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! e p o H The first Hamas hostages are free.

October 2023 ~Https://

Finally, a glimmer of hope! Hamas terrorists have released two US hostages.

Judith Tai Raanan and her daughter Natalie Shoshana Raanan are safe and

Israel confirmed the release, and the Israeli military received the two women on the border with the Gaza Strip on Friday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office said.

“That feels wonderful. The best news!” In total, the terrorists have at least 200 people in their control. The Red Cross brought the two women from Gaza to Israel and called their release a “glimmer of hope.”

Natalie’s father, Uri Raanan (71), told the AP agency she was doing “well, very well.” US President Joe Biden, who He was on the phone with his also spoke to the hostages daughter. She will celebrate on the telephone, said: “I am her 18th birthday at home in doing well, according to her overjoyed that they will soon the USA next week. The father: family. be back with their family.” 1 October, 2023

Star photographer Ellen von Unwerth put actor Gwyneth in the spotlight 2

October, 2023

“NOBODY WILL EVER SEE ME AGAIN.” Hollywood star, mother of two, model, and successful entrepreneur – Gwyneth Paltrow achieved everything at 51. She can also dream about retirement. Gwyneth Paltrow is thinking about selling her lifestyle company Goop. You need a few more years. But when the time comes, she assures in an interview with Bustle magazine, she will “literally disappear from public life. No one will ever see me again!”

Gwyneth Paltrow’s company “Goop” sells, among other things, candles with a vagina scent

Especially since Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t have to worry about money, the Oscar winner is worth millions. Not only thanks to her numerous Hollywood films – but her wellness company could make her a very wealthy woman if sold. She founded the wellness company in 2008, and ten years later, the company was valued at a whopping $250 million, according to the New York Times. In the interview, Gwyneth also reveals how busy she is in her company and how accomplished she is at the end of the day. “In between each modeling shoot, I try to run the business, solve problems, and take care of things, and it’s a lot.” She also doesn’t enjoy social media and doesn’t enjoy being in the spotlight. Gwyneth’s age is also discussed in the interview - whether she aims for a cinematic exit at 55 and then sailing off into the sunset. Gwyneth’s honest answer: “That would make me happy.” If she turns her dream into reality, fans will have four more years of full Gwyneth power.


October, 2023


You can see the disappointment on her face: An LGBT activist can no longer hold back her tears after the verdict.

Shock ruling in India: The Supreme Court has rejected legalizing gay marriage! The judges emphasized that marriage for all was not their responsibility but that of Parliament. In doing so, they are joining the conservative line of the Hindu nationalist BJP party. Despite this decision, the judges emphasized that LGBTQ people must be protected from legal discrimination. LGBTQ The English abbreviation LGBTQ stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, and queer people. People who do not identify with the traditional role models of men and women or other norms surrounding gender and sexuality describe themselves as queer.


Second-class citizens” The five judges - four men and one

woman - heard 21 applications to open the marriage in April and May.


“The right to recognition of a relationship must not be restricted The couples tried to achieve legal regulation in patriarchal India - with 1.4 based on sexual orientation,” said Chief Judge Dhananjaya Y. billion inhabitants, the most populous Chandrachud. In addition, the judges country in the world. The applicants emphasized that the government must argued that banning same-sex marriage would reduce LGBTQ people promote acceptance of queer people through education and protection to “second-class citizens.” projects. Marriage is important to them The LGBTQ community, which because it includes essential once had great hope, is disappointed rights such as joint bank accounts, inheritance, or adoption. The hope was by the verdict. “What should we do if that gay marriage, which only exists in there is no political will?” asked Sharif Rangnekar, a gay man waiting outside a few non-Western countries, would the court before the judgment. “We are lead to greater societal acceptance. not important voters.” Recognition, yes – but not The LGBTQ community is fighting necessarily as marriage However, the court pointed out that against stigmatization in Indian society. Many families do not accept the government must create ways that their children belong to the to recognize same-sex relationships LGBTQ community and make it clear. legally - but not necessarily as October, 2023

They hoped until the end: members of the LGBTQ community followed the trial on TV.

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Members and supporters of the LGBTQ community protested during the Queer Pride Parade from Barakhamba Raod to Jantar Mantar in Delhi, demanding that same-sex couples marry in the country. The government emphasized that in Indian culture, marriages should only be between a man and a woman. Religious leaders – Hindus, Muslims, and Christians – also oppose gay marriage.

social benefits that heterosexual spouses or families are entitled to.

A majority of Indians are now in favor of equal treatment of gays and lesbians in marriage law. According to an international study published in June, 53 percent of the Homosexuality has been legal again population is open to this. It remains to be since 2018 In 2018, the Supreme Court had already seen how politicians will react to the ruling ruled in favor of the LGBTQ community and how the Indian LGBTQ community and and overturned a regulation from the British their supporters will continue to fight for equal rights in the country. colonial era that banned even consensual sex between homosexuals. Last year, the court ruled that “unmarried couples or queer relationships” were also entitled to


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October, 2023

The PS Air Museum hosted ‘BOLLYWOOD’ Gregory Goodman-Kelly. Dan Zuker, Jo Zucker, Alan Goodman-Kelly, Teresa Rogers, Wendy Jardine, Renee Madore, Photo Pat Krause Story and Photos by Pat Krause

and cloaks to match the party’s theme. On Saturday, October Volunteers helped to create a festive 7th, The Palm Springs Air atmosphere by swirling large bannerMuseum held a special event like shawls on platforms throughout the area, including the dance floor and called The One Night Out outside the hangar. The Playboy DJ BOLLYWOOD Dance Party. This gala was organized to raise funds for the Foundation for Palm Springs Unified School District (PSUSD). More than 500 people attended the event and had a fantastic time dancing and having fun—many guests dressed in Harem garb, turbans,


provided a great selection of music that kept everyone dancing all evening. During the Gala, Ellen Goodman, the Director of the Foundation for PSUSD, thanked all attendees for their presence. The purpose of the event was to raise funds for nonprofit educational programs. In

her speech, she emphasized the importance of acknowledging our diverse global society. Afterward, Lily Suarez announced the recipient of the SPOTLIGHT Award, Timothy Ray Bradley Jr., the 2008 WBC Super Lightweight Champion. The guests enjoyed a buffet dinner of various exotic dishes, including meatballs, chicken, beans, and rice, each with distinct flavors, catered by LULUs. Refreshments were readily available at multiple stations, and attendees had the opportunity to receive free henna tattoos. Additionally, vendors sold October, 2023

Dr. William Wickwire, Vikki Chavez and Allen Carrier.

Annette Flores, birthday twins, Juanita and Dr. Jacqueline Montz and Roberta Hartsock

bangles, bracelets, fancy scarves, and other items. The finale of the event was amazing! BOLLYPOP, the Bollywood dance group, performed and everyone gathered around the dance floor to watch. The dancers were dressed up as characters from Arabian Nights, which made it even more captivating. The event had an international theme, giving everyone a chance to learn about the history and traditions of another culture while having fun.


Honoree Timothy Ray Bradley Jr., center, in front of members of the PSUSD Alumni Committee October, 2023

A Memoir by Ed Begley Jr. Beloved actor and environmental activist Ed Begley Jr. shares hilarious and poignant stories of his improbable life, focusing on his relationship with his legendary father, adventures with Hollywood icons, the origins of his environmental activism, addiction, and recovery, and his lifelong search for wisdom. With a prolific career spanning over

five decades, he is widely recognized for his roles in popular TV shows and films alongside Hollywood icons such as Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep and tireless efforts to promote sustainability. Ed Begley Jr. is an environmentalist featured in two books and a reality show. In his memoir, “To the Temple of Tranquility...And Step on It!” (Hachette Books, 10/3/23), he shares hilarious and poignant stories from his life, including a visit to Marlon Brando’s house and taking Annette Bening to the Oscars in an oddball kit car. He also shares surprising tales about luminaries such as The Beatles, Monty Python, Richard Pryor, etc.

Ed Begley Jr.’s upcoming book, TO THE TEMPLE OF TRANQUILITY…AND STEP ON IT! covers various topics, from family and friends to addiction and redemption. As an actor and environmental activist, he will promote the book on a sustainable tour, traveling carbon-neutral and printing on 100% recycled paper. The book will be published in hardcover, e-book, and audio formats on October 4, 2023. Being an environmentalist since 1970, Ed is well known for his travels in an electric car, reducing trash and recycling, and becoming a vegan. He currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife, Rachelle Carson.

TO THE TEMPLE OF TRANQUILITY…AND STEP ON IT! A Memoir By Ed Begley Jr. Hachette Books | October 4, 2023 $29 | Hardcover | 256 Pages | ISBN: 9780306832109 8

October, 2023


October, 2023




Hamas HospitalLie exposed. Video recordings refute the Palestinians’ claim - Recording of terrorist phone call: “She comes from us?!” It was a claim that could have changed the war’s course: Gaza’s Hamas-controlled health ministry reported Tuesday evening that an Israeli airstrike on a hospital in Gaza City killed 500 people. The report was spread throughout the Arab world and in many Western media. There were severe riots in several capitals of Arab countries and Berlin. Israel haters took to the streets and began to riot. Arab heads of state condemned the Jewish state in the harshest terms. However, what was presented as “the worst massacre of the Israeli army” turned out throughout the night to very likely be Palestinian terror


against Palestinian civilians. There is no evidence for the alleged 500 deaths. Contrary to Hamas’ claims, the hospital itself was not hit. US President Joe Biden (80) declared upon his arrival in Israel that “the other side” – i.e., the Palestinians – was responsible for the hospital explosion. Live recording of Explosion on Al Jazeera Numerous videos prove this during the hospital explosion and recordings of the impact site from Wednesday morning.

blast that the Arabic television channel captured in its live footage. Hamas’s claims are most likely false. The morning after, the full extent of the destruction becomes apparent. And it became clear: The damage to the hospital most likely did NOT come from an Israeli rocket but was consistent with the terrorist rockets of Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, the two main terrorist groups in Gaza.

The images show that there is The Arabic news channel Al Jazeera hardly any damage to the structure accidentally filmed several rockets of the building, only to the hospital fired from Gaza at 6:59 p.m. local time parking lot. Several cars were burned and moving towards the north - Israel. out, and the parking lot pavement was But something was wrong with one of blackened by soot and debris. Very the rockets that was fired. Shortly after similar damage occurred on October 7th in Ashkelon, among others, when takeoff, its flight path dropped, and Hamas rockets hit a parking lot in the shortly afterward, there was the first Israeli city. small explosion in the sky. All evidence suggests that it was Seconds later, there was a powerful not Israel but an Islamist terrorist organization that caused the explosion explosion on the ground. Al-Ahli at the hospital in Gaza. The death Hospital in Gaza City was reportedly hit. Footage of the impact at the toll immediately reported by Hamas hospital most likely shows the same supposedly 500 victims - cannot be October, 2023

confirmed due to the damage in the hospital parking lot. The evidence is consistent with the Israeli army’s analysis. It says that “the hospital itself was not directly hit” and that there were no craters and no damage to surrounding buildings. However, this would have been the case in an air raid.

Have people forgotten how this all started with the brutal terrorist attack on Israel, with over 1,400 massacred and slaughtered? Everyone must have noticed: We are dealing with terrorists here!

Israel blames Palestinian Islamic Jihad for the deadly explosion: “The extent of the damage we see here is due to the warhead of the Islamic Jihad rocket.” Israel releases recording of Hamas phone call. The Israeli army has also released a recording of a conversation between two Hamas terrorists that is said to prove this. “She comes from us?!” one of the terrorists asks in shock. Another answers darkly: “That’s what it looks like!” And explains where the rockets came from: “They fired them from the cemetery behind the hospital.”

messages in Arabic. The military has informed Gazans which areas will be particularly hotly contested and should be left immediately. Hamas is entirely different: it uses schools and hospitals as bases and

fires rockets from residential buildings, kindergartens, and mosques. A war crime! The terrorists often forbid residents from leaving their houses despite bomb warnings and deliberately use them as protective shields.

Israel’s army accuses Hamas of launching “a global media campaign to cover up what happened.” The terrorists even reported greatly inflated numbers of victims. “They knew with absolute certainty that a rocket fired by Islamic Jihad had damaged the hospital.” Footage from the Russian news agency TASS shows that the hospital building appears intact, and the explosion occurred in the parking lot. This also contradicts the claim of the Gaza Ministry of Health, on which the statement about 500 deaths was based. It is not the first Palestinian terrorist rockets have caused severe damage and killed numerous people inside Gaza. In the past, too, Hamas immediately tried to blame Israel. Unlike Israel, Hamas does nothing to protect its people, not even from its rockets. Before Israel’s army bombs a residential building where Hamas terrorists have holed up, the residents are called and receive warning text


October, 2023

STING at Acrisure Arena Story and Photos by Pat Krause The highly anticipated arrival of STING to Acrisure Arena on Thursday, October 5th, was met with great enthusiasm from fans who eagerly awaited his appearance. The atmosphere was electric as supporters posed by a large, illuminated STING sign, some even dressed in clothing that showcased their unwavering commitment to the renowned musician. The anticipation grew as the arena began filling with eager concert-goers, and a wave of cheers erupted as STING finally took the stage. The audience stood and waved, demonstrating their deep admiration for the musical icon.

ing rap, jazz, reggae, pop, and rock. Sting’s music has consistently been on the charts throughout his impressive career. His guitar skills are awe-inspiring, and he moves effortlessly across the stage, clearly in his element.

venue in the region, committed to providing its guests with the utmost experience. Its forthcoming events include basketball games involving top teams on an ice floor and a performance by the renowned comedian Adam Sandler. Many other exciting events are on the A special guest appeared during this horizon, sure to captivate audiences in performance, including Sting’s son, the coming years. Joe Sumner. As a father-son duo, they have toured together many times before. The setlist for this tour includes some of Sting’s most famous songs, such as “Message in a Bottle,” “Every Little Thing She Does is Magic,” “Every Breath You Take,” and “Fields of Gold.” These songs showcase Sting’s sophisticated style of rock. When not touring with his father, Joe Sumner is a singer/songwriter and bassist for the band Friction Plane.

Acrisure Arena presents a diverse array Sting’s ‘MY SONGS TOUR’ for 2023 of shows and concerts in the Desert. features various music genres, includ- It stands as the premier entertainment


October, 2023


October, 2023


Disneyland prices are increasing again, and it might be time to rethink your plans. The latest increases were announced and went into effect on Wednesday, October 11. That is the first anniversary of a previous price increase for the resort’s two theme parks: classic Disneyland Park and the newer California Adventure Park. This year, the significant change is in the way Disney manages demand. It’s now using a system it calls “tier pricing,” where the number of available days for each ticket price level goes up or down depending on how popular the park is expected to be during that time. This means that the lowestpriced tier of single-day tickets—which includes one visit to the gardens and the Downtown Disney District—is


getting smaller, while a few higher-tier tiers are seeing their numbers expand.

The other big project is restoring Disneyland to normal after the vast, year-plus closure following the health crisis. That includes bringing back all the stage shows, nighttime spectaculars, entertainment, and guest perks like FastPass.

The good news for most people is that the primary, lowest-priced ticket remains at $104 per day and doesn’t see any increase this year. The bad news is that all the other tiers of tickets Beyond that, it’s difficult to say. are seeing their prices go up, with the Disney hasn’t talked much about highest-demand days now costing expansion plans lately, but that more than $300. doesn’t mean they aren’t in the Despite the high prices, enjoying planning stages. It’s hard to know whether the next major expansion Disneyland is still possible even on will involve Disney acquiring new a tight budget. The prices aren’t property or simply expanding within unreasonable, especially considering other attractions and experiences you Anaheim. If the latter, it would likely can get for similar or lower fees. The be at Disneyland California Adventure parks have also continued to improve, since that park currently has much more land available than the original and there’s a lot of pent-up demand Disneyland. for theme park trips. As for what’s coming down the road, the big focus is on Disneyland California Adventure. That’s where the Marvel Land expansion will take place later this year, and the possibility of further Disney California Adventure expansion is always in the works.

Tier 0 one-day, one-park tickets cost $104. Tier 1 tickets cost $119. Tier 6 tickets cost $194. October, 2023

Disneyland will offer a similar number of Tier 0 days this winter and early spring as in 2023. Multiday passes cost the same regardless of reservation times.

• Two-day ticket — now $310 (previously $285) • Three-day ticket — $390 (previously $360) • Four-day ticket — $445 (previously $395) • Five-day ticket — $480 (previously $415) Park Hoppers lets you visit Disneyland and California Adventure on the same day for an extra fee. Park hopping costs are increasing, except for oneway tickets, which remain at $65. • Two-day Park Hopper addon — $65 (previously $60) • Three-day Park Hopper add-on — $70 (previously $60) • Four-day Park Hopper add-on — $70 (previously $60) • Five-day Park Hopper addon — $75 (previously $60) Disneyland has increased the cost of its Annual Magic Key Passes. The prices of the four tiers are: Imagine Magic Key for $499, Enchant Magic Key for $849, Believe Magic Key for $1,249, and Inspire Magic Key for $1,649. Additionally, the cost of Disney Genie+ has increased to $30, and parking prices have increased to $35 for standard parking and $55 for preferred parking.


October, 2023

OFF THE WALL IN PALM DESERT WITH 99 LOCAL ARTISTS Story by Pam Price Photos by Pat Krause

It’s autumn again in the desert, and that means art. The Artists Council in Palm Desert welcomed art fans with an impressive exhibit of 99 “off the wall” works of art selected by a panel of 12 jurors. There were 208 entries representing a diversity of artistic styles ranging from paintings, mixed media, and sculpture to fabric design. The Artists Council’s mission is “elevating artists through exhibitions, professional development, and community engagement,” it did just that with a reception on October 13 that attracted a nonstop gathering of art fans, who fanned out from the Gallery to the Garden. Ulrike Marie, co-chairman of exhibitions, pointed out the “Holiday Squares,” an eye-opening exhibit of 100 small squares representing the artists’ design and style. The diversity of art in the various galleries, while focused on local artists, is a leap forward for the Coachella Valley.

Tony Radcliff, Thomas Burns, Ulrike Maria, Merritt Price and Carlos Garcia - Photo Pat Krause

Dance entertainment group. In Movement DancePartnered with Palm Springs Dance Project.

Artist-Ulrike Maria

Curator-Merritt Price

The Council’s new Gift Shop also proved fascinating, attracting a nonstop stream of guests, many gravitating toward the mesmerizing typewriter-inspired prints and fashion accessories created by Joshua Tree artist Louise Marler. Off the Wall opens on November 14, 2023, and runs through January 14, 2024.


The new gift shop October, 2023

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