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In this corner Mayor Yvonne Parks

In this corner City Councilman Russell Betts

FINAL ROUND Desert Hot Springs Mayoral and City Council Race~ Photos by Bruce Montgomery

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Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

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Dr. Lisa Robyn Lawrence Dr. Allen Lawrence Pat Krause


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Joe McKee

PHOTOGRAPHERS Bruce Montgomery Cathy Jardine Pat Krause Ken Dow Classifieds 760-671-4309 **DLN Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the relevant contributors.

LESLIE ANREWS DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CACliff Daniels, Associate Administrator of Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs was the guest speaker at the Desert Hot Springs Chamber of Commerce breakfast on Wednesday, discussing with residents about the hospital’s plans to extend services north of the freeway. “This is one of the most important communities that we serve at the medical center,” said Daniels. “Desert Hot Springs is growing very rapidly towards becoming a community of itself.” Among some of the focus points that Daniels highlighted on were that the hospital serves a very large area of Southern California, going as far north as Needles, as far east as Blythe, as far west as Beaumont and as far south as Imperial Valley. They have had 700 helicopter visits this past year. Because Desert Regional Medical Center is the largest hospital in the Coachella Valley, they have to expand by creating satellite

Cliff Daniels centers as far east as La Quinta. Plus, Daniels pointed out that the center will assist the city of Desert Hot Springs with their Wellness Center, which is proposed for opening in Early 2010. “We will be identifying needs that we could help provide additional services. We will be listening too,” he said. “One of those things I will discuss is working with Desert Healthcare District and some other community and county agencies to deliver services to Desert Hot Springs’ Wellness Center.” As was also mentioned and previously reported on, Borrego Community Health Foundation will be also working with the city to provide at least three doctors to Desert Hot Springs, eventually expanding to ten. Desert Regional Medical Center provides 367 beds, has 2,300 employees and 330 physicians. They have about 58,000 visits in the Emergency Room every year. About $32 million in charity donations were received in 2008.

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Mission Springs Water District Board of Directors November 3, 2009 Dick Cromwell,

2 Open Seats, 2 Votes for Change Jeff Bowman,

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Why should DHS give up cash for a promise?


DLN STAFF - Just the Facts Skyborne developer asks for release of bonds, offers lien instead. An agenda item on Tuesday night’s city council meeting is causing a stir with some questioning if another Village shopping center deal is in the works while a city staff report recommends that the deal go forward and that the council authorize the city manager to execute the agreement. On the agenda is a request from the developer of the unfinished Skyborne housing development, Skyborne Ventures LLC, who is asking the city to release it from bonds in the amount of $10,012,585.00 and replace them with a lien. Bonds are obtained from developers to guarantee work on developments will be completed. Critics of the proposal are questioning it, calling it the same type of deal that found the city unable to make sure the stalled Village shopping center on Mission Lakes Boulevard was completed. That project sat idle and in an unsightly condition for two years. “Tuesday night’s City Council Meeting Agenda has an item that is, unfortunately, too familiar to those of us who pay attention to  such things,” said Russ Martin in a published press release. “Didn’t we just go through that with the failed Village fiasco at Mission Lakes Blvd and Little Morongo?” he said. Martin is one of five candidates vying for two open seats on the city council. The staff report says the developer will pay the city $100,000 a year in exchange for releasing the bonds that secure land the

developer says is worth $20 million. The city would take a lien on the property of $10 million that City Manager Rick Daniels says in the staff report will provide the city with a 2 to 1 ratio. In the event the developer becomes insolvent or otherwise walks away from the project, the city would be left holding the lien on the project. It would no longer have bonds it could use to finish the project if the council approves the arrangement. In the event of foreclosure or bankruptcy, the lien would be rendered worthless as were several liens attached to the Terraces apartment complex. When that project was recently purchased, all liens against it were wiped out. A 26-page document contained with the staff report shows the lien will be subordinated to any other debt the lender incurs after the lien is granted to the city. “What major benefit will there be to the city and its citizens to give up the assurance of a cash bond of $10 millionplus in exchange for a lien on a property?” asked Councilman Russell Betts. “If there is a benefit to our residents, I don’t see it. We would definitely be trading away a very secure arrangement.” Pointing to a benefit of the deal, the staff report states in a section marked “fiscal impact” that the developer will pay the city approximately $100,000 per year for the arrangement, an amount that will be reduced as improvements are made. “That’s a lot of risk to take for $100,000, especially give the size of the project and

what we have seen it cost the city with other projects using arrangement as are being proposed,” said Betts. In an unusual scheduling of the item, the issue will be taken during a council meeting that falls on Election Day. Traditionally, council meetings on election day have been kept light to accommodate voters who will be watching the elections. Martin said the proposal should be looked at from a perspective of bad experiences with similar development deals in the city. “The ‘Ghost of Christmas Past’ took Charles Dickens character Ebenezer Scrooge back in time to learn from the mistakes of his youth. If he had taken a different path, made different decisions, Ebenezer’s life would have been more rewarding for him and those in his sphere of influence,” said Martin in his press release. “We’ve been burned too many times by developers.  It’s time we conduct business as it should be done and not for the benefit of a few large land owners.”   Because of his residence at Skyborne, Councilman Scott Matas has to abstain from a vote on this item. Mayor Yvonne Parks and Mayor Pro Tem Karl Baker were unavailable for comment. The city council meeting will take place starting at 5 p.m. on Tuesday, November 3 at the Carl May Center on West Drive. The agenda for the meeting, including the staff report on Skyborne appear in an agenda item labeled City Council meeting Tuesday titled: “Modify Financial Assurance With Skyborne Ventures LLC.”

Local Artist Spotlight: Death Valley Pornstar

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Story by Jace Edwards Photos provided by DVP Audio by Darren Cole

The sun was setting. We found ourselves in Palm Springs at the upstairs bar of Shakers. With cameras set up around Shakers small stage, Yucaipa-based band Death Valley Pornstar prepared to deliver an acoustic performance. Two of the four members were on hand for the performance. One was Jezebel Rose, a female lead vocalist who commands the stage with long legs and sultry lungs. The other was Jimi, the guitarist who creates the direction and sound. In this performance, he displays a more bluesy side. It is a rare performance of a song generally not performed acoustic. Before they played, I took a moment to catch up with the band. Jace: How long have you guys been together? Jezebel: We’ve been together for really over a year and a half, we started in January of 08, we picked up our fantastic bass player, Adrien “Money Sack” Walnut. Jimi: He is quite the money sack. Jezebel: Yes he is, and we have a fairly new addition, our drummer, Gio. G-spot Gio. We picked him up in March of this year so, fresh sounds, he’s got a huge sounding kit. Jimi: With adding Gio in the band, we actually really feel now more than ever that the band is where it needs to be. And we are in the process of doing an EP and we are really excited to have Gio in it. Jace: Where can we see you? Jezebel: We play all over Southern California. We love Universal Bar and Grill, out in L.A., out in Hollywood, right by City Walk. Jimi: (We play with) Zanthia.

Jezebel: Zanthia Pink, that’s my girl. Hot pink hair, she’s glorious, but, yeah that’s one of our favorite spots. And we might decide to make Shakers (in Palm Springs) one of our new hot spots, because we love it here. Jace: And Web site? Jezebel: deathvalleypornstar and we have our official Web site coming up in a couple months, Jace: What song are you recording today? Jimi: We’re doing “It’s Not Me, It’s You.” We decided to, since we’re playing acoustically, to drop tune it, make it a little bit bluesier more groovier, and I hope you guys will enjoy it.

Death Valley Pornstars ~Photos provided by DVP


Jace: And you guys are technically not an acoustic band are you? Jezebel & Jimi: No. (Laughter) Jimi: Not an acoustic band. The performance that followed was everything it promised. Sultry. Bluesy. It had a pulse that was quickened and slowed by the alluring voice of Jezebel with the straightforward lyrics. This band plays no games when it comes to conveying emotion and temper. I highly recommend seeing this band live, whether they play acoustic or electric. Special thanks to Shakers in Palm Springs, Jezebel and Jimi of DVP, Producer/Director Darren Cole, Cameraman David Cole, and everyone who supports local music. Viva local music! For more about Death Valley Pornstars, go to

Jimi ~Photos provided by DVP


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Jezebel Rose ~Photos provided by DVP



Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Vote NoVember 3 Russell Betts Mayor

Desert Hot Springs Have a Question? Call Russ (760) 693-1430

Of course we continue our progress! For a safe city, we have to make sure our police are funded. But there is not enough money in homeowners pockets alone to stop crime. Others must contribute. Large landowners and developers must become equal partners in our city’s public safety progress. “I support Russ because he supports homeowners like me.” - Bobbie Smith, Desert Hot Springs homeowner

Russ stopped a tax increase that would have doubled the city property tax on homeowners. You can count on Russ to put your interests first. He’s already proved it!

A Vote For Russ Is A Vote For Us!

Paid for by the committee to Elect Russell Betts. Campaign ID# 1317810

DESERT LOCAL NEWS • FEBRUARY 4, 2009 Desert Local News • November 1, 2009



Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

ELEVEN POINT PLAN Public safety remains the number one issue facing the citizens of Desert Hot Springs. Many of you are aware of my 31 years in law enforcement and my efforts on your behalf in serving on the Police Commission; recruiting, hiring and promoting additional police officers; serving on the Parolee Ad-hoc and Fire Ad-hoc Committees. My background makes me uniquely qualified to join the city council and help make Desert Hot Springs the community we all want. However, there are other issues that are important to our community. Here are a few that I will be fighting for during the next four years. This is my 11 point plan......... 1. I will not support a parcel property tax increase on homeowners. My opponents have been dodging this issue and will not state their position until after the election. 2. I will never support a real estate purchase like the Jewish Temple that wasn't necessary for our development; wasn't properly inspected; and wasted 1.4 million dollars of tax payers money. 3. I support fair development impact fees and art in public places guidelines already in place with no further negotiations with outside interests who are trying to undermine our efforts. Make those running for office take a stand on this issue before the election. 4. I will bring a movie theater and new restaurants to Desert Hot Springs. 5. I would never discourage businesses (Applebees, Asian Deli etc.) from investing in our city because they don't “fit into our Vortex Plan” (??) rather we need to project an image of being “business friendly”. 6. I support sensible development and a slowing of RDA expenditures until the parcels already purchased have been developed. 7. I will fight for light industry development that PAYS A LIVING WAGE. 8. I want Desert Hot Springs to be the “Gateway to Joshua Tree National Park”. The park is less than a 2 mile hike from our boundary. 9. I will work on an attractive gateway to our city by beautifying and landscaping Palm Drive from the I-10 into our city. 10. I will insist that the city attorney do everything legally possible to retrieve the parcel of land that Mayor Parks gave to Cathedral City during annexation negotiations. 11. I will never allow police officers to be laid off as was done in 2006 at a time when Desert Hot Springs had the highest crime rate in the Coachella Valley. We are still paying for that mistake.

More on other side

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


Protect our Water and our Wallets

Re-Elect Nancy Wright for Mission Springs Water District Board Please vote for the most qualified and experienced candidate for Mission Springs Water District, Nancy Wright. Please visit Nancy’s web site at Nancy has proven leadership and has been working with you and on

your behalf for 20 years to supply safe, clean, reliable and cost efficient water. Our water and sewer district is financially


Don’t believe the challengers, they are using scare tactics and half truths to try to get elected. If they get elected

our water and sewer rates could skyrocket because of the unnecessary personal pet projects they want you to pay for.

The challengers, Jeff Bowman and Dick Cromwell want to move an award winning waste water treatment plant at a cost of about $150 million dollars. Their pet projects would increase your rates by about $112.00 per month for 20 years.

Nancy is committed to keeping rates as low as possible. Nancy Wright President MSWD

Protection of our hot and cold groundwater is a top priority. Sewer assessment district 12, a groundwater protection project is “shovel ready” and MSWD has been authorized by the federal government to receive $35 million dollars in grants (we do not have to pay back grant money) to complete this groundwater protection project. Mission Springs Water District’s groundwater protection project has abated over 6000 septic tanks and has stopped thousands of gallons of contaminants from seeping into the ground and has enhanced water quality. MSWD has received a $478,000 grant to complete the design and engineering for the next phases of this groundwater protection project which will abate many more septic tanks. The design of the Horton Waste Water Treatment Plant’s third expansion will soon be completed and will include state of the art technology that will address any future fly and odor problems.

During these tough economic times it is not the time for change it is the time for experience, dedication, understanding and knowledge of our water supply.

Nancy Wright’s experience is an asset that is vital to us, economic growth and future generations. Protect our Water and our Wallets Vote right…Vote Nancy Wright….. for Mission Springs Water District Board. Paid for by Friends of Nancy Wright for MSWD Director ID # 1320316


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Community Cleanup For Residents of Desert Hot Springs (No Commercial)

October 26 - 31, 2009 Up to two Bulky Waste items picked up at curb Additional household waste pickup Electronic Waste (PC’s, TV’s, etc.)

Drop-off site at the West end of Hacienda, 8-2 P.M. Please place extra waste at curb by Monday, October 26 -31, 6:00 A.M.



Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Last minute campaigning at Vons: Lucas Matas, Mayor Yvonne Parks with Grand children Jake and Joseph, volunteers Dorothy Warren and Dessa Rooney

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


Miracle Springs Resort & Spa

Nestled in the foothills of Joshua Tree National Park, beautiful Miracle Springs Resort and Spa overlooks the Palm Springs Valley. 110 Large, Comfortable Rooms ~ 8 Natural Hot Mineral Water Pools ~ Excellent Restaurant ~ Lounge ~ Full-Service Spa ~ Weddings and Banquets.

Call 1-800-400-4414 for more information about MIRACLE SPRINGS RESORT & SPA


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Russ and Russell At It Again… Three Days Before Election Day DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAThe two Russells running for city council seats in Desert Hot Springs (Betts and Martin) held a special pre-election party Friday night at the Miracle Springs Hotel showcasing entertainment, food, cocktails and political views. “Right now, we have a David and Goliath campaign,” said Betts. “We’ve raised ten thousand dollars at the most. This is about a couple of things. Homeowners cannot carry the burden of our city without the help of developers. Then we can bust through the grip that a lot of these developers have on this city if we can all vote on November 3rd.” He also urged those who attended to get out the vote by reaching out to their neighbors. Betts also rebutted recent claims from his opponents, saying that he will raise taxes. “That isn’t going to happen,” he stated. “Everybody who has followed this campaign back to February ought to know where we stand.” Martin took to the stands, to make some introductions and rebuttals to his opponents’ claims. “There are several things I would want to accomplish when elected to the city council,” Martin stated. “I think it’s important that you have someone who will stand up to the homeowners and not go to the dark side, which are the developers. I will also not support a purchase like the Jewish Temple. That was a waste of taxpayers’ dollars.” Martin emphasized on the fact that he will bring a movie theater and more restaurants to Desert Hot Springs. “I don’t recall hearing

him (Scott Matas) talking about bringing a movie theater to the city,” he added. “I have spent 31 years in public services. I actually recruited and screened additional police officers for our city. He (Matas) claims that he hired several officers. The only thing he did was vote on approving the hiring.” He also claimed that current city council members took credit for the Operation Falling Sun crime sweep. “They found out about that operation several weeks before it took place,” he mentioned. “They had nothing to do with that raid.”

Russell Betts

Even Mayor Yvonne Parks paid a surprise visit to the party. (No other current city council member was present.) Also appearing was fellow City Council candidate Terry Scheurer and Mission Springs Water District board candidate Jeff Bowman was there as well, to support Martin, who also sits on the Public Safety Commission. Stee Aubry, a Betts supporter, added, “We need a man like him to represent Desert Hot Springs as a mayor. I believe in him.” She was also puzzled over Parks making an appearance at her rival’s party.

Russ Martin

Susan Miller, a long time resident of Desert Hot Springs, also supports Betts and Martin. “He deserves to win, and I certainly hope he does,” she said. Live music was provided by Audio Illusion of Los Angeles. Both candidates were also seen dancing gracefully with their spouses (Meina and Florence).

Stee Aubry

Paid for by the Elect Russell Betts for Mayor # ID 1317810

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

The Squeeze Is On BY HANK HOHENSTEIN Scott Matas, running for re-election to the City Council, has published a political ad warning folks not to, “… be misled, misinformed or manipulated …” So far so good, until we come to the second of nine bullet points. It reads, “The Temple property was bought at its appraised value, and now the Borrego Springs Health Foundation wants to locate a new Health Clinic [sic] there with 3 new doctors that are badlyneeded [sic] to serve our community.” There is a problem with the first clause of the sentence, “... bought at its appraised value …” Property values were dropping like a stone in Desert Hot Springs and the City was repeatedly warned of the collapsing real estate market in 2008 - 2009. It took months to close this deal because the owner was trying to find the proper way to hold title when the sale closed. The City, in a declining market, has a fiduciary responsibility to order a new appraisal or request a second opinion. The prior City Manager had opined that the property was overpriced. There was no secret about the declining value of that property. But the pressure was on to conclude the transaction at an inflated price. After the close of escrow City leaders found out one of the buildings was unsafe for public assembly and had to be torn down. The appraiser, who is not a building inspector, valued the land and building(s) as usable and functioning. What value would be placed on the property if it was known the building(s) were not fit for public assembly? This is the Matas Fallacy. When buying any real property a prudent buyer investigates the property to make certain the desired use can be accommodated. That is called due diligence. City Leaders scrambled to find an alternate use and it did not take long for leadership to say “Aha!” We will put


Election Special

a medical clinic there. Never mind that we all worked for years with Riverside County to buy 14 acres for a medical facility on Palm Drive. The City found a great location, within walking distance of three pharmacies. So why now, after all the work, citizen input, critical evaluation and monetary investment is the Temple site the preferred site? Back to the ‘discovery’ that one of the two buildings was unfit and had to be torn down! There was another, oops! The utilities serving the second building were in the building that had to be torn down. What remained was a shell with no utilities or kitchen. The initial response from City leadership was not to worry we will bulldoze it all and build a dog park. Suddenly, the dog park morphed into a medical clinic. WOW, that was slick, who knew? Wait - for the last three years the City has been working to update the General Plan and create a Vortex Plan. Frankly, those documents should have been adopted by now. We can estimate the City has spent or committed more than $1,000,000 on their preparation and they are not yet complete. Planning and redevelopment scholars might opine that no purchase of real property should have happened until those two documents had been properly adopted. We will let the lawyers deal with that. Wait, there is more - the General Plan designates the area occupied by the Temple, and proposed medical clinic, as Residential Low Density. The Temple use was OK because any religious use can be placed in any zone as a Conditional use. A medical clinic is a professional office use and is not permitted in an R-L zone. If the City wants the medical clinic on the Temple site it must change land use designations in the proposed General Plan and redo all environmental work to comply with California environmental laws. That is expensive.

Wait, there is more – the Vortex Plan designates the Temple area as PA 1.04 - Institutional. What does that mean? The Vortex Plan after three years of study, dialogue, designing and redesigning the Temple area is shown as a Spiritual Growth Campus. The consultants designated 6.56 acres to be arranged as a cohesive campus because of the three religious uses that have existed there for more than 40 years. Is a medical clinic compatible with a Spiritual Growth Campus? Planners may debate that issue, but have the citizens had an opportunity to debate and comment? When does the City plan to discuss abandoning the Spiritual Growth Campus? Let’s recap – The City failed to properly instruct the appraiser concerning the proposed use for the Temple property; the City did not complete a proper pre-appraisal inspection; the City did not perform the basic elements of due diligence; the City grossly overpaid for the land and buildings; the City must demolish two buildings; the City is planning a new use that conflicts with the proposed General Plan and the proposed Vortex Plan; the City is proceeding full speed ahead without properly adopted planning documents; the City is abandoning a very innovative idea for a spiritual campus and the City is abandoning another site more suited for a medical clinic. The City appears rudderless and reckless. What has all this cost taxpayers - $1,000.000, $2,000,000, $3,000,000 more? What has this cost in disregarded volunteer hours? In closing we return to the Matas Fallacy and to the Scott Matas’ admonition – not to be “… misled, misinformed or manipulated …” What do you think? Have you been misled, misinformed or manipulated?


PARKS MATAS PYE Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


Councilman Scott Matas Crime Fighters

Councilwoman Jan Pye MAYOR Yvonne Parks

Tax Fighters

“This Election is critical to the future of Desert Hot Springs. Don’t be fooled. Vote to make DHS the City we want and deserve.” Cracking Down on Crime Stronger Public Safety Improving City Services

Keep Desert Hot Springs Moving Forward! Vote Tuesday, Nov. 3rd Paid for by the Committee to Elect Yvonne Parks Mayor 2009 I.D. #1299651

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


    

 No one is proposing a parcel tax except my opponent and his running mates.

I 100% support Prop. 218 that gives Voters the right to decide about taxes, period.

The Temple property was bought at its appraised value, and now the Borrego

Springs Health Foundation wants to locate a new Health Clinic there with 3 new doctors that are badly-needed to serve our community.

Development Impact Fees were raised by Council for the first time in 10 years.

Art in Public Places ordinance is active and fees will be collected as soon as approved development begins again when the economy improves

He promises a movie theater and restaurants; he’s too late.

A Movie theater developer and chain restaurants are already looking at locations in DHS.

Business is very interested in locating in DHS.

I’m fighting to keep local control of $4 million in Redevlopment tax dollars that the state wants to take from DHS.

He makes empty promises.

I’m helping to bring jobs with the new peaker plant, construction of the I-10 at Palm Drive, and local hiring; I support prevailing wages.

He’s all talk, no action.

I chair the Parks Committee that is moving on making DHS the gateway to Joshua Tree National Monument, and seeking grant funding.

He wants to spend your tax $$$ on attorney’s fees to take back land that a

previous council annexed. He lies, but the mayor and I weren’t on the council then!

He talks. I take action:

Hired more police officers, from 19 to 31. Operation Falling Sun removed 150 criminals from streets. D. A. Rod Pacheco endorses me.


 Tues., Nov. 3rd

Desert Hot Springs City Council  Paid for by Friends of Scott Matas # I.D. 1318494


DHS HALLOWEEN • Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

BY STAFF ~photos DLN

DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAGhosts, goblins, witches and warlocks of all ages gathered together throughout many places in Desert Hot Springs for a Halloween celebration filled with fun and candy. The Christian Center on Eighth Street held its annual Neighborhood Carnival every last day of October, with a special visit from the Desert Hot Springs Police Volunteers. There were lots of carnival games and contests, along with fifty cent food and face painting. Further down the street at Calvary Chapel on Second Street, the Hallelujah Fest took place, featuring free hot dogs, candy and live music. As an alternative to Halloween, the church had a more Christian theme, with biblically based games. Still, people and kids wore costumes to both events.

Halloween In D

DHS HALLOWEEN • Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Desert Hot Springs 2009



Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Republican Women Dress and Dazzle In Fashion

Michelle Citroen and Thelma Leach of Revenge Boutique located at 222 N Palm Canyon in Palm Springs California

The eight models ~photos Bruce Montgomery

Donna R and Donna M By Leslie Andrews ~photos by Bruce Montgomery DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAThe Desert Hot Springs Republican Women Federated group held a fashion show and luncheon Wednesday afternoon at the Miracle Springs Hotel and Spa. Members from other Republican Women’s groups in other valley cities (Rancho Mirage, Beaumont) were also present at this function. Leona Johnson, coordinator and emcee, added, “This is our annual fundraiser, where we raise money to support our club. We give contributions to some school activities. It’s a fashion show and some of our own girls are models. The event is all about having a good time and supporting our club.” Besides a buffet lunch of Mexican cuisine, there were dresses and jewelry for sale. Fashions were provided by Revenge of Palm Springs.

Susan Hohenstein Connie Chapman

CLASSIFIEDS & NOTICES • Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


NOTICE OF APPLICATION NOTICE OF APPLICATION ALCOHOL Notice of Application to Sell Alcoholic Beverages Date of Filing 10-13-09 To Whom it May Concern: The name(s) of the applicant(s) are: Piecura, Henry Pheffer, Edumnd Schaffer, Kimberly The applicants listed above are applying to the Department of Alcohol Beverage Control to sell alcoholic beverages at: 46156 Dillon Rd Coachella, CA 92236-2028 Type of license applied for: ON-SALE GENERAL PUBLIC PREMISES

Marketing and Advertisement 760. 671.4309 -760.464.4470 Fully Air Conditioned Salon • Open 7 days


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Hair Salon

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Women’s,Men’s and Children’s Hair Cuts, Facials,Updo’s,Highlights,Wax, Shampoo Set,Hair Color & Touch-up.

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Stylist for 15 years • Men’s cut specialist Openfade 7 days a week

12106-APalm Drive, Desert Hot Springs, CA (Next to Thai Palm Restaurant)


The Palm Springs Times • Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Eva Marchant, Dorothy Auletta and Esther Pavan Harpist Lynne Lockwood

Story and photos by Pat Krause The Angel View Fashion Luncheon celebrated its 25th year with a luncheon and fashion show at Melvyn’s Restaurant at the Ingleside Inn in Palm Springs, Calif. The luncheon was held Thursday, Oct. 22, and was sold out again this year. Many guests come every year for this special event. Women love to shop, and this is a shopper’s paradise. Boutique items from the local Angel View Resale Boutique are on display for sale. Shoes, purses, belts, jewelry and accessories, as well as a large supply of fashionable clothes were on display. Many were designer labels for the fashion-conscience lady. Women shopped until lunch was served. Many women had more than one item that they purchased. A fabulous lunch was served with soup, dessert and a choice of fish or chicken entree. All during lunch, a fashion show was held. Models from the Angel View stores modeled clothing from the boutique. Beautiful dresses and gowns were modeled. Some of the items were purchased as shoppers ate. These were one-of-a-kind items, so the first lucky buyer got the one she wanted.

David Miller modeled clothing for the men guests. After the modeling ended, seven little girls from The Kidettes of Studio 4 dressed as angels did ballet moves as they walked through the delighted diners. Angel costumes were the theme of the day with waitresses and the harpist dressed as angels. Johnny Meza on piano entertained the guests. Nancy Whitlock produced the fashion show. There was also a silent auction. All the clothing was donated to the Angel View Thrift Stores and all monies from the sale of these clothes go to the Angle View Crippled Children’s Foundation. Angle View in the desert is such a great charity. They operate 18 six-bed residential homes and help more than 100 children and young adults. The Foundation helps the mentally disabled learn new skills on the road to independence. For more about the Angel View Luncheon and Fashion Show, go to Model Armida Pedrin and Mel Haber

The Palm Springs Times • Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


Angel View Celebrates its 25th Year Kidettes of Studio 4 Angels Julia Vasques, Ally Jenkins, Talynne Reyerse, Sabrne Shelton, Sierra Sylvas, Kylie Smith and Maya Silvas All Photos by Pat Krause


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Home of Kate Edelman Johnson

STORY AND PHOTOS BY PAT KRAUSE A kick-off party for the Desert AIDS Project Steve Chase Gala was held in Beverly Hills at the home of Kate Edelman Johnson. The party brought out many celebrities who support this great cause. Guests from the desert area, members of the Desert AIDS Project (D.A.P.) and supporters were transported from the D.A.P. headquarters in Palm Springs to the party in a luxury motor coach, complete with champagne and hors d’oeuvres, not to mention a designated driver. The official kick-off party was completely 100 percent underwritten. Edelman Johnson was kind enough to offer her beautiful home for this event. Jim Casey and Barbara Keller will be the co-chairs for the 2010 Steve Chase Humanitarian Awards Gala. The date has been scheduled for Feb. 27, 2010. Part of

Kate Johnson, Donna Mills, Jim Casey,Morgan Fairchild, Barbara Keller and Stefanie Powers

the reason for this event was to be able to talk to the future sponsors for the Gala. Packets were given out to the guests with information for sponsorship and tickets. The packet also explained advertising rates for the upcoming brochures for the Gala. It was announced that fashion design icon Bob Mackie will receive the Arts & Activism Award. Ann Margret has also been nominated for an award. Other award nominees will be announced at a later date. This is the 16th Annual Awards Gala to be held in the valley. Among the celebrities attending the event were Carroll, Donna Mills, Stefanie Powers, Joan Van Ark, Linda Gray, Roslyn Kind, Morgan Fairchild and J. Cynthia Brooks. There were also other celebrities attending to lend support for this great

charity. The D.A.P. facility offers case management, medical and dental clinics, social services, housing and food assistance, legal aid and a community center. The D.A.P. has become the leader of direct medical and support services to HIV-infected men, women and children in the desert. This is a one-of-a-kind facility located in Palm Springs. Another facility is in Indio and services mostly Spanishspeaking families. Please mark you calendars for Feb. 27, 2010, for one of the most celebrated events in the social season. For more on the Desert AIDS Project Steve Chase Gala Kick-Off Party, go to www.


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Celebrities Gather for the Steve Chase Gala Kick-Off Party

Donna Mills Morgan Fairchild

Diahann Carroll


Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


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Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


O S Y L T H G AND RI BY MATT WEYUKER As of this writing, the national pastime’s World Series hasn’t yet begun. What is customarily a first week in October event has turned into a moneygrubbing 3-ring-TV-circus. In spite of that, our hearts and minds are also focused on other fall American traditions – our observances of Halloween, local elections, Veteran’s Day, and Thanksgiving family get-togethers – and football games. But this is a baseball article – so, let the bashing begin! During the NLCS and ALCS series, there were constant rain-delays, and “Frost-Bite-Falls” weather. One night game in Philadelphia the temperature at the start of the Dodgers-Phillies game was 37-bitter-degrees! The Angels took 18 days to play their 9 games, mostly because of New York’s nasty weather. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a November World Series game called on-account-ofsnow. Why? Because MLB has sold its greedy soul to get more TV money – and they have pushed the Series 1-month later, all for the unholy buck! I’ve been a baseball fan ever since my Dad and Uncle took me to see my first Dodger game at Ebbetts Field for my 5th birthday. Way back when, I played high school and American Legion ball – so I love the game. I’ve gone to see some games at the stadiums, because I love baseball. Yet I’m troubled by what I’ve

Former DHS Mayor Matt Weyuker assessed as the game’s Achilles Heel – greed. Several years ago HBO produced a “When It Was A Game” 3-part series about pro-baseball, in which 8mm and 16mm home films taken in the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and stars of those eras’ voiceovers were an integral part of the show. Although these players made nowhere near the millions of dollars that many of the modern era guys do, their love for the game shined through. There were scenes of spring training during those years, in which many player-voice-overs mentioned that even if they had a good season in the previous year, there wasn’t any guarantee that they would be a starter that spring. They had to compete for their roster spot. Most of these baseball players in the 1930s to 1950s didn’t make a lot of money, when you consider how short a professional ball player’s career may last. Average Americans earned between #3,000 and $15,000 annually, while baseball player’s salaries back then averaged between $5,000 and $25,000 annually – with one exception – Babe Ruth. Colonel Ruppert the owner of the NY Yankees rewarded “The Bambino” with an unheard of $100,000 years salary. When Ruth was told that this huge amount was more than President Coolidge’s $80,000 annual salary, Babe’s response was classic “Ruthian,””I guess I

had a better year than the president did!” It seems to me, that many of this era’s ballplayers are vastly overpaid. But the baseball owners play a considerable part of the “greed-scene.” Hustling ballplayers like Enos Slaughter, sluggers like the all-time Grand Slam home run leader Lou Gehrig, and Dodger-great Jackie Robinson, never earned over $45,000 a year – and they played for successful franchises! However in this modern era, “ham-and-eggers,” (a term for not good players), get beginning-level salaries of over $400,000! Every now and again, we read about an “injured” player signing for a 1-year contract of “only” $3 or $4 million, with “games-played” incentives that add $3 or $4 million more for his services, because he is “damaged-goods.” What I’m trying to say is this – it seems to me that America’s “National Pastime,” like the rest of our country, may be in a lot of trouble. Professional baseball has thrown a great deal of money at its players – and like our federal government spending practices, it has raised the ante on seeing ballgames in person. Although, we sadly can’t turn the clock back to yesteryear, we need to raise our voices to save the game of baseball, before it implodes – And Rightly So.

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Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

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Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


A few years ago, we used to go to a small Dairy Queen near our home in Charlottesville, Virginia. We always liked to look at a blown up photo of a store opening in what appeared to be the early 1950s. We would gather clues to try and figure out where and when it was taken. After a few visits, it appeared to be in Arkansas in about 1952. What really struck us about the photo was what the people looked like. There was not one heavy person in the picture. People look back on that time with nostalgia, but I grew up in that period. I feel too much energy has been focused on the insurance company’s abuses, and too little time has been devoted to looking at ourselves and how we live. Also, the cost of services at our medical establishments has to be controlled. First, let’s look at how life has changed. In that time, we had fathers who worked and mothers who stayed at home. Our family had one older car, a seven hundred square foot house that cost about what my father made in a year, and we went out to eat usually about once a month. If I had more than two soft drinks in a week, it would have been an unusual occurrence. There were five television stations we received. We listened to radio a lot. (I still fondly remember listening to Vin Scully doing the Dodger broadcasts on KFI.) We spent most of our time during the year outside. We played sports in season in pickup games with kids throughout the neighborhood. We were all very thin. As a senior in high school I weighed 165 pounds and I was 6 foot 4. All of this came back to me after

I had a scare at the doctor’s office. I am 60 years old, 6 foot 7, and at my appointment, weighed 237 pounds. According to the latest BMI chart I should weigh about 215 pounds. On the basis of that and a blood test, the doctor thought I was diabetic. I stopped drinking soft drinks (I was drinking five or six a day) and ditched the candy. I went from fourteen or so glasses of wine a week down to five. My wife and I joined a health club and we work out five or six times per week. I now weigh 212 pounds. I still want to lose a few more pounds, but I feel much better and have much more energy. After another round of blood tests, my sugar levels were normal. The health industry did not make me unhealthy. I did. The doctor scared the hell out of me, but the difference between our reactions showed another side to our problem. She immediately prescribed three medicines, one to combat the diabetes and two to offset the side effects of that drug. Sixty percent of people who start on these drugs will progress to injecting insulin. The drugs arrived the day after my re-test. I keep them as a reminder of how close I came to a serious health problem. All of this was my fault. I went out eat too much, drank too much, and ate too much processed fast food. I sat around too much and was not active. I skipped three years between physicals. I thought I was not overly heavy. I was wrong. We all need to take control of our own lives. A health insurance company can’t help us with this, and really a doctor can only


Joe Mckee encourage us to do the right thing. It is all up to us in the end. The second portion of this triangle is the medical establishment itself. The costs are out of control and that is a significant driver of insurance costs. A Frontline exposé once talked about how much it costs to do a few procedures in Japan. Stitching a cut of two or three inches costs $4.00, a CAT scan is $98.00. If you stay in a hospital room with four others, it’s $10.00 a night, a private room costs $98.00. These costs were not in Mexico or India, but in a service system whose healthcare statistics are much better than ours. Everyone in our country remembers the price of those $700.00 military toilet seats, but how many feel the same outrage about $10.00 aspirins? I know there is a lot going on to cause those costs to exist. However, the glut of specialists coupled with a shortage of primary care doctors is a problem that must be fixed. Doctors with more office staff than medical professionals seem now to be the norm. Tests done over and over for both defensive medicine and due to lack of communication need to end. A doctor who spends more time on documentation for payment than he should is a waste. Finally, if doctors are serious about tort reform and malpractice insurance cost reduction they have to do a better job of weeding out incompetent doctors. Like my problem with weight, all of these factors have snuck up on us over time. But, we need to be adults about our heath care system. It is as much my problem as anyone else’s.


BY LESLIE ANDREWS DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAOn Tuesday, Desert Local News took a tour of the Horton Wastewater Treatment Plant in Desert Hot Springs along with Jeff Bowman and Dick Cromwell, who are both seeking seats with the Mission Springs Water District board this November. Marilyn McKay, along with plant supervisor Wayne Robertson, gave a tour during a rather cool and windy day. The candidates got a chance to view the inside (and outside) operations of the plant, which is located near the Mission Springs Soccer Park, Desert Springs Middle School, Two Bunch Palms Resort and several neighborhoods. Sewage is processed at the plant for treatment. Then the sewage is aerated, mixed and concentrated. Naturally occurring microorganisms digest the waste. Secondary effluent is percolated back into the ground. Then solids are dewatered and hauled away to landfills, compost sites or

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009

Richard ‘Dick’Cromwell with Jeff Bowman applied directly to the land as fertilizer. The pump is designed to handle 2 million gallon per day flow, and has two 33.5 horsepower and two 12 horsepower pumps. Plus, there is also a vortex grit removal, which helps separate solids and particles from the water. Once the dumpsters are full, they are hauled off to landfills weekly. After the grit removal, the sewage is aerated through two aeration basins. Then oxygen is required to help digest the waste. The basins hold 750,000 gallons of waste each. Two clarifiers, where ducks have been known to hang out at, are 55 feet in diameter and 14 feet deep. Here is where the solids are separated from the water. Effluent from the clarifiers return to the ground for natural processing by going into dirt ponds. There is a separate room for electrical controls, and a 10 ½ ton generator is used

in case of a backup during a power outage. It is fueled by diesel. “It’s a wonderful plant that’s run efficiently. However, we have some issues that need to be addressed that could bring us some money,” said Bowman. “Half the town are still are on septic tanks and they are viable to hot water. It’s a time bomb that’s waiting to explode. The treatment plant here is rather old school.” “We’ve been allowed to go under the radar and they need to have the light shined in,” said Cromwell. “The holdup is the board right now. You have good staff here and they know what they’re doing.” The plant has been active since 1972, and was built on what was once county property. It was expanded in 2002 to accommodate two million gallons per day flow. An expansion is expected in 2010 to accommodate three million gallons at a cost of $10-14 million.

Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


DLN Takes a Tour of Horton Wastewater Plant with Bowman and Cromwell

Richard ‘Dick’Cromwell


PARKS MATAS PYE Desert Local News • November 1, 2009


Councilman Scott Matas Crime Fighters

Councilwoman Jan Pye MAYOR Yvonne Parks

Tax Fighters

“This Election is critical to the future of Desert Hot Springs. Don’t be fooled. Vote to make DHS the City we want and deserve.” Cracking Down on Crime Stronger Public Safety Improving City Services

Keep Desert Hot Springs Moving Forward! Vote Tuesday, Nov. 3rd Paid for by the Committee to Elect Yvonne Parks Mayor 2009 I.D. #1299651

Desert Local News Election Final Nov. 1 2009 Edition  

Desert Local News Election Final issue Nov. 1 2009. Desert Hot Springs, mayoral and city council seats

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