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DESERT LOCAL NEWS September 15, 2009


Paul Rodriguez

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Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

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DHS World Music And Wellness Festival l A Step Away From City Council Approva

BY LESLIE ANDREWS DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAFor nearly two years, the Community and Cultural Affairs Commission wanted something grand to come to Desert Hot Springs. And now, they are a few steps closer in that direction when it comes to planning the World Music and Wellness Festival next year. All that is awaiting is approval from the City Council within the next two weeks. Bruce Barrett, a former CCAC member, commented, “Two years in a row, we had a few bumps in the road. I’m so proud to say ‘look how far we came.’ We believe in this city and the Community and Cultural Affairs Committee can pass something bigger than before.” Thanks to recent press, which has been positive, a large number of interest has sparked up in Desert Hot Springs, according to Tony Clarke, President and CEO of Tresed Ventures. From television reports on NBC Affiliate KMIR to coverage in the Los Angeles Times, the World Music and Wellness Festival 2010 has already received interest from sponsors. “They are comparing this to the Coachella Music Festival and the Idyllwild Jazz Festival,” Clarke said. “We hope to get to a place that’s worthy of being associated with those names.” He also mentioned how Desert Hot Springs would most

likely be the permanent home for the festival in years to come. Councilman Scott Matas came to this meeting Wednesday night to support the festival. “He (Clarke) has done wonders,” he said. “Eventually this event will bring a permanent site to our city. The ball continues to roll and the positives are huge. We’re working hard.” According to Tony Castallano from Two Bunch Palms Resort, the idea has lasted a long time. He promises that this will be a green event, with environmentally friendly ways of handling things at this upcoming festival. “It’s cutting edge technology. We’ll be a prototype,” he stated. The World Music and Wellness Festival may draw big names like Paul Simon, the Indigo Girls, Enya or Jose Feliciano to Desert Hot Springs, performing in a two-day event. Organizers are hoping that this event will happen on Memorial Day Weekend 2010 at its soonest. Two Bunch Palms will most likely be the site of the festival, as its land is capable of holding 100,000 people. “I’m very thrilled,” said Kelly Brady, CCAC member. “I can’t wait to see this go forward.”

DHS Man Arrested In Connection To North Palm Springs Murder By Staff DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAA Desert Hot Springs man was arrested in connection to a murder that took place previously in North Palm Springs. During the course of this investigation, Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit investigators identified Travis Martin Cody, a 26-year-old resident of Desert Hot Springs, as being involved in the murder of Edward Keeley. Travis Cody had an active felony arrest warrant for a parole violation. The Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit sought to locate Travis Cody and was assisted by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Office of Correctional Safety Fugitive Apprehension Team. During the morning of Friday, September 04, 2009, officers from the Desert Hot Springs Police Department assisted in the investigation

and located Travis Cody and arrested him for the outstanding felony warrant. Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit investigators were notified and arrested Travis Cody for murder. Travis Cody was later booked into the Indio Jail for murder and the parole violation warrant. The victim of this homicide was identified as Edward Vaughn Keeley, 75 years of North Palm Springs. On Monday, August 10, 2009 at approximately 5:04 p.m., deputies from the Palm Desert Station responded to the 64-600 block of 16th Avenue, in the unincorporated area of North Palm Springs where they discovered Keeley dead in his home. This is an active and ongoing investigation. Anyone with information regarding this investigation is encouraged to contact Investigator Josh Button of the Sheriff’s Central Homicide Unit at (760) 383-3500.


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Felons Better Stay Away From Each Other In DHS

BY STAFF EDITORIALIf you are a convicted felon, you might as well pack up and leave Desert Hot Springs for good. A new ordinance was introduced to the city’s Planning Commission and was voted on 5/0 Tuesday to further regulate where parolees live throughout the city. “The less parolees, the better,” said Police Chief Pat Williams as he addressed the commission with his concerns. Martin Magana stated, “Currently, there are 220 parolees that are out of compliance.” What that means is that there are many that are living too close to one another, too close to a school, church, park or daycare. With such an ordinance to be enforced, one cannot live within 1000 feet from another parolee or near any of the mentioned places. However, if ratified by the City Council, a parolee will now have until next year to move. During the meeting, there were four maps on display, and throughout the heart of Desert Hot Springs, there are many parolees residing between Mission Lakes Boulevard and Two Bunch Palms Drive, and many residing between West Drive and Mountain View Road. With such a law in effect, the parolees will have to be spaced out between one another and some would end up crowding unincorporated areas like Sky Valley, North Palm Springs and beyond Morongo Valley. Is this a good idea? Parolees are permitted to roommate with one another, but if this is the case, then the property owners must purchase a Conditional Use Permit costing about $3900 if this new ordinance is ratified. What will happen next? What if the owner refuses to pay this price tag? This would mean that he or she cannot rent out to these convicted felons and if already renting to such, they would be forced to move. Could this discourage felons




RUSS MARTIN Desert Hot Springs Public Safety Commissioner Desert Hot Springs Parolee Ad Hoc Commission 31 years in Law Enforcement Desert Hot Springs Fire & Emergency Services AdHoc Committee. Desert Hot Springs Economic Development Sub-Committee Vice Chair Coachella Valley Coalition to stop “Green Path North” Active member of the community


ilding block “Public safety is the bu From that nity. of every stable commu d a city.” starting point, we buil

Desert Hot Springs City Council 760-329-5145 Paid for by Friends of Russ Martin • Recipient committee #1318390

from making Desert Hot Springs home? Perhaps so, if properly enforced by the city’s police department. However, this could backfire if parolees decide to retaliate. Still, adopting such a measure is a good thing, as a way of discouraging convicts from settling into Desert Hot Springs, which was once a city full of retirees and young, thriving families. Recent moves from law enforcement agencies has helped reduce crime in this city.

In Las Vegas, Mayor Oscar Goodman told the homeless to find someplace else to go. That did not cure the city of its homeless problem. Problems in Clark County, Nevada continued to escalate after he said that. Time and time again, Desert Hot Springs Officials have told the felons to find another place to live, but will that help? Only time will tell, and cleanup efforts like Operation Falling Sun and this possible measure would help tremendously.


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Desert Local News • September 15, 2009



Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

   

  

  

    

 

  


DESERT 4, 2009 DesertLOCAL LocalNEWS News• •FEBRUARY September 15, 2009

HIGH HOLIDAYS DESERT HOT SPRINGS All services will be held at: Mission Lakes Country Club, 8484 Clubhouse Blvd, DHS Drive through the complex to the Club House No charge for services to residents of DHS non-residents $30

Rosh HaShanah Services Friday,

September 18


Rosh HaShanah Services Saturday, Kol Nidre Services Sunday, Yom Kippur Services Monday,

September 19


September 27


September 28


Discussion groups at 1:00

Yizkor at 4:00

Nilah at 4:30

BREAKFAST served after services No charge for residents of DHS – non-residents $20

Jewish Family Service of the Desert presents these services to the Jewish Residents of Desert Hot Springs as part of a financial allocation from Jewish Federation of Palm Springs and the Desert Area.

For more information, please call 760-325-4088



Miracle Springs Resort & Spa

Nestled in the foothills of Joshua Tree National Park, beautiful Miracle Springs Resort and Spa overlooks the Palm Springs Valley. 110 Large, Comfortable Rooms ~ 8 Natural Hot Mineral Water Pools ~ Excellent Restaurant ~ Lounge ~ Full-Service Spa ~ Weddings and Banquets.

Call 1-800-400-4414 for more information about MIRACLE SPRINGS RESORT & SPA


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

The Squeeze is on #22

BY HANK HOHENSTEIN Former DHS Citycouncilman Hank Hohenstein We have entered a period of frenzied activity for our City Council. The election season is here. Every two years “We the people” of the City of Desert Hot Springs elect three members of our community to serve on the City Council to make wise decisions. All politicians, whether or not they are up for election, get twitchy during the days between Labor Day and Election Day. Every two years in Desert Hot Springs we directly elect a Mayor for two years and two members of the Council for four years each. That means, if the citizens are dissatisfied with the manner the elected leaders are conducting the City’s business the citizens can organize, campaign and vote to change the majority on the City Council. Twenty years ago the voters were not happy with the direction of the City Council, but they knew the recall process was discouraging and divisive. The folks set about to find an alternative means to

keep the members of the City Council more accountable to the electorate. They found two ways. A citizen task force created a proposition, to be placed on the ballot that set forth the years of service for the Mayor and members of the Council. That same proposition provided for the direct election of the Mayor. Before then the Mayor was selected by a vote of the City Council. That method denied the people a voice in the selection of the most visible person in any community. Some may argue that the Mayor’s role is ceremonial and equal to the remainder of the Council because the Mayor has only one vote. Not so, the Mayor does have significantly more power. Several years ago a few members of our community opined that the need for the Mayor to run every two years was burdensome. They organized to create

a proposition allowing the Mayor’s term to be increased to four years. When this was placed before the voters it was soundly defeated. The citizens of Desert Hot Springs want their Council to be responsible and they want the opportunity to be able to impact the composition of the Council every two years. This is very interesting because we elect men and women to serve in our House of Representatives in Washington every two years. That term has been in place from the very beginning. Hmmm? Speaking of elections, there is something I have been meaning to review. Bear with me as I look into this matter. Several years ago the Desert Hot Springs City Council passed a resolution that changed the method by which the Mayor Pro Tem was selected. Previously, the Mayor Pro Tem was selected by a vote of the Council and that often caused resentments. The

Council voted that the position of the Mayor Pro Tem was to be rotated annually among the four Councilpersons. Each member of the Council would have the opportunity to serve one year every four years. The method would be to select the Councilperson with the greatest seniority and then proceed to the next junior member. This did not seem to be followed. Hmmm? I will check and report. Wow, anyone notice the huge hole in the Cathedral City budget because of the fiscal raid by the State of California? It is time we take seriously efforts to combine cities in our valley to become more efficient and less costly per unit of delivered service. The time for responsibility is now!


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Candidates Forum Sept 12, 2009 • Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

A Really Big Debate…


Challenger Dick Cromwell responded, “It’s in the wrong location. There are schools and housing nearby. They deemphasized DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAthat plant. Do we want our city being built around a plant? Now’s the time to do something.” The water quality and sewers go hand in hand, say some of the candidates. Challenger Jeff Bowman said, “I believe the district has not been aggressive to find funds to fix the sewers. The district needs to find the money. I would look for grants.” Wright, Bowman, Duncan and Cromwell Duncan rebutted, saying, “The two challengers are looking at the glass half empty. I’m looking half full. DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CA- Eleven As new developments come in, all new candidates, all seeking a seat with the developments are sewered. Right now City Council and for the Mission Springs there’s no threat of septic tank nitrates Water district gathered Saturday morning hitting our water table. We are working on at the Carl May Center for a town hall sewering the entire town.” debate. Desert Local News, the Chamber Bowman argues that the district doesn’t of Commerce sponsored the forum and care about the hot water system. “They KPSI-AM 920’s own Steve Kelly played do not monitor the hot water zone,” he moderator. stated. “That’s why I’m running. There The first hour began with questions for seems to be no concern. Their solution is the Water District. Topics were mainly about the Horton Wastewater Plant and the city’s sewer system. In regards to the plant, incumbent Randy Duncan commented, “We are working on an upgrade. It handles three million gallons per day. To move that plant to a regional facility would cost the rate payers $150 million. It would cost $80 per month for the next 20 years”

Scheurer, Matas, Betts, Parks, Bentley, Martin & Pye

Mayor Yvonne Parks

putting a band-aid on the problem. It’s a $300,000 to 400,000 band-aid a year. It seems that this city is based on the health and wellness. I don’t know why there is no interest.” Incumbent Nancy Wright argued, “Hot water is important to MSWD. Monitoring wells are expensive.” Next came the debate for City Council seats and for the Mayoral position. The first question was about the city’s felon and parolee problem. How to keep them

Moderator Steve Kelly ~ all photos by Bruce Montgomery from coming back to the city of Desert Hot Springs. City Council challenger Russ Martin stated, “We need to keep the heat going by maintaining an effective law enforcement agency. We lost a lot of officers, so we have to fill in the vacancies right away.” Mayoral candidate Russell Betts responded, “The job of the council is to make sure we don’t blow the deal. The best thing you can do to help the chief is to find other sources of revenue.” Incumbent Mayor Yvonne Parks commented, “Operation Falling Sun was a 9 month project. As a result, we have reduced our parolees to 200. Thanks to 75% who voted on Measure A, we added 4 officers. The rest must come from taxes.” Appointee Jan Pye said, “Operation Falling Sun is not over. It’s an octopus with many tentacles. We need to change the environment, and through our Planning Commission, we passed an ordinance to help control parolees.” For the youth of the community, the candidates all discussed their ideas. Martin commented, “We are building a new Boys and Girls Club and we have an outstanding Little League park. We’re putting a new soccer field. What good are all those things if you’re not safe in the community. I would like to see a gallery open up downtown.” Incumbent Scott Matas adds, “In the last few years, we found money to upgrade parks. We need to continue to work with our youth and create a youth council. I’ve been working with YMCA and the Police Activities League.” Pye suggested, “Let’s have our senior citizens mentor the seniors coming out of high school. We need to have that pairing of youth and seniors.”

All Photos by Bruce Montgomery • Desert Local News • September 15, 2009 Candidates were asked about what to do to improve it. Martin started off by saying, “It needs to be improved like our PD. It dealt with vehicles stored on the street that aren’t licensed. Going out to that situation and putting a parking ticket will help. I’d like to make it more effective.” Scheurer adds, “We need better response.” Matas said, “Our Code Enforcement needs help. The Police Chief asked the city council for one year to work with them.” Parks added, “Our chief, Pat Williams wants one year. I believe that he will Richard Cromwell and Randy Duncan live up to that task. It’s something that he’s looking at and he will bring a more improved system.” Challenger Terry Scheurer added, “We need to get local churches to sponsor events. Keep the kids busy with positive activities.” The opic of foreclosures came up, as Desert Hot Springs ranks as one of the highest in the Coachella Valley and the Inland Empire. Mayor Parks began by saying, “It has been disastrous. We have 800 properties. We are bringing up to

Candidate Russ Martin Our good friend Pat Carney standard homes that are foreclosed and we are bringing them up to resalable condition. We have a key to maintain these properties. If we can prevent the blight, property values are going to rise.” Betts added, “With the Coachella Valley Coalition, we have a water truck going around town to apply water to the homes. Council has taken in $42,000 and it doesn’t cost a lot to get the water truck going through the city.” Pye states, “We need to maintain homes when they are stable and when the economy stables, we will have homes that will sell.” Scheurer added, “It’s going to get worse. We need to have Code Enforcement cite the owners. We need to develop an economic base to create jobs in DHS to reduce foreclosures.” The city’s Code Enforcement has come under fire, due to being poorly functioning.

Pye stated that she was satisfied with the current level of service. “I am satisfied. Was I a couple months ago? No.” One of the last questions was, by 2016, will Palm Drive look better? The candidates all gave different answers. Martin said, “The city has put forward a vision and that’s wonderful. We cannot lose sight of the immediate future. We need to make some decisions to


Judy Bowman reads the Candidates Special DLNews Editon tweak it. A couple of businesses were turned down and if you’re dead set, you need to help people get settled outside the vortex.” Matas said, “This council has moved so fast in 2 years. We need to purchase the properties and need bigger parcels to come to town.” Scheurer added, “This will be a worldwide resort and we should push the vortex project.” Parks said, “I’m excited about businesses coming in with an acre or more. We need to clean up the town. We have a 24/7 graffiti removal program. If we make ourselves presentable, these are all things that are coming. We need to present the city with a clean environment.” Robert Bentley said, “I would roll that business license fee back. They borrowed 35 Million. That’s where the hole in the budget comes in. Make sure the roads are good,

Councilman Russell Betts ~ all photos by Bruce Montgomery

Councilman Scott Matas

make sure the public safety is done.” Pye stated, “I see cafes and boutiques.” Betts said, “We need to see the same progress on Palm Drive. This motivated me to run for city council and we need to stop treating our industrial park as a dumping ground for pot dispensaries and tattoo parlors. We could bring in light industrial businesses.”


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

                  

Letter to the Editor Desert Local News • September 15, 2009


An Open Letter To Hank Hohenstein On The Defense Of Freedom But surely, a staunch defender of freedom like yourself must have made sure that such a socialistic “greater good” takeover would have only been made with the greatest of care and with a maximum of due diligence, right? Oops. Turns out that no one even bothered to inspect the parcels involved to make sure they were suitable for development of a spa or hotel! It appears that the Planning Department simply threw up a city map, somewhat like a dartboard, and all undeveloped land that fell within the hot water aquifer area became spa-hotel development property.   The two-plus acres that I own are right on the eastern edge of the Hot Water Zone. Most of the land is hilly, gullied and overlooks city water towers. Three current council members, plus a handful of other city/civic leaders, have all viewed the property and have unanimously agreed that there is no chance of this land ever being developed as a spa-hotel.

Dear Hank: Thanks so much for your enlightening defense of freedom in the face of a liberal government’s creeping socialism and government takeovers. Except that you neatly managed to sidestep probably the biggest take-away of freedom in Desert Hot Springs history when you sat on Council: the Hot Water Zone land grab!   I’m sure you remember this action. After all, you were a leader in the effort. Spurred on by the only special interest group the city has, the spa owners and hoteliers, you and your fellow council members seized parcels of privately owned land and said to the owners: “You no longer have the freedom to do what you want with your property, such as build homes. You MUST use this land for what WE say: for the building of spas and hotels.”  Wow, sounds like something citizens might hear in Cuba, not here.  

DHS WORLD MUSIC and Wellness Festival Allison Cane

Very impressive. Hats off to Mr. Clarke, Ms. Reed, Mayor Parks, Councilman Matas and Mr. Heeds for their noteworthy vision and dedication - and for having a BRILLIANT idea. Win-win, and how! Desert Hot Springs is lucky to have such a powerhouse team in their corner. Hey, there’s no “Hot” in Palm Springs! Or Rancho Mirage. Or.....

James A. Ristich

Tony Clarke is a great example of a caring individual who does not fear “GETTING INVOLVED”. We need more americans to act like Tony to make America great again.

Suzi Gold

GREAT IDEA!!! It will not only benefit DHS, but the entire Coachella Valley and all of Calif. A much needed event and at a terrific Two Bunch Palms! Thanks Tony Clark!!! Sincerely, Suzi Gold of Rancho Mirage

But here’s the kicker: while you were still on Council, I persuaded you to come up and look at the property. Do you remember what you said? I do: “This is ridiculous. No one would build a spa-hotel here in 100 years.” You vowed to help right this wrong. But, of course, that was just a politician’s promise. Nothing more came of it and my subsequent calls and letters went unheeded. I never heard another word from you.   So there it sits, with zoning that makes the property worthless -- sucking up mortgage payments, property taxes, etc. inexorably headed to foreclosure.   So, please, Hank, don’t preach to me about this government’s “socialistic threat”. It doesn’t take liberal politicians to strip away our rights; not when conservatives like you have already done so. Darrell “Lou” DeCosta Desert Hot Springs

Letter to the Editor:

Wow!  What can I say?  The right-wing, conservatives, republicans.......were Michael Epstein right!!!  Did you see President Obama’s speech to wonderful idea! the nation’s school children Tuesday? (9-8-09)  As a proud and avowed liberal...I was so embarrassed. Kurt Handshuh Bravo D.H.S. This is exactly they type of Talk about an indoctrination!  The republicans’ fears were proven correct.  All he talked about was what special event suited for this community. a waste of time an education completely For a small investment the city leaders worthless a high school diploma is.  He talked will set the stage for a premier event. about how his mother would make him sleep in... Two Bunch Palms Resort as the host so he’d miss school...and not waste his time.  He venue is a “match” that will draw explained how his lack of education helped him national and international attention and to become our first socialist president...and how publicity leading up to a festival that has all of the students watching him should embrace something for everybody. The leaders socialism. This was obviously “an attempt to enlist of this festival are not newcomers. Their our school children to influence their parents”. knowledge and experience virtually (The Squeeze is on #20, Desert Local News, guarantee success. Best of luck!! 9-7-09)  And of course, (subliminally) he told them all to leave their guns home from school...boldly Mark D. Malone I concur with Dot Reed -”build it and they flouting the 2nd amendment. And, he had the gall to suggest they wash their avoid catching will come”. This would be a real feather the flu!  My God!  I certainly can see why the right in the cap of The Coachella Valley and wing, conservative republicans wouldn’t want this exactly the injection that DHS needs. uneducated president to join the likes of former Thank you Mr. Clarke presidents Reagan, Bush One and the superDavid Pence intellect Dubya, in addressing the nation’s youth.  Sounds like a good idea! David P of Palm You did see the president’s address....didn’t you? Springs Oh.........that’s what I thought. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the Corbett Brattin relevant contributors. Desert Hot Springs ©


Hall & Oates S PALMSPRINGSGUIDES.COM • Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Still Rocking Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

STORY BY STEPHEN TORRES PHOTOS FROM WWW.HALLANDOATES.COM A resounding paradox occurs at the mention of the signature pop band, Hall & Oates. “Where have they been?” is a question posed by those who, though familiar with some of their songs, are beset with the notion of Hall & Oates as strictly that folk-pop band that embodied the soundtrack to the early, innocent side of the ‘80s. But for those who truly pay attention to the sounds and sensibilities of modern pop, Hall & Oates are everywhere.

Aside from the inherent quality of the music itself, H & O have managed to place themselves, if not in the media spotlight, then in the media heat lamps. In the past year alone they’ve made appearances on “The Daily Show” with Jon Stewart and performed on “Dancing With the Stars.” If that wasn’t enough to lure a new audience and demographic, then having their popular song “You Make My Dreams Come True” featured in the sleeper hit movie of the summer “(500) Days of Summer” had the effect of cornering an audience and nudging them into exploring their music. So it came as no surprise that as the writer approached the concert pavilion at Casino Morongo Casino Resort & Spa, he noticed such a wide array of beautiful people, both young and old, shuffling into the venue to watch a duo that’s been together more than 35 years. The “tent” that is the pavilion offered a breath of fresh, 68-degree cool air compared to the hot, summer winds blowing outside. The eight-man band promptly took the stage to thunderous applause and they immediately broke into a fan-fave, “Maneater.” From there, they went on to play other hits such as “Private Eyes,” “Out of Touch” and “I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do).” Although photography and dancing were discouraged, by the time Hall & Oates came out for the first of two encores, the crowd, especially those up front, threw caution out the door (and into the hot wind) as everybody collectively stood up and danced and snapped photos. At the sight of this, Daryl Oates remarked that it was his “First time here. What a nice place to play. You guys are wonderful!” For more about the Hall & Oates concert, go to



PALMSPRINGSGUIDES.COM • Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Paul Rodriguez Keeps Them Laughing

SPOTLIGHT 29 Casino • Desert Local News • September 15, 2009


STORY BY DENISE ORTUNO NEIL PHOTOS BY CATHY JARDINE So seriously folks, it was a dark and stormy night outside. But the ominous weather had nothing on the force of humor brewing inside the event venue at the Spotlight 29 Casino in Coachella near Palm Springs, Calif., on Saturday, Sept. 5. The crowd shuffled in with anticipation to see master comedian Paul Rodriguez.

Filipe Esparza

The show kicked off with a opening act by Felipe Esparza who has performed at the Laugh Factory and the Comedy Store, just to name a few. Esparza has also opened for such headliners as George Lopez and Cheech Marin, and it was easy to see why. His act came across so natural, it was almost as if he was just talking and playing around at a party. And what a party it was! He had the audience in a harmony of laughter with his brand of humor, which intertwined Spanish and English. His flyaway hair and baggy jeans only enhanced his performance. The crowd was nicely primed when Rodriguez took the stage. A roar of applause, whistles and shouts greeted him. The audience’s adoration of this “Latin King of Comedy” was absolutely clear. He went straight for the humor jugular talking about subjects like how Tequila is Mexican Viagra, and another way to look at the similar drug, Cialis. And trust me, anyone who watched the show will never be able to see a Cialis commercial again without cracking up.

Paul Rodriguez

He poked light fun at politics and the economy, all with a continued base of levity. His ability and willingness to laugh at himself and the Latin community had a strong presence, and true to form, he incorporated other ethnic groups, globetrotting and making fun of everyone along the way. He is equal opportunity jokester, which is clearly part of his charm. Another highlight was his ode to bathroom etiquette, which literally had the audience in tears and almost rolling on the floor. It has been some time since Rodriquez performed in the Coachella Valley, and as Palm Desert residents Carlos and Christina Cesena said, “It’s great to see him back.” And that’s no joke! For more about Paul Rodriguez’s performance at Spotlight 29 Casino, go to

Christina Carlos and Cesena


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Desert Local News • September 15, 2009



Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

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Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

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Desert Local News • September 15, 2009


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

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Debbie McGowan



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Green Pages Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

d e t c e p s n i e c a n Have your fur m e t s y s C A V H r u o and clean y

BY ARA As you button up your home for winter, you should take four important steps to ensure you save energy, money and stay toasty all season long. Insulate When the temperature drops, we often grab a blanket to help stay warm. Adding insulation to your home is like wrapping it in a warm blanket. Insulating areas such as attics, basements and crawlspaces can make your home more comfortable and lower your energy bills. To get the biggest bang for your buck, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, add insulation to your attic. If your insulation is at or below the floor joists, you likely need to add more 12 to 24 inches, depending on where you live. Seal your windows Even if windows are sealed with weather stripping, cold air can still enter through gaps. Use silicone caulk to seal air leaks or place shrink-wrap film over drafty windows to help reduce energy loss. You can locate drafts on windy days by slowly moving a burning candle near the window. Whenever the flame moves or smoke blows, you’ve got an air leak that needs to be sealed. Have your furnace inspected and clean your HVAC system As you close up your home for the cold season, the contaminates that are in your air ducts and furnace recirculate through your home over and over throughout the entire winter. Your HVAC

system can collect everything from mold, fungi and bacteria to tiny dust particles and allergens that can cause irritation to everyone in the house. In fact, according to the EPA, indoor air can be two to five times more polluted than outdoor air. “Having your HVAC system inspected and cleaned can extend the life of your furnace and can even make it run considerably more efficiently, saving the homeowner money on their monthly heating and cooling bills” says Aaron Marshbanks, board member at NADCA - The HVAC Inspection, Maintenance & Restoration Association. “Having your system cleaned can also increase air flow which often times translates into increased comfort for occupants in the home.” Change filters regularly Once you have a clean HVAC system, it’s crucial to change your furnace filters regularly. Filters are designed to remove the dust and debris from the air flowing into your home. When the filter is dirty, the furnace has to work harder to pull air through the clogged filter and your utility bills will be higher. Change your furnace filter once a month to keep your system running at peak performance. For more information on how to winterize your home, visit NADCA. com. Courtesy of ARAcontent

Green Pages Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Reduce home air pollution and save energy


BY ARA Your home may be your castle, but the average household can be responsible for nearly twice the greenhouse gas emissions as the average car, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Since the leading source of greenhouse gas emissions is energy production, it makes sense to ensure that your home is as energy efficient as possible. Here are some simple steps you can take in your home to create a better environment for everyone, both inside and outside: Make smarter HVAC choices Heating and cooling accounts for as much as half of a home’s energy use, so a good place to start is with your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system. Make sure it is in tip-top shape by scheduling a maintenance checkup with a certified dealer. He or she can inspect your system and make any necessary repairs to ensure the system is not wasting energy. If your furnace is more than 10 years old, it may be time to consider replacing it with a newer, more energy-efficient model, as manufacturers now offer furnaces that can save up to 40 percent on energy consumption versus older models. One model that meets and exceeds U.S. Department of Energy standards is the new American Standard Freedom (R) 95 Modulating Communicating Furnace.

The furnace converts up to 95 percent or more of its fuel into heat. Rather than using an on-again-off-again thermostat control found in less sophisticated furnaces, it uses temperature data from the thermostat to calculate its own heating cycle. It then adjusts the heat output with a fully modulating gas valve for consistent, comfortable heat and precise fuel control, significantly saving energy and keeping utility costs down. Most models in this furnace family are among the many energy saving models that qualify for a tax credit. Thanks to the passage of the Economic Stimulus Bill, homeowners may be eligible for a tax credit if they purchase certain types of HVAC systems between Jan. 1, 2009 and Dec. 31, 2010. Depending on the system you purchase, you could receive a tax credit of up to $1,500 on your 2009 or 2010 income tax return. For information on any tax credits you could claim, contact a tax professional. Properly seal your home and ductwork The EPA recommends that you seal air leaks in your home to reduce drafts and get the full performance out of your home’s insulation. Sealing the ducts is also a good idea, since poorly performing ducts can leak conditioned air and reduce

your system’s efficiency by as much as 20 percent. Sealing leaks and insulating the ducts in attics and crawl spaces can improve energy efficiency and keep your home comfortable as well. Take advantage of ENERGY STARqualified products The EPA developed the ENERGY STAR program to reduce the nation’s energy consumption. Choosing products for your home that bear the ENERGY STAR logo is an important step to consuming less energy. Qualified products are available in multiple categories including heating and cooling equipment, appliances, home electronics and lighting. Be sure to ask your dealer about local incentives that are offered by many utility companies and financial institutions for the purchase of ENERGY STAR products. For more information on how to save energy at home or to locate a qualified independent American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning dealer, visit www. Courtesy of ARAcontent


Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

Paid for by the Committee to elect Russell Betts I.D.1317810




r e b em t p e S 15th

Former DHS Mayor Matt Weyuker

BY MATT WEYUKER Labor Day has come and gone, the signal for local election campaigns to be underway. There are two candidates for Desert Hot Springs mayor – incumbent Mayor Yvonne Parks and Councilman Russell Betts – while four are running for two council seats – incumbents Scott Matas and Jan Pye, who are facing challenges by Robert Bentley and Russ Martin. Mission Springs Water District board members Randy Duncan and Nancy Wright will face opposition from hotelier Jeff Bowman and longtime activist Dick Cromwell. Stay informed by attending the candidate’s forum. I think that before any of us cast a vote for the DHS nominees, we should be asking them a few questions. Some that come to mind are these: How do you propose to reduce the inordinate number of ex-cons that were admitted by City Manager Daniels and Police Chief Williams to be over 400? How do you propose to reduce the exceedingly high crime rate of over 2,000 felonies in 2007? How do you propose to reduce the runaway RDA expenditures and other City Hall wasteful spending, in the face of 18.5% city unemployment and a foreclosure rate of over 7%, twice the state average? The water board problems are somewhat different – but nonetheless

important to its ratepayers. These candidates should be queried with these issues: How do you propose that the district do a more prudent job of living within its means, instead of heaping higher charges on its overburdened ratepayers? How do you propose to have the district keep up with the growing demand for improved sewer services? How do you propose to maintain the high quality of MSWD water, when environmental and/ or new growth demands may diminish its excellence? On another subject – that of government run health care. As I’ve been trying to point out in recent months, our federal government is $trillions in debt and amassing record-breaking deficits, Social Security is broke, Medicare and Medicaid are broke, (with $trillions in unfunded mandates), the Post Office and Amtrak are broke, our nation’s unemployment level is reaching a “Carteresque” 10%, and the economy is in shambles! If Congress and the President add 47 million “uninsureds,” including 13 million “illegals” (see section 152, page 50) to our healthcare system, it will wreck it! There’s no way the “England-Canada” socialized medicine plan that Obama is promoting will not impose massive medical care rationing upon millions of Americans.

Lastly, HR-3200, the major “healthcare reform” bill that’s moving UNREAD thru the Congress, is fraught with problems. As many of you know, I spent 33-years reading and/or having legislation introduced – the last 23 years in healthcare. In section 1233 located on pages 424 to 434, “End of Life” provisions are MANDATED! It’s not a case of one seeking an opinion from a doctor about one’s health status and a “living will,” with the doctor being paid for their advice – it’s a MANDATORY provision in the bill stipulating that a hospitalized person MUST ask a physician about one’s “End of Life,” (see page 425, lines 4-12, and 1719) – and stipulates government control of “ Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney.” This President doesn’t get it. 52% of all Americans DISAPPROVE of the way Obama’s handling healthcare. In the 8-months that he has been President, Barack Hussein Obama’s approval rating has plummeted to a new low. Just how much longer does Obama think he can bamboozle us with his “Chicago-style” of oppressive “political leadership?”


Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the relevant contributors.

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Desert Local News • September 15, 2009




Specializing in: Neck & Back Pain Auto & Work Injuries X-Ray Facilities Available

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aving been the former Mayor of the City of Desert Hot Springs, and being a longtime real estate broker, few can better express the uniqueness of the City of Desert Hot Springs and Coachella Valley at large and articulate the full brightness of its’ socio-economic and political future to an investor/developer.

Yes! Investment opportunities do still exist, even in today’s volatile marketplace. Entrepreneurship is the key to success! One has to create ones own economic recovery “stimulus plan and implement it with extreme prejudice!” Alex W. Bias Broker/Owner Former Mayor of Desert Hot Springs

Need local help implementing your “stimulus plan”, I might be the land acquisition, development, sales Consultant you need. If you know what you want, I can help you get it!

Let me turn local “red tape” into “red carpet

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Desert Local News • September 15, 2009

   

               

                        

Desert Local News • September 15, 2009


  



    

       

  



Desert Local News • September 15, 2009


Overnight 2 Day 3 Day Ground International


Business Cards New ~ Banners New ~ Magnet Signs New ~ Color Posters Brochures Letterhead Newsletters Envelopes Folding Hole Punching NCR Printing Fliers Name Tags Vinyl Lettering


Black & White Color Folding Hole Punching Stapling Collating Booklet

Located in the VONS Shopping Center 14080 Palm Drive Ste D Desert Hot Springs Phone (760) 329-2309 Fax (760) 329-2939 May - September Office for Monthly Rent - $375.00 per month


Fully Furnished includes Electric and DSL

Office w/ Reception area for Monthly Rent Fully Furnished includes Electric and DSL -

$550.00 per month Office for Hourly Rent - $15.00 per hour

New Services

Need to have a meeting and no space, rent per hour a professional office

Conference Room for Rent - $20.00 per hour includes seating for 8 to 15 comfortably, PowerPoint & DVD capabilities, white board, coffee machine, snack table


Personal Business Corporate Virtual Mail Forwarding Physical Address Mail Check ™

Fax Packing Notary

Private Mailbox Rentals 24 Hour Access ~ Personal - Business - Corporate ~ Mail Forwarding 3 month, 6 Month & 12 Month Agreements Available

Personal Size 3 Months $39.00 per Month 6 Months $72.00 per Month - 1 Month Free* 3 Months $132.00 per Month - 2 Months Free* Free Months added to end of contract, only available on initial set up

Business and Corporate Size Pricing Available Upon Request

Desert Local News Sept. 15, 2009  

Desert Hot Springs Candidates Forum, Morongo Casino, Spotlight 29