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DESERT LOCAL NEWS September 21, 2009


Senior Center Ribbon Cutting California unemployment 12.2%

Camper Van Beethoven Campout 2009


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California 12.2% unemployemt rate Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

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Desert Hot Springs BY STAFF

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Locally, Riv erside Cou nty’s unem ra nks at 15% ployment ra SACRAMENTO – . However, te Imperial Co th e highest in th California’s unemployment rate was u n ty re e m s ta a ins te, with an unemploym 12.2 percent in August, and nonfarm of 28.7%. Amongst C ent rate o a c h C e lla o achella and Valley cities payroll jobs declined by 12,300 during Desert Hot , Mecca, highest une Springs hav the month, mployment e th e three rates. according to data released Friday by the California Employment Development Department (EDD) from two separate surveys.

The U.S. unemployment rate also increased in August, rising to 9.7 percent. In July, the state’s unemployment rate was 11.9 percent, and in August 2008, the unemployment rate was 7.6 percent. The unemployment rate is derived from a federal survey of 5,500 California households. Nonfarm jobs in California totaled 14,234,100 in August, a decrease of 12,300 over the month, according to a survey of businesses that is larger and less variable statistically. The survey of 42,000 California businesses measures jobs in the economy. The year-over-year change (August 2008 to August 2009) shows a decrease of 741,500 jobs (down 5.0 percent).

EMPLOYMENT AND UNEMPLOYMENT IN CALIFORNIA The federal survey of households, done with a smaller sample than the survey of employers, shows a decrease in the number of employed people. It estimates the number of Californians holding jobs in August was 16,143,000, a decrease of 116,000 from July, and down 895,000 from the employment total in August of last year.

The number of people unemployed in California was 2,248,000 – up by 49,000 over the month, and up by 851,000 compared with August of last year.

PAYROLL EMPLOYMENT DETAIL (SEASONALLY ADJUSTED) EDD’s report on payroll employment (wage and salary jobs) in the nonfarm industries of California totaled 14,234,100 in August, a net loss of 12,300 jobs since the July survey.

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009 This followed a loss of 38,900 jobs (as revised) in July. Three categories (information; educational and health services; and government) added jobs over the month, gaining 11,400 jobs. Educational and health services posted the largest increase over the month, adding 6,000 jobs. Eight categories (natural resources and mining; construction; manufacturing; trade, transportation and utilities; financial activities; professional and business services; leisure and hospitality; and other services) reported job declines this month, down 23,700 jobs. Trade, transportation and utilities posted the largest decline over the month, down by 7,100 jobs. In a year-over-year comparison (August 2008 to August 2009), nonfarm payroll employment in California decreased by 741,500 jobs (down 5.0 percent). One industry division, educational and health services, posted job gains over the year, adding 14,200 jobs (a 0.8 percent increase). Ten categories (natural resources and mining; construction; manufacturing; trade, transportation and utilities; information; financial activities; professional and business services; leisure and hospitality; other services; and government) posted job declines over the year, down 755,700 jobs. Trade, transportation and utilities employment showed the largest decline on a numerical basis, down by 190,700 jobs (a decline of 6.7 percent). Construction posted the largest decline on a percentage basis, down by 18.5 percent (a decrease of 142,000 jobs).

UNEMPLOYMENT INSURANCE CLAIMS (NOT SEASONALLY ADJUSTED) In related data, the EDD reported that there were 790,099 people receiving regular unemployment insurance benefits during the August survey week. This compares with 812,165 last month and 504,667 last year. At the same time, new claims for unemployment insurance were 69,488 in August 2009, compared with 80,048 in July and 51,731 in August of last year. Locally, Riverside County’s unemployment rate ranks at 15%. However, Imperial County remains the highest in the state, with an unemployment rate of 28.7%. Amongst Coachella Valley cities, Mecca, Coachella and Desert Hot Springs have the three highest unemployment rates. Indian Wells, La Quinta and Bermuda Dunes have the lowest rates, under 8%.

Bermuda Dunes: 6.7 percent Cathedral City: 14.7 percent Coachella: 23.2 percent Desert Hot Springs: 19.8 percent Indian Wells: 5.4 percent Indio: 16.2 percent La Quinta: 8 percent Mecca: 27.6 percent Palm Desert: 9 percent



Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Readers Needed in Desert Hot Springs


DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA- BookPALS (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools), the Screen Actors Guild Foundation’s literacy program, is looking for actors or other performers to read aloud in Desert Hot Springs elementary schools or other schools across the Coachella Valley. Tere Romero Britton, the Coachella Valley coordinator of the program, said volunteer readers currently are assigned to Bubbling Wells Elementary School. Other area schools have expressed an interest in the program but can’t be accommodated until additional readers are available. The BookPALS program was founded in Los Angeles in 1993 by actress Barbara Bain who starred in the “Mission Impossible” television series. The program has expanded into 12 cities across the nation reaching 100,000 students each week. BookPALS was launched in the Coachella Valley in March 2007 and is in 9 schools from Desert Hot Springs to Indio reading to more than 1,700 students each week in grades kindergarten to sixth. The volunteers, who are trained by Britton, read once a week to two half-hour classes. “This is one of the most rewarding things I have ever experienced, and I see we’re making a difference. I get as much out of the experience as the students,” said Peter Fredric, a voice-over actor and former television anchor, who has read to classes at Bubbling

Wells Elementary since the program began there. Last school year BookPALS distributed more than 3,000 books donated by students at Marywood-Palm Valley School and by Borders , both in Rancho Mirage. James McClure, who teaches third grade at Bubbling Wells, said in an evaluation, “Your program brings a greater experience than most (of our students) will ever receive. I can’t thank you enough for the gift of books. Many of the students have nothing to read at home, and your gift is often brought up during the school year.” “We need volunteers who are expressive and want to help instill the joy of reading among our students,” said Britton. “The rewards are enormous for the students and the readers.” Britton was honored this year by the Palm Springs Unified School District with a Shiny Apple Award for the work she and her readers are doing in district schools, including Bubbling Wells. Highlights of the program include “Read Across America Day” when Dr. Seuss’ birthday is celebrated. BookPAL Readers dress up as Seuss characters to read, and distribute books to the students, said Britton. Persons wishing to volunteer can contact Britton at 760-898-4052 or at HYPERLINK “mailto:trb1803@” Please write “BookPALS DHS” in the subject line.



Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

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ilding block “Public safety is the bu From that nity. of every stable commu d a city.” starting point, we buil

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DESERT 4, 2009 DesertLOCAL LocalNEWS News• •FEBRUARY September 21, 2009

HIGH HOLIDAYS DESERT HOT SPRINGS All services will be held at: Mission Lakes Country Club, 8484 Clubhouse Blvd, DHS Drive through the complex to the Club House No charge for services to residents of DHS non-residents $30

Rosh HaShanah Services Friday,

September 18


Rosh HaShanah Services Saturday, Kol Nidre Services Sunday, Yom Kippur Services Monday,

September 19


September 27


September 28


Discussion groups at 1:00

Yizkor at 4:00

Nilah at 4:30

BREAKFAST served after services No charge for residents of DHS – non-residents $20

Jewish Family Service of the Desert presents these services to the Jewish Residents of Desert Hot Springs as part of a financial allocation from Jewish Federation of Palm Springs and the Desert Area.

For more information, please call 760-325-4088



Music Festival Off The Election Radar:

? Y H W . y a D n o ti c le E l ti n U s k e e W n e v e S t s u With J

DOT REED: ‘If you built it, they will com’; we agree! Just the fact’s Max Voters in Desert Hot Springs will be asked to decide a wide range of issues in the upcoming election, from the future of a citywide property tax measure to a music festival that will rival two international music events, the Coachella Fest and Stagecoach. Election officials expect no more than 25 percent of voters to decide most of the election, some starting to vote in just a few weeks when absentee ballots go out in the mail. The absentee ballots will make up at least one-third of the overall vote total.

Incumbent candidates Scott Matas and Jan Pye have yet to take a position on the issue. In the race for mayor, current council member and candidate for mayor, Russell Betts, is also against an increase in the tax on homeowners. On his campaign website and in campaign advertising, Betts calls the current property tax “unfair” because “it places too heavy a burden on residential homeowners.

Mayor Yvonne Parks, running for re-election has On the issues taking hold not taken a strong position as the election draws near, either way on the issue but in the city property tax finds two February city council expressed Election concern that l ti n u ft le weeks Betts wanted just seven e fate of a There are 009. For th 2 , 3 r e b to wait to to tax vacant m e e v v o a h N l il y, a w D voters landowners val, so far stand. music festi candidates e th re e h when they see w do not receive the benefit of the tax. The tax challengers, Russ Martin and funds, in part, public safety. Terry Scheurer, seeing the issue as important in their When it comes to the campaigns. Both are against music festival, all candidates an increase in the tax for have been quiet. A review of homeowners. candidate websites shows no one candidate citing the

Council challengers, Russ Martin and Terry Scheurer, seeing the issue as important in event as worthy of their campaigns. Both are against an increase mention. in the tax for homeowners. At a council meeting last month, a presentation was made to the city council by promoters of the event. In that meeting all council members expressed general agreement with the idea but none pushed to have the music festival brought to the council for a vote of approval. If anything is going to raise interest in the music festival, the election has not so far been it. Other issues raised are a downtown revitalization project and continuing land buys in the downtown redevelopment zone. On this issue, council candidate Robert Bentley has been the most critical of the land buys. On his website, he says the borrowing to make the purchases has put too much debt on the city. Other candidates have stayed quiet on the issue except for Parks who said the city will now slow down on the purchases. Parks had been a strong supporter of the

downtown acquisitions, even voting against a majority of council and in favor of a $1.1 million buy of a local hardware store. Scheurer has also been critical of the downtown purchases. On his website he points to the buy of a Jewish temple building on Pierson Boulevard as a mistake. In that purchase, the city bought the temple building for $1.4 million but found out after the buy that it was structural unsound and must be torn down. There are just seven weeks left until Election Day, November 3, 2009. For the fate of a music festival, so far voters will have to wait to see where the candidates stand. On the property tax issue, the voters also have yet to see all candidates take a position. On the usual issues of crime prevention, graffiti and code enforcement - favorites of candidates in every election – all candidates have adopted similar positions


Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

The Squeeze is on #23 BY HANK HOHENSTEIN

We have a teachable moment and I will leave current affairs for a controversy that raged 150 years ago. May I introduce, Ignaz Philipp Semmelweis, MD (1818 – 1865). Never heard of him, you are not alone. I have been at COD for 20 years and have had more than 2,000 students. Each semester I devote a few minutes to talk about Semmelweis and only once have I had a student who knew him. Next time a few friends gather, ask, “What do you think of the way they treated Semmelweis?” Every mother who ever gave birth in a hospital may owe her life to him. Years ago a friend gave me a book titled “The Golden Age of Surgery, 1850 – 1950”. I was enthralled as it recounted most of the great strides in medicine during those 100 years. Great names and greater stories: Lister, Wells, Mayo and many others. However, the one who became anchored in my mind

Former DHS City councilman Hank Hohenstei n

was Semmelweis, one of the most prominent medical figures of his time. His work carries forward virtually unchanged as something we all do on a daily basis. Born in Hungary he headed to law school to please his father, but thankfully switched to medicine, graduating in 1844. In three years he was practicing obstetrics in a teaching university in Vienna. In those days most women delivered at home. However, those women who delivered in a hospital, even a good one, experienced a mortality rate of nearly 30% one in three! The physicians of the day thought puerperal fever (childbirth fever) was caused by crowding, poor ventilation or the beginning of lactation. In any case they assumed it was unpreventable. Semmelweis pondered the difference. Why did those practicing midwifery at home have a much lower infection

rate than learned professionals in a teaching hospital? At that time an obstetrical friend cut his finger while performing an autopsy. He died. Many of his symptoms were similar to women dying from puerperal fever. Semmelweis made a chilling observation: students and physicians were carrying bits and pieces of tissue (tiny) from autopsy room to delivery room.

and Semmelweis was fired. In Germany many physicians and natural scientists rejected Semmelweis’ observations causing him to become increasingly bitter and frustrated. His spirit was broken and he suffered a form of mental illness. He was confined to an asylum and died two weeks later. The unofficial story is that he was not ‘cooperative’.

At his hospital in 1847 Semmelweis instituted a procedure requiring all personnel to wash their hands between autopsy and delivery room. Mortality dropped rates 500%. The younger doctors and students understood, but Semmelweis’ superior was critical. He then widened the washing requirement to additional situations of patient contact. The procedure was purely prophylactic. His superior was shaken by the favorable reports and caused the Ministry of Education to reject the idea

Where is the teachable moment? Every day we hear constant reminders of the impending pandemic of a viral disease known as influenza, colloquially called ‘Swine Flu’. The CDC has posted a list of ten things we can do to reduce our likelihood of contracting the virus. The first FIVE are all related to washing our hands. We are instructed to wash our hands often and for 15 seconds giving us plenty of time to offer a prayer saying, Thank you Dr. Semmelweis!!!!! ©

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Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

DHS Senior Center Reopens

City Manager Rick Daniels Gloria and Yvonne

BY STAFF All photos by Bruce Montgomery DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA“This is truly what the seniors deserve,” said Mayor Yvonne Parks as she kicked off the ribbon cutting of the newly renovated Senior Center in Desert Hot Springs. “This is a great opportunity for all of us, and we thank the city.”

Chief Williams & Investigator Sherman

The city spent money recently to replace the flooring, remodel the bathrooms and the kitchen in the center, plus have the walls repainted as well. “If somebody will twist my arm, one of these days I’d love to play the piano for you folks,” said Mayor Pro Tem Karl Baker. “It’s a pleasure to see this building come back to life. It has been a relic from the past but now it appears that Martin Magana and Rudy Acosta have gone to a good effort to make this a good place for seniors.”

Xerxa School Principal Mike Grier

The tables and computers were donated to the Senior Center via the city’s Senior Alliance. This ribbon cutting event took place on Tuesday, with light refreshments provided to those who attended.



Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Baker, Betts, Parks, Matas and Pye

Gloria Behenna president of Senior Services Club Seniors volunteer and councilwoman Jan Pye

City clerk Pat Hammers


Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

                  

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Simple steps to a healthy and happy retirement Retired 80-year-olds can often have double the social interaction of their 50-year-old counterparts. This supports research that happiness increases with age because social interaction stimulates your brain to release “feel good” chemicals like norepinephrine, which leads to contentment. Informative nuggets like this, in addition to assessments and anecdotes from people who have chosen continuing care retirement community living, are packed into the book “Old Is the New Young: Erickson’s Secrets to Healthy Living.” The book empowers people over 50 to live happier, healthier, more active lives through a series of simple tips backed by the latest research. “Society dictates what we do for the

- a network of retirement communities around the country. “There’s a real opportunity right now to help people see all the possibilities that are out there and realize how they can make the most of this valuable time in their lives.”

7. Have you attended a meeting or event of a club, group, or society in the past month?

As one of the leading national developers of full-service retirement communities for 25 years with 19 locations, Erickson is at the forefront of senior living, aging issues, health care, and innovation. The book’s four coauthors - Dr. Matt Narrett, Mark Erickson, Jacquelyn Kung and Lisa Davila have broad backgrounds in aging and wellness.

9. Do you have a full-time, parttime, or volunteer job?

Assess yourself Take a few minutes to test your social health using one of several self-assessments featured in the book. Adapted from research conducted by British gerontologist Kevin Morgan and his colleagues, the following measures levels of social engagement. Answer yes or no to the questions below:

1. Do you read a newspaper or magazine on a regular basis? 2. Did you vote in the last election (local or national)? 3. Do you attend religious services or events? 4. Have you had a personal telephone conversation in the past week or so? first 60 or so years of our lives - we go to school, we join the workforce, we raise a family - but people are living longer and healthier than ever before; and the later years are, for many people, a big question mark,” says Mark Erickson, co-author, chief operating officer, and son of John Erickson, founder of Erickson


5. Do you browse or read books or materials from a library or bookstore? 6. Have you read or written a personal note (letter or e-mail) in the past week or so?

8. Do you have a reliable mode of transportation to go shopping?

10. Have you been away for vacation in the past year or so? 11. Are you planning to go on a vacation in the next year or so? 12. Do you interact with friends/ family as much as you would like? 13. Do you have at least one friend or family member living within easy driving distance? 14. Can you leave your home and walk independently outside (with or without a cane or walker)? 15. Do you get out and do things as much as you would like? 16. Do you have at least one friend or neighbor who you could ask for urgent help if needed? How did you do? Give yourself one point for each “yes” answer: 14 to 16 points means your social health is excellent; 12 to 13 points means your social health is fair; and 12 or fewer points means you need to work on improving your social network. For more information about Erickson or “Old Is the New Young,” visit www. or call (800) 920-0856. The book is available at bookstores nationwide and can also be purchased at Courtesy of ARAcontent

Cracker Camper Van Bee


Desert Local News • September 21, 2009


Crumbs and Camper Van Beethoven fans once again had a music-driven rugged campout in the high desert for the Fifth Annual Cracker Camper Van Beethoven Campout at Pappy & Harriet’s Palace in Pioneertown, Calif., on Sept 11-12, 2009. Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven, both headed by singer David Lowery, are by no means new to the wild-and-wooly desert landscape of Pioneertown. They have successfully hosted the Campout for five years, mainly to celebrate the birthdays of Lowery and Johnny Hickman, Cracker guitarist. Both bands have become a novelty in the alternative rock genre and have maintained faithful fans through the years. The Campout is a festival to which the bands have stayed committed. It gives them a chance to hang with family, friends, and, of course, their fans. For Cracker, however, their fans are more commonly known as “crumbs.” The opening night on Friday was dedicated to Camper Van Beethoven, a zany rock band that caught some attention during the ‘80s for their hit song “Take the Skinheads Bowling.” The band performed for two hours for fans who bobbed their heads and clapped their hands to the classic punk rock country tunes such as “The History of Utah” and “Eye of Fatima.” The band even played a number of their crazy traditional Slavic beats, igniting the crowd members to hop on alternating feet and yell “HEY!” Cracker, the highlight performance of the event, took the stage Saturday night.

After Camper Van Beethoven disbanded, Lowery continued his music career by launching Cracker with guitarist Johnny Hickman in 1990. Frank Funaro, current drummer, has performed with Joey Ramone of The Ramones, and current bassist Sal Maida was a session member for one of Roxy Music’s tours. Cracker maintained an alternative rock sound with a darker edge and more honky-tonk feel. Hit songs such as “Low” and “Teen Angst” took control of the radio rock stations during the ‘90s, putting Cracker on the top music charts and helped them develop a devoted fan base. “Kerosene Hat,” Cracker’s 1993 platinum album, was actually written and recorded in Pioneertown during the early ‘90s. Rumors of the fifth Campout being the final Campout ran rampant during the weekend. Cracker’s manager said that as long as Pappy & Harriet’s current owners are still there that the bands will continue Campout next year. She also mentioned that this was their best Campout thus far. Cross our fingers that we’ll see another Campout on the calendar for 2010. Cracker and Camper Van Beethoven truly gave wonderful performances, not only because of their talented music, but also because of their obvious appreciation for their fans. For more of the Cracker Camper Van Beethoven Campout, go to www.

Camper V

ethoven Campout 2009

Van Beethhoven

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009



Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Under the Stars Benefit BELLA MONTE Concert: A Tribute to RESORT AND SPA Motown Doo-Wop

Proceeds will benefit the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission’s “Building New Beginnings” -Featuring World famous tribute artists; the Temptations, Drifters and more BY STAFF INDIO – The Indio night sky will light up once again on Saturday, September 26th, when Motown’s soulful sounds come rolling into the Coachella Valley for a one night benefit concert at the El the Dorado Polo Club, with part of the proceeds going to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission’s “Building New Beginnings” to help the homeless. Some of Motown’s best tribute Doo-wop artists will be traveling from across the world to perform at the Under the Stars benefit, including such popular acts as The Platters, The Temptations, The Drifters, The Marvelletes/ Shirelle’s, The Vandella’s and The Ojay’s. Jan Jacques, a pioneer in bringing large concerts and musical acts to the Coachella Valley, is pulling out all the stops for this special production as he teams up with Robbie T, former owner of the highly popular Robbie T’s Restaurant in Indio.   Both promise that the benefit concert Under the Stars will be “one night where you won’t want to forget your

dancing shoes or just sit back and relax and enjoy the music,” said Robbie T. This jam packed indoor/outdoor evening of entertainment and Motown Doo-wop will be held at the upscale El Dorado Polo Club and will feature full-service bars, food, valet parking, plenty of comfortable seating and a spacious dance floor. A raffle drawing will also be held with prizes donated by Red Earth Casino, Lyons English Grill, Palm Springs and Palm Desert Cyclery, P.S. I Love Your Hair and more.  A portion of the proceeds from the Under the Stars benefit will be donated to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission’s “Building New Beginnings” program.  The Coachella Valley Rescue Mission is an organization aimed at not only helping the homeless, but anyone who can not afford to buy groceries, clothing or support their family during these difficult economic times. “This production is all about helping those in need,” said Jacques.

Announces Appointment Of New General Manager

Desert Hot Springs, Ca, Deborah Sweigart has been appointed the new General Manager of Bella Monte Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Ms. Sweigart previously served as Assistant GM and Marketing Manager. In her new role at Bella Monte, Ms. Sweigart will maintain the overall responsibility for resort operations and public relations on behalf of the resort’s owners. In addition to over 30 years experience in management, sales and marketing, Ms. Sweigart brings a creative skill set of exemplary customer service and enthusiasm to this luxury boutique resort. Comments Deborah, “From opulent rooms and spacious baths to our hot mineral water pools, outdoor fire pit and elegant patio areas, Bella Monte surrounds its guests in the perfect environment to enjoy a memorable stay. Personally, I think the hospitality industry offers some of the best jobs ever. When guests leave

Bella Monte, they are relaxed and restored and with smiles on their faces. It gives me a wonderful sense of satisfaction knowing we have directly affected someone’s life in a positive way. I look forward to playing a supportive role in Bella Monte’s bright future.” As General Manager, Ms. Deborah Sweigart’s demanding task will be to ensure the continuation of excellent service and impeccable standards set by previous GM, the late Patrick J. Sturgeon, that are a hallmark of the Bella Monte Hot Springs Resort and Spa.   Joel Bennett, owner of the Bella Monte Resort, said “The property was created with the highest expectations and standards in mind for a premier luxury destination. The forthcoming season is of great importance and at this stage Deborah’s input and enthusiasm will be invaluable to ensure the continued success and improvement of the resort.”

Democrats of Desert Hot Springs

Invite D.H.S. Democratics to join us at our monthly meeting.

Saturday Sept.26 at 11:00 am Agua Caliente Hotel and Spa

14-500 Palm Dr. Desert Hot Springs, 760-329-4481 Look forward to seeing you!

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Miracle Springs Resort & Spa

Nestled in the foothills of Joshua Tree National Park, beautiful Miracle Springs Resort and Spa overlooks the Palm Springs Valley. 110 Large, Comfortable Rooms ~ 8 Natural Hot Mineral Water Pools ~ Excellent Restaurant ~ Lounge ~ Full-Service Spa ~ Weddings and Banquets.

Call 1-800-400-4414 for more information about MIRACLE SPRINGS RESORT & SPA



Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Desert Local News • September 21, 2009





Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

Rancho Mirage Cultural Commission proudly presents

FIRST TIME EVER TOGETHER Domain Names .COMs starting

at $8.95*! just go to

ONE NIGHT ONLY Http:// Just click this link! SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 22 AT 7:30 PM

Two unique voices in one unforgettable evening of blues, jazz, pop and Broadway favorites

Annenberg Center for Health Sciences at Eisenhower 39-000 Bob Hope Drive, Rancho Mirage

Tickets On Sale Friday, October 2:

Open Seating: $35

Rancho Mirage City Hall: 69-825 Highway 111 (760) 324-4511

Purchase tickets early: this event will sell out.

Rancho Mirage Public Library: 71-100 Highway 111 (760) 341-7323

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Color Me Racist Editorial by Nancy MorganDesert Local News • September 21, 2009



Its now official. I’m a racist. No less than a former president of the United States has declared that if I oppose the takeover of 17% of our economy under the guise of health care reform, I hate black people. According to President Carter, U.S. Rep. Joe Wilson’s objection to a ‘misstatement’ in President Obama’s speech to Congress last week was an act “based on racism” and rooted in fears of a black president. And a Rasmussen survey shows that fully 12% of Americans agree with him.   The old media has chimed in, with the left’s favorite columnist, Maureen Dowd, going a step further. Rep. Joe Wilson said, “You lie’ to Obama. But Maureen Dowd heard, “You lie, boy.” Boy being one of the many politically incorrect words the left has decided is an indicator of racism. Point made. Case closed.   Another columnist, E. Danielle Egan, has joined the growing chorus. In the Philadelphia Enquirer, Egan blithely dismissed the app. 2 million protestors who turned out last weekend to protest Obama’s policies, writing them off as illegitimate.  “So I have decided it’s time that what I’ve been watching be called what I believe it is: racism.” She continues, “The level of rage being expressed is different and out of sync with what we know from the past.” I guess she was visiting Atlantis during the Bush years, or something.  And just in case anyone has missed the point, ABC has devoted a full story to the racist motives of the Obama protestors.  

So there. The media and political elite have spoken. Any opposition to Obama means the protestor is a bad person. A person unable to see beyond the color of his skin. A racist. (Isn’t that called profiling?)

Not mentioned in this national brou haha is Sen Reid’s Dec 15, 2004 statement, where he called called President Bush a liar. “President Bush is a liar. He betrayed Nevada and he betrayed the country.”

Conveniently for these elites, they have also decided that responding to ignorant racists is quite beneath them. Being a racist is bad, therefore there is absolutely no need to respond to the underlying complaint. Whew.   This is the ultimate free pass. It almost makes me wish I had been born black. Then  I could make any claims I want, without any facts to back them up, and still maintain the moral high ground.  I could blame every bad decision I ever made on racism and, best of all, put my opponents in the impossible situation of trying to prove a negative. 

I guess its OK to call white guys liars. Even when they can’t come up with any specific lie. Its just something everyone knows. Bush lied. Strangely enough, I’ve never been taken up on my challenge to pay $100.00 to anyone who can cite a specific lie that Bush told. I digress. Also not included in the conversation the left is successfully controlling, is President Obama’s statement last week branding Kanye West a jackass. But, hey, West is black...this is starting to get confusing.   I’m in awe of the left. Though they have admitted not knowing the details of the 1,000 plus pages of the Obama health care ‘reform’, they have managed to divine what is in my heart. And the hearts of millions of others. And it’s called racism.   Despite having elected a black president, the left would have us believe that the millions of whites who voted for Obama still hate black people. They would have us believe that, even though we can’t see it, racism is still a dominant force in America. Its just evolved into the silent ‘institutional’ kind of racism that no one can quantify. But it’s still there. I guess we just have to take their word for it. If we dare question their premise, we’re racists. Game, set and match.

I would gain membership in the ever growing class of ‘victims’, which automatically grants me immunity from the normal rules of civilized behavior.   The fact that Joe Wilson was quite correct in branding Obama a liar is not the point. By diverting the issue to racial animus, Obama’s ‘misstatement’ is conveniently overlooked. This is called a win-win situation.   Wilson’s audacity in branding Obama a liar has caused a national firestorm. The left is in high dudgeon, quickly spinning the truth of Wilson’s (admittedly disrespectful) assertion into a condemnation of his integrity, topping it off with the unprecedented act of issuing a formal rebuke from the House. Bad boy! (Can I say that?) 


Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the relevant contributors.

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Desert Local News • September 21, 2009


Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

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Opening Dates Set for Popular Certified Farmers’ Markets


PALM SPRINGS Green Pages Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

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BY STAFF September, Palm Springs, CA – The Palm Springs Cultural Center announced today that all three of its popular Certified Farmers’ Markets will open for their 2009/10 Season the last week of September. “The Palm Springs Market will open on Saturday, September 26th, the Old Town La Quinta Market will open on Sunday, September 27th, and the Mid-week Market in Palm Desert will open on Wednesday, September 30th,” said Paul Palodichuk, Market Manager. “We’re happy to be back with everyone’s favorite farmers, and this year we have some new farmers as well. In fact, all three markets are bigger this year.” This year marks the third season for the Palm Springs Market, and the second season for both the La Quinta and Palm Desert Markets. “The markets will still take place on the same days as before,” continued Palodichuk. “And this year, the hours are the same for all three markets as well. We open bright and early at 8am and run through 12:30pm.” Friends, fans and foodies can look forward to lots of fresh fruit, vegetables and farm fresh products, as well as chef demonstrations and entertainment on a weekly basis. The September 26th Grand Opening event in Palm Springs will feature folk music by Dave Heveron, and cooking demonstrations by Chef Paul Hietter from Love at First Bite Catering. The Old Town La Quinta Opening on Sunday, September 27th will feature music by Steve Denny and cooking demonstrations with Chef

Refreshed and alert driving diffusion Kelly Walling from the Hog’s Breath Inn. In Palm Desert, the September 30th Grand Opening will feature music by Sergio Villegas, with cooking demonstrations by Chef Bernard of Cuistot Restaurant. The Certified Farmers Market is sponsored by the Palm Springs Cultural Center. It operates in three locations, and on three different days of the week, as follows: - On Saturdays in Palm Springs, from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, adjacent to the Camelot Theatres in the Palm Springs Mall parking lot at 2300 E. Baristo Road at Farrell. - On Sundays in Old Town La Quinta, from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm,  at 78100 Main Street, just a few blocks west of La Quinta City Hall off Calle Tampico. - On Wednesdays in Palm Desert, from 8:00 am to 12:30 pm, at the Palm Desert Visitor Center, 72-567 Highway 111. The Palm Springs Cultural Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which was established to encourage the development of the cultural arts in the Coachella Valley with a specific focus in the areas of film, fine art, live performance, dance, music, and community festivals. The Center is dedicated to advancing education, to nurturing community-wide participation in the cultural arts, and to sponsoring scholarship awards for deserving individuals.

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Green Pages Desert Local News • September 21, 2009


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Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

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STEREOPSIS BY MATT WEYUKER Well boys and girls it’s time for Uncle Matt’s rather “grim tale” about our town, and its considerably sordid history at this, the 46th anniversary of Desert Hot Springs incorporation. Most of us know about the saga of Cabot Yerxa and his discovery of the hot water that Dr. Coffey put to such good use in the treatment of his patients, but how many of us know about the controversial city incorporation, and the results of that decision that has led us to our present situation? A good “grim” story usually begins with “Once upon a time” – well I won’t let you down. “Once upon a time,” there was a small town located on the highest northwest rim of the Coachella Valley that was noted for two things – its therapeutic hot mineral water dispensed at several boutique spas – and an inordinate number of retirees. In the 60s some civic-minded folks got the bodacious idea to incorporate the city. This proposition was voted on September 17, 1963, and it barely passed – the city had its local government approval – and therein lies the “grim” in our saga. In spite of the fact that there were some motivated individuals who tried to lead the city into fulfilling its potential, the city’s revenues were sorely lacking from the get-go. Boys and girls, that single fact has haunted our town’s ability to finance

r e b em t p e S 21th

adequate public safety and/or anything in the way of positive growth – especially in the way of sales-tax generating shopping centers like there is all over this valley – and not in Desert Hot Springs. I don’t believe that any of the wellmeaning seven nominees for elected city office will be able to stop the financial bloodletting that the city manager has created with his rubber-stamp mayor and council. The current group of DHS “electeds” hasn’t been willing to stop the debt-ridden reckless RDA spending that is bleeding dry our city’s future – remember, four nominees on the November ballot followed the city manager like lemmings and voted for this wasteful spending. The city’s residents should be able to expect a more prudent fiscal behavior from their locally elected representatives. With the federal government’s ravenous fiscal appetites literally “breaking the bank,” creating trillions of dollarsin-debt, wasting taxpayers money with ill-thought-out bailouts, and raising taxes – and California being insolvent – one would think that local government could be counted on to be more judicious with its handling of taxpayer generated revenue. The candidates will bombard us with rhetoric about “public safety,” but with the state set to release another 16,000

Former DHS Mayor Matt Weyuker

prisoners – how will our small ill-funded town handle the influx of “parolees” who are no doubt going to land here? Do you think there will ever be a sufficient number of police added to an overworked and inadequately staffed PD? Do you believe that anyone of the seven candidates has the gumption to stand up to the city manager’s imprudent spending habits? The “grim” part of this tale is that Desert Hot Springs is broke and in debt, city officials are spending money like they have it, the residents bear the highest tax burden in the valley, and the local city administration is ignoring these fiscal realities. From the city’s inauspicious beginnings to the present, Desert Hot Springs has never been adequately funded from any sources. Boys and girls, I didn’t make this “grim” story up – it’s history. Most “grim stories” have “happy endings,” but there won’t be a knightriding-a-white-horse-to save-the-day “happy ending” unless the city government gets its act together.


Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the relevant contributors.

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Desert Local News • September 21, 2009




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Desert Local News • September 21, 2009


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Editorial Desert Local News • September 21, 2009

We are Number One! BY JOE MCKEE Over the past few weeks a disturbing trend has emerged. Opponents of healthcare reform have used the term “American exceptionalism “to try and discredit the drive for improvement in our system. The point of this is to say we are a great country and no foreigner could teach us anything. It scares me to death. It flies in the face of all statistics on heath care efficiency published by the World Health Organization. Our health system is rated behind all members of the developed world. Our elderly die sooner. Our children are more likely to die at birth. In the developed world our costs are generally 50 % more than other countries and for that we get worse outcomes. Let me put this in more concrete terms. We have a product that is the worst in the developed world. It is a good system for those wealthy enough to afford any cost. However, for most people it does not work well. It bankrupts them and makes many choose between buying medicine and buying food. It’s a great system for health insurance companies. But, the cost of this system is unsustainable. It eats up 17% of our GNP now and will continue to double if something isn’t done. What other products do we have in this country that are so bad and so expensive? There are two main arguments of the anti-healthcare groups worth discussing. (I will not include the “death panel” argument. That amendment was attached to the bill by a Republican and dealt with paying expenses while making up living wills.) First, that it is Socialism

and its stepchild that it wasn’t something mentioned in the constitution. What is socialism? Socialism is defined as “a system of social organization in which the means of production and distribution of goods is owned collectively or by a centralized government”. The way I read this, the definition deals mostly with industrial production and products. But, for purposes of this article we will include the healthcare system as a product. What is now a “socialized” function under this looser definition? Road construction, police, firefighters, FAA, public schools, prisons, Social Security, Medicare, VA , FBI,DEA, and the border patrol to name a few. None of these programs are mentioned in the constitution. The constitution also doesn’t mention airports we have built with government funds, but I haven’t heard an outcry from the small government people that we should totally privatize everything that supports aviation. If we are worried about a government take over maybe we should start by dealing with all the programs listed above that are outside the vision of people that lived a few hundred years ago. In fact, Representative Weiner (Democrat, N.Y.) submitted an amendment in committee to abolish Medicare. It is also government run healthcare. How many outraged Republicans voted for that amendment? Zero. The second argument is that a government program will get between you and your doctor. There is already someone between you and your doctor. An insurance executive is there. And what

is his goal? Not to cure you. His goal, by law, is to maximize corporate profit. There are many areas for which I applaud the capitalist system. It creates much wealth. But, do you want a healthcare system whose primary goal is not your health but wealth generation? In the beginning of this article, I mentioned we have the worst healthcare system in the developed world. We are actually ranked 37th behind Costa Rica and many other poorer countries. But, we are exceptional. We spend 17% of our entire economy on healthcare. It burdens our businesses and is expected to grow to 34% of our economy in only a few years if nothing is done. But, we’re exceptional. I love this country. But, I want us to improve. In the past we have borrowed many things from other countries. Making steel, cars, radios, Social Security (this along with universal healthcare was adopted in Germany in the 1880s). Many of the things we take for granted were made first elsewhere and improved here. If we are to remain a great country we need to learn and change. If you don’t want to emulate a “foreign system” how about the VA? It delivers excellent care to a generally older and sicker group of people at a 40% reduction in cost. Do not believe we remain a great country by not learning and improving. It is the shortest route to disaster.


Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the relevant contributors.


Desert Local News • September 21, 2009


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Desert Hot Springs Local News Sept. 21 2009 Issue  

Desert Hot Springs Hot 1008 degree end of summer election 2009, Spa casino

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