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Wellness World Music Festival back on track! &

Ed Smith announces he will be working with Tony Clark to bring the World Health and Music Festival to town.

DH S Ci t y Co u n ci l Ed S m ith talk s to Chan nel 2 n ews rep o r ter The public confidence level in the t wice delayed Wor ld Wellness and M usic Festival ac tually tak ing place rose exponentially when Ed Smith announced he would be wor k ing with Tony Clar k . Rep or t and Photos by Bruce Montgomer y

Ed Smith


who resigned from the D eser t Hot Spr ings Po lice D epar tment on Januar y 2nd announced he 2

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would immediately be gin wor k ing with Tony Clar k . He thanked the cit y for the oppor tunit y to ser ve the last three and one half years. He maintains a residence in the Coachella Valley and said, “I want to see a successful event.”

Mike D ou g l as at the Annenberg Theater

Wi n d i s ou r f r i en d Congratulations

By Pat K rause M ichael D ouglas ar r ived at the Annenberg Theater with his beautiful wife K ather ine Zeta Jones and his Brother Joel D ouglas and his wife. M ichael was given the Icon Award from the Palm Spr ings I nter national Film Festival. He was photogra phed by most of the large magazines and photography companies on a R ed Car pet inside th e Annenberg Theater. T V crews got to ask him Q uestions for Live T V dur ing this ti me. He ar r ived a few minutes late so Harold M atzner said he wasn’t going to make a long speech. Harold did mention that the Festival has done ver y well and this is their best year ever in audience attendance. He also

2011 D ate Festival Q ue en S cheherazade, A nna Acosta; Princess D unyazade, Haley Glass; a nd Princess Jasmine, M ylea WIlson ~Photo by Bruce Montgom er y

stated that the whole D ouglas Family has ties to the M useum with D onations and suppor t

asked about independent filming and how hard it is today to get films into the M ar ket.

M oderator for the Q&A was R enown Peter Bar t. He star ted with a br ief Video of M ichael D ouglas’s career. M ichael D ouglas came onto the Stage to a Standing O vation. Peter asked M ichael some tough questions about his bout with Cancer. M ichael said he had just found out the tumor is gone and he is cancer free. He said he had found a new appreciation of family. He has a deeper love for family and grateful for all the suppor t from family and fr iends.

Peter Bar t asked him about todays stars and the differences from today and when he became an ac tor. He said when he star ted the only one they had to wor r y about was Hedda Hopper and today its the paparazzi. M ichael said he has been coming to the D eser t since he was a child and his father was a big influence in his career as K ir k D ouglas has made over 100 movies. M ichael wants to make a movie with his wife as soon as they find a good scr ipt. M ichael lear ned a great deal from fellow ac tor K ar l M aldon.

He spoke about his new movie The film The S olitar y M an was about Liberace and said some of shown af ter the Q&A. the movie will be filmed here in the D eser t. Another question was Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011 3

The must-have accessory that could help save your life A Th e N at ion al Coalit i o n fo r Wome n w it h He ar t D ise as e to e n courag e wo m en to k n ow t h e ir r is k fo r h e ar t d is e as e an d to b e re ad y w h e n a h e ar t atta c k s t r ike s by callin g 91 1 a nd t ak in g as pir in as d irec ted by a d oc tor. As par t o f t h e campaign , Bayer is offe r in g a limite d e d itio n pill tote at I AmProH ea r t. com for a $5 d on at io n to Wome n He ar t, an d B ayer w ill match e ach d ona t ion up to a max imum o f $100,000. L imit five (5 ) pe r h ous e h old, w h il e sup plie s las t. D on at ion s hel p “ We h ave a l o n g h is to - fun d e d ucat ion al pro r y o f he a r t d i s eas e i n my grammin g an d out re a c h f a mi ly. M y m o th er h ad a t h at e n able wome n with h e ar t attac k at 5 0 , an d h e r h e ar t d is e as e to s h a re b rot he r s and p arents als o t h e ir ex pe r ie n ce s an d perd ie d from hear t di s eas e,” s on al s tor ie s of cou ra ge s ays B e h ar. “ Wi th s o much an d s ur v ival w it h other h e ar t d i seas e i n my f am wome n w h o h ave or a re at i l y, I k n ow th at I have to r is k for d e ve lopin g hea r t b e p re pa red i n c as e I h ave d is e as e. a s ud de n hear t attac k .” B e t s y Abd ulg h an i is I n h e r to te, B eh ar jus t on e of t h e more tha n k e e ps a sp i r i n , s o s h e 30,000 Wome n He ar t m em cou ld c h ew i t i n th e eve nt be rs acros s t h e countr y, of a h e a r t attac k to h elp an d s h e h ad h e r ow n c l o se re d u ce d am ag e to her call w it h h e ar t d is e a se at h e ar t a f te r d i al i ng 9 1 1 . t h e e ar ly ag e of 42. E x pe r ts a gree th at as pir in , “I am ac t ive an d have whe n t a ke n as di rec ted by a d oc tor d u r i ng a s u s p e c t- n o family h is tor y of hea r t d is e as e,” s ays Abd ul gha ni. e d h e a r t attac k , c an h elp “Six mont h s af te r a c hec kre d u ce t he r i s k o f death up, I be g an ex pe r ie n c ing by 2 3 pe rcent. t ig ht n e s s in my ch est that “I ke ep my p i l l to te fe lt like in d ig e s t ion a nd c l ip p e d to my ID b ad ge pain in my r ig ht ar m a nd for wor k s o that I al ways h an d. I took as pir in j ust in h ave i t wi th m e,” s ays cas e it was a h e ar t atta c k . B e h a r. Two d ays late r, I s aw my d oc tor an d was rus h ed to B e ha r an d her dau gh t h e h os pit al w h e re tests te r Eve have p ar tn ered s h owe d I’d ex pe r ie n ced wi th t he m ak er s o f B aye r a h e ar t at t ack an d wa s As p i r i n a nd Wo m enH ear t : on t h e ve rg e of a s eco nd s k any wo m an w h at es s entials s he al ways carr ie s wi th h er, and yo u’re l i k ely to g et a l o ng and var i e d li st : cel l p ho ne, k e ys, ma k eu p, wal l et; t h ose a re j u s t the b as ics. B u t comedi enn e, tal k s h ow h os t an d m o ther Joy B e h a r ha s recentl y add e d a n e w i te m to h er l i s t o f “m u st-haves.” I t ’s a s m all s il ve r- col o red to te an d k e y c ha i n th at ’s s l i g htly s m a lle r t h an a l i p s ti c k , a n d i ts co ntents co u l d on e day h el p s ave h er life.


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hea r t atta c k . M y d o c to r d iscovered that o ne o f my a r ter ies wa s co m p l etel y b l o c k ed.” Af ter re ceiv ing three stents a nd being pl a ced o n a n a sp ir in regim en, Abd ul gha ni is now a Wo m enH ea r t Cha m pio n, a gro up o f Wo m enH ea r t m em bers spec ia l l y tra ined to a d vo c ate fo r im p o r ta nt p ro gra m s, awa reness a nd reso urces in sup p o r t o f o ther wo m en with hea r t d isea se.

* Lightheadedness or faintness * Paleness, sweating or nausea * Shortness of breath, with or without chest pain

Stud ies have s h ow n that wo m en a re l e s s l i k e l y tha n m en to su r v i ve a “ The unfo r tunate truth hea r t atta c k , m a k i n g i t even m o re im p o r t a nt fo r is that hea r t d isea se is wo m en to reco gn i ze t h e s e stil l the l ea d ing c a use o f sy m pto m s. d eath fo r wo m en in the U nited States, a nd to o Fo r B eha r ’s d a u g hte r o f ten the signs o f a hea r t Eve, p repa ratio n i s j u s t atta c k in wo m en c a n b e o ne way that s h e a n d h e r sub tl e a nd go unno ticed m o ther a re reve r s i n g t h e o r und er treated,” says trend o f hea r t d i s e a s e i n K a ro l Watso n, M. D. , c ha ir the f a m il y. “ We e n co u ra g e o f the Wo m enH ea r t S c ienea c h o ther to e at h e a l t h tif ic Ad v iso r y Co unc il a nd ier, exerc ise m o re o f te n co - d irec to r o f the Pro a nd get regul a r h e a l t h gra m in Preventative Ca rc hec k up s,” she s ays. “ Th e d io l o gy at U CLA . “ That ’s p il l to te m a k es fo r a gre at why it ’s so im p o r ta nt co nversatio n st a r te r i f to have a d vo c ates l ik e yo u’re no t a l re a d y h av i n g J oy, Eve a nd B etsy hel p this ta l k with yo u r m o m , ing to ra ise awa reness a nd I’m gl a d th at s h e h a s in wo m en, enco ura ging her a sp ir in nea r by i n c a s e p repa red ness a nd hel ping she ever need s i t.” to save wo m en’s l ives.” D r. Watso n ex pl a ins that hea r t atta c k sy m p to m s that wo m en m ay ex p er ience inc l ud e:

* Chest pressure, tightness and heaviness * Pain in the shoulders, neck, jaw or arms

“ Ever yo ne’s s o b u s y these d ays,” a dd s B e h a r. “ We’ve ta k en ca re o f o u r c hil d ren fo r a l l o f t h e s e yea rs, a nd now we n e e d them to l o o k o u t fo r u s. Women have to put their own health first for a change.” Cour tesy AR A

T h e 333rd Sta r the Palm Springs Walk of Stars was dedicated to Palm Springs Author, Clark Howard.

Cla rk Howa rd’s S ta r p os es with his g ra n d ch ild re n. Photos by Pat K raus e

D r. A nd re w P. O rd on Pose s w i th h i s S t a r

Story and Photos by Pat Krause


he 333rd Star on the Palm Spr ings Walk of Stars was dedicated to Palm Spr ings Author, Clar k Howard, on S at. Jan. 8th. M r. Howard has been a professional wr iter for over 40 years and has gar nered many awards. He has authored 16 novels, six non-fic tion books and hundreds of shor t stor ies. Clar k is best k nown for books on cr ime, fic tion and

myster y. Eller y Q u een and Alfred H itchcock M yster y M agazines are just a few of the p ublications that car r y his shor t stor ies. Clar k has lived in the D eser t for many years and is proud to call this his home town. H is family came from Australia to be here for this Star edication. The 334th Star was dedicated to Dr Andrew P. Ordon on S at. Jan

15th. Dr. Ordon is an acclaimed plastic and reconstruc tive surgeon. He has traveled to many countr ies to provide reconstruc tive surger y to needy children. Dr. Phil M cGraw picked Andrew to star on the CBS show, “ The D oc tors”. Andrew is a published author and has many presentations, Plastic surger y papers and is honored for his wor k . Dr. Ordon is considered a great

humanitar ian in his field. He has been a guest on many T V shows including 20/20, 48 hours, Phil D onahue and several major news s tationsDr. Ordon operates The Plastic Surge r y I nstitute with offices i n New Yor k , B ever ly H ills and R ancho M irage. Dr. Ordon is also a resident of R ancho M irage. H is family and fr iends attended this star with a par t y af ter wards at Spencers R estaurant.

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Ma ril yn Monro e

Au d re y H e p b u rn

S ophia Loren

A ni ta Ek k b e rg

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Life Work Of Iconic Movie Cameraman Jack Cardiff Is A Triumph! By Jack Lyons Theatre and Film Critic


ot many people in show business, let alone in any business, can lay claim to a career that spans nine decades while standing r ight in front of you sharing the stor ies and anec dotes of his life’s wor k . Br itish cinematographer and movie direc tor Jack Cardiff is that rare in di vidual who not only wor ked with some of the t wentieth centur y ’s most creative and influential motion pic ture ar tists, but is willing to share his thoughts and insights on the sometimes vexing, and definitely collabora tive ar t of mak ing motion pic tures.         I n captur ing the fascinating and br illiant stor y Cardiff ’s career, film direc tor Craig M cCall has invested 13 years of his own life in order to document the full impac t of the man most ever yone said was the finest color cin ematographer whoever peered into a camera lens. I n this creatively designed and intelligently craf ted tr ibute/documentar y film, M cCall delivers a full-bod ied professional por trait of what movie -mak ing ge nius is all about.

it, becoming a teenaged ”clapper boy ” and then an assistant cameraman, and eventually camera operator. Cardiff was literally a movie cameraman sponge, absor bing ever y aspec t of dealing with how best to light a scene, where to place the camera, and how best to film the ac tors for maximum effec t and appeal.  He went on to become the favor ite cameraman of M ar ilyn M onroe, M arlene Dietr ich, and Ava G ardner, among others.         H is filmography as a cinematographer is impressive.  The tur ning point in Cardiff ’s career came, in 1943, when, as a young 2nd unit cameraman wor k ing on “ The Life and D eath of Colo nel Blimp” he caught the attention of the great English motion pic ture producing, wr iting, and direc ting team of M ichael Powell and Emr ic Pressburger.  Talk about for tuitous timing.  He was hired by them to be the cameraman on their impor tant, post-Wor ld War II Technicolor epic, “A M atter of Life and D eath”.  Their collabo ration continued with “Black Narcissus” with D eborah Ker r, in 1947, which won him both an Oscar and a G olden Globe.  He was now considered to be one of the top three cinematographer ’s in the wor ld wor king with the Technicolor process.

      Cardiff, bor n in England in1904 to music hall enter tainer parents, be came a child ac tor in the silent era at the age of four.  Growing up mainly self-taught (he was a vo racious reader), he lef t being “in front of the cam era”, for a position behind         Cardiff moving amid

the ranks of top -tier cinematographers found himself behind the camera lens on the prestigious and much hon ored 1948 film “ The R ed Shoes”, again for the team of Powell and Pressburger. The nex t ten or so years found Cardiff behind the lenses on such impor tant films as: “ The Black R ose” with Orson Welles and Tyrone Power, “ The Pr ince and the Showgir l ” with M ar ilyn M onroe and the great Sir Laurence Olivier, “ The Vik ings” with K ir k D ouglas,  “Fanny ” the Char les B oyer/Leslie Car ron Technicolor film,  “ War and Peace” the epic Tolstoy stor y, and “ The Afr ican Q ueen” for direc tor John Huston starr ing Humphrey B ogar t and K ather ine Hepbur n, among many others.         Jack Cardiff the cin ematographer was also a ver y accomplished movie direc tor (he made thir teen films) as well as a fine painter.  I t was a gif t and a sk ill that would come in handy, time and time again, on locations and on sets.  Cardiff was of ten credited by grateful produc ers and direc tors for be ing an additional player, in the collaborative pro cess, that of ten helped save their pic tures.         Craig M cCall ’s loving homage to a true genius of the motion pic ture camera is one of the best tr ibute documentar y ’s

I’ve seen in years. I n a ser ies of inter views with Cardiff, which began in 1997 in Cannes, to his inter views in 2007, M cCall shows us the playful and whimsical sid e of the man and his wonder ful sense of humor, and his honest self- effacing personalit y.  I t ’s a genuine treat to lear n about someone we’ve k nown only by rep utation.  M cCall takes us into the inner-sanc tum – Cardiff ’s home where M c Call ’s camera explores the craf t of Cardiff at home as a painter and as a collec tor of pr ints, paintings, and ar tifac ts from his many films made around the wor ld; ex trac ting all the while, amazing anec dotes and yar ns you’ve never heard before.         As a way of validating the nine - decade wor k ing life of Jack Cardiff, M c Call uses inter views with Holly wood heav y weights M ar tin S corcesse, K ir k D ouglas, Lauren Bacall, Char lton Heston, R ichard Fleisher, and others (20 in all) as a means of capturing the Cardiff essence, influence, and legac y.       I t was a pleasure for me to see the film and to inter view a filmmaker who is ver y k nowledgeable and passionate about his craf t and his projec ts.  I f you love films and documentar y films, in par ticular, then this is a film not to be missed.  I t ’s a Five Star wor k of excellence.

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‘ R ISE ’

Peggy Fleming with Pro ducer, D ire c tor a nd Cast memb ers. Peggy is in the golf colore d sk ir t

Sto r y an d P h o to s by Pat K rause


lympic M edal winner, Ice Sk ating queen, Peggy Fleming, appeared at the screening of “RISE” dur ing the Palm Spr ings I nter national Film Festival on S at. Jan 8th.. A plane that car r ied the 1961 Figure sk ating team to the Wor ld Championships crashed k illing all aboard. This tragic loss was the subjec t of the film. This was the films D ebut dur ing the PSIFF and was shown t wice dur ing the Festival. The documentar y film tells about the lives of the sk aters that lost their lives on that fateful day. Figure sk aters that k new the them talk about their memor ies of the team. Their association with them and how it has affec ted their l ives. This movie commemorates the 50th anniversar y of this ter r ible

event. The film is about the power of the human spir it and honors those vic tims of that crash. “R ise” took Iconic Ice Legends, Peggy Fleming, D orothy Hamill, S cott Hamilton, Br ian B oitano and M ichelle Kwan as stor y tellers in the film. The crash happened on the way to the Wor ld Championships in Prague, C zechoslovak ia on S abena Air lines Flight 548. Their loss tr iggered inspiration of hope and dreams in Olympic spor ts. “R ise” will make is debut in theaters nationwide as a one night- only engagement on Feb, 17th. Proceeds from “R ise” will be used for the U.S. Figure Sk ating’s M emor ial Fund. 34 athletes, officials, Judges, coaches and even family members died on the day.

Pe ggy Fl e mi n g 8

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Pam Price Book signing in Palm SPrings Story and Photos by Pat Krause


am Pr ice, a lo cal author with many books to her credit held a book signing at Just Fabu lous B ook Store in Palm Spr ings with her co -au thor Laura K ath, of their latest book , “Day Tr ips from Los Angeles”. The B ook signing was held on S aturday Jan 15th. The book gives getaway ideas for the lo cal traveler. There is a whole chapter on Palm Spr ings. Pam Pr ice has wr itten many books on Spas around the wor ld. ‘Just Fabulous” B ook Store hosted this signing with Appetizers and wine be ing ser ved to guests. The store has hosted many ce lebr it y authors with one of the latest, Stephanie Powers just last month and M ichael Par ks last week . O ther Celebr it y au thors are planned in the coming months. Pa m Price, Just Fabulous owner Stephen Monka rsh a nd Laura Kath

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Wen d y Ma lli c k ~Photo by Pat K rause

R ita Rudner 2nd f rom l e f t i n Re d Bl ou se a nd ca st from her mov i e ~ Photo by Pa t K ra u se 10 Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011

R ya n a nd Ta tu m O ’N e a l ~ Photo by Pa t K rau s e

Story and Photos by Pat Krause The Palm Spr ings I nter national Film Festival had its best year ever. The R ed Car pet event with a sold out G ala was the highlight of the Festival. O ver 200 Diverse films and documentar ies were shown to filmgoers from around the wor ld. Opening night and closing nights films were sold out ear ly. Each had an af ter par t y for all guests that saw the films. Another per k for filmgoers were the af ter par ties that were held at local restaurants. Brazil held par t y at Tr io. A M id-Festival G ala was held at Wangs, G ay-La “H is” and “Hers” par t y was held at Toucans and a Cinema S afar i G ala was held for all Afr ican Films. Australia held its sec ond G-Day gala on S at. at the Viceroy Hotel. The Council G eneral presided over the Isreali G ala at

the R enaissance Hotel in Palm Spr ings. O ther smaller par ties for different countr ies were held. O ther special events brought Stars from a movie to the D eser t. O ther stars included R ita Rudner and cast members for her film and ac tress Wendy M allick with members of the “50 Nothing” cast. The final night of the festival held a special event with R yan O ’neal and his daughter Tatum O ’Neal walk ing the R ed Car pet at the PS H igh S chool. Shor tly af ter that they held an autograph signing session at the Camelot The atre pr ior to the screening their hit movie, Paper M oon, That was shot 40 years ago. The film is in Black and white. R yan and Tatum held a Q&A just before the film was shown

D e p u t y Cou nci l G e ne ra l of I sra e l, G i l A r t z ye l i hoste d the I sra e l i Pa r t y Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011 11

The Athlete

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The Athlete By Jack Lyons Theatre and Film Critic and Reviewer There is a pur pose for ever yone being on this planet. We may not comprehend the meaning of life, or always understand or recognized the reasons, but there is a pur pose.      The Ethiopian film “ The Athlete”, is the countr y ’s first official entr y in the in the 2010 Academy Award Foreign language film categor y, and it ’s a strong contender.  Filmmakers Davey Frankel and R asselas Lak we co -wr iters, and co - direc tors, have se lec ted the life of arguably, histor y ’s greatest long distance and M aratho n runner, Abebe Bak ila as the subjec t of their ver y moving biopic.      The scenic vistas of Ethiop ia’s rural hills, val leys, and villages provide the backdrop and mar k the beginning of an incredible jour ney for the son of a shepherd who ran his way into the record books of the M oder n Olympics, and into the hear ts of people the wor ld over.  He is the first black Afr ican in histor y to win a gol d medal in the Olympics. When he is not setting Olympic Athletic records Abebe Bak ila (played in the film by R asselas Lak we) ser ves his countr y as an officer in Emperor Haile S elaassie’s I mper ial Guard.      The film opens a couple years af ter Bak ila’s back-to -back Olympic

M arathon G old M edal wins in R ome in 1960 and Tok yo in 1964 - the only Olympic M arathoner in histor y to do so. While dr iving to his Addis Ababa home one eve ning, af ter training in the Ethiopian countr yside for the upcoming 1968 M exico Cit y Olympics, an automobile accident occurs leaving the great runner and National hero paralyzed - never again to use his golden legs in competitive racing.       Through a se r ies of flashbacks and flash-for ward scenes, his long-time white Swedish fr iend Onni,  (played by Dag M almberg), and others, along with the doc tors, nurse him back to health and rehabilitation, instilling in him a will to live once more.  I ntrospec tive and stoic almost to a fault, Bak ila mulls over the hand that fate has dealt him.  The competitive spir it and dr ive in the DNA of great athletes however, is way too strong for any selfpit y, and in a relatively shor t time he is competing as an archer in his English rehabilitation hospital in tour naments against other patients.      Now able to get around, with the aid of a wheelchair Dag convinces him to enter a dogsled race for the

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PSIFF Screens Ethiopia’s First Official Entry Film For The 2010 Oscar Competition

The Athlete Cont inue d from Page 14 By Jack Lyons Theatre and Film Critic and Reviewer handicapped, in Nor way, as a way of testing his resolve to rejoin societ y. Needless to say, the ensuing race is an exciting event, with the issue never in doubt as to who was going win.      The film blends ac tual footage of Bak ila’s Olympic G old M edal races and then inter- cuts these scenes with the stor yline of the movie.  R asselas Lak we, the ac tor, captures that stoic Bak ila look and intensit y quite well.  B or n in Ethiopia, raised in Idaho, Lak we attended M ontana State Universit y where he made films as a wr iter/ direc tor.  This film mar ks his debut as an ac tor.      Yes, Bak ila’s stor y is uplif ting in his ac complishments, but it ’s incomplete.  The stor y needs more balance.  I t lacks the nar rative force required to fully explore his life, both on and off, the wor ld spor ts stage.  The film focuses too much attention on the Olympic rac ing aspec ts; as a result we don’t get to pierce that veil of quiet Bak ila dedication and intensit y and discover what made him the great champion he became.  Where, for example, are the scenes of his family and the role they undoubtedly played in his life and in his recover y?  One doesn’t just become an award

winning athlete overnight by oneself. Let ’s do the math.  There are four years bet ween each Olympics.  Bak ila won back-to -back G old medals. That adds up to eight years.  I t takes time to become a national hero.  There is a back-stor y here that needs to infor m us a little more.  These stor y points, if included, would make his tragic accident even more poignant than it already is.       Bak ila was quoted af ter his accident as saying “ M en of success meet with tragedy.  I t was the will of G od that I won the Olympics, and it was the will of G od that I met with my accident.  I accepted those vic tor ies as I accept this tragedy.  I have to accept both circumstances as fac ts of life and live happily ”.       H is life ser ves as an inspiration to this day for young Ethio pian men and women and challenges them to achieve in life as he did – with dedication, grace, and a sense of pur pose.  One never k nows how many people are touched when lives intersec t.   Bak ila died in 1973 of a cerebral hemor r hage, a complication related to his auto accident of four years ear lier.  He lef t a wife and four children.  He was only for t y- one years old.

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Budget Cuts Force Housing Department Consolidations By : S e an Ca r p e nter For f i sc a l ye a r s 2 0 1 0 an d 2 011, m a ny st ate s a re facin g b ud ge t shor t f al l s. S ome, lik e Ca l i for ni a , f a ce sign ific ant shor t a ge s (Ca l ifo r n ia’s wa s a mul t i -b i l l i o n dollar ga p, a nd i t wa s n’t t he on ly one ) . The l a c k o f resources i s forc i ng st ate s to elimin ate a nd cons o l i date depar t me nt s a nd s e rvices. S om e a re exp l or i n g ways to com b i ne a f fo rd able h ousi ng-re l ate d a c t iv ities. Ve r mont i s a p r i m e example. Ver mont c ur re nt l y h a s t wo sepa rate a f ford a bl e hou sin g a ge nc i e s a nd t wo addition a l gove r nme nt d e par tments t hat d e a l w i th var ied asp e c t s of a f fo rd able h ou si ng d e ve l op me nt. A repor t com m i ssi one d by G over n or J i m D ougl a s’ a d min istrati on re com m e n d s con solidat i ng a l l of t h o s e depar tme nt s i nto one. Cur re nt l y, t he Ve r m o nt St ate Hou si ng Age nc y, th e Ver mont H ousi ng Fi na n ce Auth or it y, a nd p rogra m s in th e Ve r m ont H ous i n g Con ser vat i on B oa rd, a n d D epar tme nt of Econom i c, H ou sin g a nd Com m u n i t y D evelopm e nt a l l of fe r s i m il ar progra m s a nd se r v i c es. Comb i ni ng t he m, s ays t he repor t, coul d save th e st ate abo ut $450, 000. Propone nt s of th e con solidat i on plan s ay t he mon e y save d co u l d be re - inve ste d i nto d e ve lopment p rogra m s t hat woul d c re ate m o re

a f fo rd a bl e h o u s i n g in Verm o nt. H owe ve r, bec ause th e s tate cu r re ntl y has a b u d g e t s h o r tfa l l, a ny savi n g s wo u l d l i k e l y b e used to b r i d g e th e g a p. Tho ugh th e re m ay n o t b e a di rec t m o n e ta r y b e n e fi t, develo p e rs co u l d b e n e fi t f ro m s i m pl i fi e d a p p l i cati o n p ro ce s s e s. Th e y ’d o n l y have to s u b m i t o n e a pp l ic at io n to o n e d e pa r tm e nt fo r any Ve r m o nt- re l ate d d e velo p m e nt, a n d wo u l d n’t have to s p e n d ti m e re s e arc hing th e va r i o u s d e p a r tm ent s to d e te r m i n e w h i ch o ne s h o u l d re ce i ve a p p li c ati o n s fo r a ce r ta i n t y p e o f d e ve l o pm e nt. Th e g ove r n o r ’s o f f ice h a s re ce i ve d th e rep o r t a n d i s co n s i d e r i n g t he re co m m e n d ati o n s. There’s n o i n d i cati o n i f o r when a ny o f th e re co m mendati o n s w i l l b e i m pl em ente d. Th e f u l l re po r t can b e vi e w at th e D e p a r t m ent o f Eco n o m i c, H o u s i ng & Co m m u n i t y D e ve l op m ent we b s i te. As we m ove into 2 0 1 1 , a n d s tate s cont i nue l o o k i n g fo r m o n e y-savi ng o p ti o n s, d e pa r tm e nt co ns o l i d ati o n s a re n ot un l i k e l y. Affo rd a b l e h o usi ng a d vo cate s a n d d e ve lo p er s a re e n co u ra g e d to st ay in co nta c t w i th d e pa r tm ent s i n th e i r re s p e c ti ve st ates s o th e y ’re n o t s u r p r i sed by s u d d e n ch a n g e s. G o to : http: / / w w w. gover nm e n t d e a l f u n d i n g. c o m / g o / p ro gra m s /

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T h e Tu c s o n S h o By : Walter “ Bru no” Ko rsc hek B efo re go ing into t he co m m ent ar y, let m e p lease ex tend my p rayer s and sup p o r t to all o f t he vi c t i m s o f t he ho r r if ic sho o t i ng i nc i dent t hat unfo lded m idday t his p ast S at urday i n Tuc so n. I t is a ter r ib le, ter r ib le set o f c irc um st ances t hat allowed o ne lo ne c raz y to c ause so m uc h gr i ef and p ai n. We sho uld also b e t hankf ul fo r t he b rave indivi duals t hat im m ediately to o k ac t io n to sup p ress t he gunm an and p rovided i m m ediate f i r st aid to t ho se t hat were injured. News rep o r t s indic ate t hat t hese b rave Am er i c ans p ro b ab ly kep t t he deat h and injur y to ll f ro m go i ng m uc h higher.

t his allegedly uns table indivi dual, fo r answers. M aybe we sho uld ask ou rs elves if we have allowed this heated, b it ter p o li tica l r hetor ic to grow and grow s o mu ch t hat we o ur selves mig ht be to b lam e fo r t he s hooting s in Tuc so n. B efo re yo u bru s h this p o ssi b i lit y o f f a s nons ens e, co nsi der t he fo llowing qu es t io ns. I f yo u are a R epu bli c an, ask yo ur self :

- D i d yo u o b j ec t when the B ush adm i nist ration bra nded no n sup p o r ter s of the I raq war as b eing unpatr iotic for t heir ho nest dif ference opinio n wit h t he ad minis tration o n t he m er i t s an d leg alit y of Vio lence, fo r p o li t ic al invading I raq? c hange o r any p ur p o se, i s - Did yo u objec t when never t he answer fo r t hree R ep ub li c an lead ers u s ed the reaso ns. Fir st and fo rem o st im age o f r i f le c ros s ha irs s u by f ar, t he t ak ing o f ano t her hum an life fo r p o lit ic al gain, p er i m p o sed o n their oppo o r just ab o ut any o t her rea - nent s f aces in the ru n u p to so n, i s never accep t ab le. No t he Novem b er elec tions a s o ne sho uld have t hat p ower a m ar ket i ng to ol, an imag e o r incent i ve to do so. S ec - t hat t akes o n pa r ticu la r u no nd, usually vi o lence b eget s easiness, given the S atu rday m o re vio lence and senseless sho o t i ngs? k illing and m aim i ng fo r no reaso n. And f inally, vi o lence o f t his so r t m any t im es re sult s i n f ur t her gover nm ent rep ressi o n, sup p ressing t he ver y f reedo m t hat a de ranged vi o lent p er so n m i ght have t ho ught t hey were f ight ing fo r.

- Did yo u objec t when Co ngresswo m an G iffords op p o nent i n t he pas t elec tion used an M - 16 shooting event fo r a c am p ai gn strateg y?

- D i d yo u o bjec t over the year s when L imbau g h, Ha n nit y and B ec k cros s ed the line f ro m i nte llig ent, civ il Alt ho ugh i t lo o ks li ke p o li t ic al deb ate into pers ont his was an ac t o f a lo ne al degradat io n of politica l gunm an t hat ap p arent ly has o p p o nent s? ac ted and b ehaved in less t han st ab le ways over t he I f yo u are a R epu blican p ast few year s, acco rding to and answered “n o” to any of news rep o r t s, t he i nevi t ab le t he quest i o ns a bove, maybe deb ate is under way as to yo u sho uld ask you rs elf if whet her t he heated r heto r ic yo u co nt r i b uted in any way in o ur p o li t ic al realm co n- to what hap p en ed in Tu cs on. t r ib uted to his ac t io ns. No o ne will p ro b ab ly ever k now I f yo u are a D emocrat, t he answer to t hat quest io n ask yo ur self t he following b ut m ay b e i t is t i m e t hat we quest io ns: st ar t lo o k i ng at o ur selves and ask i ng o ur selves, t he - Did yo u objec t when Am er ic an c it izenr y, and no t

o t i n g s - J u s t A s k Yo u r s e l f Amer ic ans, w i t h hone s t a n d l egitimate conce r ns and w h o were i n op p osi t i o n to Obama’s he a l t h c a re re fo r m l egislation, we re f re qu e ntl y bran ded ra c i st s a nd a s s o ci ated with t he Ku K l ux K l a n by D emoc rat s i n Congre s s i n c l udin g Congre ssm a n G rayso n , Con gre ssm a n R a n g e l, Con gresswoma n Le e, a n d o th er s?

U nti l we a l l s ta r t to o b je c t to th e v i ci o u s a nd p ers o n a l po l i ti ca l r h e to r i c, it w i l l n o t s to p. M o s t p o li t ici a n s’ o n l y g o a l i s to get re e l e c te d a n d i f th i s t y p e o f v i ci o u s n e s s “e n e rgi zes t hei r ba s e” a n d g e ts th em re e l e c te d, th e y w i l l co nt inue to d o i t. M o s t ca bl e n e ws shows o n l y g o a l i s rati n g s and ene rgi z i n g th e i r ba s e o f viewe rs. Th i s b e h av i o r s pli t s t he - Did you ob j e c t w h e n co u ntr y to s u ch a po int t hat Con gressm a n Al a n G rays o n g e tti n g e l e c te d be co m es t he c alled R e p ub l i c a ns “ k n u ck l e e n d g a m e, n o t th e m eans to draggin g N e a nd e r t ha l s ? ” a n e n d. - Did you ob j e c t w h e n a n Obama a d m i ni st rat i on cz a r publicly a nd on t a p e ca l l e d al l R epu b l i c a ns “a _ _ h_ _ _ s ? ” - Did you ob j e c t w h e n S p eak er o f t he H ouse Na n c y Pe losi, the t hi rd ra nk i n g p o l itical lead e r i n t hi s co u n t r y, said t hat t hose Am e r i c an s opp ose d to O b a m a Ca re were unp at r i ot i c e ve n t hou gh the i r op p osi ton wa s hon est an d b a se d on l e gi ti mate con ce r ns? - Did you ob j e c t w h e n fo r mer D e moc rat i oc Co n gressman Pa ul K a nj or s k i o f Pe n n sy lvani a sa i d of R e p u b l ic an R ick S cot t, c a nd i d ate fo r govenror of Fl or i d a , “ I n stead of r unni ng for g ove rnor of Flor i d a , t he y oug ht to have h im a nd shoot hi m . Pu t him up a ga i nst t he wa l l a n d sh oot h im.”

As a re s u l t, we a s c i t izens e n d u p w i th s u ch a n i m o sit y towa rd s o u r n e i g h b o r s, we e n d u p e l e c ti n g p e o p le t hat ca n n o t s o l ve th e i s sues f ac i n g th e n ati o n . We end up e l e c ti n g th e m be ca u se t hey a re fro m o u r s i d e. Never m i n d th at th e y could no t s o l ve a fi rs t gra d e p ro b lem , “ we wo n ,” o u r s i d e go t elec te d. M ay b e th at ex pl ains why th e wa r o n d ru g s h as never be e n “ wo n”, w hy o u r p ub lic s ch o o l s co nti n u e to f ail, why we s ti l l h ave n o n ati o nal en e rg y po l i c y, w hy we s t i ll have l e a k y bo rd e rs, w hy we st i ll d o n o t h ave th e u p p er hand i n th e wa r o n te r ro r, why we s ti l l h ave a ve r y s h a k y eco no my w i th w h o l e i n dust r ies d e ci m ate d a n d h i g h unem pl oy m e nt, w hy o u r nat io nal d e bt i s s k y ro ck e ti n g, etc. B ut o u r s i d e wo n th e elec t i o n, i s n’t th at g o o d ? N o t i f eit her s i d e n e ve r s o l ve s a nyt hing

- Did you ob j e c t w h e n t he Presid e nt st ate d t h at h i s Co n s i d e r th e fi rst o f t wo side woul d b r i ng a gu n to q u o te s f ro m G e o rg e Or well ’s t he politic a l t a b l e i f t he o th d o o m s d ay fo r fre e d o m novel er bor u ght a k ni fe ? “1984:” - Did you ob j e c t t hro u g h “ Th i s i s n o t to say t hat t he year s w he n O l b er m a n , e i th e r th e co n d u c t o f war, M atth ews, a nd M a d d ow o r th e pre va i l i n g at t i t ude c rossed the l i ne f rom i nte ltowa rd s i t, h a s b e co m e less l igent, civ i l d e b ate i nto pe rb l o o d th i rs t y o r m ore c hi vso n al degra d at i on of p o l i ti a l ro u s. O n th e co ntrar y, war c al oppon e nt s? hys te r i a i s co nti n u o us and I f you a re a D e m o crat u n i ve rs a l i n a l l count r i es, an d an swe re d “no” to any o f a n d s u ch a c ts a s ra p i ng, lo o tt he qu esti ons a b ove, m ay b e i n g, th e s l a u g hte r o f c hi l you sh oul d a sk your s e l f i f d re n , th e re d u c ti o n of who le you cont r i b ute d i n a ny way po p u l ati o n s to s l aver y, and to wh at h a p p e ne d i n Tu cs o n . re pr i s a l s a g a i n s t p r iso ner s

whic h ex tend even to b o i ling and b ur y i ng ali ve, are lo o ked up o n as no r m al, and, when t hey are co m m i t ted by o ne’s own side and no t by t he enemy, m er ito r io us.”

t he p ro duc t s o f the machine wit ho ut raisi ng the g eneral st andards o f liv ing.”

Sub st i t ute the word “p o li t ic s” fo r “ wa r fare” above and yo u c an se e that Or well Now co nsider t he sam e was r i ght. We h ave allowed quo te wi t h a few wo rds p o li t ic s to di vi de u s as a c hanged to desc r i b e t he p o - nat io n, usi ng up mu ch of lit ic al ho r ro r we are c ur rent- o ur energy and res ou rces to ly endur i ng: f ight eac h o t he r, which has resulted in m o re hate a nd “ Thi s i s no t to say t hat has no t rai sed the s tandards eit her t he co nduc t o f p o li- o f livi ng. Wo r se ca s e, it t ic s, o r t he p revai ling at t i- co nt r i b uted to the s ens eles s t ude towards it, has b eco m e vi o lence in Tucs on this pas t less b lo o dt hir st y o r m o re weekend. c hivalro us. On t he co nt rar y, p o li t ic s i s co nt inuo us and Can we lear n anything ? uni ver sal i n all p ar t s o f t he M ay b e we sho uld do a betco unt r y, and suc h ac t s as ter jo b o f ask ing ou rs elves nam e c alling, p er so nal deg - whet her t hi s i s the k ind of radat i o n, acc usat i o ns o f p o li t ic s and wor ld we want unp at r io t ism , sex ual degra- fo r o ur selves an d ou r fa midat io n, ver b al assault s, t he lies. A wo r ld where you a re reduc t io n o f who le gro up s o f an i dio t if yo u dis agree with fellow c it izens wi t h o p p o sing m e, a geni us if you agree. vi ews to i dio c y and rep r i sals J ust ask yo ur self, maybe if agai nst co m m o n Am er i c ans we di d c hec k o u r emotions wit h o p p o si ng views, are and st ar t to res pec t ou r dilo o ked up o n as no r m al, and, ver sit y, t here will not be a ny when t hey are co m m i t ted by f ut ure Tuc so n- like tra g edies. o ne’s own si de and no t by M ay b e t hen o ur politica l t he enemy, m er ito r io us.” p ro cesses wo uld fina lly elec t p ro b lem s olvers and When t he o t her p o lit i - no t t he t y p es of non-prob c al side is slandered o r de - lem so lver s we have elec ted graded, i t i s now viewed fo r t he p ast few decades. as no r m al and m er i to r io us. J ust ask yo ur self... When t he sam e i s do ne to o ur p o li t ic al side, t hese are Ab o ut The Au thor unsp eak ab le af f ro nt s. Walter “ B r u no” Kors chek O ur p o li t ic al c lass has is t he aut ho r o f the book , shown t hat t hey are no t c a - “ Love M y Co untr y, Loathe p ab le o f ac t i ng li k ing adult s, M y G over nm ent - Fif t y Firs t deb at i ng issues and reso lv- Step s To R esto r ing O u r ing i ssues b ased o n i ntel - Freedo m and D es troying The ligent disc ussio n, deb ate, Am er ic an Po li t ica l Clas s,” and co m p ro m ise b ec ause whic h is avai lable at w w w. we have no t dem anded t hat lo at hemygover t hey do so. I t i s m o re im p o r- and o nli ne at Amazon, B ort ant, p o lit ic ally, t hat o ur side der s, and B ar nes & Noble. win. U nt i l t hat hap p ens we O ur di aly di alog on freedom will co nt i nue to li ve in a ver- in Am er ic a c an be joined at si o n o f Or well ’s wo r ld where w w w.lo at hemyg over nment. t he winning o f elec t io ns i s b lo gsp o m . all t hat m at ter s. Co nsi der an o t her Or well quo te t hat fo l- The aut ho r invites you to lows alm o st im m ediately af - vi si t : ter t he “ 1984” quo te ab ove” ht t p :/ / w w w.lo athemyg ov“ The p r i m ar y ai m o f er nm m m o der n war f are i s to use up

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A FRE N CH B o n - B on





By Jack Lyons Th e a tre a n d Fi l m Cr itic a n d Re v ie we r Helen du Toit, the vivacious, Direc tor of Pro gramming for the Palm Spr ings I nter national Film Festival (PSIFF) an nounced from the podium on Januar y 6th, at the Opening N ight film that this year, in a little de par ture from past years, the Festival would begin by scre ening a foreign film instead of an Amer ican or English language film. “Af ter-all ” she said smiling, “ this is a fo reign film festival ”.  With that the audience, all t welve hundred of them, smiled and leaned back in their seats ready to enjoy what would p rove to be anoth er outstanding and record break ing Festival for Palm Spr ings.         “Potiche” (mean ing a decorative thing) is a French film, wr itten and direc ted by Fra ncois Ozon.  Now in its USA pre miere run, it stars the still beautiful (at 67) Cath er ine D enueve and the beefier than usual G erard D epardieu, along with a solid suppor ting ca st of French film favor ites.  I ts selec tion as the opening night film of the festival

Judith G odreche, direc tor Francois Ozon, Cather ine D eneuve, Fabr ice Luchini and K ar in Viard pose at the premiere for Potiche. Photograph: Claudio Onorati/EPA

was a safe choice and an appealing love valentine to the ageless beaut y. Like S ophia Loren, D e nueve is able to deny the aging process from win ning the day.  Loren credited olive oil as her secret while D enueve demurs as to her for mula for remaining young look ing (maybe it ’s a gar lic thing?).

business, she quick ly assesses the situation, and enlists her devoted son Laurent ( Jeremie R enier), her daughter Joelle ( Judith G odreche), her husband ’s secretar y and lover Nadege (K ar in Vi and), and Babin (G erard D epardieu) playing the head of the Union Council, a man with whom she once had a br ief fling many years ear lier, and Voila! – the umbrel la business positively booms.  Babin, who has never quite gotten over their br ief tr yst cannot repress his feeling for Suzanne, and her abilit y to take on any challenge and succeed.  But R ober t will be out of the hospi tal soon and it then be comes interesting seeing how it will all tur n out.

    The stor y is set in the 1970’s when most French women felt more comfor table in the home than in an office or running a business.  Business is the province of men.  No one however, does the st yl ish sex-romp -farce thing better than the French.  Suzanne Bujol (D enueve) a trophy wife (“potiche”) is forced to switch roles with her husband R ober t (played by Fabr ice Luchi ni) when a catastrophic         I n a side bar note: str ike cr ipples her hus - One simply cannot miss band ’s umbrella fac tor y. the irony or the tongue in- cheek choice by Ozon           Following an al - of an umbrella fac tor y tercation with his wor k- as the family business.  ers, R ober t ends up in D enueve burst onto the the hospital, and having wor ld cinema scene at little choice, leaves Su- nineteen playing a cap zanne in charge to run tivating young wor ker the business.  Proving to in an umbrella fac tor y have a natural f lair for in Jacques D emy and

M ichel Legrand ’s 1964 musical master piece, “ The Umbrellas of Cher bourg”. She still looks much the same but with a few more charac ter lines added to her patr ician good looks.         The screen sto r y is fic tion, of course, but Ozon admits he was approached to wr ite a screenplay a year or so ago about a business man and his “potiche”, trophy wife.  I t took but a New Yor k minute for the French to identify their President, N icholas S arkoz y and his wife Car la Bruni as the roman a clef charac ters of Suzanne and R ober t Bujol.       The film is light and enter taining, and was never intended to challenge the intellec t of its audience.  All that is re quired for a fun romp is to sit back and enjoy it and the glamorous D enuve.  Vive la France! M ovie R eview             “Potiche” French (with subtitles) PSIFF Opening Film

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By L i s a R o by n L awrence Ph otos by M a rk Ost rom Ever yone who is anyone made sure to attend the latest per for mance of Patti LaB elle at M orongo. Even though she was feeling a bit under the weather Ms. LaB elle did not disappoint. B elting songs and holding impossible notes, sent the audience into waves of cheers. There were even shouts of,” we love you Patti.” No one was able to remain sitting through the ir resistible reper toire of nostalgic hits. Always mindful of others, Patti

gave hear tfelt wishes of prayer to Aretha Franklin, G abr ielle Giffords and tr ibutes to M ichael Jackson and R &B singer Tina M ar ie. Statements of how the wor ld needs to heal were echoed in her songs and shor t talks with the audience. D ur ing the song “Lady M ar malade” Patti invited three men up on stage with her as well as a ver y talented up and coming young drummer, Lexi. While Lexi wowed the crowd the three men were invited to sing

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and dance for the audience. H ilar it y at its best, ac tually the men were ver y good. Each had a shor t duet with Patti and busted their moves. Lexi never missed a beat throughout the segment, FANTASTIC. One of the men invited to the stage with Ms. Patti was B onggo B eane, who attended tonight with his lovely wife, Jacqueline. They bumped into their fr iends, local singer, Angie Whitney and ac tress/vocalist/ choreographer Tr ina

Par ks from, “Diamonds are Forever ” with S ean Conner y. They all reveled with excitement from the night ’s show. Thank you Patti LaB elle for your war m soul and love that you blessed us wi th this night. Visit Patti LaB elle’s web site http://pattilabelle. com Find upcoming enter tain ment events at M orongo http://w w w.morongocasinoresor

Patti L a Bel l e

P h o to s by M ark O strom Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011 21

e gym -fre

v i F


itness should be fun and affordable. I t should not be bor ing, time - consuming or costly. M ake your exercise routine a bit more exciting this year with some fitness ac tivities you can do without an expensive gym membership.

1. Sports hoop your way to slimmer shape The thought of h ula hoops probably conjures memor ies from your childhood, but the fac t is hula hooping is a great fitness ac tivit y. Spor ts Hoops are large, weighted fitness hoops that adults use to tone and lose weight. These af fordable hoops are easy and fun to use, and can help you lose weight.

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for eas s id

n fit es e



2. Try a new activity you’ve never done before There’s no better way to get your blood pumping and your body moving than tr ying something you’ve never done before. Always wondered what it ’s like to rock climb? Sign up for a class, or see if your local spor ts store has a free rock climbing wall.

3. Join a walking or running group Walk ing and running are great physical ac tivities that bur n calor ies and tone the body. Discover the par ks and neighbor hoods around you by planning regular walks. Consider finding a walk/run buddy to keep you motivated. Cour tesy of AR A

‘Preventing illness, before it happens!’ • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy • Chelation Vitamin Immune Drips • Holistic Gynecology

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Call 760-320-4292 for Appointments Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011 23

2011 Date Festival Queen Scheherazade, Anna Acosta; Princess Dunyazade, Haley Glass; and Princess Jasmine, Mylea WIlson ~Photo by Bruce Montgomery 24 Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011

Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011 25

“Let’s be the generation that maKes future generations Proud of what we did here.” – President barack Obama –

the challenges that President obama and this administration




wars, an economY in FreeFall, record deFicits, and a health care sYstem in crisis. although there is still more work to do, we have made an incredible amount oF Progress over the Past two Years. together, we have begun to laY a new Foundation For growth, building an economY that works For all americans.

26 Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011

Promises KePt the First two Years in oFFice

“we meet at a moment of great uncertainty for america. the economic crisis we face is the worst since the great depression. ... i know folks are worried. but i also know this—we can steer ourselves out of this crisis.”

– b a r a c K o b ama o ct o b er 20 0 8

rebUiLdinG OUr ecOnOmY


















recoverY act the recovery act represented the largest infrastructure investment since President eisenhower, the largest education investment since President Johnson, and the largest clean-energy bill ever. it has saved or created as many as 3.7 million jobs across america while creating a foundation for future growth.











wall street reForm wall street reform empowered consumers and investors, put a stop to predatory lending practices, brought shadowy wall street trades into the light, and ended taxpayer-funded bailouts.

middle-class taX cuts the recovery act reduced taxes for 95 percent of working families,

an economy that had been shrinking for nearly a year is now growing. after nearly two years of job loss, our economy added more than one million private sector jobs in 2010.

putting more money in the pockets of americans who need it most. President obama also worked to prevent a middle-class tax increase,

“the stimulus alone represents a strikingly

while extending vital unemployment benefits for americans who lost

progressive presidential legacy—rivaling the

their jobs through no fault of their own.

credit card reForm

biggest reforms of the clinton presidency. and it passed on obama’s 24th day in office.”

these reforms put a stop to unfair credit card practices. reform banned retroactive rate hikes, implemented new protections for students and young people, and required credit card companies to explain their terms in plain

– t im di c Ki n s on o ctob e r 2 010


building a clean-energY economY new emissions and fuel efficiency standards for american cars and historic investments in clean-energy technologies are helping pave the way to a

“the bailout of the auto industry protected against absolute devastation in the economies

more sustainable future, creating new jobs and entire industries here in

of the midwest. ... and it is now turning out to


be a huge financial boon for taxpayers.”

rebuilding the american auto industrY the obama administration acted decisively to invest in america’s auto

– no r m o rn ste i n o ctob e r 2 010

industry, preventing hundreds of thousands of job losses across the country and revitalizing the backbone of america’s manufacturing sector.

Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011 27

“Let’s be the generation that finally tackles our health care crisis. Let’s be the generation that says right here, right now, that we will have universal health care in america by the end of the next president’s first term.” – b a r a cK ob a ma s e P t emb e r 2 0 0 8

HistOric HeaLtH refOrm aFFordable care act the affordable care act provides stability and security to americans who have

“all progressives since theodore roosevelt

insurance and provides affordable options for those who don’t. it lowers costs for

wanted [health care reform], all democrats

families, businesses, and america as a whole, provides the largest middle-class tax cut

since harry truman fought for it, and only

for health care in our history, and puts an end to the worst insurance industry abuses.

barack obama got it. ... this is his huge

children’s health insurance


the expansion of the state children’s health insurance Program (schiP) extended – dou gL as bri n K Le y

coverage to another 4 million low-income children, increasing the total number of

o ctob e r 2 010

children covered by the program to more than 11 million.

“i will end this war in iraq responsibly, and finish the fight against al Qaeda and the taliban in afghanistan. …i will build new partnerships to defeat the threats of the 21st century: terrorism and nuclear proliferation; poverty and genocide; climate change and disease. and i will restore our moral standing, so that america is once again that last, best hope for all who are called to the cause of freedom, who long for lives of peace, and who yearn for a better future.” – b a r acK o b ama au gust 28 t h, 20 0 8

natiOnaL secUritY ending combat oPerations in iraQ we have ended our combat mission in iraq and removed nearly 100,000 troops so that we can focus on fighting al Qaeda and rebuilding our nation at home.

toward a world without nuclear weaPons

“in foreign policy, [President obama] has set

the President reached the most important arms control agreement with russia in

the stage for engagement and multilateralism.

two decades. new start will reduce our nuclear arsenals, put inspectors on the

he has reset relations with russia, made

ground in russia, and renew america’s leadership in pursuit of a world without nuclear weapons. President obama also rallied the world behind a plan to secure all nuclear material from terrorists within four years, fulfilling a key campaign promise.

a new strategY For aFghanistan and Pakistan the united states and our allies have gone on the offense in afghanistan, in Pakistan, and around the world to ensure that al Qaeda and other terrorists do not have any safe place from which to plan future attacks on america.

28 Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011

overtures to the muslim world in his cairo speech, and provided a philosophic discussion of war, peace, and human rights in his nobel speech.” – d o r is Kea rn s goodwi n Jan uary 2 010

“now is the time to finally meet our moral obligation to provide every child a world-class education, because it will take nothing less to compete in the global economy. ... i will not settle for an america where some kids don’t have that chance.” – b a ra cK ob a m a au gust 2 0 0 8

edUcatiOn reForming student lending

“during his first two years in office,

President obama signed into law student loan reform that makes college more

President barack obama and his

affordable for students and families and will save american taxpayers roughly $68

democratic allies in congress

billion over the next 10 years.

compiled a substantial record of policy

sPurring innovation

accomplishment—[including] major

Programs like “race to the top” and “educate to innovate” are giving american

changes in student loan programs,

schools and states the tools and resources they need to be successful.

among many others.”

a new gi bill – w iL L i am g a L st o n

the implementation of the Post-9/11 gi bill increased educational opportunities for

nov em b er 2 01 0

veterans by making college more affordable for returning service members.

“as president i’ll support the complete repeal of ‘don’t ask, don’t tell.’” – b a ra cK ob a m a octob e r 2 0 0 8

ciViL riGHts rePealing “don’t ask, don’t tell”

“Less than halfway through his first

President obama signed legislation that will bring an end to “don’t ask, don’t tell,”

term, obama has compiled a remarkable

strengthening our national security and ending this discriminatory law.

track record. ... on the social front, he

Protecting against hate crimes

has improved pay parity for women and

the matthew shepard and James byrd Jr. hate crimes Prevention act gives law

hate-crime protections for gays and

enforcement officials new tools to prosecute those who commit hate crimes.


Fair PaY For women the lilly ledbetter Fair Pay act makes it easier for women to challenge unequal

– tim dicKinson o ct o b er 2 01 0

pay practices, which helps all americans earn a fair wage.

As we ApproAch the hAlfwAy point of president obAmA’s first term, the list of accomplishments already dwarfs that of many of his predecessors. the actions taken by this administration and by democrats in congress have eased the burden on middle-class families, making it easier for working parents to meet their families’ daily needs while opening doors of opportunity for their children. together, these accomplishments form a foundation for a new generation of prosperity, a new era of possibility, and a new century of american greatness.

“this president has delivered more sweeping, progressive change in 20 months than the previous two democratic administrations did in 12 years.” – tim dicKinson oct o b er 2 01 0

Desert Loca L News © JaN. 21, 2011 29

30 Desert Loca L News Š JaN. 21, 2011

Desert Local News Jan 21, 2011 Special Palm Springs Film Festival coverage  

Desert Local News is a weekly news magazine for the Palm Springs, and the Coachella Valley. Palm Springs Film Festival Special.

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