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MAX-N-CHEESE 1/3 cup béchamel sauce

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2 tbsp. heavy cream 5 dry oz. cavatappi pasta, cooked al dente 1/2 tbsp. truffle cream 2 oz. grated parmesan cheese 2 oz. grated provolone cheese Salt and pepper Juice of 1/4 lime 1 tbsp. buttered dry bread crumbs In a sauté pan add the béchamel and heavy cream. Cook over low heat until bubbles form in the center. Stir in the cooked pasta, truffle cream and cheeses. Allow the mixture to simmer, stirring occasionally, until all the cheese has melted into the sauce. Season with salt and pepper to taste and stir in the lime juice. Place the pasta into a casserole and top with buttered bread crumbs. Serve immediately.

Looking for that certain wow factor in your home? Look no further than travertine stone to make your entryway, floors, or kitchen and bathrooms sure to impress. This versatile stone is not only perfect for indoor rooms but for outdoor landscapes as well. Travertine tile is elegant, timeless, and durable. What more could you ask for in a stone? Travertine has been used for thousands of years in Italy and throughout the world. The Coliseum itself was built almost entirely from this stone mined from the nearby town of Tivoli, proof it has withstood the test of time. The Romans also used travertine to build baths, temples, aqueducts, and many other structures. No doubt, travertine weathers well and actually improves with age. Colors will not fade, which makes it a surprisingly good choice for outdoor projects such as patios and pool surrounds, as well as indoor settings. Once you and your designer have chosen travertine for your home, it’s good to know something about this stone before selecting your pieces. Travertine is a natural stone formed in hot springs and limestone caves. The creamy tan and cream colors work well in different style homes from elegant to comfortable, much of this depending on the type of finish the stone is given. Different

Home Sweet Second Home A second home can be a perfect get-away spot; however, the homeowner needs to be realistic about maintenance and security while they are away.

The Ideal Scenario | Lock and Leave: Many communities promote detached homes, townhomes or condominiums that do not have the bother of yard work, exterior maintenance or any of the other responsibilities that typically come with a traditional house. Known as a “lock and leave” property, the homeowner does not have to worry about lawn care or exterior maintenance because it is provided as part of the homeowner’s association (HOA) fees. Granted the HOA fees will usually be higher in these communities. But, the peace of mind is a valuable trade-off to consider. The HOA will be knowledgeable regarding vendors who provide quality services and are reliable. Plus, the HOA will oversee those vendors to ensure that

the work is done to an acceptable level. The monthly HOA fees at these communities may pay for a range of services including: the landscaping of both the front and back yards including trimming of bushes & shrubs in addition to cutting the grass, outside watering sprinkler system cost and maintenance, and often times exterior maintenance of the structure itself such as exterior paint and roofing.  The community may also provide a higher level of security by providing a gated entrance – either manned or automatic gate. A security guard may make periodic rounds throughout the community as an added level of security.

Professional Home Manager | Home Concierge: If the second home is not in a “lock and leave” community, the homeowner should consider a professional home manager who will check the home outside (and

finishes achieve varying aesthetics. A tumbled finish will achieve a rough and aged appearance; honed will give a matte finish through sanding; brushed will lend a worn texture; and polished will give the stone a glossy look, making it is less suitable for bathrooms and pool area because of its slipperiness. Travertine has characteristic holes within the stone made from the hot springs from which it is made. These holes can be left unfilled for a more natural, rustic look, or they can be filled. Of course, the holes also lend distinctness to certain pieces, which is exactly what some homeowners are searching for when building custom homes. Until recently, most of the world’s supply of travertine still came from Italy, but today major suppliers include Turkey, Iran, Mexico, and Peru. When time comes to choose your travertine tile, be sure to look over each individual piece when doing high-profile areas, as each tile can have a different appearance. For those who have the time, why not travel to the quarry itself to hand-select the most rare pieces? Your home will exude a tranquil, elegant look that is unlike any other home around.

inside if desired) at periodic intervals or after any severe weather that may have caused damage in the area. The home manager reports status updates via e-mail or a secure website. The person monitoring the residence can quickly alert the property owner to a water leak, a heating or cooling issue or a refrigerator on the blink. The home concierge can also assist in getting repairs made or providing exterior maintenance by scheduling reliable vendors and by personally overseeing progress. Second homeowners want the flexibility to come and go as they please, yet have the reassurance that their investment is safe and taken care of when they are away. Both “lock and leave” communities and professional home management companies may provide just what the second homeowner is looking for.

Event Calendar SEPTEMBER | OCTOBER 2013 Joshua Bell Returns Houston Symphony | September 22 713.224.7575 | Superstar Joshua Bell is heading back to Houston to perform Tchaikovsky’s Violin Concerto, complete with heartbreaking melodies and fiery virtuosity. On the podium, former Music Director Lawrence Foster conducts the Houston Symphony in a performance of Elgar’s nuanced musical characterizations of his dearest friends—the Enigma Variations. 4th Annual Galveston Island Shrimp Festival Saengerfest Park | September 27-29 409.762.6676 | Three full days of shrimp, boats, music, friends and fun return on Friday and runs through Sunday! Event activities include a Shrimp Gumbo Cook-Off, Gumbo Tasting, 5K Fun Run, Live Music, Vendors, Children’s Lil’ Shrimp Parade, Kids Area and Strand Merchant Walk-About. There is plenty for the whole family to enjoy! Woven Spaces - Lines & Layers Archway Gallery | October 5-31 713.522.2409 | Enjoy local art and discover Sherry Tseng Hill’s collection of new works. This new collection of Hill’s work focuses on her fascination with the study of the universe as opposed to simply the academic theories of science, which illuminate physical reality. The October 5th opening reception will be accompanied with a piano concert by Tali Morgolis. Houston Italian Festival Campus Life Mall at the University of St. Thomas October 10-13 713.524.4222 | Taste authentic foods and wines and delve into the culture inspired by Italy! The Houston Italian Festival will be held on the grounds of the University of St. Thomas. This festival for all ages will include a bocce tournament, grape stomp, and live music as well as children’s activities. Aida Houston Grand Opera | October 18-December 9 713.228.6737 | Experience this world renowned cast as they bring to life the story of Aida. This opera embodies love, allegiance, and loyalty. Aida, an Ethiopian princess enslaved to Amneris, the princess of Egypt, has fallen in love with the warrior Radames. Watch romance and hope turn to crushing tragedy as the story unfolds.

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