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DESERT LOCAL NEWS ‘3rd Anniversary Issue’ July4, 2009


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Happy 4th of July 2009 Coachella Valley

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Gov. Schwarzenegger Declares State of Emergency Due to Budget Impasse BY STAFF

SACRAMENTO, CAFollowing the legislature’s inability to pass a comprehensive solution to solve California’s entire $24.3 billion deficit, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger today proclaimed a fiscal emergency and called a Proposition 58 legislative special session to address this emergency. Additionally, the Governor exercised his executive authority to save cash for vital state functions and services by ordering three furlough days every month.

‘I will be back’...?

All state hospitals, prisons and other 24-hour care facilities will maintain normal hours of operation, as will the California Highway Patrol and CAL FIRE fire stations. A limited number of state offices also will remain open on these “furlough Fridays.” A list of offices that will remain open is posted on the HYPERLINK

Just months after the Governor and state lawmakers came together in a bipartisan effort to solve a $42 billion deficit, the worldwide economic slowdown produced a new multibillion dollar deficit. To bring the budget back into balance, the Governor unveiled his May Revision budget proposal

“Though the legislature failed to solve our budget problem yesterday, rest assured that solving the entire deficit remains my first and only priority, and I will not rest until we get it done. I will not be a part of pushing this crisis down the road - the road stops here,” said Governor Schwarzenegger. Yesterday, the Governor followed through on his promise to veto any budget bills sent to him by the legislature that failed to solve for the entire deficit. Furthermore, the Governor today announced that he will not sign any legislation until a solution for the entire budget deficit is in place. Beginning July 10, DPA will direct state offices to be closed the first, second and third Friday of every month through June 2010. This will require state employees to take unpaid furloughs on those Fridays. For employees who work in critical positions that cannot be furloughed on this schedule, the furlough days can be used at another time.

“ h t t p : / / w w w. d p a . c a . g o v / n e w s / n e w s / 2 0 0 9 / attachments/20090302-01-01. htm” DPA website. Under Proposition 58, the legislature has 45 days to pass and send a bill or bills to the Governor’s desk addressing the state’s budget crisis. If the 45 days pass and the legislature has not passed a bill or bills to address the problem, they cannot adjourn or act on other bills until the state’s fiscal emergency is addressed. The Controller has said he will begin issuing IOUs instead of payments to state vendors tomorrow.

on HYPERLINK “” May 14, 2009 including a mix of cuts, borrowing and other measures to solve the deficit. He further urged the legislature to take immediate action on the state’s fiscal crisis when he addressed a joint session of the legislature on HYPERLINK “” June 2, 2009, noting that even though the state would be forced to take unprecedented actions to bring the budget back into balance the deficit would only get larger and the decisions more difficult as more time passed.


Part 2

BY LESLIE ANDREWS PART TWO- Desert Local News takes a look into what’s keeping Art In Public Places from happening in Desert Hot Springs. In Part Two of an exclusive, DLN talks to three city council members over the issue and to what Planning Commissioner Gabriel King has said on Friends of Desert Hot Springs about negotiations between the city and the Building Industry Association.






Councilman Russell Betts defends King in his efforts, feeling that he is on the right track. He said, “Gabriel King is an excellent planning commissioner doing great work to raise the development standards in our city.” Furthermore, he adds, “Art in Public Places is happening in Desert Hot Springs. City staff is working to put the mechanisms in place for the first placement of art in our city. It is a good program.” Betts does not agree with Councilman Scott Matas or Mayor Pro Tem Karl Baker’s actions, talking with the BIA behind closed doors. He added, “Scott and Karl, no matter how well intentioned, most certainly did not do the right thing in contacting a party that has threatened to sue the city without the city attorney being present. If this case ever goes to trial, our attorney will be handicapped by not knowing what information, however inadvertent, was disclosed. Council members should not play lawyers.” Finally, when asked about whether BIA Chair Fred Bell is for or against Desert Hot Springs, Betts stated, “Fred Bell is representing what he feels is in the best interests of his members. Our city manager took a tough stand on these issues and against the BIA position and I agree with him. The BIA is welcome any time to join this city as an equal partner with the operative word being equal.” Matas defends his actions, feeling that he and Baker weren’t in the wrong. However,

he feels that King didn’t get his facts straight. “For Mr. King, I feel his public posting of his opinion is his right. His criticism of my action I feel are unwarranted and will be up to our community to make that decision once we are allowed to speak of the events that have taken place. He is very aware of the Brown Act and has told me in person he would wait until we could talk openly about the issues. He obviously feels that he could not wait and has formed an opinion on very little actual facts,” he said. However, this doesn’t mean that he always disagrees with King. Matas added, “I disagree with his action but have also agreed with him on other issues.” Baker, on the other hand, feels that King’s behavior is totally unacceptable. He stated, “Gabriel King has gone beyond any bounds of decency and is engaging in idle speculation which is intended to stir controversy and fuel the fires of hate and discontent that is representative of the troika of individuals he is party to. While Mr. King has been a positive moving force in many areas, he has no basis in fact to have launched his most recent tirade attacking Scott and or myself.” However, all three agree that Art In Public Places should be a happening thing for their city. Matas adds, “Many months ago this council agreed Art In Public Places is a very important piece to our future.” And so far, in Desert Hot Springs, they have the Cabot’s Museum Indian Head visible from Desert View Road and an artistic display located near Matas’s home in Skyborne in the west part of town on Pierson Boulevard. The Building Industry Association will now ask the city council to extend negotiating period past July 16 deadline to give themselves more time to “amend” art ordinance and development impact fee rates.



th 4 y l Ju

STEREOPSIS BY MATT WEYUKER This July Fourth is the 233rd anniversary of the approval of our nation’s birth of freedom document – The Declaration Of Independence. But aside from having a long weekend away from work, barbecuing burgers and hot dogs, and either watching a pyrotechnics display, or setting off some “safe and sane” fireworks at home – how many of us know about the events that led up to that monumentally historic day in 1776? Let’s board our time machine, and set it for June 7, 1776, for a meeting of the newly chosen Congressional Representatives from the 13 states at Independence Hall in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. On this date, one of Virginia’s delegates, Richard Henry Lee (Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s father) introduces a resolution urging Congress to declare independence from England. It is approved. We move forward to June 11th, when a committee of five delegates are appointed to draft a declaration of independence. Those selected are a 33-year old Thomas Jefferson, a 70ish Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman, and Robert R. Livingston. On the same date the greatly outnumbered American Continental Army retreats from Canada, to New York State’s Lake Champlain, with the British Red Coat Army hot on their tails. The following day, the chosen delegates decide on young Jefferson to write what became the original “Rough Draught” of Declaration of Independence. Between June 12th and the 27th, the committee reviewed and made some minor changes to the original “Rough Draught” version, and on the 28th, they send it on to Congress. Between July 1st and July 4,th although Philadelphia is sweltering in the summer heat and humidity, (Independence Hall is devoid of air conditioning), the Founding Fathers of the first Continental Congress

begin a four-day discussion, debate, and minor revision of the committee’s previously approved “fair” copy of the draft of the Declaration of Independence. During the four-day debate, on July 2nd, the British fleet, with thousands of troops, sails into New York harbor. Our time machine now allows us to view the reconvening of the Continental Congress on the bright sunny morning of July 4th, ably chaired by Massachusetts John Hancock. After a brief discussion,

the United States of America is born when the Continental Congress unanimously adopts the most profound document ever produced by our country – The Declaration of Independence! Congress appoints John Dunlap, a local printer to reproduce this most important freedom-declaring paper ever written. They were aptly called “Dunlap’s Broadsides.” Twenty-four copies known to exist, two of which are located in the Library of Congress – George Washington had his own personal copy. On July 6th, the Pennsylvania Evening Post, (the forerunner of the Saturday Evening Post), was the first newspaper to print the Declaration. On July 8th, the first

Former Mayor Matt Weyuker public reading of this magnificent document proclaiming liberty throughout the land, takes place. We move 90-miles to the northeast on July 9th, to see General Washington order the reading of the Declaration to the Continental Army in New York before they do battle with the superior-numbered British army. On July 19,Th the Congress orders the document “engrossed,” (officially passed), and signed by the delegates.

This Declaration, which begins, “When in the course of human events…” and ends with, “We pledge our lives, fortunes, and sacred honor…” is in trouble. We have allowed the Founders passion for liberty for this once great republic to be squandered in apathy. Government has deflated that passion by limiting our hard-fought-for freedom. If our nation’s Founders had a time machine that would transport them to Washington, DC on this, our 233rd birthday, would they once again be writing a document – to help regain our country’s lost freedom? Happy Birthday America!


4th of July 2009



Thank you, Max, for asking me to write a short piece for the Desert Local News regarding the meaning of the 4th of July celebration. I thought at length about this and spend time researching the members of our Valley community who have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for valor and gallantry in protecting our freedoms. However, on reflection, I will

The Declaration was written by Thomas Jefferson and revisions were made by John Adams and Benjamin Franklin. John Hancock, who was the president of the Second Continental Congress, was the first to sign the document, hence the expression ‘…

Check out what some of our boys overseas did to their helicopter. Some Afghan is probably freaking out right about now .. This very special Mi-24 helicopter is presently flying in Afghanistan where it is no doubt causing quite a stir. God Bless the U.S.A. save that piece for Veterans Day.

just put your John Hancock here.’

America celebrates July 4th because it was on July 4, 1776, that members of the Second Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, adopted the final draft of the Declaration of Independence. We also call this day, Independence Day. The Declaration of Independence has become one of the most popular political documents ever written. The admiration of this document is universal. Every state in our nation has copied key words from this document to incorporate in their State’s constitution.

This document was considered one of the reasons for the American Revolution as it enumerated grievances against the king of England, King George III. There were a total of 27 oppressions endorsed by the 56 men who affixed their signatures. The fact that these men signed this passionate document was blunt testimony of their strong beliefs. The penalty for their treasonous act was death by hanging. They were not deterred. To the contrary, the Declaration of

Independence stitched them together for all time. The final paragraph reads: “And for the support of this declaration, with a firm Reliance on the Protection of divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.” Where did we find such men? Could we even use those words in a governmental document today? We find equal passion in the opening sentence. They knew they were making a statement from which they could not retreat. “WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another, and to assume the Powers of the Earth, the separate and equal Station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to Separation.” What were they saying? The essence of the Declaration of Independence rests in the second sentence, “… that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness …” This was an affirmation of our right to choose. Without those rights there is no liberty or the ability to pursue happiness. There is in fact only the opposite of life – slow, suffocating, oppression and death. Where do we find such men?



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Community Cleanup For Residents of Desert Hot Springs (No Commercial)

July 20-25, 2009 Up to two Bulky Waste items picked up at curb Additional household waste pickup Electronic Waste (PC’s, TV’s, etc.) Saturday, July 25th, Drop-off site at the West end of Hacienda, 8-2 P.M.

Please place extra waste at curb by Monday, July 20th, 6:00 A.M.

Letter to the Editor Dear Speaker Bass,

worst state in the United States for burdensome taxes. New taxes added to I am verifying that you called those you have already imposed such as those opposing higher taxes in sales and vehicle taxes will only increase unemplyment, slow economic recovery and California as ‘terrorists’. Is this true? drive people from California. I opposed If that is the case please confirm my those tax increases! name on your list of those who oppose In May there where six propositions higher taxes. My city has a 17.5% unemployment. My city recently voted to on the ballot five were defeated. I opposed increase the Utility User Tax by 40%. those tax increases! That tax actually taxes the consumption I have proudly served my country in of water necessary to sustain life. It is the the USMC. I did so for the very reason most regressive tax imaginable. I opposed I wanted you to have the opportunity to that tax increase! call me anything you so desired. I did so The State of California is the 6th that you might have the right to worship

in any manner you desired. I did so that you might have the right to participate in free and open elections. Do Iran and Hondouras mean anything to you? I have been asked to write a piece for our local paper for the 4th of July. Your comment will be featured in that article, nothing could more accurately reflect the meaning of the 4th of July. You see your comment, if true, does not label me. It, in fact, labels you in the most uncomplimentary manner. Thank You, Hank Hohenstein

We welcome your opinion, you can email your “Letter to the Editor”

5 7



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Editorial by Hank Hohenstein • DESERT LOCAL NEWS July 4, 2009

THE SQUEEZE IS ON BY HANK HOHENSTEIN As a long time desert resident every spring I have looked at the lower slopes of Mount San Jacinto and seen ‘green shoots’. My initial response is, “Wow, just like Ireland!” However, in a short time the green is gone. In my opinion, the ‘green shoots’ many in the ‘pundit’ class are using to describe certain signs in our national economy will have a life span akin to the fragile, ephemeral grasses on the slopes of Mount San Jacinto. In December 2008, I began to talk about the economic collapse of September 15, 2008 and I compared it with 9/11. I predicted we would remember 9/15 for as long as 9/11 for the simple reason it caused devastating harm to every American and was felt around the world. The world changed with the tragedy of 9/11 and the world forever changed on 9/15. I predicted a new economic paradigm would emerge. I admitted I was unable to describe that new paradigm, but rest assured it would envelope us all. Unfortunately, those with vested interests whether local, regional or national are quick to jump on any sign of good news. The state-run media is in this class

as well. They want to predict the end of the bad news is in sight or we have hit bottom or simply to reassure a nervous public looking at rising unemployment numbers. Folks are not used to public ownership of banks or automobile companies. Many people are seriously questioning all the change they are getting. Once upon a time I was a ‘good news’ person. But if one is a ‘good news’ person today they are not paying attention. Remember when we went to a fast food place and they asked, “Do you want fries with that burger?” If we answered in the affirmative all that happened was we became obese. Remember when the telemarketers called with an interest rate on your home you could not refuse. Then they asked, “Do you want some cash out?” If we answered in the affirmative all that happened was we lost our home and the truck. Most will not make that mistake again – ever. I have travelled to the former Soviet Union for the past 12 years and most of those countries are clearly third world. When I returned home it was depressing – Americans were awash in money. We are

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or right here!

Leanna Bonamici 760.275.7908

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not any longer. How many trillions of dollars have been washed out of our savings, stock portfolios, real estate holdings and/or our homes? It is wealth that has vanished - gone. That old economic paradigm will never return, not in my life time. What have Americans been hearing the past 30+ years? Save more – yes. Conserve natural resources – yes. Lower our impact on a fragile environment – yes. Reduce our carbon imprint – yes. Lead the world into a new, sensitive tomorrow – yes. I will comment on all of these in the near future. Those messages have found traction and our economy will suffer for years. Therein we find the new economic paradigm. ‘Good news’ folks who see ‘green shoots’ avoid the collectivist undertones that have prevailed for years in our elite universities, public education system and the environmental movement. The message is clear – eliminate the choices of every American. To be continued …


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MOVIE REVIEW: TRANSFORMER Desert Local News July 4, 2009



Movie Review: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen



“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” not up to par. Besides its over-the-top length (149 minutes), ridiculous plot holes and racist stereotypes, its major flaw is the attempt at comedy. So, supposedly thousands of years ago, a race of ancient Transformers arrived on Earth looking for suns to harvest for energy. This ancient race was known as the Dynasty of Primes. They had one rule — all life-bearing worlds would be spared. There was, as always, one brother who decided to build a Sun Harvester, “The Fallen.” The remaining Primes decided to sacrifice their bodies in order to hide The Matrix of Leadership, a key that powers the Sun Harvester. The Fallen swore revenge upon Earth once the key is found. Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf) is off to college, his parents fulfilling the role of parents by freaking out. All the standard things happen at college — he meets his crazy roommate, his mom eats a pot brownie and gets super high and there’s a Decepticon transformed into a college girl. His unbelievably perfect-looking girlfriend Mikaela Banes (Megan Fox) is doing what most attractive bad-girl types do, tattoo and motorcycles on her free time. Sam is thrown into the alien war once again when he discovers he possesses a sliver of the AllSpark, the gigantic life-giving cube that was destroyed in the first film. It’s the Autobots versus the Decepticons yet again, except this time, they answer to bots higher up in the chain of command. Sam, not really having a choice, runs off to help in the fight for the planet Earth, of course, dragging Mikaela along with him. If you don’t have that critical eye while watching the film, you may very well enjoy it. It’s a big, loud, explosive summer flick and possibly funny (depending on your humor). But if you like to keep an eye out for that Hollywood candy sewn nicely beneath the computer graphics, then you might be left with a sour taste in your mouth. The Desert Cities Guides Movie Guides rates “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” three Palm Trees. Desert Cities Guides Movie Guide Nick Jones is a film critic and writer. Originally from the East Coast, Nick followed his family out to California and he now lives and reviews movies here in the Coachella Valley. Nick covers film events in Palm Springs and throughout the Coachella Valley. For more on “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” go to


Reviews by Desert Cities Guides Movie Guide Nick Jones July 4th, 2009 created the legacy of the Apache Indians through his independence and art. Beasley shows interviews with his sons, wife and art enthusiasts, all of whom go into further detail about Allan growing up, and his life. -4

“Waiting for Women” by Estephan Wagner from the United Kingdom

This was a record-breaking year for the 15th Annual Festival of Short Films. With more than 3,000 entries, the festival is the biggest showcase for short films in North America. Out of the 3,000 entries, 315 films from 40 countries were selected for screening at this year’s event.

rating 1-5, that would be turned in at the end, then counted up for the audience choice awards. As I list some of the films I saw, I find it appropriate to share with you the rating I gave each film.

Best of Documentaries “The Colony” by Abu Bakr Shawky from Egypt

Short films are different from big Hollywood productions, not because of the length, budget or size of the audience it reaches, but because they are personal works of art. Directors of short films don’t have to worry about pleasing the studio or making a film deemed too inappropriate. Short films touch on a wide array of themes — some just pure comedy entertainment and some very personal films with a very strong message. These films can be much more moving; they can make you feel uncomfortable due to the content or perhaps be boring because the film is touching on points about which you don’t seem to care or even understand. But that is the point of these films — they are not made to please a large audience, but they are made because the director needs to get out a message.

Director Abu Bakr Shawky reintroduces the world to a small town forgotten by mainstream society, a leper colony. Everyone who lives there has leprosy, and all live together in a small town surrounded by tall walls. Nobody comes and nobody leaves. There are some unbelievable stories in this short 16-minute film, like the story of a man who was in an accident and requires surgery, but no hospital will take him because of his leprosy. So, he just lies in bed with a swollen, black foot, hoping that one day he can get the medical attention he requires. -4

Best of Working Stiffs “20 Second Rule” by Clay Delauney from USA This particular phone salesman has one rule — he gets in his 20 seconds of

“Lila” by Le Broadcast Club from France This short 12-minute film depicts a world where people live in a radically different world than our own, a campground. The film has no dialogue; it’s just a collage showing these people going through their day-today life. Everyone there seems to live like one big family, eating together, sitting around hanging out together. It shows teens trying to find entertainment in this small campground, making out, smoking a joint on the beach and running from young bulls. -3

“Unconquered — Allan Houser and the Legacy of One Apache I had the pleasure of viewing a wide variety of films, everything from Family” by Bryan Beasley from documentaries to animation. As an USA audience member, I was given a small slip of paper for me to rate each film I saw, a

Student Award Documentary Winner In a remote Spanish village of Riofrio, most women have left leaving only desperate, horny single men. The men all just hang out at the bar, and talk about the women they all wish they could have. The pictures of gorgeous, naked women everywhere don’t help their urges. Finally desperate for companionship, they arrange a busload of single women from Madrid to come down to the village in hopes of finding the love they’re for which they’re all looking. -4

A film explains the life of a brilliant artist, whose rich culture is shown through his sculptures. Houser single-handedly

talk, no matter how many times they hang up, and he has to call back. Eventually he calls the wrong number, a voodoo priestess who is in the middle of casting a spell. She hangs up, and he calls back prompting her to curse him. Now the phone salesman has a serious problem: no matter what he tries to say, all that comes out is profanity. The film hilariously depicts him trying to find another job and remove the curse. -4

“In Between” by Nadine Valcin from Canada During a late night emergency, a storeowner is forced to leave, reluctantly

Best of ShortFest By Nick Jones DESERT LOCAL NEWS July 4, 2009

leaving his store to be run by his younger sister. The only comfort he has is that he demanded his younger sister to call if there are any problems. The sister runs into quite a few problems, such as people stealing, and two suspicious men who she is afraid is going to rob her. -3

“Maid to Oust” by Julien Rouyet from Switzerland

Stephanie is a perfectionist young maid who cares for a home for a wealthy couple who is never there. Eventually she decided to create a new life by settling in to the house. While using all the wife’s personal things, the wife comes home and catches Stephanie in the act. And then there’s the oblivious husband who has no idea a switch has even taken place. -3

“Sell it to the Hedge Funds” by Haven Pell from USA

This short four-minute film depicts a man trying to sell a half-million dollar software to the largest hedge funds in the world. But the hardest part is getting them to take his phone call. -2

“Andheri” by Sushrut Jain from India

This film is about a maid, essentially a slave girl to an older woman, who treats her terribly. Eventually getting fed up with the abuse, she decides to run away and gets on a bus. But can she deal with the real world? She meets a nice woman on the bus, but also witnesses the real world — the pain, the hustle and the chaos. -3

“Civil Servant P327JUM” by Johan Bjerkner from Sweden

Johan Grum is a civil servant who works in an office but loves the thought of duty. No


matter how dull his life, he takes comfort knowing he is getting his job done. But then one night, he has a dream about God, and it raises questions. I didn’t particularly feel the film properly touches on the topics it meant to address and didn’t raise adequate questions about God. -2

mother. It starts with the birth of her daughter and goes all the way up to her divorce, her ex-husband’s new wife and everyone involved. The film shows it all in painful detail as the family’s history unfolds onscreen. -5

“The Funk” by Cris Jones from USA

“Juiced and Jazzed” by Justin Weber from USA

“The Funk” was a fantastic, short sixminute film that uses very interesting cinematography, and almost has a Hitchcockian feel to it. “The Funk” is about a man who wakes up in just that, a funk. He continues about his day, not able to figure out what has caused the funk. Eventually he just becomes a shell of his former self, and sees only one way out. -4

Best of Animation

This short, three-minute animation is drawn in the old style of the early bouncy

Best of Live Action Under 15 Minutes “Cigarette Candy” by Lauren Wolkstein from USA

Student Award Live Action Under 15 Minutes Winner A young Marine back from duty in the Middle East is forced to play the role of a hero at a party thrown by his parents. Obviously not wanting to be a part of this, he focuses his attention on a young, rebellious girl at the party who happens to always be puffing on “those” cigarettes. Things take a turn for the worse when his father forces him to tell a war story to the party, forcing him to recall terrible memories about the war. -5

“The Dinner” by Karchi Perlmann from Hungary Best Of Fest Award This Venice Film Festival award winner tells the story of a single, older pig farmer. His life includes taking care of pigs, and associating with his mother and grandmother. A minor accident turns into a wholly unexpected catastrophe for all involved. -4

“This Is Her” by Katie Wolfe from New Zealand This film shows a family’s progress through life through the eyes of the

original Mickey Mouse era. While a “goodgirl” type is sitting on a park bench during the Prohibition Era, a bottle of booze falls into her lap. Not being able to resist temptation, she downs the bottle, becomes a drunk and goes on a drunken adventure. But she eventually gets caught and has to pay the price. -4

“Lost and Found” by Phillip Hunt from USA Best of Audience Award Winner For Best Animation This adorable, 24-minute computer graphic-animated film is about a small boy who finds himself in the company of a lost penguin. After realizing he just has to do the right thing and can’t just leave the penguin on the doorstep of a pet store, he decides to take him home. After a trip to the library, he learns that penguins come from the South Pole. Seeing only one option, he decides to build a small boat and take him there himself. -5 For more on Best of ShortFest, go to


Reviews by Nick Jones • DESERT LOCAL NEWS July 4, 2009

Darryl MacDonald, Edell

Estephan Wagner

Douglas Lamore

Lauren Wolkstein

Best Student Cinematography “Rare Fish” by Basil Mironer

Karchi Perlmann

Veronica DiPippo, Ken Jacobson

Call Alex Bias V.P. Marketing and Advertisement 760.464.4470


Best of ShortFest Reviews by


Nick Jones

The Oscars of short films was held Sunday, June 28, in a huge theater in Palm Springs, Calif., with unbelievable stadium seating, completely packed down to every last seat. The awards night was truly an epic event. Everyone from directors, producers, actors, journalists and the general audience was there. There were speeches from people sitting on the board of directors, jurors and the filmmakers who won awards. Awards given to first place were varied from a $60,000 camera, reels of film, professional editing software, money and the physical award themselves. Out of the 315 short films from 22 different countries (21 entries from Australia alone), only a select few would go on to win.


The High Entertainment, Low Budget Award “Marry, Fuck, Kill” by Douglas Lamore Best Student Cinematography “Rare Fish” by Basil Mironer Cinema Without Borders (best international film): “Kingsland #1 Dreamer” by Tony Grisoni Alexis Award (best emerging student filmmaker “A Son’s War” by Steven Edell

The awards were as follows:



Best Student Animation: “Incident at Tower 37” by Chris Perry

Best Animation: “Lost and Found” by Phillip Hunt

Best Student Documentary: “Waiting for Women” by Estephan Wagner

Best Documentary: “Claiming the Title: Gay Olympics on Trial” by Johnathan Joiner, Robert H. Martin

Best Student Live Action Under 15 Minutes “Cigarette Candy” by Lauren Wolkstein Best Student Live Action Over 15 Minutes: “The Lunch Box” by Lubomir Mihailo NONSTUDENT AWARDS Best Animation: “Cages” by Juan Jose Medina Best Documentary: “Irene” by Lindsay Goodall Best Live Action Under 15 Minutes: “The Stars Don’t Twinkle in Outer Space” by Peter Thwaites Best Live Action Over 15 Minutes: “The Taxidermist” by Bert & Bertie

Best Live Action “Dandelion Dharma” by Veronica DiPippo THE 3 BIG ONES Grand Jury Award: “Johnathan’s Home” by Nathanael Carton Future Filmmaker Award: “This is Her” by Katie Wolfe Best of Fest Award “The Dinner” by Karchi Perlmann

For more on the ShortFest 2009 Awards Gala, go to



Public Sex

It used to be that forcing sex on an unconsenting adult was considered rape. No longer. Now personal, deviant and x-rated sex is quickly becoming commonplace in the public square. In just the last week, this occupant of the ‘public square’ has been treated

to images best confined to the pages of porn magazines. Images and acts that are popping up regularly on billboards, television, the internet and pages of major publications. Calvin Klein, in their latest breach of good taste, launched a huge billboard in SoHo showing four languid, half-dressed models engaging in group sex. That billboard managed to be more offensive than Calvin Klein’s last campaign, which featured half-clad dead bodies. I guess porno and death sell jeans. Go figure.


the annual Castro Street Dance hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. If last years’ Festival is any indicator, nudity and sex will be prominently featured. In the public square.

to choose not to download their porn. A

Gays celebrate diversity by using electroshock Ditto New York. Last weekend, New York played host to the FolsomEast Deviant Sex-Fest. Again, homosexual bondage, fisting and the casual swapping of bodily fluids played out in the public square. Lewdness laws were suspended for the duration. Just imagine the outcry if that were a terrorist receiving electro shock instead of an American citizen intent on displaying his sexual habits and his genitals in public. These increasingly public displays of sex that many now claim as a right, portray sex as the mere indulgence of a fleeting impulse instead of an act that used to be associated with love. Sex, which is considered private and sacred by most Americans, is now being brought down to the level of a crude bathroom joke. And its being done smack dab in the middle of the

Burger King’s Super Seven Incher ad Not to be outdone, Burger King just released their new ‘Super 7 Incher’ ad, equating burgers with acts that are best kept private. Absent from the ad was any hint of subtlety. Apparently Burger King believes that appealing to your sexual appetite will titillate you into buying their burgers. Or something.

public square, where channel changers and radio dials are of no use.

Moving right along, this weekend San Francisco celebrated sexual ‘diversity’ with the 39th annual Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Parade & Festival. This fun festival includes a Dyke March and

Last week Apple decided to cash in on the sexual tsunami by supplying porn to Iphone users. Since we are still a capitalist country, (for now, at least) this is Apple’s right. Just as it is the right of consumers

choice that is increasingly being denied many Americans as smut, porn and casual sex become staples of more advertising campaigns. As more ‘gay pride’ events take place in ever more public places. As more and more Americans ascribe to the notion that their sexuality belongs in the public domain instead of in the bedroom. In today’s public square, it has been decided that Christians have no right to foist their beliefs on others, but no such constraints shackle the gay activists, businesses and the old media who continue to thrust their demeaning view of sex into the face of every American. Sex sells. Appealing to base instincts, prurience and scandal will always find an audience in those that need to see ugliness in others in order to feel better about themselves. The silver lining is, at least now we’ll be able to identify those sad souls. They’re the ones wearing Calivn Klein jeans and stuffing Burger King 7 inchers into their mouths. Nancy Morgan is a columnist and news editor for



Don’t forget your pets in a disaster BY STAFF ARA-

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans in 2005, Richard Colar’s neighborhood was flooded with 13 feet of water. He lost his home and lived in a FEMA trailer for over three years following the storm. Even more devastating for Colar was that he was forced to flee without his beloved pet, a Siberian husky named Princess. Miraculously, veterinarians located his lost dog weeks after the storm. The dog had been evacuated to Delaware. Due to the work of many volunteers, Colar and his family were among the lucky Katrina survivors who had their pets returned to them. “It was so important to me to get my dog back, and I was so thankful,” he says. “Veterinarians saved my dog. I never knew that there were so many animal lovers in the world.” Colar’s story illustrates why it’s so important for people to be prepared for natural disasters. This means planning an evacuation, not just for you and your family, but also your pets, livestock and horses. The American Veterinary Medical Association offers a brochure on the subject, Saving the Whole Family, as well as an informative video with helpful instructions to help people evacuate with their pets in a disaster.

“During disasters it’s not unusual for hundreds of thousands of pets and livestock to be displaced. Many times this is the result of the fact that the owners have not made a thorough evacuation plan,” explains Dr. Heather Case, head of disaster preparation at the AVMA. “That’s why we urge everybody to make disaster plans today that include every member of the family, including those with four legs or wings, fur, scales or feathers.” Case explains that in order to evacuate with an animal, pet and livestock owners need to have something in which to carry the animal. With pets, this would be a pet carrier that is large enough for the animal to spend a few days in comfortably. Even if you relocated to an emergency shelter that is willing to accept a pet, the animal will have to spend most of its time in that carrier or cage. For cats, the cage will have to be big enough for a small litter box. If you are a livestock or horse owner, you’ll need access to a livestock carrier that can be towed by truck. Many times, farms will form cooperative evacuation networks as a cost effective way of ensuring that everybody’s animals are evacuated. The AVMA also recommends that pet and livestock owners put together emergency kits. These kits should include enough food to last a week, any medications

the animal requires, written prescriptions and other documentation, a photograph and identification information for the animal and, most importantly, a telephone list of feed suppliers, family members and veterinarians in the area where you expect to end up. Proper identification is another important consideration. Consider preparing disaster tags for your pet’s collar. These should include your cell phone number, but also the telephone number for an out-of-town family member or friend, and perhaps the name of a hotel where you expect to evacuate. With this information, rescue responders will have a better chance of locating you if they rescue your pet. The best kind of identification is imbedded microchip identification. Even if you put an informative tag on your pets collar or your horse’s halter, if it becomes separated from your animal the results can be disastrous. Microchips are embedded under the skin of an animal between the shoulder blades or on the neck and can be read with a scanner, ensuring the animal is never without ID. For more information on this and other issues, visit or www.avmatv. org for a disaster preparation video. Courtesy of ARAcontent


Third Anniversary of THE DESERT LOCAL NEWS July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July 2009 America

y r a s r e v i n n A d r 3 y p p a H s w e N l a c o Desert L

Meet Leslie Andrews Hello America, I’m Leslie Andrews, one of your writers for Desert Local News. I have been in the news business since 1997 and I am proud to be a part of this organization. Originally, I am from Blytheville, Arkansas, a town on the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee. I came to Southern California when I was three years of age. I grew up in the Inland Empire area and came to the Coachella Valley after graduating from high school. My media career began twelve years ago when I was a part of a television show similar to “The View” called “In The Basement”, produced by College of the Desert media staff. This was a fun little show that ran for three months

at 8:30 p.m. every Tuesday night on Time Warner’s public access television channel. Don’t look for it now, this show’s been long cancelled. The following year, I went to newsprint, writing for College of the Desert’s paper, The Chaparral. I was shortly discovered by the editor-in-chief of CVNEWZ.COM, the Coachella Valley’s first online news service and instantly became their star reporter for the next two years. As CVNEWZ.COM folded, I started my own blog serving Desert Hot Springs (although at the time I lived in Thousand Palms) called The Desert News Forum. This lasted six months before I decided to move to the greater Las Vegas area. Desert News Forum

was inspired by a mentor of mine named Patti Patane, who at one point ran for mayor. While in Las Vegas, I worked in security enforcement and took a long sabbatical from the news. Upon my return to my hometown, the Coachella Valley in 2006, I met Max Liebermann and joined Desert Local News the day City Councilman Gary Bosworth (another mentor of mine) was laid to rest after dying mysteriously. To me, it was like Gary referred me to Max posthumously. My goal is to expand the news to the farthest of horizons within the next few years, whichever way the Good Spirit leads me. My dream is to one day report the news from Washington, D.C.


The opium of the people The person who defined the religion as the opium of the people was not very misled. Andrew Newberg, in his book: How God Changes Your Brain, after many tomographic studies and years of research, affirms that people who pray enjoy from neurological benefits thanks to the modification of their neuronal connections. The effects of the religious coherent practice are highly positive (lasting conditions of interior peace, unit and love) and according to the author,


this is a pre-eminent factor to increase people’s quality of life. It’s not difficult to conclude that, those who corner God or his Church against cultures and present ideologies in the world, are to become enemies of the human well-being. God created us and He knows perfectly how much we need him to live happy according to our nature, which looks up to the divinity. We also need to ask Him for forgiveness to give free flow, in our conscience, to everything that distresses and imprisons us.

Desert Hot Springs Chamber 60th Diamond Anniversary and Installation Dinner

The Desert Hot Springs Chamber Of Commerce announces its 60th Diamond Anniversary & Installation Dinner to be held at the Miracle Springs Resort on Friday, July 10, 2009, beginning with a no host reception and silent auction at 6:00 p.m. The Desert Hot Springs Chamber invites the community to attend the dinner in celebration of 60 years as a Chamber Of Commerce here in Coachella Valley. Installation of the Chambers newly elected Board of Director members, Leanna Bonimici - Casablanca Studios, Rayce Jonsrud - Exec VP Payventures, Inc, Michael Grein - Principal Cabot Yerxa School and Russ Augustine - Russ Augustine Home Inspections. Maria Lease of The Spring Resort & Spa was voted Business Person of the

Year, and Audi Kay is our Citizen of the Year. The following Outstanding Teachers from each of our schools will also receive an award. Scott Davis - Bubbling Wells, Elizabeth Chikafsky - Edward Wenzlaff, Nathan Allen - Julius Corsini, Karen Tellock - Two Bunch Palms elementary schools, Christopher VanLaanen - Desert Springs Middle School and Scott Cooper DHS High School. Entertainment by Epic Surrender will follow the Ceremonies. Also being unveiled is the new Desert Hot Springs city portal website. Come see how the Chamber is helping to bring business to Desert Hot Springs through a state of the art website in conjunction with the city Redevelopment Agency ad campaign. Reservations and tickets are available by contacting the Desert Hot Springs

Chamber of Commerce, 760-329-6403. Donation for dinner is $40.00. Join us for a fun evening of love and laughter celebrating 60 years as a Chamber here in Desert Hot Springs. To reserve your seat, become a sponsor, place a congratulatory ad or donate a silent auction item please contact the Desert Hot Springs Chamber or one of the officers on the Board of Directors. Contact: Chamber Office 760-329-6403, fax 760-329-2833

POWER TO HAVE A FUN FILLED INDEPENDENCE DAY June 29, 2009, Palm Springs, CA ? POWER baseball will have a fun filled Independence Day on July 4th when conference rival California Mariners come to town with game time set for 6:05 p.m. with gates opening at 5 p.m.

selection Steve Garvey will throw out the first pitch. Parking in the Palm Springs Library parking lot will cost $5. Fireworks will start promptly at 9 p.m. Immediately after the game the field will be open to see the fireworks up close.

Former Major League first baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres and ten time All-Star

The Palm Springs POWER Baseball Club recruits elite collegiate players from around the country to come to Palm

Springs and play baseball in the months of May, June and July. The POWER organization strives to provide affordable entertainment as well as quality baseball for the residents of the Coachella Valley. For information on POWER tickets, visit www.palmspringspowerbaseball. com. For any other information contact the Palm Springs POWER Baseball office at 778-HITS (4487).



DHS KARATE KIDS WINS BIG AT ORANGE COUNTY KARATE TOURNAMENT Desert Hot Springs Seventeen from the ARANA world Champion Karate & Judo Academy iDesert Hot Springs  brought home 2  first places,  5  second places, 8 third places, 1 fourth place trophies  at the 1st annual Orange County Open Martial Arts Championships held in  June 6th  at the  Garden Grove recreation center hosted by Sensei Malinda (MO) Ota.   Julio Arana Jr, former public safety officer and owner of  ARANA’S world champion karate & Judo, says he is very proud of his students for their success. ARANA’S world champion karate & judo Academy began its Specialized Karate Program in 1968 by 10th dan blackbelt martial arts grandmaster and doctor of martial arts sciences Julio Roberto Arana Sr, designed to teach children/teens with other challenges and adults for traditional martial arts education for self esteem, self confidence, self control and discipline Programs are ongoing, Arana Jr says.   “The best thing about the specialized karate program are the instructors which is a father & son team,” says DHS  resident Jim Nisbet, father of Jeremy which he attended a free class which they saw the son of the grandmaster smashed 10 bricks with his fist on the day of the young child event at the DHS soccer park. “They all understand how to work with kids with special needs and that makes the kids want to come to class. This

class has been great for my son and is something he wants to keep doing.” Orange County open karate  championships winners were Devin Richardson, David Ocampo, Zevastian Rushing, Daniel Servin Jr, Yesiena Valdovinos, Rudy Arana Jr, Claudia Dauto, Angel Herrera, Anthony Guiterrez, Tiffany Meza, Leo Meza, Not pictured Carlos Reyna & Laylana Reyna, Trinity Mackonnen, Serenity Mackonnen, Ras Mackonnen.   Julio Arana Jr  wants to thank  the  people that attended our 2 carwashes which all donations was used to pay all my students competition entry fees on getting their car, trucks even a RV for making my  students 1st tournamnent competition which the came home  with 16 trophies winning in two catagories in Fighting (sparring for points) and with 2 teams of competition with its sponsors TEAM Weinerschiztel DHS on winning 2nd place in the 4 thru 6 years pee-wee team competition by losing to Bob White Kenpo team based out Costa Mesa with the total score of 16-17. 2nd team TEAM DHS VALERO EXPRESSWAY winning another 2nd place in the 7 thru 10 years old team sparring division losing to Bob White Kenpo team based out Costa Mesa with total score of 18-20   ARANA world champion karate & judo is located in the heartland of Desert Hot Springs at 13913 Caliente Drive, behind KFC off palm drive & two bunch

palms. they teach the Korean art of Taekwondo Moo duk kwan, Arankwando a form of martial arts based on Karate, Taekwondo moo duk kwan, Judo, they offer classes to all men, women and children starting at the age of 4 years old through 65 years old for self defense or form of weight loss, or physical condition. Classes held 3 times aweek *except holidays* Monday, Wednesday, Friday starting at 6:00pm sharp through 8:00pm at $35.00 per month for unlimited martial arts lessons taught by a father & son with a combined of 67 years of martial arts educsation with 10th dan blackbelt martial arts grandmaster Julio Arana Sr, Founder of ARANKWANDO & 5th dan blackbelt martial arts Shihan Julio Arana Jr. ARANA’S WORLD CHAMPION KARATE & JUDO 13913 Caliente drive Desert Hot Springs, California 92240 USA Mobile (760) 272-9689 Email


  

  

        







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Operation Falling Sun Part Two- Three Netted In Sting Operation For Drug Dealing BY DLN STAFF DESERT HOT SPRINGS, CAPhase two of Operation Falling Sun has just begun in Desert Hot Springs, and three people were arrested on Tuesday as a result of collaborative efforts between the Desert Hot Springs Police Department, the FBI and the Riverside County District Attorney’s office. A special press conference was held Tuesday in West Desert Hot Springs near the proposed fire station on Karen Avenue and Pierson Boulevard. DA Rod Pacheco commented, “On March 27th earlier this year we came out to Desert Hot Springs and 682 law enforcement officers hit 450-plus gang members in an effort to rid this city of crime and violence. That was an incredibly successful operation that resulted in over 130-plus arrests and numerous amounts of controlled substances and narcotics, as well as cash and fifty firearms from the

streets.” This was an undercover operation that started in August of 2008. Through this operation, an informant had purchased speed and cocaine. A federal wire was used. Pacheco continued, “Today’s operation resulted in three federal arrests which will result in three federal filings, two for drugdealing, one for money-laundering. There were over 3 ounces of methamphetamine seized today; over 3 ounces of cocaine seized today; close to $12,000 in cash; like I said, 5 cars.” In all, a total of seven guns and a thousand rounds of ammunition were seized, and two bank accounts were frozen and assets were seized. The main drug dealer in Desert Hot Springs, Rigoberto Lopez, owned 5 houses between him and his 20-year old girlfriend, Teresa Coronado. Both were arrested on Tuesday, along with Miguel Gilbert, another drug dealer from the city. DHSPD Chief Pat Williams added,

“These efforts continue to lead in crime reduction throughout our community. We’ve seen an overall 30% reduction in violent crime in the past two years, and all crimes reduction over 23%. We continue to work to make our community safer for our residents, our businesses and our visitors alike, to help the city of Desert Hot Springs be the shining example on the hill to the rest of our valley partners.” Mayor Yvonne Parks promised in her past speeches that the city would have lesser crime. She spoke, “When I did my first State Of The City one of the words that was used continually throughout that was “collaboration.” This is a prime example of what can be accomplished through collaboration. We are no longer going to be the dumping grounds for criminals to come.” ©



Two Arrested For Stealing LOTTERY STING Vehicle In Palm Desert UNCOVERS FRAUD BY VICKY LAWSON THOUSAND PALMS, CAOn Monday, June 29, 2009 at about 12:24 a.m., deputies from the Palm Desert Station initiated a traffic stop on a Honda Civic occupied by two subjects at Varner Rd. west of Date Palm Dr., in the unincorporated area of Thousand Palms. A record check on the license plate on the vehicle returned as that of a reported stolen vehicle out of the city of Indio.


Jesus Marin

The driver of the vehicle refused to yield and a vehicle pursuit ensued. The vehicle fled southbound Date Palm Dr., to eastbound Hwy 111 through the city of Rancho Mirage and continued into the city of Palm Desert where the vehicle collided with a vehicle at Hwy 111 and Desert Crossings. No one was injured during the pursuit or at the traffic collision. At the traffic collision site, both the driver and passenger of the stolen Honda were taken into custody without incident. The driver, a 17-year-old Hispanic out of Desert Hot Springs, was arrested and booked at Indio Juvenile Hall for being in Possession of a Stolen Vehicle, Felony Evading and Unlicensed Driver. The Passenger, Jesus Marin Jr., 23 years of Desert Hot Springs, was arrested and booked at the Indio Jail for being in Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and for an outstanding weapons possession warrant. Anyone with information reference this incident is encouraged to contact the HYPERLINK “http://www. htm”Palm Desert Station at 760-836-1600.

INDIO, CA – The Riverside County District Attorney’s Office has partnered with the California Lottery’s Law Enforcement Division to conduct a sting operation within the Coachella Valley in an effort to uncover and prevent fraud within the California Lottery system. The sting concluded last Thursday resulted in the arrest of six people working at retail locations in the Coachella Valley. An arrest warrant has been issued for two additional suspects. In each of the cases the Lottery and District Attorney Investigators arrested retailers or store clerks for attempting to steal winning Lottery tickets or falsely claiming to be the owner of a winning ticket. “It is very important to work together with other agencies on operations designed to uncover fraud in our community,“ said District Attorney Rod Pacheco. “I appreciate the opportunity to work with the California Lottery on this investigation to help maintain the integrity of the lottery system.” During the course of the investigation, undercover investigators posing as customers handed clerks decoy winning tickets and asked if they had won. In some instances, the clerks told the investigators that their ticket was not a winner. The suspects then went on to file a claim with the Lottery as if the winning tickets were their own.

“While these crimes involve only a small number of our more than 20,000 authorized retailers, we demand that all our retailers be fair and honest,” California Lottery Director Joan Borucki said. “The Lottery will not tolerate those who deceive our players and compromise the integrity of Lottery games.” The District Attorney’s Office Special Prosecutions Section will be reviewing each of the cases generated from the sting and prosecuting individuals responsible for committing the fraud. After a complete review of each case, the suspects could face felony charges, including attempted grand theft and perjury. The punishment could include possible fines and incarceration in state prison. More than 95 cents of every Lottery dollar is returned to the community in the form of contributions to education, prizes and retail commissions. The California Lottery contributes at least 34 cents of every dollar that players spend on Lottery products to public education and returns more than 50 percent of sales to players in the form of prizes. Since its inception in 1985, the Lottery has contributed nearly $21 billion to California schools out of total sales of more than $56 billion. Retailers benefit too, earning $3.6 billion in compensation since 1985. ©

Cabot’s Trading Post & Gallery and the Desert Hot Springs Visitors’ Center summer hours are seven days a week from 9 a.m. till 1 p.m. Cabot’s Pueblo Museum will offer one tour daily at 9:30 a.m. Tours cost $8. For more information, please call 760-329-7610




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Fully Furnished includes Electric and DSL

Office w/ Reception area for Monthly Rent Fully Furnished includes Electric and DSL -

$550.00 per month Office for Hourly Rent - $15.00 per hour

New Services

Need to have a meeting and no space, rent per hour a professional office

Conference Room for Rent - $20.00 per hour includes seating for 8 to 15 comfortably, PowerPoint & DVD capabilities, white board, coffee machine, snack table


Personal Business Corporate Virtual Mail Forwarding Physical Address Mail Check ™

Fax Packing Notary

Private Mailbox Rentals 24 Hour Access ~ Personal - Business - Corporate ~ Mail Forwarding 3 month, 6 Month & 12 Month Agreements Available

Personal Size 3 Months $39.00 per Month 6 Months $72.00 per Month - 1 Month Free* 3 Months $132.00 per Month - 2 Months Free* Free Months added to end of contract, only available on initial set up

Business and Corporate Size Pricing Available Upon Request

Desert Local News july 4th 09 virtual edition 32 pages optimized  

Coachella Valley DESERT LOCAL NEWS ‘3rd Anniversary Issue’ July4, 2009 FOR 24/7 Local News • Go to ~ US $ 2.50 24/7 Loca...

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