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Fe b ru a r y 2 8, 2011

Frank Sinatra celebration

The Coachella Valley had some br ight stars shining this weekend. M any big name celebr ities and our communit y notables attended The 23rd Annual Frank Sinatra Star key Hear ing Celebr it y I nvitational G olf Tour nament for the B enefit of The Bar bara Sinatra Children’s Center at the Eisenhower campus in R ancho M irage. FrontPage Arianna S avalas sings ~Photo Pat Krause PRICE $5.95 Š Desert Loca L News Feb. 28, 2011 1

Former DHS Mayor’s Wife Arrested For Bank Robbery by : Jus t t h e Fa c t ’s M ax PALM SPRINGS, C A- The wife of a for mer D eser t Hot Spr ings mayor was caught literally red-handed while attempting to rob a Palm Spr ings Bank of Amer ica branch downtow n on Wednesday. Carol Jean Bias, 69, was caught one hour af ter she was handed a large bag of money from the bank and upon discover ing the explosive device which ac tually stained her. R epor ts from ABC affiliate KESQ and the Palm Spr ings Police D epar tment have stated that she was running through a downtown restaurant and bar par k ing lot and was discovered by the business owner, who gave the police the descr iption of the getaway vehicle she was running to. Unnamed sources stated that it was indeed a red truck , of ten dr iven by her husband, for mer D eser t Hot Spr ings M ayor Alex Bias.

Ca rol Bi a s

the retir ing three -ter m mayor M att Weyuker. M r. Bias was best k nown for his taped sexual harassment remar k towards thencouncilwoman (now cur rent M rs. Bias was booked into the mayor) Yvonne Par ks dur ing a Lar r y Smith Cor rec tional Facilit y special session council meeting in Banning, with a bail set at in O c tober 2006. He was then $25,000. She is due in cour t on Fr iday at the Larson Justice Center forced to apologize and did not in I ndio at 8:30 a.m. Police officials win reelec tion the following year. I n fac t, he came in last place. He is believe that M rs. Bias fit the same the owner of Simply Bias R ealt y in descr iption of a woman wear ing a straw hat and glasses who robbed D eser t Hot Spr ings and has been employed as a substitute teacher another Bank of Amer ica branch with the Palm Spr ings Unified in Palm Spr ings, located in the easter n par t of the cit y at the Wal- S chool Distr ic t. M ar t Shopping Center on R amon Alex and Carol Bias met in R oad on Februar y 3rd. B eaumont, Texas back in the 1960s Her husband, Alex Bias, ser ved dur ing a time when civil r ights for Afr ican-Amer icans was still as M ayor of D eser t Hot Spr ings a bitter pill to swallow for most from 2005 to 2007, winning in the souther n states and when over then- councilwoman M ar y inter racial mar r iage was barely Stephens, who ran for the top legalized. G oto D eser tLocalNews. spot on a safe seat, replacing com for more info. © 2 Desert Loca L News Feb. 28, 2011



WESTIN BONAVENTURE HOTEL The RT convention always mixes business with pleasure, which is why, in addition to more than 100 workshops for writers, readers, booksellers and librarians, attendees will enjoy a bevy of fun parties, mixers, happenings and events scheduled throughout the five-day extravaganza. For the complete agenda, including workshops, visit our website, Meet 400 authors who will be signing their latest books at the Book Fair!

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I t ’s Time fo r a B a lanced B u d g e t Am end m e nt by : Le e E l d r i d g e I’ve long made a joke that cred it cards are evil. But that ’s not true. When a person who is responsible with their money uses a credit card responsibly, credit cards are not evil at all. Tr y renting a car or mak ing a hotel reser vation without a credit card. Credit cards also offer a level of protec tion when you make purchases. For instance, if you buy something online, and you’re unhappy with it, or it ’s never delivered to you, you have the option of disputing the charges on your credit card. I t can protec t you from many of the possible dangers of purchasing something from an unk nown company. The problem is that many of us do not use credit cards responsibly. When my wife went back to school to finish her degree, we were mak ing ver y little money. We were basically living off student loans and credit cards. B y the time she got out of school, we had racked up thousands in credit card debt. We were bur ied with it and finding it difficult to dig our way out. We considered bank ruptc y. We went to a credit counseling ser vice, chopped up our cards, and made monthly 4

payments until we were out of debt. I t ’s a liberating feeling to make that final payment on your credit cards. We haven’t looked back . We no longer use credit cards. I f we can’t afford it, we don’t buy it. We have lear ned the hard way that we’re better off without credit cards. I t doesn’t make them evil. I t just means that we’re not responsible enough to use them responsibly. B ecause of our access to “money ” on our cre dit cards, we were spending more money than we were mak ing. We were running a budget deficit ever y year. D oes this remind you of our federal gover nment at all? Since the ear ly 1960s, our federal gover nment has run budget deficits ever y year except 1998, 1999, 2000 and 2001. They spend more money ever y year than they receive in tax revenues. M any have brought up the idea of a balanced budget amendment. This would force the federal gover nment to balance their budget ever y year, and eliminate budget deficits. I n theor y, I disagree

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Lear n in g S emin ar at Grace C hu rc h Car m en Lo s Elep h antes. ~ Ph o to B y B r u ce M o ntg o m er y

On Wednesday, February 23, 2011 the five couples in whose homes Dr. Connie Montgomery has been doing relational literacy training taught other parents of preschoolers and kindergartners some of the skills they have learned.

Wind is our friend!

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Palm Spr i ngs

Modernism Week by : Pat Krau se Sto r y an dP ho to s The 6th annual M oder nism Week was a big hit again this year br inging in people from around the US. Hotels were full, restaurants were busy and events were packed with Spec tators.

Ja im e e ri sm W e e k d n o M s is o n k a rs h , M on S te p h e n M Ja m e s H a rm A sk v ig a n d

w a ll d e co r rn it u re a n d fu f o y la p R o o m D is

o rd o n a n d M y ra G r le x e W ld Dona A rc h it e c t 6

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The S aturday N ight event at the Palm Spr ings Convention Center was jammed with buyers and lookers. The vendors had an ar ray of clothing, ar t, rugs, autographed photos, vintage photos and posters, This was a celebration of things that we called M oder n dur ing 1940 to 1970. New items were also on display and for sale. Unique wor ks of ar t were shown in the lobby with smaller pieces by famous sculptors were inside the main area of the Convention Center. These were just a few of the many exciting displays. M any of the vendors were local businesses selling books, clothing, jewelr y, plus all other wor ks of ar t.This was an oppor tunit y to see what the wor ld of fashion did and is doing in the architec tural communit y. Food

was ser ved to all attending. There were over 75 events dur ing M oder nism week . D ouble decker buses ran daily to s how the different st yles of architec ture in our Valley. S ome of the Vendors held par ties to show off their wares. Braniff Air ways had a gala to exhibit some of the vintage stewardess outfits wor n in the past and also what is wor n now. O thers hosted cocktail par ties and exhibitions. The R iviera R esor t and Spa, The Palm Spr ings Ar t M useum and The Palm Spr ings Convention Center were the mai n venues for this event. Hotels and homes hosted the rest.. B ook lovers had an oppor tunit y to get autographed books dur ing the week with several book signings. Nothing was over looked a s Vintage Travel Trailers were shown at the R iviera Hotel and Spa and Vintage cars at the Palm Spr ings Convention Center. Home tours were a popular event as famous architec ts K r isel, Frey and Wexler design buildings and even The for mer home of Frank Sinatra were shown.

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I t ’s Time for a B alanced Budget Amendment by : Le e El dr i dg e with this approach. But in realit y, it needs to be considered.

Ea r l y vin t a g e 1950’s A irs trea m Travel Tra i l e r

C l o thin g D esign er Trina Turk a nd her dis p l a y

Why? I t ’s k ind of like credit cards. I n theor y, credit cards are useful and offer purchasing protec tions for consumers. But in realit y, many consumers use them to buy produc ts they cannot afford.

decisions and allow them to run budget deficits dur ing the bad times. The problem is that our gover nment does NOT run budget sur pluses, even dur ing the good times. They just continue to increase spending in good times and bad.

They are not responsible with our money, and they need I n theor y I oppose to chop up their credit a balance budget cards. I t ’s time for amendment. I n times a balanced budget like these when our amendment. I t would be countr y is in a recession, good for our countr y, and or is coming out of a ultimately, good for our recession, tax revenues to economy. the federal gover nment are down. A balanced A b out The Au thor : budget amendment Le e Eldridge is a writer, would force the federal musicia n a nd ma rketing gover nment to reduce ser vices dur ing a time we consulta nt with more tha n 20 yea rs exp erience. need them the most. But realit y shows us a different pic ture. I f the federal gover nment ran budget sur pluses dur ing the good times, we could trust them to make good

he author invites you to visit: http://w w w. promotionalb e ercoasters. com

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Indian Wells Mayor Patrick Mulaney

India n Wells  Mayor Pro -tem, D oug Ha nson a nd his wife Elena a nd Ja n & D ick O lipha nt

Bill a nd A nita Powers a nd La rr y Spicer ~ all Photos byPat K rause 8

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Fareed Zakaria Story and Photos by Pat Krause I ndian Wells D eser t Town Hall ser ies had Fareed Zak ar ia as its first speaker of the season. M r Zak ar ia is the Time Editor at large and Host of a CNN show. This is always a sold out event as tickets sell out ear ly. This years speakers include for mer President G eorge W. Bush, Jeanette Walls and Bill Bradley. A fantastic line -up of speakers. The M ayor of I ndian Wells , Patr ick M ullany thanked the guests for being there and was so happy to have Fareed speak ing at this par ticular time. I ts per fec t timing with the unrest in the M iddle East. He also praised the D eser t Townhall Ambassador program where students can meet the speaker, listen and ask questions. Fareed spoke about what a how a peaceful non-violent protest unseated a n old regime that had been in power for over 30 years. People involved will be telling their children and grandchildren about this and that they were there for this groundbreak ing event. This is real histor y happening. Now we are wonder ing what will come nex t in the Arab wor ld as more upr ising are happening. Will Egypt become another R epressive countr y like I ran. He explained that the energy of the young people star ted the tur moil. 65% of the M iddle East is under 30 ye ars old. When you have a major it y of young men in a countr y you will find unrest. R eligion gets tangled up in the problems that occur. I n 1968 it was the US that had a larger amount of young men. Changes in the M iddles East will happen slowly and change won’t come easy.

of the Arab wor ld and spoke of peace and freedom. I t was ver y secular and went from S ecular to Tyranny, M onarchy and repressive Dic tatorship. The M iddle East is less free today than it was 50 years ago. They are 50 years behind and are tr ying to catch up with the rest of the wor ld. The one thing no one can control are the M osques where they become a meeting place. Another thing that can’t be controlled anymore is the wor ld wide web. G over nment secrets can now be arou nd the wor ld in seconds. Technology has changed the wor ld and all these underdeveloped countr ies are tr ying to C ATCH UP. M oder nization which star ted in the wester n countr ies is now tak ing hold in Japan,China I ndia and the rest of the wor ld. We need to stay ahead instead of just doing status quo in order to remain a number one countr y. He said the reason we are hated over there is that we have suppor ted the dic tatorships. We treat them like they are the wor lds largest gas station. We have taken the stance that we must save Israel. We always wanted to be on the r ight side. He praised Obama for only tak ing a week to distance us from M ubarak dur ing the Upr ising. Technology and k nowledge have made the wor ld smaller. 10 years ago we didn’t have Facebook , I phones, I pads,fast computers and faxes. Now all the countr ies are dimensional, ever yone is connec ted and no one has control. Syr ia and Nor th Korea remain stable as they have no Facebook , etc. He thinks the M iddle East is now ready for democrac y.

30 years ago Nassar was head Desert Loca L News © Feb. 28, 2011 9

Barbara Sinatra

i s An gel o f th e Yea r 2011

Mel Hab er a nd Ba rba ra S i na tra ~ Photos by Pa t K ra u se

B e cci Ia mele a nd Les lie Mc M illa n in Re d 10 Desert Loca L News Š Feb. 28, 2011

H a rp o a nd Pe te r L i

Angel View Story and Photos by Pat Krause The 57th annual Angel View Luncheon honored Bar bara Sinatra as its Angel of the Year 2011. The luncheon was held at the D oral D eser t Pr incess R esor t on Feb. 21st. Dr, M ar tin Russell chaired the event with Jack ie Lee Houston as Honorar y Co - Chair. Enter tainment was provided by Bill M ar x on the Piano and young S ar ik a Audavolu sang several songs. Frank ie R andall was asked by Bar bara Sinatra to sing at the event. He sang a song he wrote for Bar bara and Frank on their 20th anniversar y. Celebr it y host and emcee,Patr ick Evans, joined Frank ie for a D uet. President of the B oard, M el Haber spoke to the crowd about Angel View and its long time commitment to helping Cr ippled Children. The new 19th group home named af ter Jim and Jack ie Lee Houston will be ready this summer for more children occupants. Angel View star ted as a char it y for people with polio. When Dr. S alk found a vaccine to eradicate the disease, Angel View tur ned to helping other children with a cr ippling illness. I t was stared by a young man with polio who was

S ha ri ka A nd a vol u

Ra ndi Lyl e, D e A nn Lu b e l l a nd S a nd y G ra ve sÂ

Ju st cl i e nts of A nge l Vi e w

asked to help others in need. He star ted it back then with only ten dollars. Through dedication it has become a much needed place wherecr ippled children get the care they need. Neld a Linsk , longtime fr iend of Bar bara Sinatra gave the tr ibute speech for Bar bara. The other award gi ven was to Client of the Year, Peter Li. A raffle and silent auc tion was held to raise money for Angel View. Shoppers were awarded with many vendors selling jewelr y,clothes,furs, face creams and lots of interesting items.

Ba rba ra S i na tra i n f ront of p oste rs w he n she wa s a m o de l a n d w i th Fra nk S i na tra ~ Photo Pa t K ra u se Desert Loca L News Š Feb. 28, 2011 11

BarbaraÊ SinatraÊ 23 Ê andÊ Fash

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3rdÊ AnnualÊ Luncheon hionÊ Show

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Barbara Sinatra 23rd Annual Luncheon and Fashion Show Written by Lisa Lawrence Photographs by Pat Krause I f it wasn’t enough to have three fantastic dinner events, each with ter r ific enter tainment, ever y year on Fr iday at noon, Bar bara Sinatra with the master y of Nelda Linsk , put on one of the Coachella Valley ’s top luncheon/fashion shows of the year. This tradition has been going on now for 23 years and Nelda Linsk , a longtime and dear fr iend of Bar bara Sinatra, ha s been at the helm of this glor ious event, and puts it together meticulously and so per fec t ever y year. This year was no exception. The food was delightful, and the fashions were “ to drool for.” The lovely, “ ladies in red,” were there with their chic hats to match. M any other women in attendance also donned some ver y lovely chapeaus and gorgeous outfits. D esigner, Kevan Hall, was responsible for the delicious or iginal creations being spotlighted in the Fashion Show. Hall ’s sense of updated classic feminine chic appealed to ever y woman. I t was so tempting to see a Halston t ype classic sheath dress with a moder n, fresh touch; one shoulder, off the

shoulder and strapless as well as the traditional jewel neck lines abounded. There were unexpec ted elements used to add a new spin on a classic shape. The captivated women in the audience applauded lavishly for multi-layered shredded ruffle sk ir ted dresses or dresses spor ting asymmetr ic layers of sheer organza as well as some simple and classic for mal gowns hinting an “Audrey Hepbur n” look .

Daniels has sponsored the Sinatra event for 23 years. Jack Daniels was the favor ite beverage of Ol ’ Blue Eyes, Bar bara ack nowledged. M rs. Sinatra also gave her sincerest thanks to the Cabazon Band of M ission I ndians’ Chair man, David R oosevelt, as well as G eneral M anager, Paul R yan, and Jay Chester ton and the staff of Fantasy Spr ings R esor t Casino and Eagle Falls for hosting this major event for the second time.

Kevan Hall announced that on S aturday, for a few hours, he would be at Troy on El Paseo for any of the women who needed to make some of Kevan’s fashions their own.

I t was easy to over hear the women discussing how much they loved the fashions and even mentioned their favor ite one. S everal said that they would be going to get one of these unforgettable outfits. Another fantastic af ter noon repast with fine food, company and top notch designs.

The eter nally handsome and gallant, R ober t “R.J.” Wagner, escor ted Bar bara Sinatra to the stage so that she could welcome the “ ladies and men who did lunch.” M rs. Sinatra graciously thanked R.J for his k indness and then she went on to thank this event ’s major sponsors, Tani and Bill Austin from the Star key Hear ing Foundation and R alph Aguera and Angelo Lucchesi from Brown For man-Jack Daniels. Brown For man-Jack

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Thank you Nelda Linsk and Bar bara Sinatra for continuing to present a most enjoyable luncheon/fashion show event. Just when we think you can’t top this, you prove that you can and do it so ver y well. We can hardly wait to see what nex t year ’s event will br ing.

M o de l s o n t h e r u

N e l da L i n s k

To ny O r l a n d


Ma r y Lynn G l a d ste i n, Pa tri ci a We l ch a nd Ja n Ra y

k , B a r b a ra Sin a t ra a n d Pat R iley

do Keva n H all with a mo de l

Ce l e b ri ti e s A nn M ye rs- D r ysd a l e, Ron Pe rl m a n , Ca nd a nce a nd S te ve G a r ve y

Ra l p h Agu e ra , hol d i ng a wa rd, a n d A nge l o Lu cche si a cce p t a wa rd f ro m Pa t B o one Desert Loca L News © Feb. 28, 2011 15

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Frank Sinatra Starkey The Saturday night Gala

Hearing Celebrity Invitational

Story by Lisa Robin Lawrence, Photos by Pat Krause I t was Black Tie S aturday. All the men and women were dressed to the 9’s and prepared for the ver y cold weather. What a beautiful sight to behold. Celebr ities and patrons of the Bar bara Sinatra Children’s Center all mingled together and the excitement of the evening was palpable. Celebr it y sightings abounded; Steve and Candace G ar vey, Joe M antegn a, Joe Sirola, Elke S ommer, R.J. Wa gner and Jill St. John, Bar r y Williams, Pat B oone, Nor m Crosby, R on Per lman, R ollie Fingers, Joe R egalbuto and so many more. Tom Dreesen star ted the night off once again with a few jokes and introduced Bar bara Sinatra who presented awards of appreciation to R alph Aguera & Angelo Lucchesi for the 23 years of sponsorship from Brown For man-Jack Daniels. Tani & Bill Austin from Star key Hear ing Center were given an award of appreciation for their continued title sponsorship of this event, Chair man David R oosevelt of the Cabazon Band of M is sion I ndians was also graciously presented an

award of appreciation for Fantasy Spr ings being such wonder ful hosts of the 23rd Annual Frank Sinatra Star key Hear ing Celebr it y I nvitational. Following the award presentations Tom Dreesen announced the winners of the golf tour nament. Joe M antegna’s foursome won the tour nament and was presented with a trophy. Fred “ The Hammer ” Williamson at the tender age of 73 was the celebr it y winner of the tour nament with the best score.

legends including Willie Nelson in “ You Were Always On M y M ind.” O ther band members, brothers Ker r y and Trac y Cole a re not only ver y accomplished musicians but they are able to sing like Willie Nelson, S onny & Cher, Ozz y Ozbour ne, James Taylor and even Er ic Clapton. Tony Or lando per for med a montage of his hits including “ Tie a Yellow R ibbon,” “K nock 3 Times,” “Candida” and many more to the delight of the audience. Or lando proved that he still has it and gave his all to the audience. Tony Or lando and his multi-talented assemblage of musicians/vocalists really pleased the audience and they received a standing ovation for their exceptional per for mance.

There was an “over-the top” four course meal ser ved to the delight of the guests. Following dinner, Tony Or lando and his band took the stage and really wowed the audience. Tony Or lando’s band members, each a talent unto their own, had a From all indications this was chance to showcase their amazing a ver y successful, 23rd annual abilities. On keyboards was Toni fundraiser benefit for the Bar bara Wine (wow), music composer of Sinatra Children’s Center. D on’t the hit song “Candida” and co miss out on the excite ment and compose r with Carole Bayer S ager great enter tainment nex t year ; it of “Groov y K ind of Love” among is for a much needed cause. others. Wine also did the female voices of Veronica and B ett y in the Archies song “Sugar, Sugar ” and has backed up several singing Desert Loca L News © Feb. 28, 2011 17

Frank Sinatra Starkey Hearing

Celebrity Golf Tournament Written by Lisa Robyn Lawrence Photography by Pat Krause


he Coachella Valley had some br ight stars shining this weekend. M any big name celebr ities and our communit y notables attended The 23rd Annual Frank Sinatra Star key Hear ing Celebr it y I nvitational G olf Tour nament for the B enefit of The Bar bara Sinatra Children’s Center at the Eisenhower campus in R ancho M irage. The ser ies of events were held at Fantasy Spr ings R esor t Casino and Eagle Falls G olf Course for three days beginning Februar y 24 and culminating on Februar y 26.

A r i a nn a S a va la s s ings ~Photo Pat K rause

M i ch a el D a n te a nd wife Ma r y A nn with en ter t a iner S cott Re cord 18 Desert Loca L News © Feb. 28, 2011

Thursday evening there was a Pair ings Dinner for all of the golfers and other folks who wanted to suppor t the Bar bara Sinatra Children’s Center. There were 26 foursome teams created and each one was assigned one celebr it y. S ome of the celebr it y ac tors who par ticipated were Tom Dreesen, Joe M antegna, R on Per lman, William D eVane, M att M onroe, Jr., R ober t Hays, Tim R eid, B ever ly Johnson, Paula Tr ickey, M ichael Dante, Dave “Dr. G adget ” D ettman, Chr istopher R ich, Joe

R egalbuto, Kevin S or bo, Pat B oone, Bar r y Willimas, Elke S ommer and R ichard K ar n to name just a few. There were spor ts celebr it y greats Steve G ar vey, R ollie Fingers and Vince Fer ragamo too. The golf tour nament was a t wo day event. The “M aster ” of M asters of Ceremony, Tom Dreesen emceed the three evening events. Thursday evening opened the silent auc tion which offered a voluminous assor tment of items to bid on. The I talian buffet offered delec table dishes for the guests to choose from along with a desser t table to tempt ever yone. Chef Freddy did a fantastic job with the food preparation and presentation. The night ’s enter tainment was the diversely talented, Scott Record. Record has wonder ful comedic timing with a voice that can mimic almost any famous recording ar tist. Peals of laughter rung through the Special Event Center, showroom that was decked out with cr ystal chandeliers and beautifully dressed tables and chairs. This was a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all who attended.

Ke n Ven t uri a n d wife Kathy with Vincen t Ferra ga mo~Photo byPat K raus e Fr iday night was Frank ’s Favor ito Pasta I taliano Dinner. The consummate auc tioneer, Lar r y Zucker, emceed the night ’s donation pledges and live auc tion. He also announced the winners of the silent auc tion items. All tolled for just this one night more than $85,000 was ra ised. D ue to an unforeseen injur y, Dick Van D yke, was unable to per for m Fr iday evening, so our Valley ’s own Frank ie R andall called a few of his fr iends up to join him on stage at the last minute. Frank ie, the

consummate showman, was able to pull off a fantastic evening of music. Joining R andall on stage were notables like football star, Vince Fer ragamo, who played “Gir l From I panema” on guitar (who k new?) and was backed by Pat R izzo’s orchestra. Peter M arshall sang with Frank ie, N ick Palance (son of Jack Palance) sang “M u sic of the N ight ” and received a standing “O ”, Ar iana S avalas ( Telly ’s daughter) wowed the audience with her beautiful voice. M att M onro Jr., (from Great Br itain) sang a ver y

Ce l e brit ies Ro llie Fingers, John Callaha n a nd Ti m Culb er t son ~Photo by Pat K raus e

Ba rb a ra S i na tra w i th Tom D re e se n a n d Pa i n t i n g by the C hi l d re n a wa rd gi ve n to se ve ral s p e c i al d onors. ~ Photo Pa t K ra u se

Ce l e b ri ti e s Ed M a ri na ro, Jo e M onte g n a a n d R i cha rd Ka rn ~ Photo Pa t K ra u s e touching duet with a video of his late father, M att M onro, who was as famous as “Ol ’ Blue Eyes” in England, and throughout Europe and Asia, the audience ate it up. Steve R ossi (of Allen & R ossi) had the audience rolling in laughter with his humor and then per for med his Academy Award winning hit song, “M ore.” Pat B oone per for med some of his hit songs and then did his rendition

of “Smoke on the Water,” an unforgettable site to behold. Frank ie R andall finished the evening off with “New Yor k , New Yor k ,” to a standing ovation from the audience. No one would have ever k nown that this ensemble was put together on last minute notice. The guests agreed that it was a ver y enjoyable evening of delicious food and fabulous enter tainment.

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The gloves are off!

Just The Facts Max

EDITORIAL- “I f you build it, they will come,” was an all-too familiar phrase from a Kevin Costner film called “Field of Dreams”. This was all the thought of the D eser t Hot Spr ings Cit y ’s Communit y and Cultural Affairs Commission when they wanted a grand music festival to shine a new light on their cit y af ter its long-k nown reputation of a cit y chocked with cr ime and dysfunc tional gover nment. Since the present Cit y council were all elec ted in 2007 (S cott M atas dur ing a special elec tion replacing the late G ar y B oswor th in M arch, Russell B etts a nd K ar l Baker beginning their freshman ter m and Councilwoman Yvonne Par ks stealing the spot from outgoing incumbent Alex Bias that year) each member all agreed that the cit y needed a new image. Two out of three did happen, however. Annexation to the I-10 freeway was soon a realit y by D ecember 2009 upon reelec tion of M atas, Par ks and confir mation of veteran councilwoman Jan P ye (a team player from 1999 to 2003 previously) and the downtow n cor r idor did get its facelif t. Although

many do not seem happy with the new look of the southwest cor ner of Palm Dr ive and Pierson B oulevard and despise the pointed landscapes along the edges, at least the cit y promised what it has wanted since 1988. The economy is to blame for why no new business has sprung up in the now-annexed area adjacent to the freeway, plus why R edevelopment Agenc y funds have exhausted sooner than expec ted. That the cit y cannot control, but to finance a festival that more than definitely will not happen and waste more money on dilapidated proper ties downtown k nowing they would only get half of their investment back? Plus having to make some major tr ims here and there? Sure, it all seemed too good to be true. For mer Cit y Councilman Hank Hohenstein encouraged the cit y to invest the $250,000 because he felt that the retur ns would be great. I n 1993, Hohenstein was responsible for br inging S eattle -based rock band Pear l Jam (which r ivaled N ir vana as the flagship

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Tony Cl a rk a nd Bru ce Ba rre tt

Forme r Ci t y Ccou nci l p e rson D ot Re e d “I f you build it, they will come”

Tony C l a rk ,Wa yne Ba ru ch, Chu ck G ay to n re sp onsi b l e f or the We l l ne ss & Worl d M u s i c Fe sti va l d i l e mma ~ Photo by Bru ce M o n tg o m e r y

P h o to s by M ark O strom Desert Loca L News Š Feb. 28, 2011 21

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The gloves are off!

Just The Facts Max band of G eneration X) to I ndio. Councilman S cott M atas believed that with 5,000 people visiting the festival, local hotels would fill up. When D ot R eed spoke to Tony Clar ke, the apparent promoter of the event that never was, she believed in it as well. Clar ke promised that he would have people overseas and in neighbor ing continents k nowing where D eser t Hot Spr ings is. (M eeting on S eptember 1, 2009). Or iginally, they were hoping that by M emor ial Day 2010, this would all become a realit y. Then, a date of O c tober 9th was anticipated, with a billboard near Cabazon erec ted along the freeway. S oon it was all downhill fro m there. Two Bunch Palms went into receivership. The festival was soon announced ever y where that M ission Spr ings Par k was the alter nate site. Now people wondered, “ Where would 5,000 cars be p ar ked?” Were there any issues regarding that? Did they clear near by lands for par k ing? ( Two Bunch Palms claimed to hold a capacit y of 100,000 people. Fire code anyone?)

both appeared to have lost all hope and Baker demanded that the cit y fire Clar ke and demand their money back . B y August 2010, tickets have yet to be announced, despite major announcements of Ziggy M ar ley, son of the late reggae pioneer B ob M ar ley headlining the event. Ever yone wondered if it was for real. No hotels have had any spots booked and a repor ter from KESQ 3 aired an investigative repor t. Then the worst case scenar io came to light when Cit y M anager R ick Daniels announced the delay of the festival, with hopes that more time will make a better show. I t ’s already M arch 2011. M ore drama unfolds.

Still, no word on how Tony Clar ke spent $265,000 of the cit y ’s money. How will this affec t council members B etts, Baker and M ayor Par ks’ reelec tions? Well, the cit y of D eser t Hot Spr ings has posted its finances to the state and salar ies aren’t any where near the luxur y levels of B ell, Califor nia. However, the cit y has had a histor y of bad decisions and the citizens have had to pay the pr ice over the The news all looked good when decades with tax increases. Twice a meet-the -press gala was held in before, the cit y had a municipal Palm Spr ings at Hotel Zoso pr ior police depar tment and both to the magical event supposedly collapsed due to financial hell. happening. G abr iel K ing from the Too many cr ime incidents forced now- defunc t Fr iends of D eser t the cit y to hire its own cur rent Hot Spr ings wondered why a local depar tment in 1997. I n 2000, they hotel in DHS wasn’t used for that almost folded. A utilit y tax had event. Not one question of doubt to be passed to keep it going. was asked by any media person A decade later, the same thing (D eser t Local News, KPSP 2, KMIR 6 happens again, with an increase, or KESQ 3). despite a bad economy and near ly 20% of the cit y unemployed. I nitially, Councilmembers K ar l Thanks to bad decisions that Baker and Russell B etts had their doubts and B etts voted against the cit y officials have made, future generations will be paying for idea, citing that it was all going this music festival that never was, to be done with too little of time. unless the cit y gets sober from the Baker joined him, citing a few fumes from all of the meth labs technical ities in tex t. Although and sues Tony Clar ke. both agreed that a festival sounded like a good idea, by 2011, 22 Desert Loca L News © Feb. 28, 2011

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PICO DE GALLO Este Sabado a las 10:30 en el canal 15 de Telemundo.

Payasito Martii, Jose Fernando, Maria Canchola ( Relaciones Publicas del Augustine Casino )Marcos Palma ( Productor General : “Pico de Gallo” ) Hilario “El Master Gaucho” del Circo Vargas, Francisco Camacho, Ismael Villalpando ( Director de Mayo Productions ).

Marcos Palma

Productor General : “Pico de Gallo”

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Desert Local News Feb. 28, 2011 Edition  

Desert Local News is a news magazine covering the Palm Springs area, the Coachella Valley and the Morongo Basin

Desert Local News Feb. 28, 2011 Edition  

Desert Local News is a news magazine covering the Palm Springs area, the Coachella Valley and the Morongo Basin