ice Tour.

During his final tour, Kurt Browning, a Canadian icon, wowed audiences with his impressive jumps and twirls. After 30 years and over 1000 performances, Browning demonstrated why he is so highly regarded. The show began with all twelve skaters on the ice at once before each skater showcased their maneuvers and lined up together at the end.

A young skater made her debut on the tour with a beautiful routine. Following this was a performance by Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier as dance partners, with impressive lifts and speed. Each routine was exciting to watch.

The atmosphere was electric as the crowd cheered on the skaters at the rink. Nathan Chen, the US Olympic Champion, wowed everyone with his impressive twirls and double jumps and even amazed the audience with a back flip in mid-air. Another skater added to the excitement by tossing his partner while dancing. It was indeed a thrilling spectacle to watch!

Skaters included Nathan Chen, Kurt Browning, Dance Champions Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier, Japanese Champion Satoko Miyahara, 2022 World Junior Champions Ilia Malinin and Isabeau Levito, Olympic Medalists Alexa Knierim, Brandon Frazier, Madison Chock, Evan Bates, and Jason Brown. This is something everyone should see if they are asked to return.

14 June 15, 2023
Paul Poirer and Piper Gilles - All Photos by Pat Krause
15 June 15, 2023
Nagthan Chen Paul Poirer and Piper Gilles - All Photos by Pat Krause


a village near Leiria in central Portugal

16 June 15, 2023
Bobi lives with his owner Leonel Costa in
Bobi could always move freely
The oldest dog ever with his certificate photo: Guinness World Records


It’s incredible how the relationship between a dog and its owner can be so strong and last for so long. This is definitely the case for Bobi, a furry friend from Portugal who just celebrated his 31st birthday, making him the oldest dog ever recorded! To commemorate this special milestone, his owner has planned a party for him on Saturday. It’s heartwarming to see the bond between them and the love they share.

One hundred friends and fans, including people from other countries, Leonel Costa (38) has invited to the village of Conqueiros in central Portugal for the anniversary of his longtime companion.

“Bobi was born on May 11, 1992. The date of birth was confirmed by the Veterinary Service of the City of Leiria and by the State Pet Database SIAC. Earlier this year, the “Guinness World Records” organization named the Portuguese dog the “oldest living dog” and the oldest dog ever registered.”

Bobi is a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo. Dogs of this breed live an average of twelve to 14 years. Although the 31-year-old’s mother had also exceeded the life expectancy, Gira lived to be 18 years old.

Owner Costa said of Bobi then, “When I look at him, I think of the people who were part of our family and unfortunately are no longer here, like my father, brother, or grandparents who have already left this world.”

In a video, Bobi’s owner explained the secret of his old age. Costa considers the “quiet, peaceful

environment, far from the cities,” where his pet lives, one of the most critical factors. He also says the shepherd dog has never been chained or leashed - he has always been able to roam freely.

Bobi is very social and spends much time with the other animals, Costa told us. He spent much time in

and about and enjoyed exploring the woods and fields. In the meantime, he can no longer walk so well. So he spends most of his time in the garden with the family’s four cats. On colder days, Bobi usually lies in the house before the fireplace.

17 June 15, 2023
Bobi, a purebred Rafeiro do Alentejo, was born on May 11, 1992.



18 June 15, 2023
Christopher Wright Chris Wright with two of his three children. He was beaten to death trying to protect his 14-year-old son

A Maryland father has been brutally beaten to death for trying to protect his son from a group of teenagers and adults.

As the “New York Post reported,” Christopher Wright (43) stepped outside his house last Friday when the beating troop showed up there and asked for his 14-year-old son. Previously, he had gotten into a fight at his school, which his opponents wanted to continue.

But Chris refused to take his son outside, his fiancee Tracy Karopchinsky tells WBAL-TV. The thugs’ answer: “If he doesn’t come out, then you’ll have to fight!”

Then they attacked the defenseless man and beat him up. After the attack, Chris was taken to a hospital in the region with a traumatic brain injury.

Karopchinsky continued: “If you look at the damage inflicted on him, it wasn’t just one hit. The hospital couldn’t do anything more.” After the brutal attack, Wright suffered a seizure, according to his fiancé.

The fatal blows were recorded by a surveillance camera at the house, as the “New York Post” further reports. Karopchinsky later wanted to watch the material with her father. Right at the beginning, it was seen how another son (12) ran out of the house to help his father, screaming, “Dad, Daddy, Daddy.” Karopchinsky: “I couldn’t watch a bit more of it. I just couldn’t.”

“You didn’t just ruin our lives.”

Brooklyn Park Middle School officials also confirmed the brawl at the school after the fatal assault. The local Anne Arundel County Police Department will be assisted in their investigation. Unfortunately, no charges have yet been filed against the thugs involved.

Now alone with the three children, Widow Tracy appealed to society: “You didn’t just ruin our lives. Her life will change forever too. Her parents’ lives will change forever. With such children, we fail as parents. This is not the school’s responsibility. That is our responsibility.”

To help the family and ensure the children a happy

future, a fundraiser was set up on the GoFundMe platform. Of the targeted $20,000, almost $14,000 has now been reache

19 June 15, 2023


20 June 15, 2023

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has to catch a massive poll deficit - Tesla and Twitter boss: Americans want “reasonably normal presidents.”

It’s fixed: Ex-President Donald Trump (76) has to arm himself against a strong opponent within the Republican Party! Ron DeSantis (44) will officially announce his candidacy for the White House in the 2024 election today at 6 p.m. local time (midnight German time). Where? At a live event on Twitter, moderated by Tech Titan and still Twitter boss Elon Musk (51).

Means: Elon Musk will present his most dangerous challenger to Trump.

Does the multi-billionaire support the Florida governor? When asked whom he favored for the 2024 election, Elon Musk told The Wall Street Journal he and most Americans want someone in office who is “reasonably normal” - a jab at the erratic ex-President Donald Trump.

A conversation between DeSantis and Musk is planned on Twitter’s audio platform “Twitter Spaces.”

Does he have a chance against Trump?

The past few months have been a political rollercoaster for the former military lawyer. Last November, he caused a sensation with his brilliant re-election victory as Florida governor. In the rain of confetti, he suddenly seemed like a new beacon of hope for a party in which many are tired of Trump. DeSantis, 32 years his junior, stood for the future of the conservatives.

But Trump turned everything around, furiously and effectively: He started a mud fight, taunted his opponent as a “hypocrite,” and blasphemed that DeSantis wasn’t “ready” for the Oval Office. At the time, Trump fans said: “DeSantis still has much time; now it’s Trump’s turn again!”

That’s how many saw it: According to a “Morning Consult” poll, Trump is far ahead in the field of Republican candidates with 61 percent. And DeSantis? A meager 18 percent.

From the beginning of 2024, partisans must decide who will be the presidential candidate in the primary elections. A turbulent election battle with a dozen candidates is expected among the Republicans. For the Democrats, the choice of President Joe Biden (80) is more of a formality.

In any case, DeSantis hopes that the tide can turn. He wants to beat Trump with these three trumps: He relies on his winning image.

Despite a disappointing election night for Republicans, DeSantis emerged as one of the few winners. While many blamed Trump, voters rewarded DeSantis for his pandemic policy that avoided lockdowns in the sunshine state.

His argument against Trump now: his rival embodies an “era of losing.” The party must free itself from this. In fact, since Trump’s sensational victory in 2016, there have been nothing but setbacks: the party lost the congressional majority in 2018 and the White House in 2020. And in 2022, there was only a slim majority in the House of Repre-

21 June 15, 2023
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DeSantis with wife Casey and children after his election victory last November



The aircraft carrier “Shandong” passed through the Taiwan Strait on Saturday. According to Taiwan’s Defense Ministry, it was accompanied by two other Chinese ships.

According to the report, the ships adhered to the unofficial borderline between the two countries. Taiwan’s military nevertheless kept a close eye on the group and “reacted appropriately,” it said.

The “Shandong” in the past

The “Shandong” is the first aircraft carrier that the People’s Republic of China had entirely produced in its own country. In March, the ship transited the Taiwan Strait just hours after a video call between U.S. President Joe Biden and China’s leader Xi Jinping.

Massive military exercise with nuclear propulsion

The largest warship in the world arrives here.

The warship had also participated in Chinese military exercises around Taiwan last month. During the threeday maneuver, the Chinese military simulated, among other things, the blockade of Taiwan by ships and aircraft and precision attacks

on critical targets in Taiwan and surrounding waters.

Beijing considers the democratic island republic part of the People’s Republic and threatens to conquer it. Taiwan, on the other hand, has had an independent government for more than 70 years. However, military tensions have recently increased. Again and again, China sends fighter jets close to the island.

China has increased its military pressure on industrially developed Taiwan in the past three years. Taiwan’s status is one of the main points of conflict between the U.S. and China.

22 June 15, 2023
The “Shandong” in the port of Sanya
23 June 15, 2023
Chinese soldiers on the “Shandong” aircraft carrier. The “Shandong” in the port of Sanya

Ron DeSantis


“Like Trump – but younger and saner.”

Another hoped-for winning formula in the fight for conservative voters: DeSantis is like Trump. But he is younger, and he is sane.

DeSantis has so far followed a tight legal course. He wants to win some of the Trump-loyal party bases on his side. And in Florida, he rages as a warrior against the progressive Woke ideology. His slogan: “This is the state where woke dies!”

His anti-woke fight against the liberal entertainment giant Disney is now world-famous. Although DeSantis got married at Disney World near Orlando in 2009.

However, the showdown with Mickey Mouse was more in the direction of their own goal: Business-friendly Republicans resent the political leadership of a company.

A clean man with a “Kennedy family” for the Oval Office

DeSantis wants to starkly contrast Trump’s ongoing scandals with his ca-

reer and telegenic family - the former TV presenter and breast cancer survivor Casey (42) and the minor children Madison, Mason, and Mamie!

The Harvard graduate with southern Italian roots became SEAL Team One’s legal advisor in 2004. He served in the terror prison at Guantanamo and during the Iraq War. In 2012 his political career started in Congress. Then, in 2018, she led him to the governor’s office in the Florida capital, Tallahassee.

But his secret weapon is his wife, Casey: Florida’s First Lady has already been nicknamed “Queen of Camelot 2.0”, a reference to the legendary Kennedys. A source told the New York Post: “The whole family reminds me of the Kennedys - they look confident and comfortable in front of the camera...”

And DeSantis has another arrow in his quiver: With 110 million dollars, he currently has the bulging war coffers of

all applicants. But a problematic election campaign awaits, even a tightrope act: He has to catch up with the usual belligerent Trump and assert himself in a rapidly growing field of candidates.

DeSantis is “Trump’s only serious competitor in the struggle for the nomination, even if it seems like a hopeless endeavor right now,” political scientist Jonathan Cristol says. After all, DeSantis could score points in further expected charges against the ex-president.

However, according to Cristol, there is a political shortcoming: DeSantis finds it difficult to show “normal human emotions.” Or that he enjoys the “everyday things of politics.” Recent setbacks in the Disney war are also scratching the image of a winner.

The fact that so many Republicans are stepping into the ring at the moment illustrates the weakness: he may be Trump’s most dangerous opponent, but he seems vulnerable in this role...

24 June 15, 2023
From page 20


While the flu season has passed and weekly COVID-19 diagnoses are declining, another respiratory virus is a rising threat. Known as human metapneumovirus (hMPV), it can cause upper and lower respiratory illness.

Many of the illnesses caused by it are severe, especially for infants and older adults who may have underlying conditions. Its peak time is winter and spring when RSV and influenza are circulating.

What is HMPV?

Human metapneumovirus, or hMPV, is a virus that causes respiratory infections in children. It was discovered in 2001 and is closely related to the respiratory syncytial virus (RSV).

Studies have shown that hMPV circulates each year predictably, peaking in winter and sometimes into spring. Like RSV, hMPV typically causes lower respiratory tract illnesses like bronchitis and pneumonia. In most cases, hMPV symptoms can be treated at home with plenty of fluids and pain relief. However, in some people, especial-

ly those under age five and over 65, hMPV can cause more severe complications that require medical attention.

Although hMPV is common, doctors don’t often test for it. That’s partly because a positive result wouldn’t change the care they give patients. It’s also somewhat because hMPV differs from the viruses that healthcare professionals commonly test for, such as RSV and influenza. Its closest recent ancestor is a bird virus, making it an example of zoonosis: an animal pathogen that jumps to humans.

How do I get HMPV?

Infection with hMPV is spread by close contact with someone infected, usually through coughing or sneezing, which sprays droplets containing the virus into the air and onto nearby surfaces. The virus can also live on materials, such as tables, handrails, doorknobs, toys, and other objects, and people who touch contaminated items can then transfer the infection to their eyes, nose, or mouth.

Typically, hMPV results in a cold-like illness that goes away in a few days.

But it can lead to more serious respiratory infections in children and adults with weakened immune systems. These include bronchiolitis, pneumonia, and acute exacerbations of chronic lung diseases like asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

Discovered in 2001, hMPV belongs to the paramyxoviridae family with other viruses that cause respiratory infections, such as measles, mumps, and RSV. However, hMPV is distinct from its cousin in that it doesn’t use the exact mechanism to overcome immunity that RSV does.

What are the symptoms of HMPV?

Most people will get a cough and runny nose when they have HMPV, but it can also lead to more severe symptoms like breathing difficulties. Kids and adults with underlying extreme conditions must immediately see their doctor.

The most common sign of hMPV is upper respiratory symptoms like

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25 June 15, 2023


From page 24

_______ cough, stuffy or runny nose, and con gestion. But it can also cause lower respiratory symptoms like bronchiolitis, croup, and pneumonia in children. It can also trigger acute asthma exacerbations in adults.

Most people recover at home with over-the-counter drugs like cough syrups, decongestants, and pain relievers/ fever reducers (like ibuprofen or acetaminophen). But in very severe cases, a healthcare provider might do a bronchoscopy to insert a tube with a camera into the lungs to get a fluid sample. It can help doctors figure out if HMPV is the cause of the problem. HMPV usually circulates in winter and spring but is more active than usual this year.

What are the risks of HMPV?

Acute infections caused by hMPV usually last about a week and are mild. HMPV circulates predictably every winter and spring, peaking in February through May in North America. Unlike RSV and influenza, healthcare providers don’t typically test for HMPV in people who come to their offices with suspected infections.

Instead, they rely on symptoms and family health history to diagnose. They don’t have specific antiviral drugs for hMPV, but they can help manage symptoms and complications like bronchiolitis and pneumonia.

HMPV is believed to have jumped from a bird virus, avian metapneumovirus (AMPV), and evolved into its present form in humans. Research suggests that hematological conditions such as chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) may contribute to more severe courses of infection and a higher risk of death in older adults. Intensive care hospitalizations and fatal cases of pneumonia have been reported in HMPV-infected patients. Acute conditions tend to be more common in children and younger adults.

A 2020 study in the Lancet Global Health estimated that children younger than 5 had more than 16 million HMPV infections in 2018, more than 600,000 hospitalizations, and more than 16,000 deaths.

President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy have reached a bipartisan agreement to raise the debt ceiling until 2025, which is positive news for investors. However, gaining approval from Congress may take time and effort. A deal has been made between President Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to prevent a US default. Congress must approve this agreement immediately to ensure the government can borrow money until January 2025. In addition, the deal includes spending reductions, changes in work requirements for food stamp recipients, and streamlined environmental reviews for energy projects. Despite potential criticism from conservative hard-liners or GOP members who may not vote for it, it is essential to prioritize progress and ensure McCarthy gathers support from most Democrats to pass the bill in the divided House. Failing to do so could have catastrophic consequences for the American people.

ETRN soared around 40% on Tuesday after the debt ceiling deal, which includes a provision to expedite the stalled Mountain Valley Pipeline. This news is set to help the West Virginia pipeline company complete the project faster, attract more customers, and increase earnings potential. In response, RBC analysts have upgraded the company to Outperform and raised its price target to $10. The company now expects to generate $300-$370 million in 2022, a significant improvement from its previous outlook.

The Biden administration has announced the extension of the student loan repayment pause until 2023. Although the court has not decided on the ad-

ministration’s debt cancellation plan, the Education Department has stated that payments will resume 60 days after the debt relief program is implemented or lawsuits are resolved. Despite a recent federal appeals court ruling against the write-off plan, the administration has emphasized its right to suspend payments and interest charges on hold since March 2020. The payment pause has been extended multiple times already, often just weeks before it was set to end. Private loans are unfortunately not included in the freeze, and this uncertainty continues to make it difficult for borrowers to plan their finances and prepare for the upcoming holiday season.

The IRS needs some help collecting taxes and enforcing tax obligations due to budget cuts. As a result, there has been an unfortunate increase in tax delinquencies and a significant loss of revenue. If the IRS receives stable funding for several years, it can rebuild its workforce and update its outdated technology systems. This will help reduce the tax gap and ensure that all taxpayers are treated fairly while tax evaders face the full consequences of their actions. According to the CBO, an increase in funding for enforcement can result in returns as high as 6.4 times its cost. However, the return may decline in the later years of a funding proposal as the IRS becomes more proficient in implementing new compliance activities. It is essential to consider these factors when evaluating potential solutions for closing the tax gap.

The proposed bill to maintain current spending levels and limit federal spending growth has brought forth different opinions. While major companies like Lockheed Martin and Raytheon may stand to gain from this plan, some conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus may have reservations about the limited reduction in defense spending. Considering all viewpoints is essential, as it could impact our country’s economic stability and borrowing costs. As investors, it’s crucial to remain abreast of any developments regarding this situation and closely monitor how it unfolds.

26 June 15, 2023