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GRILLED CORN ON THE COB INGREDIENTS: ear of corn husk ground cotija cheese chimayo chile powder olive oil chipotle mayonnaise (see recipe below) Chipotle Mayonnaise 1 chipotle chile 1 clove fresh garlic pinch of cilantro pinch of salt 1/4 cup of your favorite mayonnaise PREPARATION: 1. Grill corn in the husk until cooked through. 2. Remove from husk and brush with olive oil. 3. Place the corn back on the grill for a short time turning to obtain the appropriate grill marks. 4. Brush the corn ears with chipotle mayonnaise. 5. Roll in ground cotija cheese. 6. Sprinkle with chimayo chile powder.

• It snowed 400.9 inches during the winter of 1972-1973 at Sunrise Mountain. • The famous gunfight at the O.K. Corral did NOT occur at the O.K. Corral. When the Earps and the Clantons shot it out in Tombstone, Arizona in 1881, their famous battle took place • In Arizona, it is against the law for donkeys to sleep in in a vacant lot between Fly’s Photograph Gallery and the bathtubs. Harwood house on Tombstone’s Fremont Street. • A Class 2 misdemeanor occurs if one places a mark upon • The bed of the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon lies at a flag which is “likely to provoke physical retaliation.” about the same level as it did millions of years ago. The • Arizona observes Mountain Standard Time on a year-round canyon was formed as the ground continued to rise, and the basis. The one exception is the Navajo Nation, located in river continued to carve through it as the force of the water the northeast corner of the state, which observes the daylight and the sand and boulders cut away at the rising land. savings time change. • Because Arizona’s conditions seemed ideal for it, • In Arizona, it is unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water. Edward F. Beale brought in camels, which were actually used for a time, but camel transport proved impractical. • No one is permitted to ride their horse up the stairs of the After the animals were abandoned, “wild” camels remained county court house in Prescott. • Arizona, among all the states, has the largest percentage of for years, frightening travelers and their horses. • Famed Mission San Xavier at Tucson features a carving of its land set aside and designated as Indian lands. a cat. On the opposite side of the mission is the carving of • There are 11.2 million acres of National Forest in Arizona a mouse. According to Indian legend, the world will end and one fourth of the state is forested. when that cat catches the mouse. • The largest freshwater striped bass was caught in Arizona • Arizona once had a navy consisting of two boats on the at Bullhead City. It weighed 59 lbs., 12 oz. Colorado River. They were used to prevent California from • Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask encroaching on Arizona territory. is considered a felony. • South Mountain Park covers more than 20,000 acres, • In Globe, cards may not be played in the street with a making it the largest city park in the world. Native American.

MAY | JUNE 2011 Arizona Wish Ball Westin Kierland Resort, May 14th 602.395.9474 | Come celebrate the mission of the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Arizona at this hosted cocktail reception, silent auction, dinner and dancing program. Your participation benefits hundreds of children with life-threatening or life-immobilizing illnesses and helps them to see their most heartfelt wishes come true. • A saguaro cactus will take between 50 and 100 years to grow an arm. • Canada is the single largest source of foreign direct investment in Arizona, generating thousands of jobs for Arizonans. Canadians are also the second largest group of tourists. • Arizona has the most hummingbird species (14).


Many homeowners are replacing unsightly appliances with concealed, fully integrated appliances that blend seamlessly into the kitchen. Refrigerators, freezers, dishwashers, warming drawers, and more can be disguised with cabinetry-matching panels and will accept cabinet door hardware. The appliances are flush with the cabinetry, the controls are on the interior, and they have no visible hinges. These units can enhance the sleek, continuous look of the cabinetry in a contemporary kitchen, or perhaps create the look of an armoire in a traditional setting. Kitchens are looking less and less like kitchens, and are blending in more with other rooms of the home. Hard-to-clean knobs on cooktops have been replaced with touch controls. Built-in, high-definition televisions are now a must-have for many homeowners as well.

ELEMENTS OF DESIGN Today’s kitchens are all about aesthetics, functionality and environmental consciousness. Sean Daigle of Downsview Kitchens, one of the nation’s premier design/build kitchen companies, has lent his expertise to what’s hot in “the heart of the home.” Read on for Daigle’s knowledgeable take on the trends and find inspiration to enhance your kitchen! Whether for your own enjoyment or to increase your home’s resale value, kitchen improvements are one of the smartest moves you can make.


Many cabinetry manufacturers are offering “green” products and materials through more environmentally conscious manufacturing techniques. Earth-friendly material examples might include wood-grain laminates or reconstituted veneers which are engineered from plantation-grown trees. Other manufacturing examples would be the use of formaldehyde-free adhesives along with earth-friendly paints and sealers. Appliance manufacturers are making more energy-efficient products too, such as dishwashers that use less water and with a delayed-start option so your appliance can run during off-peak hours. LED lighting within the kitchen keeps energy usage down, and unlike traditional lighting, produces no heat and keeps your workspace cooler.


Along with amazing new cabinetry-front materials and clever interior solutions, some lines are now offering cabinetry with a handle-free design where doors and drawers open automatically with just a light touch or a pull. Upper-cabinet doors can lift up high out of the way, similar to the overhead compartments on an aircraft, and can be closed with a simple press of an accessible button. Drawers and doors now come equipped with “soft close” glides and hinges allowing a silent, smooth, and effortless closing motion; preventing slamming. Appliances have also gone high-tech and have become much quieter. Some refrigerator brands offer water and air purification systems. Many appliances have automatic sensing features or even computer systems that can help ease and optimize cooking. It’s possible now to monitor, maintain, or control your appliance remotely when you’re not even home.

STYLE: The heavy and elaborate details of the traditional kitchens from the last decade are being replaced with simple, less intricate embellishments. Many of today’s traditional kitchens no longer have the great level of detail, inlays & appliqués, heavy carvings, and ornate stacked mouldings. Kitchen spaces also seem to be reflecting a homeowner’s personal unique style more often these days. A homeowner may desire a red island, an eco-friendly kitchen, or perhaps an ultra-modern kitchen in a very traditional home. Mixing styles seems to be more accepted. In fact, the “transitional” kitchen has come to the forefront as the desired trend. FLOORPLANS: Open, “social” kitchens have replaced formal, closed-in kitchens. As everyone tends to gravitate to the kitchen, open floorplans often help to create a functional, family-friendly flow from the kitchen to the family or living rooms. The size of the average custom-built home has decreased over the past few years, but the size of the average kitchen has remained the same. This reflects the popularity of the kitchen as the focal point of the home. COUNTERTOPS: Polished granite countertops are still the material of choice, but are fading in popularity as people are looking for new options in materials and finishes. Limestone, engineered stones, wood, stainless steel and marble are just some alternatives. Your countertop surfaces are also a place where you can use eco-friendly materials such as recycled glass, recycled metals, concrete or reclaimed wood. FINISHES: Cabinetry with custom, soft-white finishes such as “Linen White” and “White Dove” has tremendously grown in popularity. Color trends today may include simple whites with rich elements of wood – perhaps even an exotic veneer. Dark is out and neutral, lighter finishes are in. Since resale is always a topic, it’s nice to know that neutral palettes tend to be more appealing to a broader audience than an unconventional color might be. A neutral color palette also opens the doors for some bold color choices in backsplashes, wall coverings, and accessories to add a bit of drama to your space!

Mamma Mia! ASU Gammage, May 17th – 22nd 480.965.3434 | Perhaps you’re a veteran of this fun, smash-hit musical. Or maybe you’ve only seen the film. Or, alas, perhaps neither! Don’t miss this heartwarming and toe-tapping tale of love, laughter and friendship; all set to musical artists ABBA’s greatest hits. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face and a dance in your heart. Celebrating Women Tea Fundraiser Phoenix Art Museum, May 22nd 602.265.4014 | Spend a lovely afternoon in celebration of the women in your life. Hear keynote speaker Cynthia Richmond on the power of interpreting our dreams, take a self-guided exploration of the museum and indulge in a delicious afternoon tea. The event is hosted by The Harp Foundation, which provides soothing harp music for hospital and hospice patients. Live & Let Die: The Music of Paul McCartney Symphony Hall, June 10th – 11th 602.495.1999 | Are you a tried and true McCartney fan? Were you blown away by the Phoenix Symphony’s salute to The Beatles last year? Don’t miss Tony Kishman’s award-winning re-creation of the sound and look of Paul McCartney at this special weekend event. Japanese Origami and Music Musical Instrument Museum, June 19th 480.478.6000 | As part of the museum’s Summer Series for Kids, artist and musician Kuniko Yamamoto will guide children in the art and tradition of origami. Along with sharing folding techniques, children will learn the symbolic meanings of origami design. Followed by a flute and koto concert, the program promises to spark imaginations and encourage cultural discovery. Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Cleveland Indians Chase Field, June 27th – 29th 602.514.8400 | Take me out to the ball game. Join fellow D-Back fans at this three-game home stand against the Indians. But first, take a guided tour of the ballpark and get your fill of hot dogs and peanuts before you settle in for the game. Play ball!

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