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October 3, 2010 Issue 39

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MORONGO CASINO There was a gathering of Nations for the 20th Annual Thunder and Lightening Powwow at Morongo Casino Resort in Cabazon, near Palm Springs, California. Even in the scorching desert heat, the climate-controlled Pavilion grandstands were packed with spectators, families and friends who all were there to witness this most colorful and poignant event. Generous cash prizes were awarded in numerous classifications of song, dance, games and drum circles. Photo by Allen Lawrence

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October 9Th 2010

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Desert Local News October 3, 2010

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Organizing To

Go Green


Energy, LTD.

By: Alicia Rockmore and Sarah Welch It seems like everybody is talking about going green these days. Whether you turn on Oprah, flip open your favorite magazine, or eavesdrop at your local coffee house, everyone seems to be in on the green revolution. There are so many different ways to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into your family’s daily life. Whether you turn off the faucet while brushing your teeth, collect soda cans for recycling, or bike into town instead of driving, all of these little steps really make a difference in our world. Of course, like anything, there are the over-achievers. Those who compost their own garbage, grow all of their own food (and make their own yogurt), heat and light their homes through solar energy, and even craft new items from their recyclables are certainly the rock stars of the environmental movement, but what about the rest of us? We can’t all be overachievers, so is it still worth it if you can’t do everything? The simple answer is yes. Don’t let intimidation scare you away from greening your ways. Organizing yourself to take some simple steps can really make a big difference, and you’ll be surprised by how easy it is to incorporate new eco-conscious ways into your lifestyle without even noticing the difference.

1. Start Small. There isn’t just one way to be green, so before you start trying to overhaul everything, remember that every little bit counts. Also remember that no one is keeping tabs, so if you pack your lunch in reusable containers but can’t give up your regular light bulbs, don’t beat yourself up over it.

2. Bad Habits Rule.


(L-R) Rancho Mirage Mayor Richard W. Kite presents a plaque of appreciation to Dr. Charles Monell for his outstanding service as Chair of the City’s Library Advisory Commission 2009-10 his service in Library planning, and his role in founding the Library.

Wind Is Our Friend

No, we don’t mean that your bad habits are cool or that you should embrace them. Instead, get in touch with yourself and figure out where you are the worst offender. Are you addicted to paper towels, always using five or six when really one or two could still do the job? Opt for White Cloud Green Earth paper towels (visit for a $1.00 off coupon). Do you have a six-pack-a-day water bottle habit? Buy a reusable bottle and refill it throughout the day (visit for a review of different reusable water bottles). Start by curbing your worst habit (or habits) first - you’ll make the biggest impact that way.

3. One Man’s Garbage is another Man’s Treasure. Ok, it’s unlikely that your used US Weekly will suddenly morph into the latest “it” dress, but recycling magazines, catalogs, and junk mail are a great way to get in on the green

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Organizing To Go Green Continued from Page 3

Start a New Economic Engine By: Scott F Paradis

bandwagon. Better yet, go online to http:// and control which catalogs you receive or call the companies that send catalogs that you no longer want and tell them to remove you from their lists.

4. Become a Bag Lady. You know that tote from your husband’s conference in Florida three years ago? Give it a new life or buy reusable totes (they even have nifty freezer ones) from your favorite store and use them instead of plastic shopping bags. Store them in your trunk so you are always armed in case you make an unplanned pit stop. Stepped inside the store without them? Think of the walk back to your car as a free two minutes of exercise.

5. Shop Locally. Hit up your area farmers market. It not only helps local farmers in need of business and gives you a chance to enjoy fresh organic produce, but it also reduces traffic, smog, and all kinds of other pesky disturbances that come from trucking food from across the country.

6. Get the Kids In On It. Start by explaining why it’s important to take little steps toward helping the Earth and the kids will be more than happy to join in. You can get them involved by doing everything from packing their lunches in reusable containers (instead of plastic baggies), signing up to help a local group clean up a park or beach, or even by planting a vegetable garden in your backyard. Just remember to make it fun! About The Author Buttoned Up is dedicated to helping stretched & stressed women get organized. Co-founders Alicia Rockmore & Sarah Welch team up with a group of Gurus to give you tips & products for all your messy, stressed needs & introduce “imperfect organization.” Visit http://www. to see which Guru matches your style & get info on Everyday Life, Life Essentials & Life Events 4

Is the prosperity motor idling, anticipating some double clutching to shift back into gear, or have the pistons seized requiring us to undertake a massive overhaul of our economic engine?

porations and state and federal governments plumb new depths - borrowing from foreign powers to sustain untenable entitlement growth, fuel a culture of consumption and finance foreign wars.

On the one hand the markets are rallying, companies are earning record profits while sitting on nearly two trillion dollars in cash. Ninety percent of people who want to work have a job. Nearly eighty-six percent of Americans live above the poverty line. Eighty-three percent of Americans are covered by health insurance. Household income is up seven percent amongst our oldest citizens - those over 65 years of age. The top one percent of earners are accumulating wealth at unprecedented rates, amassing fortunes the likes of which have not been seen since the blossoming of the industrial age.

It seems from this latter perspective our economy still remains stalled.

Looked at this way, the evidence suggests the economy is on the rebound - the economic engine is rumbling to life. However, there is another perspective. Household income is falling for every age group, except those over 65 - the median annual household income is hovering below $50,000.00 and has not increased in inflation adjusted dollars in decades. The number of Americans without health insurance has reached an all-time high of over fifty million men, women and children. Over forty-three million mothers, fathers, sons and daughters live in poverty. Tens of millions are unemployed, while millions more have given up looking for gainful employment altogether. Families are struggling with record levels of personal debt while cor-

We have had lots of tinkering under the hood - financial bailouts, corporate bailouts, a massive stimulus package and the loosest monetary policy possible. The master mechanics cannot seem to clearly diagnose the problem nor can they determine a viable way to reignite the engine. Though the motor may not have completely seized, the reality is - the economic engine is idle. We are broken down at a crossroads. The choices before us are to repair the motor as best we can and attempt to squeeze every last gasp of performance out of the dated design, or we can begin anew and rethink and retool the engine that drives prosperity - rebuild the economy from the ground up. A new design is needed for America to return to prosperity. It is time to reengineer our economic engine to perform better - to produce results for more people with greater efficiency and increased effectiveness. Oil, consumerism, and finance are spent fuels. We need to realign our priorities and slow down. We must envision a new future - dream a grander dream. We must test and challenge ourselves to achieve greatness. Success is not a spectator sport. Do your part, contribute to the redesign - start your engine.

About The Author Scott F. Paradis, author of “Promise and Potential: A Life of Wisdom, Courage, Strength and Will” publishes “Insights” and a free weekly ezine, “Money, Power and the True Path to Prosperity”. Subscribe now at Desert Local News October 3, 2010

By Lisa Robyn Lawrence Photographs by Allen Lawrence There was a gathering of Nations for the 20th Annual Thunder and Lightening Powwow at Morongo Casino Resort in Cabazon, near Palm Springs, California. Even in the scorching desert heat, the climate-controlled Pavilion grandstands were packed with spectators, families and friends who all were there to witness this most colorful and poignant event. Generous cash prizes were awarded in numerous classifications of song, dance, games and drum circles. A powwow was originally an event that took place in the spring to welcome all the new beginnings of life, to dance, sing, gamble and feast. As powwows continued and the Native American tribes from the East were pushed West, powwows also became a time that brought many tribes together to share customs, culture and also introduce the young people to each other with hopes of courting to ensue. This ultimately created marriages and even some nonaggression agreements between clans or tribes through these marriages. Nonetheless, Powwow was always a time of gathering in celebration. There were 10 competitive classes by age groups and gender for Bird Singers. Morongo boasts the largest Bird Singing competition in the United States. Dance classifications were divided into 13 groups by age and gender. Their pride

was evident by the majestic, handcrafted and uniquely colorful regalia, donned as well as the straight and tall posture of the dancers proudly sharing and celebrating their heritage. Peon games were divided into four age and gender groups. Drum categories were divided into four groups, Northern Straight, Northern, Southern and Drum Split. There were also “intertribal� dances announced where everyone, even visitors, were invited to participate. At the conclusion, the winners of the various competition groups were announced and presented with a large cash prize. Many Native Americans travel and compete in the Powwow circuit throughout the United States including Hawaii, as a profession and main source of income. Much time and resources are invested in the cultural dance, regalia, drums, drum circles, singing technique and even Peon games. Powwow is where their mastery is showcased. Each day of Powwow commenced with a color guard marching in, followed by an invocation. Then the grand entrance commenced where all participants displayed their talent and regalia. This was an event everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. Most people who have been to a Powwow love to go again and again, it is captivating and inspirational.

Desert Local News October 3, 2010



Desert Local News October 3, 2010


It’s the By Vicki Lawson

Desert Hot Springs!

EDITORIAL- The character of Linus Van Pelt from Charles M. Schultz’s iconic Peanuts comic and cartoon series was known to act rather peculiar during a certain time of the year- Halloween. For unknown reasons, his imagination leads him to believe in a “Great Pumpkin” that flies from pumpkin patches all over the world to bring toys to children the same way Santa Claus did every Christmas. Of course, his peers like his sister Lucy and friend Charlie Brown knew better and didn’t buy any of his nonsense. However, Linus does convince Sally, the little girl next door that this so-called “Great Pumpkin” is for real. So he and her sit in the neighborhood pumpkin patch waiting for this fictional gift-giver to arrive. Midnight comes and no sign of anyone. Linus curses the Great Pumpkin for not coming, yet hangs on to the belief that he will come again next year on Halloween. Here in the city of Desert Hot Springs, the Community and Cultural Affairs Commission has brought their own Great Pumpkin to the platformthe long promised Wellness and World Music Festival. For a long time, the commission members have been wanting to bring to the Spa City a venue equal to Indio’s Stagecoach and CoachellaFest, which bring hundreds of thousands of people and millions of dollars into their local economy through tax revenue and sales. In September of 2009, the City Council agrees to fund Tresed Ventures $250,000 to get the ball rolling and get the hopes of the city’s citizens up. Promises were made that by at least August 2010 that tickets for the festival would begin sales through Ticketmaster. August came and went. Desert Local News, the Desert Valley Star and

Great Pumpkin, Friends of Desert Hot Springs kept keeping track of things and suddenly, the first meeting of September, City Manager Rick Daniels bears the bad news- No festival coming yet. At least not until Spring. So our very own Leslie Andrews investigates by visiting Daniels the following day. He assured her that a festival will come, however a date has yet to be picked out. Plus, he also told her that the contracts allow for rescheduling. Even local station KESQ Channel 3 (the Palm Springs/Yucca Valley ABC affiliate) had their suspicions when their reporter did some checking of the local hotels and found out that nobody even bothered to make reservations for that particular weekend of the promised festival. Like all other media in the desert, reporters were given the Men In Black answer- “nothing to see here, nothing to report” and basically they had the big mind-blanking light flashed in their eyes. To date, nobody has been informed of how exactly the $250,000 was spent. We did a search on Tresed Ventures and Tony Clarke online through search engines. No website for Tresed Ventures ever came up, other than the front for the music festival that never was. Two people named Tony Clarke who were involved in music did show up- both men deceased. A popular R&B/Funk musician with that name died in 1970 and an English rock producer with the echoed name died in 2010. Leads many to wonder what’s really happening. The other party, Baruch-Gayton Entertainment appears to be a legitimate company who have provided Desert Local News with some information, still so limited at the current time, declining to comment to any reporters the day the Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Music Festival Delay was announced other than what was stated on the Public Comments forum at the City Hall. Friends of Desert Hot Springs and The Desert Valley Star have already announced that the festival was cancelled. FODHS cited “a prediction”. City Manager Rick Daniels was kind enough to divulge some information to Desert Local News, yet interestingly enough, his contract with the city was expiring and as talks were on the table to sign him on for five more years at least, he disappears. Daniels later admits to the Desert Sun that he is in voluntary rehab for alcohol addiction and the City temporarily agrees to a three-month extension of his contract until a finalized version is complete. No city council members will comment any further on Daniels’ status other than a few niceties. A few nameless individuals have informed Leslie Andrews and other Desert Local News staff their concerns that range from “when will this happen?” or some giving up hope altogether that a music festival would ever take place. Was the Wellness and World Music Festival just another Great Pumpkin for Desert Hot Springs? Long before Daniels announced that the planned show will be delayed until a date uncertain, some citizens have thought so. All we want is the truth. About the Author Vicki Lawson is a regular contributor to Desert Local News and Behind The Lid, a forthcoming publication/website that focuses on in-depth topics involving everyday issues in the Coachella Valley and in the Morongo Basin. 7

If Bill Collectors are threatening, get a Debt Relief Lawyer

By: Nick Messe

Being in debt is a stressful situation for anyone to endure. Whatever the cause of your financial problems, the added agony of harassing bill collectors makes the problem even worse. Finding yourself cringing every time that the telephone rings creates an atmosphere in your home that is not conducive to your overall well being. If this is happening in your life, it is time to call a debt relief lawyer. Getting out of debt and retaking control of your finances becomes much easier when you receive assistance form an attorney. Trained to negotiate with creditors and find the best avenue for you to control your debt, a bankruptcy attorney is the answer to your problems. A skilled attorney has the ability to immediately stop the harassing phone calls. They can encourage settlements with your various debt holders. They can help you file bankruptcy if it is the right thing for you to do. A bankruptcy attorney can help you reclaim your peace of mind when it comes to debt. They can guide you toward eradicating all the problems you have with your finances and creating a new and brighter future. An attorney specializing in debt relief can answer all your bankruptcy questions. Bankruptcy is not the end of the world for you or your credit file. It is however, the end to all those menacing calls and threatening letters for the bill collectors. It is a way to take control

away from the creditors and place it back into your own hands. Bankruptcy is a chance to start over again. It provides you a way to erase your past mistakes and begin anew. Bankruptcy lawyers know and understand all the laws associated with credit and credit reporting. Their vast knowledge of debt and debt related issues will guarantee that you receive the best representation before your creditors or the court. A bankruptcy attorney can negotiate with your creditors and the court to ensure that you leave the proceedings with a clean slate. Even those filing a reorganization bankruptcy will find that the assistance given to them by a lawyer will guide them to a financially secure future. It is all about taking control. Once you have control you must keep it. When you talk to a bankruptcy attorney, ask questions about how to remain out of debt and boost your credit ratings. These debt specialists are knowledgeable and helpful and will guide you along the correct path. Financial security does not come easily to anyone. It is something that must be worked for and gained through trial and experience. Debt relief is possible for anyone that wants to plan a more secure future for themselves and their families. Usually, it is only a phone call away.

About The Author At Legal Atlanta we provide immediate assistance with bankruptcy. We are Atlanta Georgia bankruptcy lawyers, Athens Georgia bankruptcy lawyers, and Conyers Georgia bankruptcy lawyers. If you are being harassed by creditors we can have the harassment stopped almost immediately. Call us at 404-559-1121 - http://


Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Change clothes: Transitioning your wardrobe to fit the season Staff There are some considerations to make when keeping your off-season clothes in a garage, basement or attic, but with a little advice from an expert, storing is a snap. According to Barry Izsak, organizing expert and former president of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO), most people do not properly store their off-season wardrobe by remembering to protect against insects and rodents. To organize your closet and successfully transition your wardrobe, simply follow these quick tips from Izsak:

Before storing: * Determine if a piece is worth storing by asking: “Does it still fit?” “Do I still wear it?” “Do I still need it?” “Do I still love it?”

Then: * Take an inventory to log what you have, as well as what you need. Bring this list to any off-season sales.

Remember: * Do not store clothing in dry-cleaner bags, as the plastic does not allow the fabric to breathe and can yellow clothes over time. * Use Ortho Home Defense Max Perimeter and Indoor Insect Killer along the perimeter of your storage areas to keep bugs out. * Use mouse bait stations to protect your belongings from possible mouse infestations. For more helpful organizing tips from Barry Izsak, visit Courtesy ARA Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Fully Air Conditioned Salon • Open 7 days

Hair Salon

Women’s,Men’s and Children’s Hair Cuts, Facials,Updo’s,Highlights,Wax, Shampoo Set,Hair Color & Touch-up.


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12106-APalm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA (Next to Thai Palm Restaurant)

Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Cover Girls:

How the Media Influences Teen Self-Image By: Rachelle Salinger You don’t have to look very far to see image after image of flawless, statuesque, unblemished, and usually very skinny women wearing the hottest trends in clothes, shoes and hair accessories. They’re plastered all over the magazines. This may seem harmless, but did you know that these images of can be very powerful in influencing your daughter’s self-image?

the most accessible images. Oftentimes, it’s magazines that they turn to. Recent studies on adolescent psychology have found that these media images may be negatively affecting how teens perceive themselves. In one study, 70% of teen girls agreed that magazines strongly influenced their opinion of what was the ideal body type. Knowing that they cannot compare to such unrealistic standards, many teens end up feeling inadequate and frustrated, and this can eventually lead to depression.

A lot of magazines, particularly the ones made for teenagers, are filled with features about how to look good and about what society generally accepts as “beautiful.” Three things about these magazines can affect young girls’ body image:

It’s not just true for girls. Research is beginning to show that teen boys are affected by the images they see in the media as well. A survey on high school and college students revealed that both genders generally felt worse about their own bodies after reading fashion, sports, health and fitness magazines.

• Articles on appearance (usually about how to apply makeup, how to dress for particular places and occasions, and how to look like your favorite celebrity) usually mention the latest trends in fashion. For example, celebrities are currently crazy about headbands with dainty, sophisticated details, and most celebrity features have photos of them wearing this new fashion staple. • Advertisements, usually for beauty and hair products, which feature women who appear underweight. • Photos that are usually altered so that wrinkles, fat, pores and other “undesirable” qualities will disappear. Being a teenager is a lot more work than it seems. It is a very confusing period filled with changes and challenges, and teens are confronting them on their own for the very first time. It is also the quintessential period where an individual feels the need to “belong” and to be “accepted”. Teenagers, in their search for self, tend to latch on and emulate

While we as parents may not be able to stop the proliferation of unrealistic images in the media today, we can help guide our children towards a healthier, more positive self-image. It is important to be a good role model. It will be hard to teach them that they are wonderful just the way they are if they see that we dislike our own bodies. It is also very beneficial to make them realize that there is so much more to a person than physical attributes. What’s inside counts, too. Let her know which qualities you love about her. It could be a simple thing, like the time she generously gave her entire baby hairclip collection to her younger sister, or how her cheerfulness is infectious and brings warmth to the house. If she knows that she is appreciated, she is more likely to feel positively about herself.

About The Author Rachelle Salinger is a freelance writer whose two passions in life are: family and fashion. This mother of two loves to stay on the loop of the latest trends in hair accessories and the best baby gifts in the market. She currently writes for No Slippy Hair Clippy, purveyor of the finest non-slip hair clips for girls of all ages. Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Five keys to smooth sales and bargain buys in a slow housing market Staff Not everyone who relocates has the luxury of doing it when school is out and the yard looks beautiful. If you’re forced to sell your house and/or buy a new one outside peak season, you might have to work a little harder and think creatively. Anyone who has bought or sold a home has heard the standard advice: Find a good agent, be aware of local home values, fix up the house you’re selling and research school districts and crime rates where you’re buying.

cause new listings tend to get the most attention from buyers,” says Brenda Wall, relocation director with ERA Colonial Real Estate in San Antonio, Texas. “Anything a seller can do to get their home ready to sell before putting it on the market would be helpful, including de-cluttering, cleaning, painting if needed and making the home look spacious and bright.” The Internet and social media have

“It’s all good advice, but it’s not always enough,” says Rich Novak, assistant vice president of Home Solutions, with USAA, a full-service financial services provider serving military personnel and their families. “Families who need to move quickly during a tough real estate market may need to go the extra mile to close a sale.” Keep these five themes in mind from the moment you start planning your next move: 1. Dig deeper: You probably already know to use neighboring home values as a comparison point for selling or buying. But in today’s market, some additional homework can pay off. If you need to sell quickly, for example, keep a close eye on what other houses are selling for in your neighborhood and stay ahead of the market by pricing yours lower. In the wake of the bursting real estate bubble, it’s also important to have a heightened awareness of foreclosures, both where you’re selling and buying. As unfair as it seems, any foreclosures on your street can put a dent in your home’s market value. And if foreclosures are still prevalent in the neighborhood you’re moving to, it could be a warning sign that values could continue to drop after you buy. 2. Be involved: Just because you’re working with a realtor doesn’t mean you can’t do some of your own legwork. “The first 10 days on the market are the most critical to selling a home be12

opened limitless new strategies to sell your home and find your next one. Try Craigslist, Facebook, Flickr, and YouTube. And don’t be shy, say real estate agents. When you’re selling, post pictures that show your home at its best and upload a narrated video tour - because that’s what you’d want to see as a buyer. At some real estate agencies, a video tour is becoming the new requirement for sellers. 3. Accept a helping hand: Take advantage of a wide range of services, beyond your local realtor’s, that could help you streamline the buying and selling process. Some cost money, such as home “staging” services that can help whip your house into selling shape. Others are free, such as relocation benefits offered by some employers, or the military’s Homeowners Assistance Program. One free service actually helps you while you are out and about looking for a place to live. For example, Home Circle from USAA provides free home search services on the Web and through an iPhone app that gives you access to the same comprehensive listing information real estate agents use, driving directions to the homes you’ve searched Desert Local News October 3, 2010

and organization of pictures taken to help you keep track of all the homes you’ve seen. Chances are you qualify for some type of assistance through an employer, the government, or an association you belong to - you just have to ask. 4. Get creative: Sometimes it takes out-of-the-box ideas to seal a deal. If you know that a potential buyer is wavering on whether to make an offer on your house, buck convention by making a “reverse offer,” where you try to win the sale with an attractive price. Sellers might also sweeten the pot with extra incentives. Money toward closing costs or prepaid homeowner’s dues are common buyer incentives, but why not set yourself apart by offering a free trip to a beach resort? If you’re the one buying but can’t find the perfect house, ask your agent to look up houses that were recently taken off the market. You might be able to request a “one-time showing” and get a bargain price on a house the owners thought they couldn’t sell. 5. Remain flexible: According to the experts, buyers and sellers should keep their pride in check and be willing to make some concessions, especially in a tough market. That means not haggling over minor repairs or refusing to leave behind the chandelier your potential buyer loves. Factor in the cost of keeping up your home for several more months versus just accepting a lower selling price today. “Always think in terms of the bigger picture. Don’t lose a deal over $500,” says Jodi Van Wagner, a Coldwell Banker agent in the Pensacola, Fla., area. Even in the most sluggish real estate market, an early start and an open mind are two of the best strategies to make your next move go smoothly. Courtesy of ARAcontent

How to create versatile living spaces for today’s ever-changing families entryway that won’t inhibit wheelchairs, walkers or foot traffic. Whether it’s a play room for the kids or living quarters for an elderly relative, a pocket door’s bottom track can be recessed in the floor for easy navigation through the entryway.

By Staff With the active and bustling lifestyle families lead, it is no surprise that they frequently change the way they interact with, and in, their living spaces. Different stages of life call for different living spaces. Most homes are not equipped to offer this versatility. Outfitted with traditional swinging doors that squander space, standardwidth doorways offer limited accessibility and restrictive living areas. According to a survey on homeowner and home buyer priorities, the ideal home readily adapts to a family’s changing room space requirements. For example, the addition, growth and departure of children or elderly relatives create significant demand for flexible floor plans. To make the most of your home, adding new door solutions like Johnson Hardware’s ingenious Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware can help you optimize existing square footage. A home that is able to evolve with ever-changing families has functionality at the forefront of its design. Johnson’s Multi-Pass Pocket Door application enables up to three 300-pound doors to glide effortlessly into the inside of the wall. Since pocket doors do not swing open or closed, you can reclaim floor space consumed by traditional hinged doors.

With standard Multi-Pass Pocket Door Hardware, you can create up to 12 foot wide doorways, or wider openings with longer custom tracks. Reveal large open areas when the pocket doors slide back inside the wall. Now you have an expansive space for guests to socialize and mingle, an area perfect for family game night or a safe, open area for children to play. Pull the doors shut and the large space quickly transforms into two cozy and more private settings. Sliding the doors closed allows you to easily create an intimate home theater to watch the latest movie or a comfy, peaceful nook to catch up on your reading. Multi-Pass Pocket Doors give you a level of versatility that standard doors and entryways cannot mimic. To ensure safe, jump-proof operation, choose hardware that is manufactured and tested to exceed ANSI standards and backed with a lifetime guarantee. If your home needs some updates to accommodate your family’s lifestyle, it’s easier than ever to make relatively small changes that will have a big impact. For more information, contact Johnson Hardware at 2100 Sterling Ave., Elkhart, Ind. 46516; call (800) 837-5664 or visit

Debbie McGowan


Make high traffic areas of your home more accessible with a large Desert Local News October 3, 2010






From Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa to Puccini’s operas, many of the world’s most revered masterpieces were created in and inspired by Italy, including delicious Italian cuisine. Italians celebrate an artisanal philosophy of food, taking simple, healthful ingredients and artfully combining them to create an extraordinary meal. At Casa Buitoni, nestled deep in the heart of Tuscany, Italian chefs are inspired everyday by the abundant fields of wheat, tomatoes, vegetables, olives, and herbs that surround them. They see food as an art form, combining simple, all-natural ingredients with passion and creativity. Premium meals, pastas and sauces crafted at Casa Buitoni feature deliciously authentic Italian ingredients, like sweet Italian sausage, custom Impastata Ricotta cheese, vine-ripened tomatoes, and freshroasted garlic. To enjoy a masterfully prepared Italian meal in the comfort of your own home, simply pair refrigerated Riserva pasta or new premium frozen BUITONI® Riserva meals for two with a salad and favorite bottle of wine for an easy, yet extaordinary Italian dinner. For more simple and delicious recipes and dining tips, visit Buon Appetito!

Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti with Pesto, Asparagus & Green Beans Prep Time: 5 mins • Cook Time: 10 mins

1 1 1 1/4 1

package (9 ounces) BUITONI Riserva Refrigerated All Natural Quattro Formaggi Agnolotti cup (2-inch pieces) sliced fresh asparagus tips cup (2-inch pieces) sliced fresh French green beans cup BUITONI Refrigerated All Natural Pesto with Basil tablespoon fresh lemon juice Ground black pepper to taste 1 tablespoon pine nuts, toasted BUITONI Refrigerated Freshly Shredded Parmesan Cheese PREPARE pasta according to package directions, cooking asparagus and green beans with pasta during entire cook time. Drain; place in large serving bowl. Add pesto and lemon juice; toss gently to coat. Season with pepper; sprinkle with pine nuts. Serve with cheese.

Balsamic Mixed Greens with Wild Mushroom Agnolotti Prep Time: 15 mins


package (9 ounces) BUITONI Riserva Refrigerated All Natural Wild Mushroom Agnolotti , prepared according to package directions 3 cups mixed salad greens 2 tablespoons light balsamic vinaigrette Fresh ground black pepper TOSS mixed greens and vinaigrette together. Divide prepared pasta between plates; top with greens. Season with pepper.



• Create with Confidence. Use quality and all-natural ingredients when preparing your culinary masterpieces. To find some inspiration, try exciting flavor combinations like new frozen BUITONI® Riserva Braised Beef and Sausage Ravioli or refrigerated Riserva Wild Mushroom Agnolotti. • Avoid Symmetry. Place arrangements off-center and don't aim for any perfect shapes. Think of it as an abstract painting, full of free-form shapes that complement each other. • Make the Plate Your Masterpiece. Put a little care into how you arrange a plate to transform a meal into a masterpiece. White space is good – it focuses the eye on the spot where the color is and acts as a visual garnish.


Grilled Chicken and Spinach Cannelloni Our freshly-made semolina flour cannelloni is filled with grilled natural white meat chicken, spinach and custom Impastata Ricotta, Fontina, aged Parmesan, imported Pecorino Romano and Asiago cheeses. All that baked together and topped with a decadent Alfredo sauce. Sit down and savor. Garnish & Plating Suggestions: Sprinkle with shaved Asiago and fried sage leaves Side Pairings: Roman style sautéed artichokes Wine Pairings: Orvieto Classico, the quintessential white wine from Tuscany. If you prefer a red wine, go with a Sicilian Nero d’Avola. Dessert Pairings: Zabaglione, a traditional Italian custard dessert, with strawberries.

Recipes and photos courtesy of BUITONI®

DISCOVER OUR ITALIAN MASTERPIECES CONTEST Chefs are inspired every day at Casa Buitoni to create extraordinary Italian meals. What inspires you to be creative in the kitchen when preparing and enjoying Italian cuisine? Visit promotions going on now. No purchase necessary to enter or win. Contest starts 9:00 a.m. ET 9/15/10 and ends 11:59 p.m. ET 12/31/10. Contest is open to legal residents of the fifty (50) United States and Washington D.C., who are twenty-one (21) years of age or older at the time of entry. Travel dates are limited. See official rules for exact dates and full details at Void where prohibited. BUITONI® is a registered trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé S.A., Vevey, Switzerland.

Desert Local News October 3, 2010


WhyÊ YourÊ HusbandÊ Needs By: Kristin Alexander

In the marriage relationship, as in life, it should be obvious that men and women are very different in how they communicate. To rekindle a marriage, it is usually the woman who feels motivated and is willing to step out on a limb and shake things up. No need to complain about it, that’s just how it is. We all know that a healthy marriage includes sex, and if your man has his way, that means lots of sex! If women really understood their men, they would see that although sex is very important to men physically, it is also important to them for other reasons as well. It is their main way of bonding with the person they love, both physically and emotionally, because verbal communication is so difficult for most men. So to fix relationship problems, sex is an important place to start. One thing to get very clear about is that when a man forms an intense trusting sexual bond with a woman he becomes emotionally dependent on her. Even though he won’t say it, this means the world to him. To use it against him out of anger or frustration can only severely damage your relationship. I know what you’re thinking...”I do EVERYTHING! I take care of the kids, the house, the bills, the cooking and THEN he wants to have sex!” I get it. It’s overwhelming. But there is a way to change it and have your needs met as well, and it’s not as hard as you think...Just a shift in perception can change everything in a marriage...

everything. Looking at your husband and his actions from a different perspective can show you things you may have never noticed. Nagging, crying, fighting doesn’t work, why not try something that absolutely does? Creating a happier marriage or possibly even saving it is worth it! We somehow lost site of how different men and women really are by trying so hard to make everyone “equal”. Well, we are equal, but we also respond to everything differently and the real magic happens when we accept and respect that about each other. Yes, men are simple creatures but that doesn’t make them lesser, just different. This fact makes it an easy thing to restart your marriage. You just have to be willing! Women who will put aside their hurt feelings and justifications about what is wrong with their men and instead seek to develop a strong bond with their husbands, by understanding how they think, will find they have happier more fulfilling marriages than they could have ever dreamed possible. Approval and understanding are magic when it comes to relationships! Don’t wait for him to do it! Take charge and he will become so emotionally connected to you that he will do everything and anything in his power to keep you happy. Because we all know “If Mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

About The Author Kristin Alexander is a wife, mother, writer and works in marketing. Visit to learn more about how to bring love and passion back to your marriage. “What Husbands Can’t Resist” is an innovative blueprint to creating a wonderfully happy marriage and partnership for both husband and wife. Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Theatre Review by Jack Lyons


Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Dostoevsky’s ‘Notes From Underground’ Russian Angst Surfaces From Underground

Review by Palm Springs Guides Theatre & Cinema Critic/Reviewer Jack Lyons Photos by Joan Marcus No one in life suffers like characters from Russian novels. The suffering is heavily weighted with angst, guilt and is usually accompanied by a constant seeking for redemption; all the while asking for understanding, forgiveness and release from their tortured situations-whether real or imagined. In the case of “Notes From Underground” by Fyodor Dostoevsky, which just opened at the Sheila and Hughes Potiker Theatre at The La Jolla Playhouse, lovers of Russian literature and its history shouldn’t be too disappointed — worn-out perhaps — but not too disappointed, unless that is you disagree with Director Robert Woodruff, who obviously has made choices concerning content and presentation style.

society, as well as reality. Camp, as the Man, constantly rails at the audience, in his marathon-monologue, about the evils of Western philosophy, the growing influence of women in the world, religion and a host of other fringe-held beliefs (beliefs that sound uncomfortably familiar today. I guess we haven’t come as far as I thought). He poses questions and then answers them himself. In short, the problems of the world, as he sees it, come down to and are underscored by, the timeless battle of “man verses woman” for supremacy in ruling our civilizations. I don’t think I have to

in the form a brutal rape by The Man. Janson, a stunning brunette with a porcelain complexion, projects a visual image of vulnerability, desire, sadness and resignation through her expressive blue eyes. She reminded me of the Akira Kurosawa female character The Woman in his 1950 motion picture masterpiece “Roshoman.” Where Kurosawa gave his audience multiple POVs, Woodruff offers an on-stage, hand-held camera used by Camp, affording his audience two choices and angles from which to follow the play’s action. It’s an interesting and bold approach for a

Dostoevsky can be heavy sledding when it comes to making a point. Americans are generally impatient theatergoers, and the Russian school of theater is infamous for its glacial pacing and timing. In the plays of Chekov, for example, ennui reigns supreme. In “Notes,” the production’s length is listed in the program as 90 minutes with no intermission. Opening night ran 115 minutes. A little tightening might be in order to bring the play down to its listed performance time. This “Notes” production, based on the 1864 Dostoevsky novella of the same name, is considered by many to be the world’s first existentialist literary work. The storyline, such as it is, is adapted by Bill Camp and Woodruff from a new translation by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky and deals with the rambling memories and recollections of a bitter, isolated character/ narrator referred to as The Man (played by Camp in a tour de force performance). The Man is a retired civil servant living in St. Petersburg who has lost all touch with

Bill Camp ~ Photos by Joan Marcus tell you what side “The Man” champions. Receiving the brunt of The Man’s self-loathing and vitriol is the character Liza — who is also a metaphor for “Mother Russia” — played by Merritt Janson, who endures the humiliation heaped upon her Desert Local News October 3, 2010

theatrical presentation. The Playhouse had better be on the alert concerning Janson. Hollywood producers and directors are constantly on the prowl for female actors of uncommon beauty who can act.

Continues on Page 19 17

Bill Camp as The Man ~Photos by Joan Marcus

Bill Camp and Merritt Janson ~Photos by Joan Marcus 18

Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Dostoevsky’s ‘Notes From Underground’ Continued from Page 17 Review by Jack Lyons The third actor in this three-person cast is Michael Attias who plays Apollon and doubles as a musician and an on-stage sound effects operator. The evening and the play, however, belong to Camp. His performance, as an unlikable and intellectually proud human being, is as spellbinding, as it is repellent. His 90-minute, nonstop diatribe, however, strangely resonates with the audience from time to time. Dostoevsky was an author who endured many traumatic experiences in life. He knew of poverty, death of family members including the devastating loss of his wife and brother, and a 5-year stint as a political prisoner in Siberia. It then follows that his creation also would be a conflicted person. Camp, the actor, so convincingly inhabits the persona of The Man, he risks becoming the actor forever associated with the role and oeuvre of Dostoevsky. Not a bad association for an actor. There’s also “Crime and Punishment” and “The Brothers Karamazov,” both rich with characters, just waiting to be played by Camp and directed by Woodruff. One of the perks of being a critic/reviewer is access to the actors and the creative team. At the Press Night opening of “Notes,” I had an opportunity to meet director Woodruff, actor Janson and Playhouse Artistic Director Christopher Ashley at the pre and post show gathering. Woodruff commented on how much he enjoyed directing the play. “ I have been lucky enough to spend a year with Dostoevsky,” quickly adding, ” I don’t mean literally. He died in 1881, but it was not a chore. For me, it was a pleasure.” Board of Trustees Chairman David Dolgen, also eloquently reinforced the mission statement of the Playhouse as being “a safe harbor for unsafe work.” The story may be disturbing to some, but no one can deny what Camp, Woodruff and their fellow creative artists have achieved with “Notes From Underground.” The production contains nudity, sexual situations, violence and strong language, and runs through Oct 17.

La Jolla Playhouse La Jolla, CA Sept. 17 - Oct. Oct. 17, 2010

DeDesert Local News October 3, 2010


October 2010

Desert Hot Springs Senior Center 11-777 West Dr. Desert Hot Springs, Ca. 92240 760-329-6411 Ext 212 Monday – Friday 8:00a-4:00p Monday 8:00a Wii 10:30a Arthritis Exercise $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation appreciated 1:30p Art Class October 11th Tuesday 8:00a Wii 8:00a Spanish Class 8:30a Chair Massage donations appreciated 9:00a Blood Pressure No Blood Pressure October 19th 9:30a Fun Singing 10:45a Tai Chi $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation appreciated 11:30 Hidden Harvest October 12th and 26th Free Fresh Produce 12:00p Pinochle 1:30p Piano Class October 12th Wednesday 8:00a Wii 8:00a Paralegal Services by appointment First and Second Wednesday of the month 9:00a Mahjong Chinese Tile Game 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation appreciated 10:00a Line Dancing 3:00p Acting Class October 13th Thursday 7:45a Tops 8:00a Wii 10:45a Tai Chi $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation appreciated 12:00p Pinochle no charge 1:00p- 3:00p The Stan Morton Quartet $5.00 Friday 8:00a Wii 10:30a Arthritis Exercise $2.00 members $3.00 nonmembers 11:30a Lunch $3.00 donation appreciated 12:00p Fun Singing 1:00p Knitting Group 5:30p-7:00p Ballroom Dancing Classes no charge  20

Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Torme’s Jazz Bar and Restaurant

Story and photos by Pat Krause

Torme’s Jazz Bar and Restaurant is the newest valley restaurant and live entertainment bar in Palm Springs. Live entertainment will be provided every night with different entertainers during the week. The restaurant is located at 360 North Palm Canyon Drive. Melissa Torme, daughter of the musical idol Mel Torme and her husband Ed Wald, a restaurateur and real estate developer, own the restaurant. Torme’s, with a grand opening on Thursday, Sept. 30, will be the only live music Jazz bar on Palm Canyon Drive. The restaurant is a tribute to Mel Torme. Wednesday evening, Sept. 29, was a pregrand opening with more than 100 invitation-only guests. An “A list” of celebrities were on hand to celebrate this big event. Many were friends or knew Mel Torme. Photos of Mel Torme line the walls of the restaurant. Celebrated icons included Carol Channing. Carol will receive a star on the Palm Springs Walk of Stars on Saturday, Oct. 2. Singers Jack Jones, Jerry Vale, Keely Smith, Trini Lopez, Bill Marx and Frankie Randall also attended. Other big names in show business included, Peter Marshall, Ann Walker and Monte Hall. The Palm Springs

Mayor Steve Pougnet and City Councilwoman Ginny Foat came to lend their support to this newest venture in Palm Springs. The evening started as guests arrived they were handed the new Velvet Fog drink named after Mel Torme, whose nickname was the “Velvet Fog.” The restaurant quickly filled with guests to the music of Pat Rizzo’s band with Mike Costley singing. Another singer, Kristi King of the restaurant entertainment, sang a few tunes. Jack Jones sang a belated “Happy Birthday” song along with the guests to birthday boy Jim Houston. Later, Jack Jones got on stage and belted out a couple tunes with Mike Costley to an excited audience. The entertainment will be nightly with Kristi King on Tuesday, Mike Costley on Wednesday and Thursday. Pat Rizzo and Dennis Michaels perform on Friday and Saturday and Kristi King and Ron Greenip on Sunday. This is a chance to see your favorite entertainer with dining. Torme’s Jazz Bar and Restaurant Palm Springs, California

Monte 22

Desert Local News October 3, 2010

Carol Channing, Peter Marshall and Melissa Torme ~Photos by Pat Krause

Hall and Trini Lopez

Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet speaks to the guests ~Photos by Pat Krause Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Berger Foundation Kicks-off Telethon with $25,000

FIND Food Bank Receives “Coachella Valley Spotlight” Presented by KPSP Local 2 and the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation Palm Desert, Calif. – In response to “Hunger Action Month,” the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation launched a KPSP Local 2 Telethon by presenting FIND (Food In Need of Distribution) Food Bank, with a $25,000 Coachella Valley Spotlight grant. “Lisa Houston, along with her dedicated team of staff and volunteers, makes a huge difference in the lives of Coachella Valley families every day,” said Ronald Auen, President of the H.N. and Frances C. Berger Foundation. “We are proud of the partnership and outreach our Foundation and KPSP are able to offer this deserving organization that touches so many in our community.” FIND Food Bank was incorporated in 1983. FIND provides food for more than 90 24

other non-profit agencies in the Coachella Valley. These agencies include emergency food pantries, soup kitchens, after school programs, senior centers and shelters. Many of these agencies are well-known in the area and include the Salvation Army, Boy’s and Girl’s Clubs, Martha’s Village & Kitchen, Shelter from the Storm, Coachella Valley Rescue Mission, Catholic Charities, USO, Well in the Desert and many faithbased organizations. These agencies receive food from FIND and in turn prepare meals, provide food and snacks for after school programs, emergency food boxes and take food to local shut-ins. FIND is on target to distribute more than eight (8) million pounds of food this calendar year. More than two (2) million pounds of that comes from local grocery Desert Local News October 3, 2010

stores. FIND is able to provide one meal for 14.3 cents, which means that for every dollar, FIND can provide seven meals. FIND serves an average of 80,000 individuals, of which 46-percent are children, a month through its 90+ agencies. “Showcasing FIND during Hunger Action Month on KPSP has been a wonderful way to serve the Valley,” said Don Perry, KPSP Local 2 Vice President and General Manager. “The Berger Foundation’s contribution will ensure that tens of thousands of meals will be served to people, in particular children, that otherwise would go hungry. It’s a powerful partnership, and we are proud participants.” The Hunger Action Month Telethon raised more than $63,000 for FIND.

The Bitch


and Another Silly Season!

By: Michael Knell

Well Darlings, Here we are again in the silly season - the party political conferences. Trying to commit suicide, the Lib Dems didn’t need a change in the law for assistance to that end, the media was out there, hanging on their every word and raised eyebrow, ready to plunge the knife in. Like it was open season, the big banks fired off a few shots too. Make no mistake about it, the banking industry does not work for the people, small businesses, or even the government, only for itself and the huge pay cheques, bonuses, and other benefits its upper echelons enjoy. Try to split it up and it’ll simply uproot, bankrupting the country as it moves abroad. With loans to small business and mortgages for home buyers become ever-scarcer, and possibly soon to be found only in a drawer marked “Nostalgia”, the Lib Dem Treasury spokesman, Lord Oakeshott, as if in some “Eureka!” moment, was reported as saying, “Britain’s big banks are too big too fail and too big to care what Britain’s government or people think. Investment bankers should not control our bank lending. It is the lifeblood of small busi-

ness and homebuyers and it’s slowed down to a trickle.” Hmm . . . I have to ask: where has this bloke been for the past two years? I mean, it’s not exactly news, is it? News would be: what plans he has to do about it! The Labour Party Conference looks to be another suicide pact. I cannot see all those names associated with so much that went wrong with the last administration being its salvation. The Miliband brothers, and Ed Balls - who is after the job of shadow chancellor, do nothing to instil confidence, do they? Masters in spin they may be, and able to grab (manipulate) the headlines, but I think the country expected more than that from Labour this time, and I wonder how the party faithful could have missed seeing this. Still, there is plenty of time for a knight on a white charger to emerge, and a change before the next General Election, I suppose. Of course, the Conservative Party Conference, held in Birmingham this year, will be the usual well orchestrated event. Not so much a conference as a jolly for the faithful, it has become like

the Last Night of the Proms - enjoyable (if you are a follower), but so predictable. No one passes wind here without first obtaining a ticket! What’s that? You want a ticket? Are you mad? You’ve more chance of finding rocking horse doo-doo! Finally, the headline telling me the Queen was refused a heating grant had me worried at first. I know times are hard, but I couldn’t believe Her Majesty was looking for the pensioners’ £300 annual handout! It turned out she was not. The story was all about a royal aide enquiring, in 2004, as to whether or not the Queen was eligible for part of a government’s £60m energy-saving fund. Anyway, it seems the request was met with a cool reception, and no doubt rightly so! The royal household is not alone in seeing its energy bills double, and you can take it from me: the country over, queens are donning extra clothing whenever it’s cold. Perhaps Ma’am should try the Oxfam shop in Drury Lane? It is quite close to the royal hovel, and extremely discreet.

About The Author

"The Bitch!" column, written by the author Michael Knell, appears on the Blackpool Gay Scene website http://www.astabgay. com weekly, though it is only rarely gay in content. Find out more about Michael and his published books at http://www. where there are also short stories to read, and a couple of disturbing novellas to download.

Desert Local News October 3, 2010


‘Preventing illness, before it happens!’ • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy • Chelation Vitamin Immune Drips • Holistic Gynecology

Neal Rouzier, M.D. Allen Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. Preventive Medicine Clinics of the Desert 2825 Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite B200 - Palm Springs, California

Call 760-320-4292 for Appointments 26

Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Gloria Allred

Should Be Disbarred By Nancy Morgan

Media hound Gloria Allred should be disbarred. Representing an illegal immigrant who is a former housekeeper of Meg Whitman, who just happens to be running for Governor of California, Ms. Allred has taken to the airwaves in a blatant, if not illegal attempt to tar Meg Whitman with the label of liar just ahead of the California gubernatorial election. Ms. Allred appeared with her client Nicky Diaz Santillan on national television yesterday to show what a big meanie Meg Whitman is. With tears dripping down her cheeks and a quavering voice, Santillan detailed how (Republican) Meg Whitman abused her. She was actually forced to drive a car and allegedly Whitman refused to pay her overtime. Allred actually referred to her client as a modern day Rosa Parks - willing to risk deportation in order to expose the various injustices perpetrated upon her. “Americans appreciate the huge risks she is taking” Allred said. Huh? Gloria Allred has informed the nation that her client has entered this country illegally and has used a stolen social security number in order to obtain employment. In essence, Gloria Allred has exposed her client to deportation and/or jail time. Other illegal immigrants who have gone public for various reasons have eventually ended up deported. No amount of spin can gloss over the legal jeopardy Allred has exposed her client to. And no amount of ginned up indignation can obscure the fact that Allred has sacrificed her client for her own agenda. Allred has manufactured a reputation

of being a ‘woman’s advocate.’ She envisions herself as a protector of all women against the patriarchal system of old white men. Her reputation is a direct result of accepting only those cases which will guarantee her publicity. No matter how frivolous. I know this from personal knowledge, having done business with Allred’s firm. Lost in the shuffle of bright lights and national face time is one inconvenient fact. As a lawyer, Gloria Allred is legally obligated to put her client’s interest ahead of her own. This she has not done.   In her quest for yet another 15 minutes of fame, Allred has thrown her client under the bus. That is both illegal and unethical. And shameful. Author and legal expert Mark Levin questioned Allred yesterday on his radio show. Allred was unwilling to answer the most basic questions regarding the case, trying instead to rebut Levin with emotion instead of facts. She got smacked down, big time.   Unlike the liberal media, Mark Levin was not swayed by Allred’s blatant attempt to turn her client into a cause celebre. Instead, Allred’s points were totally demolished. And she was exposed for what she is - an ageing progressive lawyer trying to reaffirm her ill-gotten reputation by using her own client to smear a conservative candidate. For shame. This case is not about Gloria’s client. It is about legal ethics and Allred’s huge ego.  By willingly placing a client in legal jeopardy in order to further her own political agenda, Gloria has broken the law. She should be disbarred. Immediately.

About the Author:

Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for conservative news site She lives in South Carolina Desert Local News October 3, 2010


Recycle Water By: Terence Wood


ecycle water bottle is an important daily component for human being. Water Movement in any drinking water is not just a bike ride it is important that your body work to keep up as well. Whether you’re walking, running, soccer game, or even shopping, you make sure you drink enough liquid, so that your body can perform at the highest level should be. Dehydration reduces performance and causes tremors, blurred vision and general fatigue and sleepiness. In extreme cases, that you can create a serious threat to health. Even if you do not have a lot of exercise, water is an essential part of your diet. Most of the water your body, it is essential that you supplement your body’s water frequently. Select which circulating water bottle is very important to you. It is often used to solve a water bottle across the stations, they are in the market. While it is a good emergency, these bottles are designed to not be removed. Often choose to keep bacteria and plastics used. Plastic bottles recycled in many species as the quality of higher education, more comfortable, to clean and resistant to more residual bacteria. Besides this, there is a bisphenol bottles containing a very low chance when you buy high-quality ratios, low quality if you reuse, cheap bottle of mineral water bottle is the loop. If you use plastic bottles are uncertain quality, to select a stainless steel bottle you can not buy. Uses stainless steel metal pot not included bisphenol A. In

addition to this, metal bottle is perfectly easy to keep clean. Cleaning your bicycle water bottle should carefully. Bottle is a good breeding ground for bacteria. That’s why we recommend that you use a dedicated mineral water bottle is too thin design reuse clean flask. A wide neck, which allows for faster and better cleaning with special bottle. When you go to clean your bottle, it is important that you warm, soapy water use. If your bottle shape allows you a sponge or other cleaning tools inside and grind in and out of the bottle should use. This ensures that all parts of a bottle of soapy water can penetrate. If your water bottles and other substances, which is especially important put. Sugar and bacteria settle in the bottle the bottle, and every corner and the bottle is not easy to clean cracks. Bacteria cause disease, you may not careful, we seriously need to clean your bottle. You sure you take time to clean bottles should ensure well, if you store the bottle of water only. Any size or shape of a bottle of water can be recycled. Cycling bottles usually thin, light weight, so they can easily put a bike cage. However, a few bottles to take belt clip so you switch to the bar can take without having to reach down, allowing you to drink. When you bike bottles, bottles buy, use and comfort you look like, because it will help make sure you use it, take care of it.

About The Author Terence Wood has been writing articles for nearly 3 years. His interest is in doing home DIY. So come visit his website that discusses about well water tanks, http:// The author invites you to visit: http://www.wellwatertank


Desert Local News October 3, 2010

The many uses of  By: Ceri Heathcote



emp is an incredibly versatile plant that can be used to make all sorts of products from clothing and shoes to rope. It can even be used for buildings. The beauty of using hemp as a replacement for a variety of different materials is that it is highly sustainable. Hemp can be grown without the need for pesticides or fertilizers making it a great alternative to cotton. Hemp is also really fast growing as it is a grass, this makes it easily renewable in contrast to timber and wood. The oil from hemp seeds contain amino acids and essential fatty acids making it a great food product but the oil is also used for a huge variety of other industrial products. The oil can even be used as an bio fuel which is a great alternative to non renewable fossil fuels. The fibre of the hemp plant is also called bast and used to make textiles and paper. The plant typically produces 10% more fibre than either cotton or flax and is strong and quick growing. Textiles made from the hemp plant can be used to make shoes, clothing, sails and carpets. It was widely used for these purposes before the industrial revolution but its popularity then declined due to the availability of other textiles. Hemp clothing is now beginning to become popular again primarily because of sustainability of the plant. Po-zu Ecological Shoes ( uses hemp as an alternative to leather for manufacturing its ethical and vegan shoes. It is hard to imagine but the strength from the hemp plant can be harnessed and used to strengthen buildings. Hempcrete, as it is known is made by mixing hemp hurds and lime. It is less brittle than concrete and therefore is more resistant to cracking reduc-

ing the need for expansion joints. Hemp has also been used in other composite materials for construction. The use of hemp in this way is really just in its infancy stage with it mostly being used for prototypes. Hemp can also be used to make the composite panels for cars. The hemp bast fibre is mixed with fiberglass for a strong material As well as it many other uses hemp oil, which is obtained from the fruit of the hemp plant, can be taken as a dietary supplement and has been shown to relieve the symptoms of eczema. It also has anti inflammatory properties and can be used for medical purposes. The hemp plant is also very useful for ecological reasons. It can be used to clean waste water removing impurities like sewage. It can remove excess phosphorus from chicken effluent or other chemicals. It has even been used to clear contaminants after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl. The density and height that the hemp plant can grow to make it ideal for weed control. It minimizes the pool of weed seeds i n the soil and is particularly useful for controlling tough weeds, helping to reduce the use of herbicides. With its sustainability and many different uses, hemp could well be one of the crops of the future providing a partial solution to a number of environmental issues. There are however some issues surrounding the scale of hemp production which is partially limited by it status as a controlled crop in the US. With time, hopefully the production of hemp will become scalable allowing it to be used more extensively to make these many products.

About The Author This article was written by Ceri Heathcote. Po-Zu aims to set new standards in ethical and ecological footwear manufacture with its range of vegan shoes natural footwear that are healthy for your feet, safe for all the workers throughout the supply chain, and kind to the environment. Desert Local News October 3, 2010


The Rights, Responsibilities, and Radiation of Liberty By: Dr. Marlene McMillan Have you ever seen or heard of a group of people standing outside the White House petitioning the government for their rights? While their effort and passion is admirable, I wonder if those individuals have thought about where rights actually come from. Their premise is that the government can grant rights. But is their premise correct? If it is wrong, their conclusion will be wrong as well. The Declaration of Independence says that all men are “endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights” and “to secure these rights, governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers by the consent of the governed.” The founders of America understood that rights were universal and transcendent above the laws, customs, and cultures of any particular society. These men formed a government on the principles of liberty, one of which says that government should exist to protect (secure) people’s rights from tyranny. Government cannot provide rights to the people; it can only protect their transcendent, natural rights by protecting their liberty. But today, there are more people who believe that liberty comes from government, or that rights come from government, than any other idea about government. You cannot value a liberty you do not understand. If you do not value it, you will not be willing to pay a price to preserve it, and you cannot preserve a liberty you do not understand. Woodrow Wilson said, “Liberty has never come from government. Liberty has always come from the subjects of it.” It is up to the people to preserve their liberty by - Understanding the principles of liberty

- Applying the principles of liberty to personal life, family life, and community life - Being active at all levels of government to ensure liberty is being upheld Yet, in recent years, liberty has been widely misunderstood. Liberty is the opportunity to make a choice to assume responsibility and accept the consequences. When people fail to take responsibility for their personal choices, and let others deal with the consequences, it affects the liberties of those all around them. Those with little self-government require more external government. The more external constraints, the more liberty is eroded in society. Thus, it is vital that liberty be understood, sought after, and sustained at the personal level. Liberty radiates outward from liberated individuals. Liberty is something that’s fragile, valuable, worth giving your time for, and something that affects every single decision you ever make, the kind of money you make, what you teach your children, where you live, and how you spend your time. The basic things of life are affected by how much liberty you have. People who understand liberty will not petition the government for rights. Instead, they will work to ensure the government protects their inherent rights. We do not petition for our rights; we petition to protect them. We do not fight so the government gives us liberty; we fight so that the government preserves our liberties. The preservation and sustainment of Liberty depends on you. It’s time to discover liberty or lose it.

About The Author At home and abroad our liberties are at risk. We need liberty like we need air. Discover the exciting ideas of liberty that our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes & sacred honor for in order to bring us life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness. Sign up now for FREE liberty updates, join an online study group and learn how you can ignite liberty in other’s hearts: 30

Desert Local News October 3, 2010

29 Palms City Morongo Valley CSD Manager To Leave Seeking New Board Position In November Member By Leslie Andrews

By Leslie Andrews

TWENTYNINE PALMS, CA- Michael Tree, who has served as the City Manager of Twentynine Palms since 2006, has now accepted a job as the General Manager of the Missoula Urban Transportation District in Missoula, Montana. Therefore, he will be bidding goodbye to the city by the base on November 12, 2010.

MORONGO VALLEY, CA- At the monthly Community Services District meeting held this past Wednesday, the Morongo Valley Council announced that a vacancy has opened up, due to the departure of Rick Resendez.

Amongst Tree’s accomplishments are making the city of Twentynine Palms stonger by increasing it’s reserves from $4.8 million to $9.8 million for the fiscal challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, according to a press release. Additionally, during Tree’s tenure as City Manager the City has increased law enforcement within the community, purchased property for a future park in the Indian Cove Area, and participated in extensive planning activities, including the Downtown Specific Plan, the Comprehensive General Plan Update that is currently ongoing, and joint planning with the Twentynine Palms Marine Base on wastewater. Some of the businesses that have established in the City during his time include Rite Aid, Bistro 29 Restaurant, Marriott Fairfield Inn & Suites, the new Holiday Inn Express, and the planned Hampton Inn & Suites. Significant economic and redevelopment projects include the conceptual planning for significant improvements in the Downtown Area, reconstruction of the Historic Plaza, construction of the City’s Visitor Center, and remodeling of the professional building owned by Jerry Mattos. “Our family has enjoyed living in Twentynine Palms and the Morongo Basin for the past decade,” Tree stated last week. “The desert is strikingly beautiful and the City of Twentynine Palms is truly a worldwide destination, being the headquarters for Joshua Tree National Park and the home of the Twentynine Palms Marine Base. I could not have asked for a better all-around staff and owe them and the City Council my gratitude.” Current city Mayor Steve Flock stated, “Michael Tree is one of the most talented and hard working individuals I have known. While it is sad to see such a positive influence on our city leave, I am grateful for the many fine examples of his dedicated service that remain a part of our community. We wish Michael the best in his future endeavors.”

During the next meeting held on the third Wednesday of October, the remaining four members (Hap Trowbridge, Glen Shepherd, Chuck Osborne and Richard Brewer) will be conducting interviews and will decide who will be chosen. This meeting will be at 7:00 p.m. at Covington Park on that date. If you are a Morongo Valley resident, please Meg Foley, MVCSD Secretary at (760) 363-6454 or email at

Town Announces Fall Animal Shelter Schedule By Jim Schooler The Yucca Valley Animal Shelter will transition to its fall schedule beginning next week. The shelter will be open for business Tuesday through Saturday from 12:00 noon to 5:00 pm, and will be closed to the public Sundays and Mondays. The shelter, operated by the Town of Yucca Valley, is located at 56460 Paseo Los Ninos, off of Skyline Ranch Road in Yucca Valley. The Yucca Valley Animal Shelter receives animals from Yucca Valley and from the unincorporated areas of the Morongo Basin. During operating hours, residents are welcome to visit the facility to

look for lost pets or to relinquish pets they can no longer care for. The shelter adopts out animals and works with other agencies and rescue groups to place pets into good, permanent homes. Locating the shelter from downtown Yucca Valley, citizens should drive north on Highway 247 to Skyline Ranch Road, then turn left and travel ¾ of a mile to Malin Way. A right turn on Malin Way will lead directly to the shelter. For more information about animal shelter services, call 760-365-3111 or consult the Town of Yucca Valley website at

Jim Schooler -Director of Community Services Town of Yucca Valley 57090 Twentynine Palms Highway Yucca Valley, CA 92284 Office: 760-369-7211Cell: 760-218-5124

Desert Local News October 3, 2010




Desert Local News October 3, 2010 Edition  

Desert Local News is the number one weekly news magazine in the Coachella Valley, the Palm Springs area and the Morongo Basin.

Desert Local News October 3, 2010 Edition  

Desert Local News is the number one weekly news magazine in the Coachella Valley, the Palm Springs area and the Morongo Basin.